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Heres wishing there will be more /u/ stuff on the upcoming comicket. Really want more NepNowa stuff or maybe some VertIF finally(lolz)
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Gamindustri doesn't have tops or bottoms, it has purples and blacks. Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't.
How long we need to wait until the /u/ doujin come in?
File: banytzmp7rfz.jpg (296 KB, 1128x787)
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According to reddit this is official art. I've never seen it before, but the art style does look somewhat official.

We probably won't be seeing any new yuri doujins until either the next Girls Love Festival or Comiket.
It was a store bonus for Rebirth3, together with the one where they are naked in the water.
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Noire's game is on sale for less than 3€, I keep hearing that is really bad because of the male self-insert love interest but I keep seeing all this yuri CGs of Noire with other girls so I'm kinda confused, is the gameplay any good? is it worth it for the /u/?
>all this yuri CGs of Noire with other girls so

Enjoy the only cg of them and the no personality with non developed story at all with them.
>is the gameplay any good?
It's ehhhhhhh. Doesn't really excel at anything it does but if the /u/ was good I'd recommend playing it anyway because it isn't terrible.
> is it worth it for the /u/?
Nope. No development.
I tried to sit through the cutscenes ignoring the SI, that gave me a headache.
So I tried to keep going with the gameplay only, that bored to death.
Noire's game is a very shallow attempt to please both yuri fans and self-insert fags.
File: DDw7B8DV0AAgR5n.jpg (171 KB, 900x1024)
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Thanks for the info, I guess it would be best to not buy it then, the gameplay does seem a bit mediocre so I was hoping it had enough /u/ to salvage it but that isn't the case.

In other news, 4 Goddesses online will be out in the west soon for PS4 and on early 2018 for PC

I haven't visited /u/ for some time but judging from previous threads, the only /u/-related content that I know of was that couple with the crazy cat girl and the genderswapped Kirito rip-off, some incest-bait with Noire and Uni and some Vert x Blanc event.

How /u/ is the game in comparisson with previous entries?
File: DE2pc-2UMAAoJKD.jpg (148 KB, 800x1129)
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>Nepu does what Blanc-don't

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