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IT's my hone town country side of japan. That's a very beautiful city in japan. but the people are all of old. no young girl..
I want to have make love with young foreign woman . come here and stay my house please. only woman upper 30 thank you
what are you doing in japan?
btw the music is horrible
It's his home town, so I assume he's in japan because he's japanese.
I'm japanese but my english is perfect, right?
Despite its usage on 4chan people will generally be offended if you call them "nigga" or "nigger."
this is fucking hilarious
Kombawa motherufukeru. I come to you japanese place. I am a guy but does it matter?
>no young girls
No thanks fampai
can't you let me fuck your sister?
let's make a deal, i introduce you to a nice over 30s american woman, and you introduce me to a nice over 30s japanese woman...deal?
File: 1536867943817.jpg (56 KB, 640x640)
56 KB
OP i wish you good luck.
bumping your thread, I hope to work on my masters at kyodai in a few years.
Reminds me of Scottish City

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