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File: chara_original14.jpg (157 KB, 690x750)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
This seems to have potential.
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Credit where it's due: Mai took losing Kanami like a champ.
She's free now to seduce other girls with her cookies.
She gets the white haired one anyway so it'll be fine.
You sure they're not just put together in the OP because the other four were already paired together? There are far less shots of those two together than the other two pairs in the OP.
Kanami and Hiyori sing the second track of the OP together while they sing the second track of the ED.

File: MikiMadoka.jpg (42 KB, 525x470)
42 KB
Welcome to Youkoso Kamihama Park

Previous thread: >>2487779

Archived Threads:

TV Subs:

Rebellion subs:

Drama CD subs:

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I think it's going to get darker now.
I just hope they don't go with the stupid grimdark "let's kill everyone for no reason" route.
Given the fact that the writing is fairly decent, with only some small problems (brainwash), I have hopes they know what they're doing.

I actually think MagiReco is more entertaining than Madoka itself...but not more interesting than Rebellion.
It’s certainly going to get darker, but ultimately this is the benefit of a larger cast. We have 19 magical girls currently active in the main story, with a 20th likely to be revealed in the next chapter and atleast 5 who will tie into the main story from the side stories and we even a built in reset for when it becomes unsalvagable. It means we can afford a death or two without turning into Suzune Magica.

I think my biggest fear is not that any characters die, but that fate ultimately be altered to prevent them from ever meeting again. In a side story set sometime after chapter 7, Yachiyo says that theyre girls who take solace in their shared loniliness. I thought that was nice, different than what we see in the series, but still nice. They accept they cant change fate and just choose to live as best they can. They arent Madoka or Homura, actively changing fate or even Sayaka and Kyouko. Theyre just lonely people who found a way to be a little less lonely.

I really do wonder, in a world without rumors, can these girls meet? That makes me sad to think about. But I guess in a world without witches, they could reunite under better circumstances.
I think that's the stronger point of MagiReco. While Madoka gives that "being a magical girl is despair" vibe, in MagiReco they actually gained a lot after becoming one. Not sure about Yachiyo, but Sana, Felicia and Tsuruno life got better after becoming magical girls and meeting the other girls. Iroha too, since the Sana chapter shows how she was lonely at school, only feeling home at the hospital.
Even the side girls usually have the same theme, like Ren, Rika, Masara.

I think it brings better the point in the neutrality that being a magical girl was supposed to evoke. That's why I don't want it to become just despair. That would imply this girls friendship and love were cursed.

Also, I think few dark mahou shoujo stories even understand the appeal to the genre. Madoka and Yuuki Yuuna do it right, but I can't agree with things like Magical Girl Raising. People don't love the genre because they want to see the girls dying, but because they want to see they fighting against their fates. And that needs some kind of payoff.

Also, haven't read Suzune yet, so I don't know what the implication is.
File: 66858134_p0.png (735 KB, 1500x1675)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
>Not sure about Yachiyo
I think her memoria imply that she views it as a childish wish in retrospect, but I think chapter 6 implied she only regrets that it may have gotten her friends killed. But I personally believe that’s a psychological reaction to trauma, not an actual effect of her wish.

>I think it brings better the point in the neutrality that being a magical girl was supposed to evoke.
People sometimes ask why not just prevent magical girls from existing, and I think MagiReco drives home Madoka’s point in allowing magical girls to still exist with her final wish better than Sayaka dying. The wishes may lead to death, but that doesnt mean their lives are without meaning. And I dont think it is cursed. Even in the spin-offs, we have Riz and Tart and their merry girls, Oriko and Kirika. Kazumi and her two friends, I think it’s emphasized that these were all fated meetings. Friendship and love is about sharing the good and standing with one another during the bad and thats what they all did. A major factor with Madoka and Homura is that they do their damndest to not share that with each other.

>People don't love the genre because they want to see the girls dying, but because they want to see they fighting against their fates. And that needs some kind of payoff.
Completely agree.

>Also, haven't read Suzune yet, so I don't know what the implication is.
Literally Raising Project.

File: 2015020323502924d.png (1000 KB, 1120x745)
1000 KB
1000 KB PNG
I totally forgot there was another Yuri anime this season about two Lilliputians and their married life.

Great time to be alive for us /u/ fags
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I learn one thing everyday
Except what shows are yuri and what shows aren't, of course.
>as if this board would have enough content to exist without subtext
Will you ever learn to not be a miserable fuck?
More Yuri then half the threads on this board

File: V10cover.jpg (246 KB, 844x1200)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
I don't remember how close we are from the estimative Translator Anon gave us, but decided to create the thread already. I'll dump some images I got on Yoshimura-sensei's Twitter.
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Guys. You can find the 11th volume on nyaa. There you can see the bonus chapter instead of waiting the korean release. If you like.
I hope Reiko will give proper kisses. Unlike Kuroko, who play with her tongue. And when she's along with a girl... BOOM!! Someone interrupt.
I think there was a partial flashback at the start of the chapter that explained both of those things. There was a burning apartment building, you see Toki among the onlookers, and then Reiko carries a young girl out of the building, before a burning beam seemingly falls on her.

Based on the chapter Toki first appeared in, this is likely the little sister thing that Toki mentioned, so the girl Reiko likely got her injury saving was Toki's little sister. And then Toki must've gotten to know her both over guilt of Reiko's injury and being really grateful for Reiko saving her little sister.

I hope they expand more on it, like Toki first getting to know Reiko and where Toki's little sister is now. Plus, it seems like Reiko sleeps alot and is lethargic all the time, not sure if some issue she has or just a character quirk.
Yeah I don't know Korean, but can someone explain what happened with him in the church arc?
My guess. Cobalt wanted that book for something. Power stuff. Maybe make your wishes true. Kuroko wanted it for girls stuff. Now Cobalt killed Mitsurugi Togo wife or something. Togo is the cop. That's why he hate him.

When Cobalt was in the jail. Togo show him a file who had to do with the old man from the volume 5. (The guy who Kuroko made Infinite Worth EXS to him)

To see if he had to do anything with him or knew something about it.
Then he escaped from the jail. Now let's hope Togo don't ask Kuorko kill him or Chacha ask Reiko shoot him. I want to see Kuroko, Cobalt and Reiko team up to be honest. That's my scenario. Hope you like it.

File: embrictitle.png (25 KB, 320x240)
25 KB
In 2011, Saint Bomber released my favourite yuri game, Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle, and later a sequel, Marquess of Notoriety.
You can find both of them at

Last year he presented the beta of his new game, Quantum Entanglement, which was as good as finished.

Quantum Entanglement v0.91

After that, he seems to have vanished. Has anyone heard of Saint Bomber or his projects since?
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File: 0.jpg (264 KB, 600x450)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Oh, the memories. Overflowing, like a broken dam.

I still remember when I played Carmina's route...I was all giddy. And the jokes and innuendos throughout the game are still very dear to me, specially RPG's and fantasy novel's references. Saintbomber discovered RA Salvatore and Lovecraft to me –and someone left "The Dunwich Horror" abandoned on a bench a few months after I finished the game!– and rekindled my affection towards board games.

Most importantly, it made me laugh. This week I'm playing this awesome game again, since I've been feeling a bit down lately. As a side note, Gretel was adorable. I kind of remember some of the lines of the game:

The Duchess (to Alice): "Since Gretel wants to become a strategist, I let her use the castle's library. She's already finished 'Game of Thrones'. I hope that doesn't make her too ambitious!"

Anons, give it a try. And Saintbomber, you occasional lurker, I miss you.
Saintbomber come back and finish QuantEngl!
I won't tell them to you directly, but I think you can find them in the QE bug reports.

I forgot how fun his comments were. Damn, I miss testing that game.
>Katawa Shoujo
I'm tired of this meme.

File: 1450305294882.jpg (283 KB, 1280x716)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>2456120
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File: 15156017208220.jpg (47 KB, 1080x764)
47 KB
New fanfiction. James isn't Shit, Sera isn't shit, Rachel is not some mysterious vixen, she's deconstructed and explored and Chloe get an actual father figure in James.

I am the only who ship them?
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breast envy is so common, it's basically pointless
>canon breast touching
is much more interesting
File: Hinata17-2.jpg (74 KB, 570x473)
74 KB
Breast envy is a common theme for Sakura, but I will never accept art that turns her into a titty monster.

Source, please?

File: 22.jpg (417 KB, 1280x1816)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Hello /u/ let's discuss the joys and beauty of yuri pregnancy

Also i'll give you an English comic to start on this thread enjoy

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File: 0013.png (497 KB, 1353x1920)
497 KB
497 KB PNG

Best translation I've seen so far
File: 20 (3).jpg (411 KB, 1280x1816)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
This doujin will forever have a special place in my heart
I guess there's no hope for another volume of Yuri Ninshin.
Gachi Yuri is not a good replacement. Especially when they've slipped futa stories into it

File: 22324567.jpg (53 KB, 800x600)
53 KB
Honestly this is objectively the best sort of pairing.
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Holy shit. I love /u/ guys.
File: 1309415551115.jpg (192 KB, 800x600)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Necr/u/mancy wins again
oh fuck that looks horrifically painful

imagine if ultimate surrender wasn't rigged and the combatants had sex-based superpowers. And it was in fact a part of a faerie-run slavery ring, and somehow everyone was fine with it because practically everyone is a switch.

I actually have issues explaining the quest. All you need to know is that there's a shit ton of bondage and the MC is a pretty awesome power bottom.

Previous thread
Elsanna RPG Maker game
Gay as Hell song
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File: eheheh(1).gif (414 KB, 250x250)
414 KB
414 KB GIF
I'll be honest with you anon. I tried freezing a hairbrush once. Would not recommend.

Yeah but the cold never bothered her anyway, so it's possible that her ice dress is really cold to normal people.
File: I Love You.jpg (64 KB, 700x420)
64 KB
Yeah, I would think going there would hurt.*

*For external use only.
File: frozennotfrozen.png (307 KB, 897x646)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Still though, honestly not worth it, wouldn't recommend desu.
Everyone has their own tolerances, likes and dislikes, and feelings. I grew up in the snowy hinterlands, so maybe I have a better tolerance for cold than some.
I still believe, though, that if you gently roll an ice cube across the skin of your arm it won't hurt.
File: 1394596997844.png (795 KB, 1280x799)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
I'm from (relatively) snowy lands too, but I'm still no fan of cold weather usually, certainly not of getting frozen plastic stuck to unnameable places.
I'll experiment more with ice cubes though, you're right anon.

Figure since we're almost at Halloween, we could start with some goth toon stuff.
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Apparently this is from a storyboard artist who personally believes Janna is “super gay”. This is real life.

I need a WebM of that that cuts out the last twenty-six seconds.
File: 1516239200971.jpg (585 KB, 1152x1414)
585 KB
585 KB JPG

File: 66299390_p0.png (997 KB, 705x1000)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
Special Inq/u/isitor Mòrag of Mor Ardain. The most powerful lesbian in the Empire, and lover of Brighid, the most powerful blade.

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File: 66825775_p0.jpg (3.65 MB, 2510x3542)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
File: time for hot takes.jpg (56 KB, 472x1089)
56 KB
I get it
Good job anon
It's magic, he doesn't have to explain anything.
Nintendo Labo is going places.

File: 3498438989343984.jpg (172 KB, 850x583)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
A new series is on the horizon! These angels deserve a thread.
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File: shinpaishinai.jpg (24 KB, 200x282)
24 KB
File: 5.jpg (1.61 MB, 3817x2800)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
any doujin recs?

Anyone remember the days when we used to talk about things just because they were "relevant to our interests"?

What changed?

I guess getting actual yuri that didn't end with the death of everyone involved helped...

File: image.png (3.3 MB, 2634x1500)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
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File: Home.jpg (3.18 MB, 2480x3507)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
File: stab.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x1200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
File: Flan.jpg (1.69 MB, 1977x3058)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
File: suffering.png (1.64 MB, 874x1469)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG

File: B2Sk3oKIYAAI-Ru.png (307 KB, 500x604)
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307 KB PNG
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File: 468927381.jpg (89 KB, 709x753)
89 KB
File: 668926135.png (335 KB, 1023x752)
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File: 168437417.jpg (227 KB, 1500x1000)
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File: 257215111.png (537 KB, 800x523)
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