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Going to Texas in December. Only going to be there for 4 days really, any suggestions? I'll be in the DFW area. I want to experience some wild ridiculous texan food down there.

Also plan on going to the zoo and aquarium along with some spooky abandoned slaughter houses. Any other suggestions?

Dallas isn't that big. The DFW metroplex is huge, and the satellite cities (including Fort Worth) may have their own zoos, museums, etc; many people think the FW zoo is better than the Dallas zoo. That said, I live in downtown Dallas, and most of my advice will be focused on what I know.

Hit up Revolver Taco Lounge in Deep Ellum. If you like cocktails, go to Black Swan Saloon before/after. Lots of live music in that area, too, as well as some local breweries (Braindead Brewing and Deep Ellum Brewing Co, to name a couple). There's also a very good BBQ place there called Pecan Lodge, you should definitely try to hit up some real Texas brisket.

I think Uptown is kind of shitty but there are a couple of good bars. Parliament or The Tipsy Alchemist for cocktails. Manny's Tex Mex is pretty solid, but if you can find a hole in the wall joint outside of the urban core, you can find better. Mercat Bistro is a little pricey but they have some damn good casual French food. Malai Kitchen is great "Asian food for white people".

A couple good bars downtown, Midnight Rambler and The Mitchell for cocktails, The Crafty Irishman for beer and Irish pub food. Some restaurants to check out, Spice in the City (Indian fusion), Ascension Coffee (coffee+cafe), and Weekend Coffee (my favorite coffee shop in Dallas). Salsa Limon is pretty good Mexican tacos and street food, probably the best around Downtown aside from Revolver. Meso Maya is a nice sit-down authentic Mexican restaurant, with an El Fenix branch right next to it serving staple Tex-Mex. Arts district and a small but nice park (Klyde Warren Park) too.

There's some great international food in Dallas, too. Old K-town has some damn good restaurants, like "No 1 PlusChicken," a Korean fried chicken joint. New K-town, the heavily Chinese areas, most of the Japanese restaurants, etc, can be found in Carrollton, Richardson, and Plano. Mr Max in Irving is probably the most authentic Japanese izakaya I've found in the US.

JFK museum (Sixth Floor Museum) is definitely worth a visit. Might be able to catch some sports in town, there's a team for every major sport here and while it's not Boston, it's a pretty good sports city. The Dallas Arboretum is a great and well maintained botanical garden, but if that's not your thing, don't make the trek out just for it. Fort Worth has daily rodeo, worth seeing to say you saw it. Not much in the way of outdoor activities, but some people like White Rock Lake (maybe not so much in December).

Have a car to get around. The DART sucks (and I take it every day for work). The light rail is usable but can be sketchy in the very early or late hours, and the bus is worthless. Get the app on your phone for tickets if you take it; they rarely check tickets, but don't try to ride without one, it's a $250 citation if you get caught (and it does happen). Lyft > Uber here in my experience, better prices and just as many drivers.

Avoid crossing the river. Avoid Downtown or Deep Ellum south of Commerce St. unless you're going to the farmer's market, which isn't anything special here anyways. The area around Fair Park is a shitshow at night. Most of the rest of the streets in downtown/uptown/Deep Ellum are fine at night, I walk back drunk at 2AM all the time.

If you want to splurge on some more expensive meals, consider: Lucia, St Martins, Sachet, Rise n.1, Uchi, Five Sixty (more for the view though), Purepecha Room, or Bullion. Frank is also one of the best restaurant experiences of my life, but you won't be able to get a reservation, even if they're hosting dinners when you're in town.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have specific interests, ask away.
Visiting the stockyards once is worth the trip if you've never been. If you want the best damn chicken fried steak you'll ever have you should stop by horseshoe Hill cafe. Bar wise West 7th is the Tcu college kid containment unit. Magnolia street is good if you like that hipster Austin vibe. Downtown Fort Worth is kinda meh but it's got a few gems. One of my personal favorites is the scat lounge. They focus on getting live jazz music pretty much everyday of the week and their cocktail menu aint bad. It's right off Sundance square but you have to go down an alley and down an elevator to get there. Tomphsons is also a pretty legit bar. It set up shop in an old bookstore and has a speakeasy vibe to it. Idk much about Dallas but I do know a bit more about Fort Worth. Fort Worth also has a museum are if you're interested in that.

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