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Does /tv/ dislike Breaking Bad just because it's popular or are there any good arguments?
it sacrificed any artistic integrity or thematic depth in its last season in favor of crowdpleasing spectacle
More or less this.
The early seasons were objectively good, except for a handful of episodes though, and people who deny this are just contrarians.
>Okay so the first season will be about Walt and Jesse starting up, and their conflict with Tuco, an unhinged dealer who wants their product
>And for the second season, we'll completely switch it up; Tuco dies early and they decide to distribute themselves, but this brings a whole slew of problems as they deal with rival gangs; eventually they find a new distributor, but Walt has to betray Jesse
>And for season three... strong, silent terminator-style twins, who are total badasses, and more gun fights, yeah, and explosions, cool
Et cetera.
It's reddit. When you're here for so many years like me, you can feel it.
/tv/ mostly liked the earlier stuff but not what the show turned into

This but partly for reasons such as >>92934531 and the other being the typical contrarian bullshit.
I think /tv/ mostly likes BB
we like to trash Better Call Saul, but it's still considered a legit show
most criticism came from the last season where things got a bit silly at times
still, it's one of my favourites
I didn't watch it but every time there was a new episode, 99% of /tv/ was BB threads. Now the consensus is apparently that it's reddit and /tv/ hates it? What happened?
I hope Game of Shit suffers the same fate desu
It started out great and then it became shit. Pleb tourists (BrBa was the first major tourist attraction for /tv/ as a board after L O S T, but while L O S T kept control of itself BrBa did not) still loved it despite the fact it had turned shit and people became very bitter about how a show they loved was not only a mockery of its former self but people were praising it for that. Naturally the plebs didn't like being called plebs and shitposting ensued.
The show peaks at season 3. The last season is pretty much garbage, for a lot of reasons, but the main one is this:

Jesse. The entire show up to this point he has been a co-lead, the show has been half and half. There are near entire seasons where Jesse and Walt are separated but they go through their own storylines. Even when Jesse is basically doing nothing but being a depressed asshole doing nothing we spend that time with him alone.
In the final season this goes out the window. Jesse's screentime is significantly cut, and worse, he's no longer a character. He's a plot device, showing up here and there to get the story going. It feels like when he walks offscreen, hes walking off the set, where as in the rest of the show it felt like he's walking back into his life. For any other faults of the last season, and they are numerous, this is the true reason it's shit. Instead of sidelining him for le Nazis, he should have been the main foil against Walt.
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This. I remember when no one but /tv/ seemed to care about the show.
Then around season 3 or so it got super big and turned into pleb bait 3000.
>no edge
>dark satire?
>the decay of west exmeplified at one man
>no, badass pendejos
And now we got Goth girls walking around with that KFC shirt.

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