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File: ReplacementHaruka.jpg (201 KB, 488x600)
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201 KB JPG
Zenkai no Rabu Raibu: >>2475361

LLSS Season 2 is now showing on Saturdays at 10:30pm (Japan time).

December 5th- Round 6 PDP Election begins at 1pm JST. Vote ends at 1pm JST, December 11th. Results announced on December 22nd.
December 9th- Aqours Fan Meeting Tour at Nitori Culture Hall, Sapporo, Day 1
December 10th- Aqours Fan Meeting Tour at Nitori Culture Hall, Sapporo, Day 2
-Emi Nitta’s Birthday
December 11th- Round 6 PDP Election ends at 1pm JST
-Nijigasaki School Idol Crest announced.
December 12th- Aqours Fan Meeting at Nitori Culture Hall, Sapporo
December 16th- Kanata Konoe’s Birthday (PDP)
-Aqours Fan Meeting at Numazu Civic Cultural Center, Numazu
December 20th- Awaken the power by Saint Aqours Snow released
December 22nd- Round 6 PDP Election results announced
-Tomori Kusonoki’s Birthday (Setsuna Yuki’s VA)
-LLSS BDDVD Volume 1 Released.
December 26th- Sora Tokui’s Birthday
Some more links:
File: PerfectDream2.jpg (73 KB, 684x525)
73 KB

The Final PDP vote of the year began on the 5th at 1pm JST.

As usual, press えらば and いいね. You have until the 11th 1pm JST to cast your votes.
File: kotoumi in aqours.png (2.17 MB, 1080x1323)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
File: IMG_20171206_153403.jpg (153 KB, 1300x702)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
I'm not very fond of Yohane's chuuni antics but i have to admit this is pretty cute desu
File: 1511969812509_1.jpg (31 KB, 473x339)
31 KB
rubyleah and tsubahonk are the thing too.
File: 12-15.png (1.06 MB, 1898x2400)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: DPZ_BI8V4AAqvBJ.jpg (49 KB, 438x1200)
49 KB
Why is the manga goddamn slow. No one picking it up? Baffled with Ruby fangirling over Yoshiko and Hanamaru receiving a kabedon on the floor from You.
File: DPxeHynXcAAEuxO.jpg (130 KB, 640x1136)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
The dark horse. Consistenly into each other since S1.

Though I never shipped Umi and Kotori. I watched the original and I didn't see anything. They're okay, nothing against the pair. Guess I'm used being outnumbered on shipping Honoka with Umi. The manga suggested that and a bit on the series. What about those two? Any info where to look at? Like the manga, SIF, official art, and etc. Would be appreciated.
File: 66192256_p4.jpg (255 KB, 1425x1428)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Whomever the imouto in the last thread was talking about why Hanamaru couldn't like Yoshika because she teases her and makes fun of her all the time:
Have you never seen little boys and girls on the playground where one teases the other because they like the other one? It's pretty common.
>tfw I found a spic fic in which it seems the girls had/have a relationship with male OCs and the author is trying to justify their shit using honkers as an excuse
what the fuck is that? thank god I read the reviews first, I read them because the tags and summary didnt tell me anything about the fic. the worst of all is that some reviews agreed with the OC shit, it seems someone really wanted to selfinsert
>fan fic
>idol show
>surprised self inserters show up
what the hell did you expect?
I expected something diferent because the fic had no OC tags and the selfinsert fics arent that common on ff.
>selfinsert fics arent that common on ff.
Boy, do I have a truth to tell you. You've somehow blissfully avoided them until now.
It's more common with anime fics and those fandoms that are hugely popular
of course ive been avoiding them, the thing with that fic is that you have no clue that it will have OCs/selfinserts.
I know that therere a fuck ton of that kind of fics in various fandoms but lovelive is not one of them, thats why It surprised me when I read the reviews, I dodged a bullet
>tfw minuscule amount of self insert het fics on pixiv
Time to learn Japanese, sisters
File: IMG_-kyabjv.jpg (288 KB, 1008x1017)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Riko is among the few PURE members
the only fic site that has a lot of that kind of fics is wattpad, but that website is shit in general
literally a shithole
PDP interviews in GetsuBushi is now a once an episode thing until, presumably, all 9 girls have been interviewed.
Now I have to download the game again and subject myself to the mercies of RNGesus. One single SR 10+1 pull too many.
>trying to justify their shit using honkers as an excuse
What does this even mean? Do they think Honoka is straight?
no, author said he knew that the male OCs were gonna cause shitstorm but he still wanted em to be part of the fic because those were their true intentions since the beggining and sheit, according to the author honkers did something like that in the anime
>I believe that im not doing anything wrong etc etc
They aren't doing anything wrong, though. It's just a fanfic, one that no one is forcing you to read.
File: DJv7aPaU8AA-tK-.jpg (161 KB, 1000x1131)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>male OCs
>male OC romantic interests
Did Anon ever finish that "Chika and Riko try rapeplay" fic?
That sounds pathetic.
>Do they think Honoka is straight?
someone from the reviews think that honker is straight, newfags not even once
File: IMG_20171208_212528.jpg (688 KB, 3412x3000)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
don't mess with my headcanon oneesan
Reminds about when some braindead teenage girl complained that there weren't any boys in LL to ship the girls with. To this day I don't if it was a troll or not.
I hope there's an episode with ChikaYou. Next episode would be dealing with the third years. Any raws yet?
File: DPnsVM8UQAA7Aif.jpg (72 KB, 800x600)
72 KB
Probably a young clueless imouto. Doesn't know a thing about idols. Forgive her for she doesn't know her sins.
It hasn't even aired yet.
News from day 1 of the Aqours Sapporo fan meeting: the other members were asked to tell what they liked about Ainya the MC (similar to what they did for King when she was MC). Suwawa's answer was covered and she couldn't guess what it was despite hints.

The answer? "Everything".
I finally caught up with the most recent episode.
The new season is very good and all, but:
Why the fuck did the dog episode have to happen? It's so out of character for Riko to do whatever the hell she did that episode. I mean really, it's just a fucking dog, and you're going to stalk a little girl and steal it from her? What the fuck? And if they really need somebody to be Yoshiko's lackey in her bullshit plans why don't they just make Hanamaru do it, or better yet, You since she barely has character anyway. The worst part is now ever since that episode they have Riko call out Yoshiko's bullshit frequently too. I thought that was Hanamaru's job, but no the chuuni has to have two babysitters (three if you count Ruby) for god knows why. Riko's interaction with Chika is also sorely lacking now this season because of it.

Yeah that's my only major complaint.
Yoshiko's like a black hole who sucks away screentime and interactions from characters who might have something more interesting to say than the exact same shit about little demons and contracts. Fuck whoever voted for her in the popularity polls that convinced the idiots at Sunrise to make her so prominent.
> I dislike Yoshiko and I'd rather Riko's screentime be dedicated to solely one single character, because her only development should be revolving around Chika and nobody else just like the previous season
I could replace the names and terms in >>2490205 to make it about Chika if that will illustrate how ridiculous and assmad you come off as.
For Riko's scenes with Yoshiko to develop her character, Yoshiko would need to be an actual character rather than a delivery vehicle for unfunny and repetitive chuuni jokes. All Riko's "developed" into is yet another straight man for her, which was already part of her relationship with Chika.
>because her only development should be revolving around Chika and nobody else just like the previous season

The key word here is 'development'. What we got now was not development, but something more like the 'forced' thing the Yoshiriko fags keep spewing about last season, only this time it's actually true.
If you don't like Yoshiko, it's easy to miss/ignore the times she actually showed depth beyond the unfunny gags, since the poor writing and execution tends to relegate her to do nothing except that when she isn't the focus of the episode but Hanada wants to remind the audience he remembers she exists. The same could be said for Mari, for instance, or You this season, or Kanan in the first half of season 1; if the character isn't what the episode is about she's likely to not even have lines.

But wah wah muh ship. Go read a fanfic or doujin if you want your precious Chika/Riko so much.
Riko's relationship with Chika is actually more than just being her straight man. They actually supported each other for instance, unlike the farce Sunrise's pushing right now.
Unlike the characters you mention, I see no depth to Yoshiko even when she's the focus of an episode. I'm not counting "I used to be retarded, but now I'm just pretending to be retarded" as depth.

Even if the others don't get to do anything but show off their shticks, at least there's some variety there, like You diving after a uniform or saluting a stewardess. Yoshiko just repeats the same few lines with minor alterations over and over again. The one time the Yohane thing was actually funny was in episode two of this season, when she and Hanamaru started feeding off each other's weirdness. She might be a decent character if there was more of that, but that would be too much work.
Found a more comprehensive report, so here's further elaboration.

In the segment, Ainya would see other responses as reference, then try to guess what was written by somebody (not determined by her). Suwawa was the somebody.
- Rikyako and Aiai like her singing prowess developed through her folk music background. Ainya sang "thank you" in folk style in appreciation.
- Anchan likes that she can bring a smile to others' faces, such as when she goes SHINYYY and the others giggle.
- Shuka and King like her ojisan laughter.
- Reports didn't mention Aikyan's and Arisha's responses so they might have been skipped or subsumed within similar responses.

Unlike the other members who wrote a bunch of words, Suwawa's answer was very short. Therefore Ainya first guessed things like "how she smiles/laughs", "the way she is like when laughing" and such. Suwawa's hints were "something fluffier" and "it's 2 kanji". By then her guesses were still things like " e gao (smiling face)", "shin chou (height)", ba ka (her dorky side)" etc. The members were encouraging her, telling her to be more confident, while people in the audience had caught on and were gesturing full circles (to signify "the entirety").

In the end Ainya couldn't guess correctly until Suwawa revealed the answer. It left Ainya dumbfounded and tearing up; she was so emotional she kept covering her face while giggling, and had incoherent moments.

By the way, Ainya's parents were spotted in the associates' seats. Meaning, they witnessed her reduced into a gushing smitten maiden. Plus, Aqours visited their restaurant the day before as a group. Suwawa must really be earning points with her future in-laws.
>her future in-laws
File: 1512835499063.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
So this week just solidified the ships even more.
You watches couples be cute.
Looks like your loathing has blinded you to the points which earned her fans. Either that, or it does prove that the writing in the anime is indeed so awful, because in the SID written by Kimino and in SIF written by...who even knows, Yoshiko has more sides to her shown to the audience.
Ha, and here comes the whiner. A little earlier today, aren't you?
I don't dislike Yoshiko and am not especially huge on ChikaRiko, but I agree with anon that episode 5 was the worst of the season by a pretty significant margin (the only other episode I disliked was episode 1). Dogs are stupid/boring so seeing an entire episode centred around those two vapidly pining after one and that somehow being treated as consistuting legitimately character development was super disgusting.

Given episode 5 did literally nothing to sell the relationship, the subsequent YoshiRiko focus personally did feel very artificial and pandering but I have managed to turn down my gag-response a bit. At first I felt like Sunrise might be pushing YoshiRiko as a deliberate successor to NicoMaki but the former fails to duplicate their chemistry/dynamic so hard that it's impossible to take affrontage seriously. In which case YoshiRiko just becomes this weird pairing with no actual chemistry that Sunrise is pushing.

Conversely, I was surprised to realize last episode that I actually really do enjoy and am interested in YoshiMaru. It is pretty gratifying that there seems to be a lot of fan support, and the anime-material has been on-point without being overbearing thus far(Hanamaru's shyness in the face of mere acquaintances brings a new dimension to her forwardness with Yoshiko). I'd be pretty satisfied if YoshiMaru emerged as Sunshine's actual successor to NicoMaki.
File: OT30210.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Looks like Aqours is now getting training support from Saint Snow getting ready for the findals. Saint Snow is still around and I'm glad they are actual characters now. Have to keep that RubyLeah ship afloat!

This episode though is about the third years, mostly Mari. Its mostly about them getting over the fact that they are graduaiting and leaving the group. PLlnty of child hood remebrances and fodder for OT3 shippers. Also Mari drives stick!

I'm disappointed though that despite the fact that the third years are leaving, Chikas relationship with Kanan is not even mentioned once through these heart to heart talks. I had thought they just put it in the background but now it really looks like they excised their entire friendship in favor of Mari.

I guess at this point, should I give up that we'll get a good episode that will develop You?
File: Yousoro.png (759 KB, 1280x720)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
Poor You :-( (Yes an emoticon where it truly deserves) I'd rather go towards the OT3 route. Though You likes Chika while Chika likes Riko and she likes Chika back. Goodness, You will still end up with suffering as well. I want to hug her so much.

I wanted her to be developed as a character this season. She feels like the Kotori on this one. Well, at least Kotori had a relevant episode on the last season of LL. Let's hope Episode 11 will focus on her. You had her arc nearing the end of the S1 right? Crossing fingers!

I somewhat agree, Episode 5 even if a decent one was quite out of place and was probably made to pander to the YoshiRiko shippers (Not a hater). They had a following before right? But wait, dogs being stupid? You're wrong in that one. Though yes I also agree, it isn't really a valuable development on Riko.

>I'd be pretty satisfied if YoshiMaru emerged as Sunshine's actual successor to NicoMaki
Here's one to hoping. May there be more Mezashi, 2C=Galore, and fanarts to come.
File: OH MY.png (550 KB, 1280x720)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
>Chikas relationship with Kanan is not even mentioned once through these heart to heart talks.

My heart jumped on this scene. I thought we'll have that! Dang it, Sunrise!

About You, no don't lose hope anon! I know Sunrise won't fail us, forgetting to make an episode with the most popular member? I refuse to believe that!
>did literally nothing to sell the relationship
>personally did feel very artificial and pandering
>just becomes this weird pairing with no actual chemistry

to be fair, that is what the Hetfags and Normalfags call Canon.
File: proof.jpg (184 KB, 1280x738)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Why would Mari's parents try to stop her from playing with nice kids from good families like Kanan and Dia? Were they caught playing doctor?

Also, I fucking hate it when kami-sama is translated as God when the characters in question aren't Christian.
I do think high school-aged, mentally well chuuni characters are an inherently terrible idea. I realize we aren't exactly in Eugene O'Neill territory here, but there isn't even a shred of real human behavior there. It might be acceptable if it was just an element of her characterization (like Hanamaru's unfamiliarity with modern conveniences), but pretty much everything she does is related to her chuuniness and I find myself gritting my teeth and hoping she'd fucking shut up.
Did Kotori even get an episode during Season 2 of the original anime?

Did Maki or Umi get an episode ever?

Some characters just don't get a dedicated episode. Though I guess You might have it worse, since she feels completely ignored.
Maki got an OVA and had big parts in the episode where Honoka scouts her, the one with the summer house and the one with Snow Halation.
Uranohoshi is a Catholic school
File: 1511818436978.gif (468 KB, 410x528)
468 KB
468 KB GIF
Kotori had one wherein Honoka stopped her from leaving. Maki had a freaking OVA and she stands off on her own just with her vocals. While yeah, Umi. Though I don't think she even needed one, she's quite fleshed out. Reminds me, Dia's pretty much the Umi in their group. Eli/Umi-esque.
>Kotori had one wherein Honoka stopped her from leaving.
That was in Season 1 and Kotori's actual character focus episode from Season 1 was the maid episode. The whole Kotori leaving thing was the hardest part of Love Live to get through, though that was just as much on Honoka as it was on Kotori.
please don't compare yoshiko and maru to nico and maki, they're too different and they're not tsundere. Maru is too sweet for that.
>no cool side of You
>no youshiko
>no gf

I guess this proves that the writer don't care much about her.
Does it ever even come up in the anime? Besides, you don't need to be a Christian to go to a Catholic school in Japan. Hanamaru's a Buddhist and Yoshiko's a Satanist, for instance.
File: CxY-LogUQAIHjt0.jpg (154 KB, 1200x884)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I like that Sunrise, thank to the introduction of RubyLeah, has made it possible for Aqours to have 2 OT3s without screwing anything else up.
ChikaYouRiko and KanaDiaMari are not only cute but this also makes it so that everyone is together. I think that's great.
Please go back to tumblr and stay there, thanks.
The 2nd years aqours feels more like 1st years muse to be honest.
Reminder that Mari is going to Italy
kanamari died
Dia is going to Tokyo and Kanan is going to wherever she decides to grab her diving instructor license overseas.
The third years this time are quite literally miles apart after they graduate.
You deserves better than that, theres no way that an OT3 would work for the 2nd years, I dont know how anyone can think that something like that could work, its like theyre not watching the anime and just want them to be together because they look good or else. as for the 3rd years, well they'd have a deeper bond, better chemistry and background to work with, so I believe they have more chances of becoming an OT3.
at the end of the day I think sunrise will decide for the 2 OT3s you mentioned even when I don't agree with one of them. I want You to find a cute gf but unless they add anoher girl i dont see her dating a girl of the current cast, it's shame because she got the looks, charimas, etc etc but she felt in love with the wrong girl, and by wrong I mean that she's already in relationship not that she's shit or bad
Yeah, that's how I feel too. You is my fave character attitude and looks-wise, so it's a shame she didn't get a gf. But the ChikaRikaYou love triangle in S1 was interesting, so I don't mind.
There's no reason she couldn't go to Italy. The Mediterranean is right there.
>But the ChikaRikaYou love triangle in S1 was interesting
I may be reading things into it, but I also like how they're navigating intimacy in their friendship this season, like how You apologizes to Riko for going to the beach alone with Chika to train, or how it takes her a while to join Chika and Riko's hug this episode.
File: Real OT3.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>ChikaRikaYou love triangle in S1 was interesting
I hope they also continued with this route. More suffering yet at least You gets the chance to get fleshed out as a character. Will she still pursue Chika or let go? Though I doubt they got enough screen time for that.

This! You make a valid point. It had been subtle but I'm glad that's the case they're pulling. Less shippy bits for this season actually, the season's focused on solidifying their friendship/group and wrapping up the series. Sad that the third years would separate ways. S2 had been quite realistic than its successor. The original had been quite too good to be true for me.
File: 06.jpg (1.24 MB, 1620x2048)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
"We can't stay in summer vacation mode forever. Now, get to work already!"

Ugh, this is terrible.
It's already September and school is well underway, but everyone just seems... lazy.
They just can't break out of the summer vacation attitude.
The members of Aqours are in poor shape as well.
This morning, You overslept and came in late for class.
At the shoeboxes, Yohane forgot her indoor shoes, and during lunch time, even Riko left her lunch at home.
Of course, there are girls dozing off in the middle of class. Even worse, some of them even forgot to do their homework over summer break and are running around during break period to get away from the teachers.
That means Ruby, actually.

And what's more, even though she forgot her homework (actually, she's fully aware that summer break ends on August 31, so she's just running away rather than forgetting, right?),
When school started, I discovered that she actually had a fellow homework-forgetter in Aqours.
That made her so relieved, now the two are running around together.
Her partner is, of course, Chika.
Now, for some reason, the two have split up into a recon unit and a command unit, and are scouting out hallways, hiding in classrooms, and sending orders back and forth.
When I see the two of them smiling like that, there's no doubt that this is a game to them.

Gah, seriously!
This sucks!
It's irrational.
I hate this sort of shamelessness.
There will be consequences!

Hehe. So, as the student council president, I'll be patrolling for slackers today.
They might be able to hide from the teachers, but I can tell exactly what Ruby and Chika are thinking.
Fine then.
Go and run, you two.
But, just know one thing.
Escaping from Dia's eyes will be an impossible labor.
Once I catch you, I'll be drilling you hard until my quota's filled, so prepare yourselves!
File: 08.jpg (1.09 MB, 1620x2048)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
"S-Sorry... What do I do? I think my pulse might be rising"

Oh, s-sorry... Did I spill some?

Aw, man...
I'm embarrassed.

What do I do?
This is so childish of me, isn't it?
I can't even right ice cream right.

But, that's how I've always been.
I'm not so good at eating cold food.
Maybe it's because I eat too slow, but when I'm eating popsicles, they always melt before I'm done and fall on the floor.
It was so embarrassing back in elementary school, when people would make fun of me every time I dropped my popsicle.
Ah, ahahaha.
Do I sound like I'm making excuses?

Oh, right.
That's right.

I don't need to make excuses.
Kanan's the only one looking at me right now, so maybe it's not that embarrassing.

Yeah, that's it.

But, um...
What do I do?
When she looks at me with those gentle eyes...
It makes my heart beat faster for no good reason.

Kanan's always so kind.
When she's with Chika, she's always like her big sister.

It kinda makes me wonder, if I had a real big sister, would it be like this?

I wish I did have a kind big sister like this.

Oh, but if my big sister really were like this, my heart would be beating so fast every day.
That might be a bit hard for me to handle!
File: 04.jpg (983 KB, 3000x1896)
983 KB
983 KB JPG
RIKO: If I could share this happiness with you, then this would be the best Christmas in the world!

That's amazing! We got each other the same present!
Exchanging presents on Christmas.
We decided that the members of Aqours would be exchanging presents, so I thought so long and hard about what sort of present they'd be happy to get, but...
With a limited budget, there's always going to be a lot of little things like gloves or scarves.
There's always going to be similar gifts.
It would be boring if everyone got the same gift, though...


The two of us got each other the same present. What a coincidence!
But, since it's a hairclip, now that I think about it, dia and I are always wearing hairclips, after all.
It makes me a little bit happy, like we're kind of in sync with each other.
I was thinking so much about what present I should pick, and it makes my chest tighten up to think that we spent that time thinking the same thing, almost like we were together. It makes me so happy
Maybe Christmas isn't about the presents you actually get.
Times like these, when our gentle hearts are thinking of each other,
Those might be the best present of all.

And this christmas, for all of you who'e been supporting Aqours,
I hope that my feelings will reach you too.
I'd love it if we could spend the best Christmas in the world together!
File: C7xk3Y0VAAAsb2u.jpg (41 KB, 600x553)
41 KB
It's not about their character per se, it's about the dynamic between the two. Nico and Maki had never been lovey-dovey and is always seen bickering on the sidelines. Same goes for Yoshiko and Hanamaru, they've never been affectionate to one another yet it's evident they share a bond completely beyond from their usual friendships. They're completely into each effortlessly.
File: 05.jpg (577 KB, 1620x2048)
577 KB
577 KB JPG
"As we run wild in our twin outfits, our hands reach the starry skies! Steady as she goes!"

Look, look, look!
See? Look at that, Maru!
They look just like real stars!

They're twinkling!

Okay, Sailor Maru!
Follow that cross shaped star, full speed ahead! We've almost made it to the island where treasure awaits! Just kidding!

No, no!
Me and Maru, we're not here to play pirates today! Ehehe!
Ruby put this together for us. It's a, uh, twin outfit?
Dressed completely in matching outfits, we're here at the shopping mall, all decked out in Christmas lights!
And, today, we're filming a lovey-dovey date scene!
A filming session, a fimling session!
Ahem! Pretty neat, right?
We're filming a scene for Aqours's new PV!

We look just like we're sisters, huh?
Man, I wish I had a little sister like this. I might just spoil her rotten!
I'd bring her to high dive practice every week, and while little Maru is shrinking away in fear, I'd give her a push on her bottom and force her to dive in! Hooray, you made it! Like that. Ehehehe!

Would I make a good big sister?
I knew it. You and Maru are Rinpana's children. How cute.
And she goes straight for the incest fantasy.
Perks of being a Capricorn. They have no chill.

Geez, Riko has a lot of fetishes. Both of her and You are the gayest. Though if I had a big sister (figuratively) like Kanan, oh good lawd.
File: C8jddASDDAAA.gif (1.13 MB, 500x281)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
>I'll be drilling you hard until my quota's filled
Contradicting but still lewd.
KanaRiko seems to be a good pair.
I can't see Dia letting Ruby spend the summer vacation without finishing her homework.
NOOOO. I'd rather have KanaChika/Chikanan than KanaRiko.
Well this happened
Seeing RubyLeah and their interactions really made me question why TsubaHonk is even a thing. It really feels like a containment pair for 9th placed Honk, there is not much fan works either.
As far as anime goes I would expect nothing less but HonoKotoUmi OT3, but she is always separated from them. I guess I'll just assume that Honoka will become KotoUmi's adoptive daughter.
File: 76986656754.jpg (81 KB, 850x479)
81 KB
Seriously, how does Riko manage to look good with everyone?
Riko's pretty much a hardcore turbo dyke. She'd probably fall for any pretty girl who kabedoned her.
Though I don't think what the object was about matters much, I agree with everything you've said. What irked me was with only 1 cour and 9 girls, characterization is going to suffer and yet they decided to dedicate it to two girls only. It was essentially a filler episode that brought nothing to the table.
>9th placed Honk
Literally something that never happened except in a random G's Magazine poll of minor relevance with μ's and a whole bunch of other characters.
>there is not much fan works either
Have you been living under a rock for the past 4 or so years? Even in English, there are a number of fanworks for the pairing.

At least do some research instead of spouting illogical claims out your ass which can be disproved easily with 10 seconds of googling.
File: 151131521254.jpg (87 KB, 720x960)
87 KB
Funi does it again They've been making dubs pretty gay lately.
Also YouxDia is cute and a potencial cure for You's loneliness.
What does Dia think of RubyxLeah? Does she think that thay're a good match or that Leah is too much of a bad girl for her imouto?
That all depends on whether she can defeat Dia in a duel.
File: LoveLive280.jpg (147 KB, 726x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

Your SIF 5th Anniversary Girls are Nico, Yoshiko and Setsuna.


Nijigasaki's School Crest is the Onion by to-no. It's been unfortunately re-designed.

Song theme's as chosen by the Seiyu and audience
Rina : Secret/Life
Emma : Honest/Sincere
Kasumi : Chaos/Passion
Karin : Luscious/Innocent
>Karin : Luscious/Innocent
That's an oxymoron if I ever see one.
Not really. Just imagine Hanayo going down on Rin.
File: 1511167274882.jpg (359 KB, 721x628)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
What happened to You-chan. Happy for Mari though. Had Nico topped the polls before or this is the first? I was pretty late on the original LL. We all know Nico's best girl without the polls.
Oxymoron game still stronk.
File: 1513005145551.jpg (1.13 MB, 1268x2896)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
NicoMaki S T R O N K
File: 05.jpg (513 KB, 1620x2048)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
"One fresh Chinese bun, and I'm sure it'll taste even better if we share!"

Ooh, here it is, here it is, here it is!
My fresh hot Chinese bun!
So cute!

Here, look at it!
Taking that first bite into this round, fluffy tip is just the best!
Feels good
You know what I mean?

Summer, the sparkliest time of year for Uchiura's seaside, has ended.
And now, we're starting to let ourselves loose.
Hm, actually, autumn is fun it its own way, too!
The delicious, juicy Chinese bun fills my mouth, followed by the steam right after I take a bite.
I can feel that winter's almost here!

I just feel so happy.
There's just one thing on my mind.
That would be...

The red bean bun Dia's eating next to me.
Sheesh, it's been bothering me ever since I decided what I was getting!
The meat bun's good, but the red bean bun sounds good, too!
But, two buns is a lot to eat on the way home from school.
After agonizing over it for so long, I finally decided to get the meat but, but then Dia came up right next to me and went, "I would like to order one red bean bun, please," with a cool face.

Hey, hey hey hey hey!
Just one bit!
Can we do a little trade?
I'm sure if we eat both types together, it'll be double, no, ten times the deliciousness!
File: 04.jpg (1.14 MB, 3000x1896)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
"In autumn, the sky is clear, and the horses are growing fat. I know what to do, let's go on a trip!"

Message from Hanamaru
Over the hills we'll go, whistling all the way

Going on a trip together on a sunny autumn day is just the best!
I'm feeling so happy and hyper, my hand's reaching for snacks on its own!
No, no, I can't do that, or else I'll grow fat like the horses!

Today, the three first-years in Aqours are going on a trip.
Like, the third-years have mock exams, and the second-years are on a field trip, so we can't do anything as Aqours.
But, since it's just a wonderful autumn weekend, it'd be wasteful to just sit around, so we should go somewhere.
That was Ruby's idea!
I'm more of an indoors type, so usually I lock myself at home and read books, and when I heard that, I felt a little bit nervous.
Would I really be okay?
I was searching for answers, and when I glanced at Yocchan...
She was scowling with arms crossed. She looked very upset.
"Are you trying to challenge me, huh?"
"... What?"
Confused, Ruby and I turned to face each other.

"You're saying you want to go on a trip with the fallen angel Yohane, the ultimate bringer of rain, right? Are you serious? You're just asking for it to rain. The clear autumn skies of Japan become covered with clouds the moment the black apostle Yohane arrives. Alas, because of that, I've been an outcast my entire life..." Yocchan spoke, moving her arms and body in exaggerated motions. Ruby and I responded by...
"Pfft... Hahahaha!"
Bursting into laughter.
"So that's all you meant!" Ruby exclaimed, patting Yocchan on the head. "We'll be fine! The weather report said there was 100% chance of sun, and it's been sunny the whole week already!"
I joined in, "People always say that Ruby brings the sun with her wherever she goes, so that's just perfect! The weather will tell us who the winner is!"
"Yeah, I won't lose! I'll even boost my sunny power by making teru teru bouzu!" Ruby sayid.
I agree, "I'll help! And Yocchan, you should join us too!"
Looking at us, Yocchan blushed and gave us a slight glare.
"You dare take my demonic powers lightly? Fine, but don't blame me for what happens!" she grumbled, turning to the side. So, that meant she was going with us too!

So, we're banking on sunny weather today, and going hiking! I hope we can see the sky without a single cloud in it from the summit.
File: 01.jpg (2.47 MB, 3240x2048)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
"As the cool winds of Autumn come, so begins a season when I want to grow a little bit closer to you."

Hey, You!
Stop! Wait a minute!

It's break period.
I catch sight of You dashing through the hallways, like she always does.
And I call her over.
She comes to a sudden stop, screeching like the brakes on an old bicycle.
Tipping forward, she swings her arms around and balances herself.
It makes me laugh just watching her.
She has her natural, honest, and enjoyable overreactions at all times.
Her already large eyes widen even further, glittering.
They sparkle like they've never been dry a single day in her life.

"S-Sorry, student council president! I was in a hurry, so I just kinda started running! Don't worry, I'll stop now, okay?" she says, smiling as prepares to escape by tiptoeing away.
Right, it seems like she's misunderstood me.

Without speaking a word, I start reaching out towards You's chest.
"Your tie's twisted."
I fix it, and then...
"O-Oh, that's all you wanted me for! When I was going past the staff room, one of the teachers caught me and yelled at me not to run in the hallways."
As she nervously laughs, "tehehe", her white tie rises and falls with her quickened breath.
"Sigh, you surprised me!"
"You wouldn't have to catch your breath like this if you didn't run," I say
"But it's already been 15 minutes since break started! I gotta get to the vending machine fast, or else there won't be any drinks left!" You says, her face red and slightly wet with sweat. She starts sliding backwards, down the hallway.

"All done. Well, even if you must run, make sure your uniform looks proper, okay?" I say.
You responds with a "Roger!" and a sharp salute.
Then, of course, her skirt swings around and she jets away.

A brief, and strangely fulfilling chance encounter. Hehe.
Today, we're switching to our autumn uniforms at Uranohoshi Girls' High School.
The scenery of the school transforms in a single day, and now it's the color of autumn.
Too bad a nice scenario like that has such bad art. You's face looks derpy and Riko must have broken her neck.
File: Clone design.jpg (636 KB, 1280x1280)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
Could have been perfect if its umi, but I don't mind this.
KotoUmi makes absolutely no sense. There's no way Umi could ever satisfy a lewd girl like Kotori without Honoka's help.
I'm glad that You didn't win another contest, but I'm not glad that it was Yoshiko who won. Oh well. At least Mari was 2nd.
I really like YouxRiko, specially in a "shared lips" type of situation. I imagine You desiring Riko as a proxy for Chika, as in "if you can't be mine then I'll have your girlfriend so I can at least taste you". Riko eventually accepts to have sex wtth her as a sort of compensation for taking Chika away from her and both of them are torn over doing this to Chika.
That would be some impressive porn logic on Riko's part.
If the whole point of school clubs is to have senpai notice you, why does pretty much everyone just date their classmates? Are all the first and second years other than Maki just that useless?
File: rikoyou gundam.png (3.15 MB, 1188x2876)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
It seems the onee-samas have onee-samas of their own. You'd have to be an EXTRAORDINARY imouto to get yours.
to practice my japanese, I've been trying to translate some twitter comics, but I have no editing skills so it's all dumped in a drive document. Is anyone interested in checking the translations? or check them out at least.
It's all honokotoumi/honkoto/honoumi with some nicomaki and one nozonico so far
just pust 'em
Please, if you steal a girl's mikan then it's common courtesy to fuck her after you have fucked said mikan and are still sticky with her juices..
here you go then https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ab4ST9_iIc2vBwailT0WLFjmS7Girhjtj27PIJ6Z2fE/edit?usp=sharing
Sister foursome when?
File: IMG_20171215_142101.png (641 KB, 1218x1011)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
I really like pito's Kanan desu
doesn't he draw them futa all the time?
I think so, but I've personally never seen it, his other art is cute so it's ok
This Week we have two interviews.

A second parter of the Bushimo Girls playing GBP is now up.

Happy Birthday Kanata.
File: 59115017_p32.jpg (217 KB, 1200x900)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
KananMaru is cute. I like the idea of an athletic girl being attracted to a little chubby.
File: 1477471407428.jpg (103 KB, 900x636)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
After Aqours gets disbanded Hanamaru is not gonna get any exercise so she'll eventually be way more than just "a little chubby". Not even Kanan will be able to lift her.
File: 66070718_p5.jpg (1.14 MB, 1075x3128)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
why cant I find a good sunshine fanfic? the only fic that I really liked was a diamarikanan one and even said fic had somethings that i didnt like, the girls were in college somewhere in japan but it was like they were attending a burger college, there were a couple of comments complaining about it, iirc but besides that the fic was lovely
most of the sunshine fics on ao3 are really short and the lack of plot is sad
Just came back from the bookstore. If it wasn't for mezashi I wouldn't even touch it because it has one shitty yoshiriko chapter. Was pleasantly surprised with two yoshimaru stories on top of that of mezashi's. Good book overall.
File: DRLElxDUEAA8ctX.jpg (66 KB, 1200x675)
66 KB
I want more of this pair too bad it's not really gonna happen
File: marriage proposal.gif (3.81 MB, 426x240)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB GIF
And the audience goes wild.
I'm kind of conflicted this season. I don't dislike KanaMari, but I had hoped Sunrise put out an even spread of the 3rd year ship combos.
DiaMari gets some fair amount of scenes but KanaDia only got like one hug and that's because Kanan's a pussy.
File: behindyourwaifu.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>You finally has a scene all to herself
> Its barely two minutes and its about her relationship wth Chika AGAIN

Damnit writers, is that only aspect of her you understand? You is more than that, so give her something, ANYTHING to develop her character.

This episode was probably one of the weaker ones. I could have used a bit more of School Festival sheaningans and what happens barely got a laugh out of me. It's merely just ok, but not much actually happens and its more just the calm before the finale. I did like the bonfire scenes at least showing the school supporting the last hurrah but they aleady did that a few episodes ago.
Have you tried, you know, playing SIF?
File: 09.png (327 KB, 949x1200)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Buy the manga
File: bullymaru.jpg (176 KB, 1280x738)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Looks like Maru's new target is Ruby and her weapon withering sarcasm.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 320x331)
16 KB
I see lily black is going strong
File: DNsl30DVwAE8T3h.jpg (151 KB, 844x1200)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
That's probably the only thing I can hope for, it will probably change soon too.
>Yoshiko finally talks to you again
>You isn't even there
Yuri aside this isn't even a good scene. Why would you want to block two characters from interacting? Instead we got a joke of Yoshiko getting scared which they just made a minute ago.
I just wish that there would be at least one more scene of Chika and Riko having a heart to heart again without You butting in, and one episode without the unnatural and half-assed YoshiRiko pandering. Of course the exact opposite of both happened in the last episode.

It's like Sunrise completely backtracked from all those ChikaRiko moments last season. Hell, they even made Riko less gay now. Remember those weird fetish magazines she had last season? Last episode was the first time it's referenced this season because most of her screentime now is wasted on being Yoshiko's second Maru. I don't even care anymore. Thanks Sunrise for killing my first OTP in a long time.
Nice. Always nice too see stuff getting translated.
Sorry for the late reply but yes. Nico is pretty popular in japan.

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