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Hi,I recently graduated from high school from India.I'd want to do my bachelors and masters degree in mechanical engineering in abroad and stay there afterwards.I can afford costs at both places although education is much cheaper in Germany .There are several factors that can be considered in my decision making:1.job market after graduation 2.Immigration policies 3. Weather 4.political stability(it'll effect me because I will be studying for around 7-8 years)

If I choose Germany my route is like this-1. I will take a year off to study German to reach around B2 level( required to gain admission in Studienkolleg) 2.I will spend a year at Studienkolleg to study German to reach around C2 level 3.then I will be start doing my bachelors and masters

Canadian route is much simpler just straight bachelors and masters

which one should I choose?

stay out of my country, we've got enough poopers pooing it up
agreed. stay out please.

Personally I would choose Germany because I'd rather live in Germany than Canada.
Germany is a great place but it's also at the heart of Europe.

Canada is literally at the end of the world. The only place you can go is either farther into Canada or into the US - which sucks.
Im a mechanical engineer master student in Germany. If you want to do this at a university, prepare your anus, its fucking disgusting depending on the university you are studying in. in a Fachhochschule it is much more humane, maybe you want to look into that. also less theoretical and more practical. also if your german sucks the whole ordeal will only become harder

Dude take the Canadian route fuck taking a year just to study the language

The degree is what is going to matter anyways go the route that takes less time
Fuck off and stay in your own shithole.
Spoken like someone who's never been to either country

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