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File: Apollonia_married.jpg (15 KB, 250x375)
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>tfw no qt traditional Catholic Italian wife
>tfw you'll never court a virtuos girl in front of her family
>tfw you will never marry a virgin who loves you with all of her heart
anyone else think Apolonia is best girl in the Godfather?
I always wanted to bang Connie
Yeah, she's not even close to best girl, but I thought she was hotter
she was a spoiled brat but could've beena great wife with the correct husband
File: ypipo.png (1.36 MB, 1690x978)
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1.36 MB PNG
>You will never have a cutie traditional Catholic Arab lebanese wife

Why even live?
>ancestors of raped slaves from the North Africa white slave trade
i'll never understand the appeal of these movies
are you retarded?
>know each other for 2 days
>instantly get married

fucking retard
It was a better time
Are you? Arab pirates out of Tripoli had been kidnapping whites for centuries and selling them into slavery throughout the Arab world until Thomas Jefferson requested the creation of the Marines to invade Libya and put an end to it after they had raided several American navel ships and enslaved their passengers. This idea that ancient Middle Easterners had blue eyes and light skin is a delusion perpetuated by morons like you. You're literally celebrating your salted wounds
>Appollonia is supposed to be this virgin babe filled with the carnal lust virgins posses and want to exhume upon their night of matrimomy in the books
>pretty meh girl that exists just to be car bombed in the movie
Most kids these days wouldn't. You have to have an appreciation for good directing, acting and story to understand.
It's my favorite movie, I've read the book, and I lived in both new York and Italy. I know everything Godfather related.
Ask me anything.
whats the story on sollozzo? he just shows up and starts wrecking shit i take it he had backing from barzini from the start

also how come theres never any subtitles during the sollozzo michael talk in the diner before michael shoots up the place?
i'm 44, my issue isn't with what you listed, which i can actually appreciate. my issue is with mob shit in general

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