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Idol Waifus Return Edition

Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese (don't listen to this, this was likely written by a weeb with zero real life experience in the field). What is available can generally be found in the following links
Note that most of these companies are owned by the same group so behave.

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Refer to the previous thread while it's still up: >>1488829
Can anyone suggest any good luggage delivery services from narita airport to my hostel that does same day delivery after 3-4pm?
why not just bring it with you on the N'EX, or bus to and from the place????
>koreashit pic for the japan general
fuck off
yeah man sana's definitely korean
I want to visit Japan, preferably on a working holiday however I've got a shitload of tattoos. Am I screwed? How anal are they about whitu piggus with tattoos wanting some basic work?
You will absolutely not work in any public facing position that appeals to a broad audience.
Yeah, I figured ESL is out of the question but I'm guessing manual labour jobs/pleb shit is fine then.
Where's the thread title?
You fucked up, son. Delete this thread and make a proper one.
Actually, esl is often fine so long as you cover them up.
So I guess as long as you don't have tattoos on your face/neck or hands you'd be golden at many companies big or small
It'd be easier for you to get a job as an english teacher than it would to find a manual labor/dead end job as a foreigner. Just cover up your tattoos as you would in any other professional environment
As long as non visible when wearing long sleeve and pants you should be okay, if it is like neck, hand, etc lol
Can you work any job as a foreigner in Japan? UK fag here
File: 1527910291412.png (1.34 MB, 1458x847)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Rate my itinerary

5 days Tokyo
3 days Matsumoto including a stop at Kamikochi
3 days Takayama including a stop and perhaps one night stay at Shirakawa-Go (I'm a massive Higurashi fanboy)
5 days either Kanazawa or Toyama (they're both on the Shinkansen line) including a day trip or two to Noto peninsula
3 days Nagano including a day trip to Shibu Onsen
5 days of Kisu Valley for hiking and scenic views, back to Nagano on the 5th day to get back to civilisation
3 days Nikko
4 more days Tokyo
Flight home

First time in Japan, going mid-march to mid-april so I hope to see some cherry blossoms
No, even then you usually need a sponsor which unless in teaching, IT, or someshit not likely
File: grasshog.jpg (121 KB, 900x735)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Does anyone have experience driving in Japan as opposed to getting a JR pass?

The distances aren't that huge, we'd break the trip up into ~4 hour legs and the itinerary would look something like:
Tokyo>Mt Fuji>Hakuba>Nagoya>Osaka>Shikoku Island>Kyoto>Toba>Tokyo

As far as I'm aware, roads and safety should be fine but we'd need to plan for the possibility of heavy traffic around cities.

Is there anything we should be aware of? Any reason why this wouldn't be viable?
You're going to pay about 100 dollars in tolls to get from Tokyo->kyoto if doing a single drive this does not include
>outrageous gas prices
>20 dollar parking for 6 hours in some places, sometimes more
>expensive insurance for the car in japan since most don't drive
>rules of the road not just signs, international drivers license
>trying to park your car

It's not viable because a 7 day JR pass will come out ahead in terms of cost even with going with another person. Some anon did a neat break down a while back of what a car rental+insurance+tolls+gas+parking would be per day and it was something almost 10k yen or so

no offense but if you've spent any length of time in Tokyo there is virtually fuck all here.

Keep in mind also that you don't need to activate your jr pass the day you land, you can choose a later date. You could easily start it at Fuji since a bus or train is fairly cheap(unless you want that shinkensan one). That would give you 7 days to go all about and see those with ease
>going to japan in 2 weeks
>car broke down 500 bucks gone
>1,500 for 2 weeks

it's gunna suck bros
$100 isn't bad if you have jr pass/hotel paid for already.
Probably not the most suitable question to ask here for the obvious reasons but what Love Hotels have you found yourselves in?
I have a car here. Long distance through Inaka is alright but driving through Tokyo is horrible. ESPECIALLY on highways/expressways/toll roads. Toll roads in general add up pretty quickly, and some expressways/toll roads can be confusing to navigate. You'll have to research parking availability for most places beforehand. Gas is pretty expensive as well. As another anon said, parking is shit unless you're in a keijidosha/Kei-car because parking spots are narrow and nearly EVERYONE back-parks.

However, having a car does give you more freedom. But if you're looking for the best value, a JR pass will probably be tons better than renting a car. If I wasn't a resident, I'd be all over the JR pass for traveling long distance.
Fuck I wanna go World's End Girlfriend and Vampillia live in Tokyo but it'll completely fuck up my itinerary; only give me one day in Kyoto and I'll also have to skip Kusatsu onsen.

Worth it?
One day in Kyoto doesn't sound like much good. You'll be spending most of it travelling and sleeping to do or see anything.
I would recommend Kusatsu Onsen, though. I just left and it was a nice place. A bit small though, and half the experience was the nice ryokan. If I'm ever feeling suicidal, I'll go back, grab a fast RWD car and leave this earth trying to drift on the mountain roads.
Can’t believe I’m actually leaving in a week. Bought tickets all the way back in March.

Anyways, do you guys have any recommendations for cheap food in Shinjuku? Anything that a first time visitor to Tokyo shouldn’t miss?
Liked hakone more than kusatsu
Anything on the menu at Yoshinoya lmao
Had dinner and still stopped by because why the fuck not
Curry Shop C&C, always get a large bowl of Curry rice and meat as soon as I get back into Tokyo, ¥600 for a plate of food that will fill you up the rest of the day.
I know the whole credit card thing is dependent on shops and whatever, but for shops that do accept them, is Discover widely accepted?
Do any of the ryokan at Kusatsu somewhat cater towards gaijin and solo travelers?
Spring as a lot because sakura, summer has a lot because summer, autumn has a lot because autumn colors and winter has a lot because snow, Christmas and NYE.
Go whenever the fuck you want, you will see huge hordes of chink tourists anyway.
the fuck do you need 3 days at nikko for
I figured I'd just chill in some hot baths and do a bit of hiking. Is 3 days too much?
Nikko is a day trip at most, like you have been told before.
>see bridge
>see falls
>go to lookout point
>see temple
>eat something

Tada, you've done all there is unique to nikko for the most part. Easily doable in a day if you get on one of the first few trains.
Solo traveler might be an issue, check online if they are okay with it
Again, I preferred hakone ryokans and hot springs
Most shops accept card in major cities, so long as it has a chip it should be okay
just use cash lmao

There are still quite a few shops that will do cash only, but those tend to be smaller shops and places to dine
File: IMG_0780.jpg (961 KB, 3264x2448)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
so my friend here in japan is currently working for a pretty big construction company (dont remember the name) and apparently as a whole Tokyo is seriously lagging behind the building goals/objectives they've set for the 2020 olympics.

According to my friend these big companies that were contracted for the projects are in desperate need of more experienced workers.

The pay is quite comfy from what I've gathered. I wish i could point you guys in a better direction but for those who want to come to live here for a short term basis maybe construction work is another potential path?

I know just walking around shibuya they are revamping the entire station and surrounding areas. Just last week a bar that had been in business since the 60s closed down because that whole strip of land is being gentrified.
Olympics are always behind schedule and overbudget and huge fucking messes behind the scene regardless where they are. The sole reason for them anymore is to show off your country for all the tourism that comes with it and following it, seriously the whole world watches you for a while.
Mark my words the olympics will be a major fiasco. This summer we had almost 2 straight weeks of +40C weather. No athlete can work to their max capacity at such humid temperatures. The olympic committee is trying to hire medical volunteers desperately for every major venue cause they know this will be a huge problem for visitors as well. My friend is a nurse ans she told me they're currently looking for 20,000 of sucy volunteers but absolutely no one in their right mind is going to do it since there is no compensation for the 8h days they'd have to work
>5 in tokyo
Good solid plan
>3 days in matsumoto
Matsumoto is a day and a half tops, I love the place for being tourist free but it's not worth 3 friggin days. Even if you tack in Suwa lake you are till doing 2 days max
>3 days Takayama
Would take a day from Matsumoto and add a day here
>Noto peninsula
never been but hope it's worth it, seems like a good day trip
Did 3 days, perfect amount for that area
>5 days for kiso Valley
Damn I dunno what you plan to hike in but takayama and surrounding cities will fill you with that old time shit. Hida, Furukawa/Kokufu Gero have this great shit. Also some of those roads are nono for walking, so hope you know bus stops or something for more remote areas.
>3 days in Nikko
1 night there should be more than enough, there isn't that much to do up there. I agree with the other anon on this, 3 days would just be mind numbing unless you just want to completely unwind
>4 more days in tokyo
Seems fine, would throw in day trip with Enoshima/Kamakura in that mix, or Hakone
>No athlete can work to their max capacity at such humid temperatures.

Uhh what? 40C isn't that bad unless you're european or some shit. They had the Olympics in Atlanta in 96' that's probably as humid and hot (if not more) as Tokyo will be. They play football in +40C weather every year around the US, as well as other sports.
Might seem a bit of an odd question but- What are peoples experiences of sex life with the locals??
I've been here for 3 months and in a relationship with a native girl. She's great, but the sex life is just kinda frustrating. She's a virgin, but despite multiple tries and willingness on her part it hasn't been great. In the sense that: She's crazy hard to penetrate even after tons of foreplay, and even with that and lube it's still like she can barely handle penetration and we don't even move.

Are most of the locals like this?? Or is my girl just particularly difficult?
hi, she probably has vaginnnisimus [spelt it wrong im sure, just google]. some women have pretty severe hang ups re sex and freak out when you try penetrate them. i could make my gf cum over and over again for months but literally could not penetrate her. it would not go in it was like hitting a brick wall. the only thig that helps is time.

as an aside any anons in fukuoka?
Yamato transport

That's exactly my issue. It's like a brick wall and it kills my boner. Even though she's happy for me to do everything else to her to make her cum, penetration is a no-no. I've managed two fingers tops, 3 was a complete no go. What happened with your gf?? Did it go away with time??

Trust my luck that the first girl I get with over here has emotional hangups about fucking
I know first timers would prefer to stick with more traditional foods (and I don't blame them), but I do often recommend going to a family restaurant or buying some food from a convenience store. It's not mind blowing or anything, but often times people are shocked how good the food is considering the location and price point.
Whoopie gold burger

> She's a virgin
Found your problem lad. This can mean many things to many people, japs are no different. Some just ain't going to budge until you slap a ring on it
Can anyone drop that Google doc of hidden Tokyo?
my girl was muslim and a virgin ... so it was almost rational in a way what her body was doing. a lot of pressure to remain pure. it just got better with time and compleely resolved itself, but we are talking over a year or two not weeks and months
I feel like this is probably in a link in the OP or sticky, but I'm not sure which one:

Going to be staying in Japan for two weeks, somewhere between May - Aug. What would be the ideal time within that timeframe to visit?
Sup filthy Gaijins, I wanna live in Japan like the fucking filthy white trash I am. Can a 28 year old work in a field like design, motion graphics?

I have decent language skills but I don’t know how to read Kanji.

TL;DR: Is 28 too old to make a career in Japan.
go and give it a shot on there then.
Not with you I'd say for though.
What are my chances of finding any places to dine?
Zero. Japanese people dont need to eat so they never established any restaurants
Finger bang, my dude, to loosen up those morals
Does anyone have any recommendations for portable wi-fi rentals? Need something for 12 days.
Might not be the cheapest but it works.
I've used their pocket wifis on my last 2 trips and it worked perfectly fine.
>arrive in japan
>finally go to some onsens around nagano
>it's just filled with old dunk farts or random euros
>all complain about life and make crappy jokes in broken english
>almost every fucking time

WHAT THE FUCK TRV!?!? This isn't what I expected at fucking all, the website made it seem so great and even the anime I've seen always make them seem so calm. Seriously out of the 3 places I went I was always the only sub 30 year old there. It's literally nothing but a fucking out door pool with old probably drunk people. If i wanted a fucking swim in a heated pool out back, like I'd fucking do it back home like most Americans.
File: Dqy75VLVsAAOsnR.jpg (173 KB, 1200x1200)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
kys op

Im less than a week back and I just booked my next trip which is exactly 2 months from now. My oshi is graduating so I want to be there for her final performance.

Halloween was fun other than the fact that I lost my phone. Was able to show off my cosplay of my Oshi to her and she fucking loved it. Had another bought cosplay of her which used some pretty bad material but she seemed to find it equally as amusing. Spent the rest of the time in Shibuya dressed up as Milky Holmes (was saying I was Muki Muki Holmes) while drinking and constantly getting pictures taken with and talking to people. Overall would recommend Halloween and will probably go back next year.

As for bars, I spent most of my time at either Dearstage, Alchemist Anison Bar or Dempa Lounge. All of those bars are fun if you are an otaku/wota so I would highly recommend but for what ever reason I had probably one drunken older man a night try to talk me into marrying a japanese girl and end up calling me a samurai .

My intierary basically just consisted of running between Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabara for various chika idol lives. Was pretty hectic as I avereaged 2-3 times a day but it is also what I base my trips off of so it was to be expected.

As for going back for 10 days in Mid January, does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? I might slow down a bit on the idol lives as my oshi is graduating so I need something else to fill the time with. I

Pic also some what related, is my oshi and my cosplay. and no the bottom picture isnt necceasry but since I lost my phone, this is the only picture i have left of it.
The best description of Japan I've heard was that it's a giant shopping mall filled with old people.

Place is fucked honestly.
why the everloving fuck does everyone always talk about visiting these shitholes. Seriously they are the most over hyped thing I've seen in japan next to akihabara.
File: Asakusa2017.jpg (163 KB, 602x802)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Me and a couple people from /trv/ met in Japan last year via discord, and we're all going again from nov - early january, so if you're going near that time and want to meet up for a drink or dinner, hit one of us up.
https://discord.gg/2QYtKpJ is the discord invite link.
I went to Tokyo recently (full write up available if interested!). We had a lot of rude experiences with the locals, maybe you could shed some light on if this is the norm.

First up, we went to Akihabara and went inside random stores. We went to a massive building and were filling our basket with various fantastical goodies while techno music blasted. I think cash registers were on the second floor but we ended up going down too far and before we know it we walked out into the street. I explained to a professional looking guy in front of the store that we were actually looking for the cash registers and needed to pay. He started walking into the building so we followed him down another escalator with our basket...and then he turned out a door, down an alleyway...maybe there is a back entrance?....and then he walked quickly off into the crowd. We realized we were following a random guy and he likely had no idea what we had said. No idea where the store was now, we gave up and went out for dinner. Sorry store...

To end this night we went to golden gai, this time to the recommended 'Not Suspicious' bar, and had a super disheartening experience. The bar was PACKED with loud and trashed tourists, who were taking drink orders for the owner, cranking up the music behind the counter, and egging people to jump out the 2nd story window. I felt really bad for the owner quietly sitting in the corner while his bar was overrun and we tried to make conversation with him but it was just too loud in there.

We tried another bar nearby but all the japanese people left right after we sat down (this happens a couple times although we make sure to be polite and blend to the mood of the bar. I'm guessing people have had bad experiences with foreigners and are worried we will be obnoxious or not pay?)
Japs can sense the presence of thieves from a range of 15 meters. It's why they bounced when you showed up.
Plus you'll rarely ever see a lot of obese or an overweight person anywhere in the country.
Ate 3000 yen worth of premium sushi today at a great sushi market in Kyushu.

Has anyone seen that horse face Davetrippn is dating holy fuck he has been here 5 years, lifts and had a BOE job and a YouTube channel and he isn't even with a 5.

What is considered good for an average white guy here. I've had 7 in 6 months, 9 if you include the Two I couldn't be bothered fucking and just wanted to make them swallow.
You're an astronomical faggot, that's why everyone left and lol at doing a write up after 1 week in Tokyo.
I had sex with a virgin yesterday, a ton of lube and after a while and hour or so I kinda stopped caring about hurting here and just tried to go fast so I should cum.

I worked with my fingers for some 25 mins afterwards.

I also briefly dated a 22 year old virgin, she was ugly...but young. Didn't get more than a boob touch.

There add so many Kawaii 5-7s in this country I find it really hard to settle down as you can always upgrade a little, slightly bigger eyes, slightly lower body fat etc. A lot basicslly look the same...
Visiting Kagoshima, y/n?
Going to tokyo for a week or so, with family. Can I survive with papago to translate? Any other options? A friend suggested printing cards with translations on them, but I felt that was a bit much.
How bad is it going to Akihabara, for a kid? Would a solo trip there make more sense?
For most attractions, e.g. museums or shrines, can I buy the tickets there, or should I try to pre-book as much as possible? My itinerary changes on whims so I'm worried about booking then having to cancel.
Is there a post office at Haneda International Terminal? Looking at a pocket wifi service, it says that they can deliver to Int. terminal but I can't find it on the map.
Also would appreciate recommendations for pocket wifi services that deliver to Haneda International. I know that Ninja Wifi has their own booth, but they're overpriced as hell.
>Can I survive with papago to translate
Never used "papago" but google translate will get the job done. In most cases, english + gestures are enough though.

>For most attractions, e.g. museums or shrines, can I buy the tickets there, or should I try to pre-book as much as possible
Depends on the "attractions", but every shrine i went to was free, I don't know if there even are shrines with an entry-fee.
If you enjoy hiking, you can absolutely spend 3 nights or more in the Nikko area.
I know which bar your talking about and you're a moron
You sound like a fucking boomer
Cool. Was told in ffxiv by a JP player that he found papago better for translation, but if some emglish and gesturing can get me through, fuck it, good enough for me. Thanks!
Anyone in Hiroshima up to do something?
This guy is correct.
But to clarify on cost of shrines, i assume the guy also meant temples and the like which do often have a small entrance fee.
So original guy, if you are just talking about the regular shrines and temples that are the tourist spots in kyoto, nara and similar places. You dont need to book, you just show up with some coins (or not for the free ones as mentioned) and get let in.
>We had a lot of rude experiences with the locals...

You steal a basket full of goods, have a bad experience with a group of tourists, and are suspicious when people happen to leave when you arrive? Yeah, the Japanese people were the rude ones here.
There isn't a post office in the International Terminal as far as I know, so I'm not exactly sure how that would work. Maybe just ask the pocket wifi provider for the details?

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