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File: Logan_2017_poster.jpg (98 KB, 220x326)
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>Constant bickering between the Marvel and DC brainlets
>Fox keeps quiet in the meantime and produces the most enjoyable capeshits, with the best returns on profit

really makes you ponder over a strong black tea tbqh
if by most enjoyable you mean half of them are dogshit and the other half are just okay

logan was a 7/10
>hue remember Shane guys? this is like a western and stuff
Logan was pretty comfy, no high stack, no world is ending, no stupid villains, just a man dealing with shit, the final fight is stupid and some deaths are pointless but it's still better than any current capshit.
I guess people were tired from threats that colors the skies and threatens to destroy the whole world.
i literally teared up in the end
I teared up after the film, when I found out the bad guys were supposed to be the Reavers.
>logan was a 7/10
You say that as if that isn't blowing the fuck out of all cape movies and for that matter most (major boxoffice) movies in the last few years.
Standards have fallen my friend, a 7/10 is an achievement.
your autistic mumbling videos are awful

you deserve a ban for self promotion faggot
>not coffee

Best capeshit in years.
Fox can only do shit or god's work.
Marvel can only do the same old.
DC at the moment isn't capable of doing anything I would call a movie.
I'm not gonna jump the gun and say they learned from Logan about how genre bending superhero movies should work but that fucking suspense thriller New Mutants movie is looking good as shit.
>over tea
jesus christ anon
standards have not fallen in my mind, and there have been plenty films in the past few years that top logan
>Coffee is better than Tea

Reconsider your life choices.
File: IMG_2245.png (7 KB, 235x214)
7 KB
>generic x-men plotline of using mutants as weapons

>add r-rated blood

>k-kino!11 the violence is more brutaller so its so mature and deep
Its far more than just that and you know it. You just enjoy shit posting.
Not an argument

X-men is the best franchise.

This is the best X-men
Neither was what you said.
Logan had a terrible final two acts.

>Charles making a boneheaded decision that gets an innocent family and himself murdered
>Mutant gene smothered by corn syrup
>Child actors child acting
>Scenes in the kiddie village stop the film dead
>Final confrontation has some of the worst choreographed action in the franchise
>Three of the blandest villains show up including the doctor who has literally no reason to leave his lab
>Unsubtle as fuck funeral

The first ten minutes were also shit with gratuitous FUCKS, violence, and titties, but it didn't completely ruin the movie.
Wolverine is a Marvel hero. nice try though DCuck.

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