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You cannot reply anymore.

What country would you go to for the most absolute degenerate activities possible? Sexpats, cheap accessible drugs, bribing police, driving drunk, cheap cost of living. The only requirements I have, is my wife and dog have to be able to go, and it'd have to be relatively safe. I was thinking Cambodia pretty much meets all those requirments, can anything think of anything to top this?
>degenerate country, corrupt police, drugs
>relatively safe
Literally opposites
File: 41271.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
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Wow, you sound sexy and dangerous with an irresistible devil-may-care attitude! I bet girls want to be with you and guys want to be you! No wonder you landed a wife with such low morals and self-esteem that she married a degenerate low life who wants to take her along on his brothel crawl around Cambodia!
Man, you sound like a bitter asshole lol.

Cambodia seems pretty safe. Nicaragua too.
And you sound like self-important teenaged girl? Bet I'm closer to the mark than you are.
Yes .Cambodia sounds like the place. But don't get hooked. You can do bad stuff as a dabbler, not an addict. If you are an addict down there, you can sink pretty low.
There was already a /degenerate/ thread in the catalog
> travelling with a dog
why Anon?
It’s ok for me if you want to smoke heroin in the middle if a main street while fucking a tranny. For real.
But why bring the damn dog?
I love my pup. He’s sleeping right next to me right now. I’d just like to have him around if I stay there for an extended period. I have thought of having my mom or brother hold on to him to see if it would be a dog friendly place first.
Unironically the poorer parts of New York

How are you planning on travelling from the US (assuming you are American) to Cambodia with a dog? No matter where you are travelling from, matter of fact, it's going to be a bureaucratic process. Just leave it at home
Isn't cambodia the country with still active minefields?
You desire to take your wife and dog for the most degenerate activities possible raises some interesting conjectures.
They love dogs in SEA. Usually with a piquant sauce, over rice.

Not in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or Sihanookville. its mainly out in the fucked up jungle parts. I wouldnt venture out too far though for sure.
Croatia still has minefields, but normies flock to it because "muh game of thrones"
Not a single thing applies to Pissrael except, perhaps
>driving drunk
Cambodia unless things have changed int he past 3-4 years since I was last there (possible since I read it's being RAPIDLY transformed into a Chinese colony)
hi. i was in cambodia 2 weeks ago and technically, it meets all your requirements. But they barely have any infrastructure there and i can guarantee you, this will piss you off sooner or later. Also, its not beautiful over there, the whole country looks like a huge construction site (and a big part of it is actually lmao)
File: cambodia-mountain[1].jpg (396 KB, 800x533)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
>barely any infrastructure
You're exaggerating. You are beginning to see massive highways being built. The normal bandwidth is approaching 10Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. Which is not crap. Powercuts are rare. Also. The infrastructure is improving with leaps and bounds. I've been going there for 3 years and there are constant changes.
>not beautiful
Well, it's in the eye of the beholder. But maybe you should get around more.
T. Butthurt Khmer over based Chinese comment.
Not khmer, and you can say what you like as long as you are not Yuon. The place is not as easily appreciated as the neighbouring countries for a fkn tourist, but the OP is not aiming to be one of those.
as others have suggested cambodia is right for you. ive lived there for almost a year now and will be here for another few months. ama

p.s. nuke the chinks
Are the Chinese just in Sihanookville? Have they ruined Kampot and Kep yet too?
chinks are literally ruining the entire country and hun sen wants to import 5million more(almost 40% of the total khmer population) just to make xi happy and receive more gibs

desu 90% of my time has been spent in siem reap and battambong so i cant speak on other locations reliably. living in cambodia has really opened my eyes to chinese state sponspored subversion, they are the scum of the earth and i hope the americans kill every single one of them in the upcoming chink wars
>hope the americans kill every single one of them in the upcoming chink wars
This guy understood it all, despite his other flaws (KRcough)
American presence in the region was always going to be extremely shortlived, about as temporary as your loyalties. This is a Chinese area and it has always been dominated by the Chinese and it will remain that way for a very long time. You white boys will never understand.
Sucks to hear.
Do you use Heroin? I imagine being in the golden Triangle the place must be flooded with Opium and Heroin. Do you know the prices, and is it easy to find?
ofc you can find it, and it is cheap, but doing decadent drugs in 'bodia is all about downer pharmaceuticals. They are almost free and omnipresent. Word from the wise. Take heed of these words from R. Zimmerman: "Boy, without a doubt, have to quit your mess and straighten out. You could die down here, be just another accident statistic"
Your sort start smelling within 12 hours, and you melt through the floor in 5 days.
I'm wondering this too. I'm on subutex right now, but I know I won't be on it for the rest of my life. At some point, I'd like to go to one of the countries in the Golden Triangle and go nuts. I've heard a salt shaker of heroin is like $20 USD, and relatively abundant. I've also heard of tea shops openly selling opium tea. I'm wondering which countries this takes place in, though. I've heard Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are possible places. Does anyone else have any info?
How do you find them? Can you literally walk into a pharmacy and buy them from the pharmacist?
It's not illegal to do that? Like, you can just buy really good downers from the pharmacist and it's freely available over the counter? You don't have to bribe them? This is what I'm wondering. If they are completely legal to buy over the counter, or if I have to bribe them.
It is 100% legal, there are no problems at all getting xanax, vaiume, Kpins.. no problem at all. Plus, its like... 4-5 bucks for 100 of them lol.
In Lybia you can buy nigger slaves that have gone there to get over to Europe. They cost $400 a piece, even less in many cases. You can get yourself a harem of niggeresses for a few grand if you'd like and slaves to wave banana leaves over your head and feed you grapes.

Your versions of being a degenerate are weak. You guys haven't seen shit in the countries you mention. Hurr go to Cambodia for the whores, there's whores everywhere you dickwads. Or go to Colombia for drugs, fuck sakes, I've had a guy in Morocco try to sell me a 3kg brick of hash for the equivalent of $50, what the fuck would I even do with that much hash as a short-term traveler there?

I dare you guys to go from Egypt to Morocco and tell me you've been to places with less humanity. Fuck Arabs, they're the scummiest people I've ever come across.
3kg of hash for 50 bucks, dude he was trying to set you up. Youd have bought it, police bust you, and then you either pay 10,000 bucks, or you get the death penalty. That being said; a Harem of niggeresses does sound decent.. Where do you go to buy the slaves?
Oh shit that's crazy, can you buy opioids too? I'm almost have trouble understanding how all of that can be legal. Thanks for the info.
Well, Opiates are not really legal to buy over the counter, but you can find places that will sell them to you. The mom and pops will do it way more often then big chains. They are expensive though.. Probably better to cop H from a tuk-tuk driver.

The locals there are so poor they cant even afford the benzos, so it's not a problem over there at all. Only foreigners use them, so again, nobody really cares.
Thanks so much for the info! I'll plan my next trip for Cambodia. I read a few blog posts about people going there and scoring drugs so that has renewed my confidence.
Man, it wasn't exactly a set up in the way you're thinking. The guy wanted me to take this huge brick of hash to take it over to Spain. He wanted me to be a mule for him but in a way where it seemed like the hash was for me. I could have taken it and smoked it all for what it's worth.

>Where do you go to buy the slaves?
Libya and Tunesia for sure. I'm not sure about Algeria, didn't personally see anything as shady there. In Libya it's most common but obviously not out in the open. You have to know people who know people type of thing. I was assisting with these makeshift refugee camps there and met people who have worked there for a year or two. They first told me about a slave trade and said a lot of the refugees were telling them about it. At first I thought it was just some bullshit that they exaggerate to get their asses on a boat to Europe faster. But it turned out to be true. I made some local friends who you'd think were straight up guys but I guess after what I've seen I will never trust an Arab ever again. They showed me a guy their "friend" was imprisoning in his house waiting to sell him. It was the only time ever I was truly scared on my travels, I wonder if they ever thought about trying to sell me. Maybe that's not even something they thought about, maybe only niggers are considered pieces of meat to them. Anyways, I asked about prices and it was usually $200-400. Men were sold to do manual labour, women sold for "domestic help". Any healthy young girl/woman who makes it over to Europe through these shitholes has been raped along the way, often many many times.
God damnit, that is fucking horrifying dude. I feel immensely for those people. Your post put a lump in my throat.
Also, can I ask how you ended up assisting in refugee camps? At the same time, do you not feel sorry for these arabs that are being enslaved? I know it sounds like you do feel terribly for these people. But they are also arabs, so calling all arabs scummy is kind of silly. Lest you forget the trans-atlantic slave trade not even 200 years ago.
Yeah.. Arabs are scummy as all fuck. I dont do business with them at all. I would be pissing my pants afraid though thinking I was about to get nabbed and sold aswell. Fuckkkk that.
>Also, can I ask how you ended up assisting in refugee camps?
I'm one of those losers who got a SJW degree, international relations. I'm now doing a Masters in international development and management. I'm going to use it to travel to shitholes and have an interesting life hopefully. As long as I don't get killed. I went to a good school, if you go to a good one and aren't autistic you'll make connections with people who will give you a chance to end up in Lybia helping niggers out so that some asshole can later smuggle them onto boats. Technically I was saving lives, looks great on my resume. I don't want to go back there at any point in the future, my goal is to end up in some place like Laos or Myanmar and develop businesses with the locals. I want to be somewhere somewhat safe where the locals are decent people.

>At the same time, do you not feel sorry for these arabs that are being enslaved?
In Libya these enslaved people are from Niger, Nigeria, Ethoipia, Ghana... They may be muslim but they're not arabs. Not to say that Arabs aren't enslaved as well but read up on who Saudi Arabia or the Emirates are enslaving. It's Indians, Pakistanis and black Africans. Not exactly sure who you're referring to when it comes to arabs being enslaved.
maximum LARP
>They may be muslim but they're not arabs
And it's generally preferred that they're neither, because strictly speaking you're not supposed to have fellow believers as slaves. It's part of why Islam was slow to travel down past the sahara, even though sea and land routes existed: it would mean that less slaves could be collected.

It's a shame, because black muslims tend to be real cool both in demeanor and theology compared to their arab counterparts.
>It's a shame, because black muslims tend to be real cool both in demeanor and theology compared to their arab counterparts.
Everything awful that's happening with muslims is because of arabs. They are the scummiest people in the world. It's a real shame that nothing is being done about this but it's only because huge money is exchanging hands.

I was visiting a friend of mine in Indonesia recently and a lot of women there are wearing head scarves there. My friend said that a decade ago almost no one had a head scarf. Then the Saudis started putting in the money and pressure into the country to make them more religiously conservative. Now you have fuckers like that family who blew up catholic churches in Surabaya this year who travel to Syria and the like and become extremists. Indonesia while muslim since the 14th century has always tolerated other religions. Bali is hindu, many other parts of the country have had enough christian/catholic missionaries to convert certain regions in to predominantly that religion. There were historically few religious based attacks. Now it's getting a lot more tense than ever before in Indonesia.
To be fair, between 1800-1980 there was alright arab folks, and the big voices in arab nationalism were mostly secular modernists.
It's unfortunate that they weren't the ones with as much peninsular oil money flowing in later.

Since the cold war the indonesian governments have gone towards islamic conservatism. Part of the reason for the massacres in east timor was because Suharto wanted the place but without the pesky demographic changes it would bring.
Y'know, while Indonesia has historically been chill, both in its people and its governance, the latter has been pretty spotty for over a half-century, and it's only going downhill.

What's keeping you from getting a gig in SEA, anyways?
File: time_machine_04[1].jpg (63 KB, 827x575)
63 KB
>To be fair, between 1800-1980 there was alright arab folks,
Holy fuck. It's HG Wells!
Please tell us of the future wise one. Also. Did you ever ponder going back to kill Hitler/Stalin?
I've been to Libya many, many times worked there for 4 years when I was younger and I can confirm unequivocally that this kid is full of shit. Things have deteriorated for sure since the revolution which has been an abject failure but the rest is gibberish.
i dont do drugs much but you could connect with someone any day of the week by going to the local expat bars. i did try some ketamine, xanax, codeine all purchased at the pharmacy next to my apartment.

the military regime in thailand is trying to crack down on degenerate tourists and drugs, youre probably better off going somewhere else
I wasn't aware a time machine was a prerequisite of knowing history. I always thought the study involved books.
>there was alright arab folks between 1800-1890
>"the books" have told me so
Wanna try getting a doctorate based on that assertion?
(rhetorical question, no need for an answer)
If the figures of late ottoman era arab nationalism and later westernists are something you want to hear about, it's better to simply ask, you know.
>better to simple ask
You're on 4chan. Why would I ask you anything, Mr PhD in current day Orientalism.
>current day orientalism
I'm not one for anthropology, sorry to say. The outdoors bit isn't my thing.
In any case, you seem to have a grip with my posing a particular historical period as having "good arabs", a loaded term, I admit. Could you elaborate on this disagreement?
>Could you elaborate on this disagreement?
Nah. I'll just let you stew in your bombastic statement that there were no "good arabs" on Jan 1 1891.
You mean 1981, yeah?
The statement is bizarre in either case. So yeah, Jan 1 1981, whatever.
The period corresponds to the intellectual popularity of modernists ideals within the arab world both in the service and against either western or ottoman imperial rule. While 1980 is somewhat general, that's about the period where most of the lot had been more or less bombed out, either by Americans or the folks they preferred to the often soviet-friendly formers, and the point where pan-arabism took a very different political turn.
>1980 is somewhat general
So it's hyperbole. Got it.
Personally I see 12th September 2001 as the day US fags went full retard, when a small group of dedicated Saudis twisted the amerifats to fit their design. What an amazing success story. 10000 evangelical preachers ain't got nothing on Mohammed Atta.
General dating =/= hyberbole. We often talk about characteristics of centuries, even though 1890 has more in common with 1910 than 1910 has with 1990. Historiographical dating is not really an "exact" thing, it's categorisation for convenience.
As for 2001, hardly. political islam had been going on steady growth for a few decades, Al Qaeda was almost doing well for itself, and all 9/11 did was draw attention to it at a time before it could effectively counter any western response.
>General dating =/= hyberbole.
Most people just avoid it altogether. But not you for some reason. Anyway. Not relevant.

>As for 2001, hardly
Well that is when it reached out and fucked up the western world for ages

>raw attention to it at a time before it could effectively counter any western response.
It was never about effectively countering western response. There aren't enough S300s to buy and not enough money for them., It was always about irregular warfare. Their plan has succeeded. US vs them and a dumbified populace + a clown in the whitehouse and "post truth" taking the place of facts. You're a product of it and hyperbole is running rampant.
>most people avoid it altogether
like with periodisation on centuries, yeah? How about the "post-war" period, which doesn't include our current year of 2018 even though it's most certainly a year after the Second World War?

as for fucking up the western world, it's been 17 years man. That's like A roman during the middle of the empire saying "right now is exactly when it starts falling, mark my words".

>It was never about effectively countering western response, (...) It was always about irregular warfare.
And irregular warfare generally involves not showing your hand before it's a good one, and effectively managing the rate of conflict escalation. That's basic Mao.
The record is the downfall of a friendly state in afghanistan, constant bombardment in Yemen, a power balance shift in favour of iranian-backed shi'ites, and a dead bin-laden.
Post-war period is more general. Also, general wankers do not have any concept about post-war, pre-war etc. Your statement about the exact number of years when "arabs were alright" is just ridiculous, and it's 100% non-trv. I suggest you travel to a muslim country, preferably without a stick up your arse.

>basic Mao
Implying you know even basic Mao.
lol. Enjoying your Vietnam mk2? Peace coming soon?
just another constant battleground
>dead bin laden
And Uncle Ho died before the colonial war ended. No relevance.

You are reasoning like a typical Americun with a 4 year attention span. Think like a Chinese person and you're halfway there. This is about 100 years, not 4. This is about putting all of MENA out of bounds for infidels. And with an absolute retard at the helm, it all gets accelerated.

>inb4 nu-uh, the multi-dimensional chess game is still going on. We have 'em on the run anytime now
Yeah. Sure
Most periods do not have exact dating, as history is not moved by historiography.

Given how you define winning in assymetrical context, I'd say I at least know more Mao than you.
As for Afghanistan, it used to be a place where one could go and not be bombed, great for running training camps and coordinating activities.
Sure, there's always fighting in Yemen, but different conflicts are of course different conflicts, and the players in the game tend to change. You would of course not say the egyptian intervention in the north yemen civil war is about the same conflict as the current saudi-intervention in the houthi conflict. Different forces, different players, different objectives. Well, except for the Saudi's. That bit's all constant.

Uncle Ho had a very dedicated general staff. When Mao was writing and formulating his theories on protracted peoples war, he was quite lonely. As for Al Qaeda, it not shown itself to have any comparable leaders or simply figureheads since bin laden.

>This is about putting all of MENA out of bounds for infidels
For the period between 1989 and and 2001 it was. Iraq was getting knocked around, a bit of french and american cash was going around Algeria, but that's really nothing compared to post-9/11, in which western involvement in the region was pretty increased by, well, a very significant degree, which it remains to this day.
File: 23orb-articleLarge[1].jpg (40 KB, 600x425)
40 KB
Mohamed Atta trained in an apartment. Training camps are irrelevant.
>coordinating activities
Nah, that's the Internet

>I know more Mao than you
They teach guerilla warfare in MLK Highschool in Shitsville now?
The rest is just a word salad and more hyperbole. Pic attached clarifies the entire situation for you. One side represents the perps of 9/11. One side "represents" the victims. Now identify the one party that is out of their depth
Mohammed Atta was training for a very specific job which required him to be out west and have access to a flight simulator. And in any case, he spent a good deal of time with bin laden at a clandestine camp.
For everyone else, those involved with the various regional groups that formed Al Qaeda, different training was necessary, as running islamic paramilitary training camps out of, I don't know, wyoming, is quite a bit riskier than running them out of remote mountain ranges in sympathetic states. Very important stuff if you want to, you know, eventually hold territory.

It's generally expected even at the level of a bachelors degree that students will develop the capability for independent study on subjects of interest. If you find this a problem, I urge you to speak to one of your academic advisors at the earliest opportunity.

If you want to talk period dating but think historiography is word salad, I'm not sure you what authority on the subject you suppose you have. If you want to talk history but think the names of actual historical conflicts is word salad, I'm not sure you what authority on the subject you suppose you have.
>paramilitary training camps
Also unnecessary. At the end of the day, 9/11 turned USA into the joke it is today.

>eventually hold territory
As I said, it's not a 4 year project. Their kalifate will come when all the other powers that be withdraw and become insular. This is not conventional war in any way, and you know this.

>muh fancy illusion of academic rigeur enables me to state the following:
>1800-1980 there was alright arab folks
So you still haven't actually been to an Arab country, right?
>1800-1980 there was alright arab folks
For a group that still holds some marginal territory, it's quite important. You mean to say that combat training is not important for people engaged in combat, yeah?

You're right, it was a project built over decades, before the 9/11 blowback nearly dismantled them.

It was the period with the highest concentration of arabs that I liked. You don't have to share this judgement, of course. I assume it would be a very contentious statement if I were to state it in and around the peninsula, because a lot of the folks who historically opposed those particular arabs are concentrated there.
>Al Qaeda
>engaged in combat

So what about the travel question? You haven't actually been to an Arab country, right? How about any country apart from your own?

"It was the period with the highest concentration of arabs that I liked"
You weren't even born in -81, you great pretender.
They fought in Mali. They embedded with the al-nusra front in Syria. AQAP is known to operate in combat advisory roles in Yemen with the indigenous forces with Saudi backing.

I was not born during the Roman Empire. Can I not nonetheless compare the qualities of various Roman emperors? Is your problem with my statement, or the idea of studying history at all?
Go on then: do you suppose today's Arab community superior to their forefathers, on the grounds you don't care to know about the latter?
>AQ combat
Those are AQ affiliates and they have absolutely no need for training camps. And if territory where they move through is getting hit by death from above, or closer by, it is wildly beneficial to them. If you knew your Mao you would know why.

>not born in 1981
So that is confirmed
>Can I compare qualities of Roman emperors
No. And you could even less compare the quality of the Roman people of different eras.

So why are you avoiding the question: Have you been to an arab country? Have you even been to any country other than your current one?
AQAP is only an affiliate? Man, I guess AQ is just a franchising opportunity then? I'd prefer to franchise a burger king, myself.
Except insofar as close to them involves close to senior leadership, it's quite bad. What's that old Maoist bit about percentages of passive, reactionary, and revolutionary people's? 90%/10%/10%, yeah? You can imagine what a problem this is for today's insurgents facing off against the states. The guerrilla swims as a fish among the people, the counter-insurgents objective is isolating leadership from base, insurgent from populace. Targetted strikes mean anyone worth a damn capable of organising centralised command just gets bombed. Which, of course, is what happened the 2001 AQ leadership.
Alright, so how ought the study of history be conducted, if at all? I know at least the general history of anywhere I travel, so as to give context to the present. What is your approach to the history of a destination?
>only an affiliate
That is the nomenclature used for all modern franchises, yes

>the maoist bit
AQ is not a maoist org.

>validate me

>Targetted strikes
Those are a flawed meme. They do not work in 99% of the cases and they fulfill their role in radicalising local populace in 100% of the cases. Quit cherrypicking in history

>so how ought the study of history be conducted, if at all?
Try objectivity first and foremost. And stop making blanket statements about what "folks" are good and when. Generally, avoid statements that would get you laughed out of any academical environment. With your own logic, during what times do you reckon an Arab would see an amerimutt as a proponent for good, and not just an exploiter and murderer?
How did my degenerate thread get turned into a history thread! This is the opposite of what I wanted!
lacking some usual or expected property or quality, in particular

decline or deteriorate

Sounds like it's right on topic
Harem of nigeresses please, where and how.
>That is the nomenclature used for all modern franchises, yes
And insofar as we agree a McDonalds location is McDonalds, we can probably say that AQAP, a regional group of an organisation that has mostly decentralised since being gutted by western intervention, is a legit part of AQ.

>AQ is not a maoist org
Ideology doesn't matter, every insurgency and counterinsurgency begins with a reading of "on guerrilla warfare". It's the 101 textbook.
Validate me? I was merely confirming if I got the numbers right. Did I?

>Those are a flawed meme. They do not work in 99% of the cases and they fulfill their role in radicalising local populace in 100% of the cases.
An agitated populace without its vanguard is merely surplus energy, all worked up with nowhere to go. It does not spontaneously organise, arm itself, establish base areas (extremely important, given the literal translation of Al Qaeda), so and so forth. We can be pretty confident it works, because even if the folks we bomb hate us, they cannot coordinate an effective response. Remember: targeted strikes are primarily a program of state assassination, and tends to follow through the usual logic of such. It's shitty, but conflict is pretty shitty in general these days.
>With your own logic, during what times do you reckon an Arab would see an amerimutt as a proponent for good, and not just an exploiter and murderer?
Insofar as the good guys met American bombs, as mentioned earlier, I'm going to go with "never". Perhaps for the barbary wars, insofar as the ottomans had extremely poor taste in vassal rulers.
Again: the states is one of the actors more or less to blame for the "good" arabs I've mentioned being miniscule, as opposed to nearly being the order of the day. We can further blame the british, the french, the ottomans, the saudi's, and whichever proxies you attach to them. Imperialism did in the good the guys.
Chink you and ruskis will be on one side and whole world under the leadership of burgers will be on one side. Lets see what happens to you then.

> you can get yourself a harem of niggeresses for a few grand if you'd like and slaves to wave banana leaves over your head and feed you grapes.

Man I'm so jealous of those damn Lybian human traffickers, I'm sure each and every one of those goat fuckers spend their evening exactly like this.

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