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I miss him so much lads.

H-hes still alive right? They never showed his death. There's always a chance.

My knees are always bent for the true king.
Yes, he is still alive. He is gathering his forces again and will make his return appearance in season 8.
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He was the last saving grace for this liberal series, a man of impeccable honor and duty. They low T producers and writers could never understand his character. D&D tried to make us hate him throughout the series, but he was still the fan favorite. They need another independent women taking up more screen-time so they scrapped the original story in favor of the one where Breinne killed him
After today, I'm tired of all this left and right crap. There is no evidence Stannis was killed over politics. The Shareen thing was done for shock value and to give Jon the chance to beat the Boltuns. In fact, D&D show Stannis regretting what he did and realizing that he let his lust for power and sense of responsibility eclipse his duties as a father. Melesandra manipulated him so you can't say it was a "men are all evil" plot. If anything it shows that women are manipulative bitches.
He's dead.

It was his own fault.
There is unironically no way that Stannis isn't coming back or, at least, he wasn't initially planned to come back, though that might have changed once they cut down on episodes for season 7 and 8.

I would love to see him within the ranks of the Night King, though
>liberal series
but anon. Liberals hate white men and white white people as a whole. The show is almost entirley white. Even the Dothraki are extremely light skinned considering the asiatic/turkish cultures they are mean to emulate.
Of the 4 black characters we've seen half of them are dead and the only one who wasnt a servant of white people was a bad guy.
>xoran daxsos or however the fuck you spell it from Qarth
villain, dead, locked in an empty vault to starve to death
>Areo Hotah
incompetent, killed by the sneks
>Grey Worm if he counts as black
castrated, servant to a white woman
servant to a white woman

Now of course you could count the Dornish as not white too if you really wanted to but they certainly arent black. Even then...
>sand sneks
presumed dead, currently being tortured

Meanwhile lets check in on how the white males are doing.
not so hot right now but surviving as best he can
>Jon Snow
alive, king of the north
still scheming
hand of the queen to the future queen of the seven kingdoms
on the ropes right now but still alive
same as Jaime
>Sam Tarly
being a mary sue at the citadel
>Jorah Mormont
cured of greyscale, on his way to meet Dany
hand to the king of the north
>Brandon Stark
growing more powerful each day

Losing Stannis was a huge blow for me too, but lets not pretend GoT is all liberal propaganda.
If it was, there wouldnt have been a Stannis at all

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