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File: images (46).jpg (26 KB, 360x409)
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Freya x Lenneth was my shit but I accept other couples too
File: images (47).jpg (49 KB, 420x350)
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File: images (48).jpg (36 KB, 327x450)
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which game? i know there are a few of valkyrie profile games out there
Nothing you should concern yourself with. The Valkyrie Profile games are goggles at best, and more often than not these goggle moments involve girls who have an actual in-game male love interest or het romance.
File: thumb-16.jpg (134 KB, 702x527)
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Mythology in general is unusually mum when it comes to same-sex relationships between women. Bestiality? Lots. Incest? Plenty. But two females? What are you, mad?
In its defense, the original game had a limited run, and is more of a cult classic/hidden gem (despite being produced by Enix, and later, Square). Thankfully, it's getting a spiritual successor in Indivisible (I'm going to forget that Exist Archive...well...existed).
File: 7.jpg (145 KB, 670x997)
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145 KB JPG
Don't get your hopes up. There were only like ten pages of this and THIS was the only thing that happened. Pffft...I'll take it. I guess.
File: 56.jpg (141 KB, 800x1122)
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141 KB JPG
In a perfect world, Lenneth would have Aelia, Jayle, and Mystina in her harem. And Frei.
File: 15.jpg (144 KB, 800x1122)
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144 KB JPG
Like so. Again, there's not much else to the rest of this.
Isn't there an app game rn in japan I think?
Funny my first and only exposure to Lenneth was in Radiata Stories as an immeasurably powerful recruit.

Although I’d ship the main female lead of that game Ridely with pretty much every other cute girl.

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