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File: Lily kiss.jpg (52 KB, 668x960)
52 KB
No love for manhua? Any reason why it's rarely mentioned?
There's a lot of threads here with Manhua as the main topic dumbass.

There's literally one giant thread dedicated to Tamen De Gushi here.
I want you to think about China and accessing chinese material specifically from China through the net. Then I want you to realize, you're dumb and haven't used the catalog while acting as if we have to explain to someone who can't use their brain.
i can't found the manhua their story. do yo have it?
what is the name of this manhua and do u know where i can read it?
What happened to "their story" thread?? Are we gonna use this one now? Tan jiu already released the new chapter, it looks like shy girl is finally stepping up her game and ready to become the third party.
we need a new thread for their story
Why do not you go to the 'GL Webtoon Thread'?

>we need a new thread for their story
Why do not you make one instead of complaining?
It's called Lily

some parts of season 2 is paid only
There're probably more Chinese yuri novel on jjxwc than Manhua. Yamibo have quite a bit of creations as well.
cool, thanks
>Why do not you make one instead of complaining?
cause i'm too lazy but yeah why not ¿!
Do you know how I can buy chs?
Is Lily translated in English or Spanish somewhere?
There are currently 26 chapters in English.
Ignore that anon, why don’t you just do everyone a favor and fuck off.
Where please?
here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nrv48p15m8gmt/Lily_(ON_GOING)
>why don’t you just do everyone a favor and fuck off.
Extremely cute, thanks for sharing and hopefully buying this is simple.
It's nice that they are translating it, but the typography skills is really nonexistent..

The Translation thread have some good resources links too for typesetting, but these people probably don't go to 4chan as they are in that aminoapps yuri manga and anime community / have their own private G+ group going on.. / Did not make out of their way to share MAMD translated links when they took over that project (those links was shared second handed by Anons like us).
I think I have read that only links from chapters are posted in this closed group G +. And only chosen ones are allowed to enter.
The same shit as then with Ha... something.
Oh really? There are some public facing links on their profile for Lily, Her Shim Cheong, etc. but I haven't tried to enter that G+ group, as I don't want to enter with my real credentials. I feel like this taking over MAMD was to boost their popularity on these social media sites, plus I'm starting to hate anyone using Maki Nishikino image from Love Live (I can vaguely remember watching the 1st season).
>There are some public facing links on their profile for Lily, Her Shim Cheong
if you specifically mean a person, then only the two (Lily & Her Shim Cheong) are visible. All the other readable Manhwas were set to private and deleted.
'Lily' has only 6-26 and 1-5 are set to private and can only be found in the group.
'Her Shim Cheong' has only 0-3 to read.
More should be translated or has been translated, no idea about the title.
I only know that there is interest in translating.
'Lily' has been deleted as well.
So the retards went full retard, again. Nothing surprising there.
The shitty part of all this is I could spend a lot of time on this to speed up the editing part, but since it's a closed group the pace of updates will be incredibly slow.

There also seems to be an unspoken rule in the translating part of the internet that prevents people from saying fuck it (translating, editing, subbing) I'm doing it, too.
For sure.. there needs to be a Yuri Project for Korean and Chinese webtoons. Sadly my Chinese literacy is crap so I can't help there. I myself is thinking of retypesetting She's Who's Most Special to Me from Chap 29+ since the current ones are cringe worthy
Actually, I mean 13, 17-26, 29-32, 35+ where there are no decently typeset version from where sook / nogamenolife left off.
You can actually post Korean and Chinese there. Fluttering Feelings had a few chapters released there and another Korean webtoon was posted there but there was no interested translator. You'd have to adhere to their standards if you want it posted on the release page.
Think anybody would be up to translate Lily S1? Of course, getting S2 going would be nice as well. Maybe it'd be better to just have S2 caught up first.
File: Spoiler Image (490 KB, 719x1129)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
File: 20180103_222937.png (861 KB, 719x1129)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
this is getting very... interesting lately
Nothing happens. Pink gets her period.
Ups...i meant brown/gray haired got her period. My bad.
Found season 2 translations of Lily, typesetting is crap though because it's another noob "editor", but at least they are translating it.
missing #lily tag for chap 50, but look in Archive
Thanks anon! It's nice that they're together in season 2, but currently I'm more interested in how they got together. They seemed to not be comfortable with each other at all in the early chapters. I think Gray Hair actually hated Red Hair? Translations for season 1 has halted at chapter 26?
I'm the same, but I also want to know what s2 is saying. I've given up on s1 being translated at a faster pace. If anyone is willing to translate, I'll make time for editing. Even a chapter a week is better than this (I would aim for much more, of course).
File: IdsRmz1.png (405 KB, 720x1018)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
I really love this manhua. The chemistry between the main girls is great. I love the cool tomboy with long hair and feisty tsundere relationship here. The height difference makes it even better.
Hnnnnnngh. I was hoping this would happen after she unwrapped her gift. Even if I don't understand a single word, it's still enjoyable to look at the chapters. Hopefully one day we will have them all translated.
>Asleep yet?
>Sleep, sleep, sleep. It's hard to sleep (literally: "I/you know it's hard to sleep" but idk the context)
Thank you anon. I just love these two.
File: 20171020055801146.jpg (229 KB, 810x1080)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Sorry for probably being retarded, but does someone know a good way to download all the chapters?
The normal way doesn't seem to work on this page
File: DownThemAll.png (1.14 MB, 1679x1026)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
DownThemAll extension for Firefox/Waterfox, etc. Put the button in your toolbar, click it and a menu comes up, then choose DownThemAll! (Current Tab). I usually use it via right click and DownThemAll!, but since the site disable right clicking, you need to use the button. It can also rename them in sequence so you don't have to.

There isn't a equivalent Chrome extension that is close to DownThemAll. Fatkun Batch Download Image doesn't download the images you select in order, so it's really dumb that you have to manually rename them in order.
Actually this extension works before Firefox 57, as there won't be a web extension port sadly. That's why I move to Waterfox for now.>>2518162
Thank you so much, based anon.
There is a lily update here:
Fuck yes. Thanks for the info, anon.
Here are some more.
01 https://imgur.com/a/YaoT4
02 https://imgur.com/a/aSC5E
03 https://imgur.com/a/xkAgK
04 https://imgur.com/a/wfS14
05 https://imgur.com/a/ZmaAS
06 https://imgur.com/a/jqRkR
07 https://imgur.com/a/kVJR2
08 https://imgur.com/a/qUG6e
09 https://imgur.com/a/u1kvl
10 https://imgur.com/a/nMYuE
11 https://imgur.com/a/ipN5C
12 https://imgur.com/a/lKZsO
13 https://imgur.com/a/nzcz9
14 https://imgur.com/a/jbHbA
15 https://imgur.com/a/bS4y0
16 https://imgur.com/a/Tsm1d
17 https://imgur.com/a/APmR1
18 https://imgur.com/a/tehaJ
19 https://imgur.com/a/INHaG
20 https://imgur.com/a/MgkJ9
21 https://imgur.com/a/Nuhpp
22 https://imgur.com/a/tdQua
23 https://imgur.com/a/mpwmI
24 https://imgur.com/a/58zud
25 https://imgur.com/a/Z3TDe
26 https://imgur.com/a/p99hH
27 https://imgur.com/a/6NoGe
28 https://imgur.com/a/hmbwt
29 https://imgur.com/a/JzY9c
30 https://imgur.com/a/Vu6Re
31 https://imgur.com/a/fhwKu
32 https://imgur.com/a/Xw9Yi
33 https://imgur.com/a/zBs0c
34 https://imgur.com/a/M1Std
35 https://imgur.com/a/ZkrFh
36 https://imgur.com/a/5dq7L
37 https://imgur.com/a/RjZYG
38 https://imgur.com/a/sJv68
39 https://imgur.com/a/CezfH
40 https://imgur.com/a/CJU8G
41 https://imgur.com/a/hiQWC
42 https://imgur.com/a/kTePz
43 https://imgur.com/a/hYQxO
44 https://imgur.com/a/PxwAh
45 https://imgur.com/a/rTJsx
46 https://imgur.com/a/r7Uus
47 https://imgur.com/a/ucGWL
48 https://imgur.com/a/ckuVR
49 https://imgur.com/a/eB7Re
50 https://imgur.com/a/W17bN
File: 1397752734075.jpg (34 KB, 280x283)
34 KB
Thanks a lot anon!
Thanks for sharing. Translations/typesets are kind of rough, but I get the gist of the story. Looks like the two protagonists are starting to warm up to each other.

Side note:
Maybe it's just me, but isn't it common etiquette for the primary credit to be given to the translator and typesetter? And proofreader, cleaner, editor, etc are last. All the credits spotlight and glorify Rei with the others mentioned almost like an afterthought. This isn't just apparent in the imgur links, but on G+ posts as well. For example, things are often signed as "from Rei and team. " I personally think it should be from [Translator] and team. I'm guessing the others don't mind and look up to their "boss."
Yea that would be the normal order and some slight variation of it I've seen. But this does glorify her, with her being first and her avatar picture is slightly bigger than others.

They are probably newbs at this thing, that's why it look so rough and nothing improves. Not even playing around with different typesetting, alignment, etc.. I cringe at how basic it looks.

At some point I saw it saying Team Edge, but probably for a different manhua with Revy/xdrain typesetting it.
There is a special place in heaven for wonderful people like you, mate. Bless you, my friend. Bless you.
mmm i really liked the black hair delincuent and i'd like to see how her crush on the girl with the red hair one grows aside from that enjoyed the reading
also thank you for sharing it
It's like a 12yo translated this.
I appreciate the effort this chinese put on this. Sometimes I cringe a little but I understand that English should be very hard for them.
This. I'm grateful they are doing this. I don't care if the grammar isn't perfect and I'm fine with just knowing what's going on.
So it's not just me that the English does not read too fluently.
Even though "the boss" (Rei.M) is American or Mix-American.

And dafuq...now she calls herself "the boss". Ridiculous.
definitely little to no quality control, and on their credits page it say CQ, LOLs..
actually we call Rei.M the boss because it's an insider joke since she brought us all together and we met great people because of her. You guys can continue to talk smack yet none of you are willing to help with translations. you just sit here and say bitter things. You're the worst thing in this community. Saying terrible things about a person who is finding people to translate so we can have more yuri
Help? How bout come here once in a while and ask us?
The Translation thread should have some resources on typesetting and editing, etc. >>2494662
/h/ even have some resources in their Collections thread >>/h/4851317 see the google doc.
Where there is toxicity in 4chan, there is also some good. Much like everywhere and everything in the world.
Thanks for all)
U have a place in my heart Anon.
Cross ref MAMD >>2523287
It seems the G+ Group implode on itself?
Lala(Same author as Lily. S1 ended recently)

兔子不想和你说话(It's yuri but I couldn't understand the story)
https://weibo.com/u/6055804589?is_hot=1#_rnd1516463737971 (Author's Weibo)

少女天师(Tagged as yuri but no romance development so far)

魔王切治疗(Not much yuri development)

百合零距离(Translated name: Zero distance yuri.If it's not gay,I don't know what is)

>You guys can continue to talk smack yet none of you are willing to help with translations. you just sit here and say bitter things.
Help?! Why not come out of the closed group and ask for help here? How should someone help if nobody from the closed group asks for help?
So do not complain that nobody wants to help.
Thanks Anon
>so we can have more yuri
You mean the few people in your secret club, so there is no "we" here.
so, me making a discord to share Yuri in was this bad for you?
The feeling when your chinese and you dont have to wait for translations.
The feeling when you are Brazilian and... Nevermind
I either need to learn Chinese or get a Chinese waifu. Not sure what's easier to archive.
And why do not you translate or give a summary?
thanks for the guide there. sorry i dont visit 4chan so i didn't get to see this earlier. i was translating lily cos some bugger was showing off how great knowing chinese was and people who dont know chinese will never be able to read chinese manhua ( i quote whatever she says here). I was fluent in chinese/ english but not in any other aspects ( type set, editing etc). I started this project because i was hoping none chinese could read chinese manhua as well. Yes, i'm a noob in this and im not afraid to say that. I'm also learning as i go along, so do pardon me. However, if any more skilled people who are interested in translating Lily please go ahead, since close to 600 in total is a giant load there. And yea, i'm not from the rei's team. So don't blast me together (or lump me together) with them. Thanks a lot again.
>I started this project because i was hoping none chinese could read chinese manhua as well.
And I love you for this, anon.
I can help you about typeset, if you need.
Here's some more

心癌(This one's slightly depressing)


>安娜与乔西 >https://www.kuaikanmanhua.com/web/topic/1796/
That looks funny sometimes. The reaction faces, funny.
File: 5 - IrAUYep.jpg (85 KB, 720x1017)
85 KB
I love these two.
The whole group is a shit project heading for an epic downfall. The typesetting doesn't make sense and the creator or "Boss" pretty much hogs the links and expects there followers to kiss his/her ass while they bully there fans. It's sad they can't fight back b/c they're so used to the links this person created. Yet they come up with shitty type-settings like "professionals" but have such a jerk for a leader so talk claims.
File: tlk.png (105 KB, 604x594)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Is that experience from the inside of the "club"?

Here's some folks response in tlk for the Etherpad, and I'm just posting it here since it doesn't belong in there.
Don't knw bout donations I just heard from a friend who got kicked out how this person operates. It's probably a scam with the donations it usually is...too bad they have people fooled.
File: Spoiler Image (61 KB, 550x747)
61 KB
So censorship has reared its ugly head. For those that played honkai impact 3 you might have heard that mihoyo (the developer) had to removed certain features/functions due to this. Well, not just the game, even the comics (http://comic.benghuai.com/) were not spared.

Xuanyuan chapter was removed, likely due to using a historical person as the main focus. This arc had a page where one the girl dreams of marrying another girl.

For the other chapter/arc, I notice that the pages with kissing/mout2mouth between girls are missing. Shockingly a hetkiss is still there. Then again, I'm having issue loading the comic site so this has yet to be verified.

Now I'm scrambling the net to find those missing chapter/pages because silly me didn't save them. If any kind soul have save those comics, mind sharing with me please?

Pic-related is behind spoiler due to censorship
Has any update from Lily since chapter 50?
How many chapters has season 1 in total? Just so I know how many are still mising + the beginning ones of S2
Oh wow, that's a problem
desktop site
mobile site

Season 1 is 493 chapters long, about 8 images in each. Then there is 12 special? chapters in between Season 1 & 2. Season 2 is up to 86 and the last 7 chapters are paid chapters, but it seems like one gets free once a new chapter is uploaded.
Thank you very much)))
Wow, that is really a lot! Thank you, those chinese sites don't load for me properly.
Then I'll just wait paitiently and hope someone will continue season 1 after chapter 50
File: bhg.png (454 KB, 721x627)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Can someone tell me what's wrong with that new girl ? Does she have a crush on Yi lin and is jealous of Ruo xi ?
this seems intersting as well:

Book ids are interchangeable on dajiaochong websites
Desktop site: https://www.dajiaochongmanhua.com/detail/?bookid=####
Mobile site: http://dajiaochong.517w.com/index.php?m=web_app&c=index&a=show&bid=####

There is a problem selecting chapters from the mobile site if you use that on the desktop, usually that is fixed with google translate... some how, but it's best to use the desktop version instead if you're on the desktop.
maybe someone need ..
A while ago I was looking for Yuri manhua on dajiaochong, I've list what has not been shared yet (I think).

Slightly Sour Secret
n4tsuyu translated some of the later chapters here https://n4tsuyu.tumblr.com
Dysania Scans http://dysaniascans.tumblr.com/ just recently dropped the series. you can find 1-13 on manga aggro sites, but it may take them a while to reup those to mangadex (if any). (I've downloaded these from bato before it died, if anyone needs it.)
01-13 https://void.cat/#de4138429743d5df6f375b91809f5e7f9228b215



(not entirely sure if this is yuri, or not solely yuri)
>>2531029 cont.

This one has been translated by someone on Amino. https://aminoapps.com/c/yuri-manga-and-anime/page/item/dong-qu-xia-lai/G50e_P0xUVIz7ZmwvDmZlBM61nvZ6meW6q7
01-41 by Amari Kaori & Le Nguyen https://void.cat/#d866231c31d71fb845ad2c49502101e26f42f9fc

杀死海豹的100种方法 / 100 Ways to Kill A Seal
(Also, I've downloaded these from bato before it died, if anyone needs it.)
01-11 by Caek Co https://void.cat/#e5b2267a2c2b08dd21bd8ca38b62950b3f8a2143

(copy paste) Summary: Main character thinks that the girl she likes has feelings for her older Brother who is very good looking and is able to capture the hearts of all the girls
Great find! OCR works, but translating is broken. I wonder if there will be more machines translated works coming soon lol.
This is great! love the setting.
Might as well grab everything from there...

I'm guessing this is the one you're looking for, since https://comic.benghuai.com/book/1003 is missing from the links of comics.
I was able to download them via https://comicstatic.benghuai.com/new_static_v2/comic/book/1003/1/0001.jpg by guessing the end of the sequence numbers..
Here you go: https://void.cat/#6cfcb3a4137d7c5d5e1315230551722c24ca63bf

These seems to be missing or moved
""/1009/10 / https://comicstatic.benghuai.com/new_static_v2/comic/book/1009/10/0001.jpg = ""/1010/3
""/1008/15 / https://comicstatic.benghuai.com/new_static_v2/comic/book/1008/15/0001.jpg = ""/1010/2
""/1006/12 / https://comicstatic.benghuai.com/new_static_v2/comic/book/1006/12/0001.jpg = ""/1010/1
""/1008/16 is a dup of ""/1009/01

I found this site, they only have a small portion of the works in Korean. (Looks like it's a bit upscaled and burry) That one comic isn't censored here:

Some of these been translated to English

I did grab translated chapters by Magnum Scans from bato (they don't have a website, so I dunno if they have more out..)
0-12 https://void.cat/#76f09b38eaac8242b1bf725338fe0a4fd0f009d8
Sorry last link is an incomplete archive, I guess I didn't let it finish archiving.
0-12 (from 1001 to 1002 ch 6)
I'm curious about her as well. Seems like the most of the recent chapters are centered around her

its more dificult but you can use another way :


and after google translation
That's an image downloader while copy fish is a OCR + translator.

Chrono is a little bit better than Fatkun, but DownThemAll! (firefox 56 & down only) still trumps those, it downloads in order and renames in sequence (inum.ext). Fatkun doesn't download in order, so you have to manually rename them... Chrono can batch download images in order too? but no rename.
Also you can batch import a text or xml of links which makes it super useful in DownThemAll!

I've haven't try Fatkun's Multipage function yet, so you tell me if it downloads in order?
Alright a lil more digging and guessing... and I found it! The missing pages are still on their server, to find it replace /new_static_v2/ with /static/ but it stops at /1008/9/ and above which may not be /u/ relevant anymore? Or I can't tell if there are missing pages after /1008/9/.

Post is too long so here it is:
You may have to renumber your pages if you already downloaded all the chapters.
Just discovered a new work. The author confirmed that it is yuri but it's not tagged for some reason.

Just stumbled across this gem.

Will there ever be translations for chapters 51 and on?
Rough translation for Dear L/Beloved chapter 15:
Apparently some ungrateful pricks were saying the translations were shit and the translators don't want to continue
Thank you
Why care about how accurate corrections are as long as the story can still be followed.
Check this one , it's so cute and funny. Hope that we get translations since it's just few chapters.
There's a new title called Love Data from the group who made Slightly sour Secret
https://imgur.com/a/7Pld8 <<
group? It's one person named natsuyu.
I meant the artist/ authors that drew slightly sour secrets. hahahha.
Oh ic, that's cool
Are yuri manhua industry as big as yuri manhwa? I saw some yurifags in my country translating Chinese yuri novels, but never saw manhua mention.
So I heard that chink commie banned gay media, but is that only about TV or also publication/internet forum? How are people still producing novels and manhua then? Do they arrest gay couples who make a wedding party?
>Do they arrest gay couples who make a wedding party?
No, they actually do not give a fuck.
Glad to hear. But then what's about that scandal where people were arrested for writing gay fanfiction?


Well, it's complicated. She was arrested because she spread erotic contents and used it to make money blahblah.
I dont know what is in government' mind.
They banned gay media for sure, but there are still a lot of people creating yuri/yaoi contents online and nobody stop them.
I guess this how it feel to be a Chinese, you never know when the government will fuck you up.
File: 2468.jpg (13 KB, 192x198)
13 KB
Eh. It's not like there isn't millions of other Fujoshis to take her place.
Looking at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund website, the US and Canada has at one time or another given anyone a unlucky to get on their radar a bad time.
http://cbldf.org/ They also cover cases outside the US.
Trying to claim a moral equivalence between yuri and yaoi is insulting everyone here's intelligence. Guess what: China is run by men.
Average men get grossed out by yaoi and turned on by yuri. So let's everybody relax.
What are you sperging about?
>there are still a lot of people creating yuri/yaoi contents online
But are those out in the open? I only know for sure that Yamibou forum is inacessible for anyone without an account, and the 18+ stuff is hidden in a locked thread that only long-time high-merit points members can access.
You can post those things on Weibo, or some comic websites as long as those are not 18+.
But you can not publish them or show those things on TV.
don't let this thread die please. will anyone ever translate Lily?
I thought there are ppl translating Lily?
Season 1 till 50.
Season 2 up to 70(?).
When will the rest of season 1 be translated?
Ask ReiM
Lala, which is made by same author as Lily is being translated here http://aminoapps.com/p/eu0tq7

dunno. rei.m's "teams" disappeared from all platforms. they translated season 1.
season 2 translates someone else. a single person.
Is Lala completed or just season 1?
this jacket I'll count on you
en, I'll take care of it
it'll be like brand new
what are you staring at me for
i'm jut thinking about how maybe yi xiu is my guardian angel since you're always help me
Hmph, I wont help you everytime, you better take care of it better~
right right right right
sewing done!
just like brand new
as a matter of fact, this sizing of this clothes looks like its for boys... but shes tall so...
its quite large...
so this is how it feels to wear a boys clothing
wait... is her clothes are with me here... then she wont have any clothes to wear tomorrow
its already this late
are you already at school?
then... then you wait for me at the school gate, i'm almost here
where's she, didnt i told her to wait here?
if shes not wearing sports wear...
yi lin
eiii?!!! your clothes?!!
actually i just received the school uniform yesterday
whats up?
its my first time seeing you wearing skirt....
haha, when you say it like that its embarrasing
you should have told me earlier
you're done with my clothes? thanks
you've fixed it up nicely
you scared me into thinking what would happen if you didnt have any clothes to wear today
you didnt try to wear it did you?
n-n-n-nooo i didnt
haha, im just joking dont panic
yi lin is really good with her hands
right! theres nothing to be embarrased about
ah, monthly test?
you didnt hear the teacher said it last week?
you didnt study for?
no worries~ no worries~ its just a test
so... you didnt answer a single question.....
i did... i just scribbled a few objective questions
i didnt understand a single thing...
thats my idol! so cool! what a pro
pro my ass....
you really should have do some revision everyday
i didnt think that this is the test that would require that much memorizing
how about we do some study sessions together?
dont look at yi lin like shes a dunce but shes actually really top student
wow, really? i absolutely cant see it
what did you mean by this?
so if you have any questions you should ask her
so its decided! tomorrow lets go to her house to do some revision
hey i didnt agree to this
thats right is we want to go to her house we should at least get her permission
if this is troubling to yi lin we shoudnt force her to do this
yeah, but i want to study... if my results are bad my parents will scold me..
w-what i mean is
alright alright fine... tomorrow it is.. once i'm ready
really? thats good. then its decided
aiyaya, btw my idol wearing school uniform, i dont think i will get used to it
oh yeah, that bruise on your face, what happened to it
oh this? yesterday i was looking at the mirror and it burst because i was so handsome, and some of it cut my face
you think i would believe this!!!
excuse me...
you with the red hair.. c-can i talk to you?
oh you're that...
why are you talking to my idol for
you arent trying to find trouble with her again arent you?
no its not
lets go
lets go outside to talk
lets talk
can i do something for you?
i... i just want to remind you
these days dont walk home alone, try to go straight home dont loiter, be careful on the road
and... you should watch your back
is that it? then i'll go first...
w-wait for a moment
what is this attitude, i'm taking my time out to remind you
and you didnt utter a single thanks for it!!
you should at least...
at least...
because, all the things you've said has already happened
CH 54 LILY [forgot the title whops]
you're talking about the bruise on your face?
ah? didnt you tell them to do it
then this has nothing to do with you
thanks for your kind reminder, bye
wait i havent finished talking
i no longer
no longer hangout with them anymore
yeah, i know
your face is nicer to look at now
bye bye
just smiled at me right!!!
she doesnt hate me anymore
my heart seems to be fleeting, whats going on~
this counts as redeeming herself right?
i guess...
huh? yi lin today you woke up early
yeah, my friends want to come and mess around today
ok, then mama will go to work.
ok, be careful
its done [DING]
oo, it smells nice
[sniff sniff]
i should take a bath now
i should also clean up my room later
this kind of knocking it must be mom
coming coming....
mom, did you forgot the keys again?
hey, good morning~
CH 56 LILY [whoops forgot the title again]
Amazing work, Thankyou !!
season 01 completed, mostly there may be season 02, not sure.
Thank you based anon. You are the best.
File: lapt.jpg (117 KB, 1169x534)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Hello, i found a comic, it currently has 21 chapters. Are you willing to translate them? i will post images here. i think its called Lily apartment.
File: la 01a.jpg (1.1 MB, 600x8845)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
lily apt. ch 01, part 01.
File: la 01b.jpg (945 KB, 600x6610)
945 KB
945 KB JPG
lily apt. ch 01, part 02.
Thank you
there is a season 2 for this two i think.
in the link i saw only 21 chapters.
and from a few i saw, every chapter had different people, so i thought it was a series of oneshots. maybe I'm wrong.
how many series has lily in their names?
I'll only translate the first chapter since its the only good chapter in this series, the rest is just moe garbage

lilu apartment [special gift]
what day is today
xuan zi has probably forgotten
[paper tearing game: the player must pass the paper to another player, their mouths must have ome paper, if not they must drink, if another player refuses to pass the paper, they too must drink]
careful! theres a penalty if your lips touch
xuan zi always go to these places to hangout
saliva transmits a lot of diseases, how unhygenic
they say that theres a generation gap with 3 years age gap
then me and xuan zi has 2 generation gaps
this relationship
will it really last?
[comes closer]
you guys play it, i don't...
sister jane, just play it
thats right, dont leave xuan zi hanging

xuan zi actually didnt forget that today is my birthday
today is a wonderful day
[I'm not gonna translate their character profiles because its a pain in the ass]
ohh i see, Thankyou!
what do you think of this one?
File: ww.jpg (92 KB, 527x960)
92 KB
File: 1521207878213s.jpg (289 KB, 527x960)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Here pal, eng by Chris Lee
Where are these two from? I've seen a lot of them at Gelbooru recently.

How Yuri are them?
Lala is such a joy to read, I wonder when 2 season will start

link http://aminoapps.com/p/eu0tq7 for those who didn't read it yet

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