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File: shinozaki2.png (414 KB, 831x701)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
Continued from >>2454551
Welcoming any and all translators, typesetters, proofreaders, quality checkers, etc to bring more scanlated yuri goodness to the world.

Previous translations:
Complete (but may need QC): http://pastebin.com/f0nsev2C
Incomplete (need TL help): http://pastebin.com/snFYvnVJ

/u/'s scanlations: http://dynasty-scans.com/scanlators/u_scanlations

Tips for learning Japanese: https://djtguide.neocities.org/
KanjiTomo (kanji reader tool): http://kanjitomo.net/
SFX reference guide: http://thejadednetwork.com/sfx/
Typesetting guides:
Watamote (Watamote, Mokocchi x Everyone)
ManaRitz on a Winter Morning (Doki Doki Precure, ManaRitz)
Don't call Rikka "Ritz." The tsu in her nickname is not like the tsu in Kobayashi Ritsu.
Still a few errors.
Reposting from old thread.
We need more original yuri.
I saw that second one here https://trello.com/c/AigBdOdn/222-during-midnight-munch-munch-08-08 last time I checked. Maybe you should wait a bit since Galette 4 just came out.
File: 0081.png (2.82 MB, 2085x3032)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG
Hope no one is doing this. Cleaning of this doujin is done:


We're currently in the translation phase.
File: i-095.jpg (191 KB, 844x1200)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
How's Shinozaki-san's ending? Did all the girls turn lesbian or something?
It ends with a kiss. It sounds good on paper, but the frustrating thing is that it literally ends there with no after sex or dating stuff.
We were also following it for years. Ending might be more satisfactory in a binge.
File: 003.jpg (333 KB, 844x1200)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
It is, I honestly didn't even want much more than a kiss. The whole confession felt incredibly awkward and strange but that gave it a dimension of realism. I would have like to see a little more but it was a great ending and made all the baiting worth it. Getting ready to read the author's next thing pretty soon here.
>We were also following it for years.
We really weren't. After the translations dried up a lot of people started making up a lot of FUD regarding the brother and het.
Need QC for Shinozaki-san chapter 39.

By the way, Hikkawa Shou's next work will be a one shot that's being published on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Though it might not have much yuri since it really feels like Comic Meteor is trying to move away from the genre. At least enough for their website to have removed it's Yuri tag about a year ago.
File: 01.jpg (1.31 MB, 1433x2023)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Hey Goggled, regarding the translation for Ajisai Bloomer, do you know if it is fit to use as is? It is in the 'incomplete' list, but I was thinking maybe I could hire somebody to typeset it for me, if you think it is ready.

A Unit For Just The Two of Us (Precure a la Mode, AkiYuka)

I'd probably get someone to get a proper look at it first. Too many uncertainties to be comfortable with.

Feel free to be more specific. It'd certainly help out our kind typesetter.
Thank you for your thoughts. I'll leave it put then.
Since the week is about to end and the promised release is not here, I'm going to bug you again.
It's is morning of sunday for me, I will probably post late night, don't worry. I'm still finishing the chapters.
I'm passing to say that I had to do some other thing today too and I will finish the chapters tomorrow and post them tomorrow too, sorry for not be able to post them today.
Okay, got it. Thanks for status update.
MeguYota (Watamote, TomoImae)
Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle~!

C'mon! C'mon!

>フレー! フレー!
Hooray! Hooray!


>The sacrifice Touko so she doesn't come after me move
The "sacrifice Touko so she doesn't come after me" move (alternatively you can use hyphons, it's just making sure it's not confused for an awkward sentence)


*Chocolate that contains added nuts, etc., giving it a rugged texture. (yeah, you can disrefard my TN about Rochers in this case)

>This one's delcious

C'mon! C'mon!
File: shinozaki3.png (276 KB, 780x596)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Shinozaki-san ch42

Currently just missing this hand-written blurb explaining the differences between copy books and offset books because just look at it. Anyone who can translate this (and check the other chapters for any TL errors) are more than welcome.
someone knows if this have already a translation?
File: 1513612165042.png (477 KB, 1656x596)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
I tried my best, I really did ;_;
Thanks. Updated the paste.
Watamote 4koma (Watamote, YuriMoko)

P = pages

コンビニで刷れる and イベント始まっても作ってたり are separate actions. 作る doesn't refer to the printing process but to assembling the pages into books.

ページ数が多くなると値上がりする doesn't mean there's some upper page limit before a price hike, but that as the page count grows so does the price (as indicated to the upper right of this passage.)

入稿, sending your manuscript into the print service. You could just use a word like using a, hiring a, contracting a or something if you wanted.

When you have a verbal clause before a noun phrase it acts as like a descriptor. So 版を作る is being used similarly to an adjective to further describe 通常の印刷方法. For the English, something like "...method in which they..." could be a bit closer.

As far as the English goes, a lot of it could be worded better. For example, "the smallest amount you can make is 30 for about 40,000" could be changed to, "minimum of 30 copies costing around 40,000." I'm not going to go through rewording it all though.
Shinozaki-san ch43
File deleted.
Thanks, I'm not actually a translator or anything but I'm learning nip and thought it would be fun to assess myself. The wording is pretty bad, yeah, I kind of threw it together.

I think I get it now, I thought 自由2P was one phrase and that was confusing me, but they just mean the amount of copies you make is 自由 and costs 10 yen per 2 pages. Thanks again.
Just to check, what is 版 in this context?
Some kind of printing plate for offset printing
Shinozaki-san Side Story 8 (few bits unsure or missing)
Shinozaki-san ch44
Shinozaki-san chapter 39
>She's so self-respecting
so worthy of respect

>Like hell they are!
Like hell they do!

>So you just gotta to heat
gotta heat

>Approximate is something like this
Approximately (just to keep things consistent)

>any one order to the other
Shinozaki-san ch45
Shinozaki-san ch46
Shinozaki-san ch47 (final)

It's a complex series this one, so I'm definitely gonna need a lot of help with QC and TL errors and whatnot.
Thank you so much for these, Googled Anon
Shinozaki-san chapter 39
Is someone interested in picking up the Konohana Kitan manga?
That's how the ship is usually referred to though. Just saying.
File: 56.png (101 KB, 426x338)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
minor error in pg 56
>So all we have to do it pour it in the moulds?
So all we have to do is pour it in the moulds?
Reposting again. It's just two pages and it's Tamamusi! Someone please.
>Senpai's abdominal muscles are amazing!

>Eh~ Why'd you start going to the gym when you're so slim?
>It's really firm!
>It's cos Matsukawa-san said she liked the slim macho types...
>I wonder...

>Ah, that's right!
>There's one more spot I want to try touching!!

>Wah~ Amazing<3
>Everywhere else is hard, but your boobs feel so soft~<3

>Senpai's boobs are amazing! I want them~<3
>Since they're so pretty
>If it's you, Matsukawa-san...
>I'd give them to you... I'd give you...everything...

>Why don't you have a boyfriend, senpai?
>Even I have one.
>Yes. This is reality, and yet...

>Say that one more time.
>Geez~ I'm sorry~<3
>I want to touch you forever.
Fucking thank you!
Shinozaki-san chapter 39
You forgot about the title
Uncle google gives me that:
"The secret of the hot water supply room"
So I will need you to take an eye on this.

Sfx もにゆ means grope, right?

おしまい is obvious, so I will go with either The End or Fin.
Secret in the Office Kitchen
You are not going to disappear again, right? Right!?
Chill, nee-san. People have lives.
Shinozaki-san ch40 v2: https://pastebin.com/K0xNTTS7
I'm new to typesetting and Photoshop but here it goes :)
On second thoughts, it should probably be "I want to be touched by you".
Also maybe tweak the font so "Slim" doesn't look like "sum"
Some things I notice about the editing that can be bettered if you want to improve: The vertical text is really off-putting for a number of reasons. That it's vertical, it's too small, it needs to be brought out from the background with some outlining like in the original and the font choice. Something that maintains a handwritten sort of look for that standard out of/side bubble text while still being easy to read would be good. You can probably find font recommendations for different purposes somewhere in the OP. The bold text isn't the prettiest either. You missed spots while erasing multiple bubbles, you should use something to bulk select the entire space and erase it entirely when possible. The paint over on the tan background also missed some white and the brushstrokes from doing so are faintly noticeable. You can't just paint over with plain color when there's differing hue in the original. The same can go for black and white as well, with using pure white or black over what is actually a couple shades shy of pure. The italic text on the thought bubble isn't really necessary since the bubble format is different, you also weren't consistent with it only doing so for one of them so maybe that was just an accident to begin with.
God damniit why did you do this?! I have raws with much bigger resolution and uncompressed! I only posted smaller and compressed pic for translation.
Looks fine to me.
If you say so. My untouched raw is 2122x2976 for a page and it's png. Anyway I will start editing this since I have done every other short from previous Petit Galette. Sorry for not informing /u/ about this.
File deleted.
Thanks for the feedbacks! :) I tried different fonts, made the smaller texts bigger, had to resize the normal text to a bit smaller at places because the new font cut word's off at awkward places. I tried rotating the text instead of making it vertical. Looks better overall :) I went over the white bubbles with an eraser again, and brushed off on the last panel. I just installed Photoshop today, I didn't find the bulk eraser yet.
File: yu-mo3.jpg (857 KB, 849x4766)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
The last chapter of She Said It's Love.
Or maybe it's the last chapter of the arc?
The Lovers' Christmas (Precure a la Mode, AkiYuka)
Himari-chan Hai! (Precure a la Mode, IchiHima)
Please don't typeset this with those shitty raws, I'll scan it properly later.
Is there anything going on with mikagura gakuen? It's been almost a year but there's only 2 chapters out. Is it already completed but the ending sucks or something or did they just drop it?
Steering clear of the messy realm of light novel spoilers, which can never be trusted, translators rarely bother going through chapters already covered by the anime (hence why some series like Shakunetsu no Takkyu Musume just skip to where it leaves off).
Last chapter of netsuzou trap?
Try chaosteam's facebook page. Or you can just go to the yuri hime thread.
1/2 ch 9 rough tl
raws (needs registration)
Anyone willing to rip?
It's on pixiv too.
Give me that Christmas present. Please.
Inside Mother (WataMote, Tomoko('s Mom) x Everyone)

It's only a preview on Pixiv.
What is fantia anyway? Is it just another pixiv, a way to sell your manga or something?
>What is fantia anyway?
But it's free anyway? Well, doesn't matter, here
please take care of it.

" 今ごろ私がお姉ちゃんになっててもおかしくなかったのよね "

is from my unrequited love and i think that the interpretation is a bit confusing
File: 1487817634386.jpg (788 KB, 3720x2756)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
Sorry I've been gone a while playing va11halla and near a tomato, not to mention hectic last month at the office+business trip ugh. I'll stay up a little late and do this now for a late xmas present for y'all.
She said it's love - Anotherstory- About you, who I just don't get **simplified title, but use the old one if you want, some people thought it was long/weird but sorry I tend towards direct**
>I.. I,
>Will you become my friend!?
>For.. for now
sfx: Do-n / whaam
>Gym teachers are all demons!
>Like, they never let me rest when my period was bad
>I mean, do gym teachers even get periods!?
>I'll never understand a musclehead!!
>It'd be better if there was no such thing as gym class!!
sfx: ze-ha-, ze-ha- (out of breath)
>Ahaha, demons huh~
>Why are you laughing
>It's the first I've heard such a loud voice from you
>I hate it that much!
>And you can't go wearing a skirt!
>Seems that way, doesn't it.
>Hey! You're too close! You'll infect me with your muscleheadedness*!
*noukin is like thinking with your muscles, not sure how to say in english this tired, but you get the idea?*
>Looks like I really love you, Mano-sensei
>I hate you gym teachers!
>[I hate her]
>[I really do]
>First I need to do something about that generalization
>You can't do anything about it! Stop joking around!
>So cute..
sfx: punsuka (steaming)
>well, I'll leave it at that for now.
Since I know this is from Todakanu, isn't the implication that it wouldn't be too strange in the current situation for Risako to end up becoming Uta's older sister through marrying Reiichi?
Can someone add english subs to this video?

It's easy, just comment above the japanese subs.
Thank you.
A while back, someone brought Yuunagi Marbled, a Momono Moto doujin, to Yuri-project, I think from here.

There's a translator and an editor now, but we only have 4 of the chapters. Whoever the anon is that started the project thread, do you have the rest?
Group scanlating it are swamped with RL ever since.

File: 02.png (329 KB, 1449x657)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
understand a (needs space)
It's getting official releases by someone anyway, isn't it?
Twitter Watamote Doodle Collection 2 (Watamote)
Maho Girls Collection (Maho Girls Precure, MiraRiko)
Oh it's licensed already huh, first I heard of it. Nice then.
Seconding this request.
It's not just manga but the LN as well.
Futanari =/= yuri
Delete this.
Watashi ga Onna ni Motete Dousunda? (Watamote, UchiMoko, KiiMoko)
Miss Oribe's Sonya Maid (Kill Me Baby)
File: モギロック.jpg (716 KB, 849x3488)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Translation please.
File: DSPCQ9bVQAAF1lN.jpg (377 KB, 1182x2048)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
I suck at translations, but this seems easy enough. Would someone mind correcting me? And may I ask for a typeset too?

3rd panel:
>Lick it

7th Panel:
>Does Ami's hand feel good?
('this place' sounds weird)
>Well then, would you like me to continue or not?
>This conversation did not continue
>licking your own pussy juice
This is the hottest thing ever.
[Winter Cold Before Spring] Mogirokku
>It's cold
>It's cold but nice out and warm in the sun
>On a day like this
>Welcome in
>C, coffee please...
>Ha~~~~ she's so pretty whenever I see her~~~dayumn~~~~
>Will you take it with milk and sugar?
>And her voice is fucking amaing~~~
>Lot's of both please
>Shit, I mixed up which to actually say...!!
>Uh, lots of both...
>Well, I'm just a 3rd-rate* high school kid who can't even drink coffee black...
*as in, she goes to a no-name, cheap, probably public high-school
>I'll take 2 orange tea muffins to go...
>Thanks for always coming here. It'll be 1300yen total.
>But if anything, I have courage
>Um. I've wanted to have a talk with you... Could we chat a bit...?!
>..... Eh? I'm working right now so...
>Ya know...
*small text* thank you very much~
>Well, I expected as much. It's important to at least try though.
>I wonder if it'll be hard to go there again...?!
>I suck for not having thought of that~~~
>"Thanks for always coming here"
>She said "always"
>She remembered me
[My LINE ID is mamapiyori (maybe, it's kinda intentionally unreadable to us, the readers, so just leave it as is), I have Wednesday off.]
>You're kinda grinning like an idiot. Did something nice happen?
Thank you.
Is she really swearing on page 1?
>Does Ami's hand feel good?
Does that feel good, Ami?

>This conversation did not continue
This story won't be continued, that's all there will be to this comic, that's all folks.

No. They may have used that because of all the ~~ stuff. I would leave out the "dayumm"and any swearing as it's not really fitting.
Ah, thanks.
It's All This Yuri's Fault That We're Not Popular (Watamote)
Ange wo **sanai to Derarenai Heya (Princess Principal, PriAn)
"Room you can't get out of without ****ing Ange"
Oidema Selector (Wixoss)
Announcement about 1 x 1/2 manga part 2.

I'm getting really tired of dealing with disappearance of Bushisobu ©. Last time it was one and a half months and he only reappeared when I started asking for replacement. So I'm going to do that again and either he will appear or I (hopefully) get a new typesetter which is a win-win situation (kind of). With that said >>2484064 anon, since chapter 7 of ashita kimi ni aetara was released, are you free to work on 1 x 1/2?
Is someone working on this >>2480661?
If not, I can clean it, but only that. Someone else would have to typesett.
I've been away over Christmas, but I'll be picking something up this week. I had planned for it to be >>2480661, since that was next on my list.
Happy to be a backup or to step in at some point.

What software do you use for cleaning? I was planning to work on that one, but I've not started anything yet, so could just work through the typeset side.
>What software do you use for cleaning?
Photoshop CS6
Cool, that could work then.
If you're up for splitting the work, it would be good to do a quick trial run with a couple of pages.
If someone is looking for something to do, they can also try this from the last thread. Far cry yuri edition:
Oh, okay. Well, here's volume 2 (ch 5, 6, 6+α)
Hope you'll have enough time to work on it.
Anyone going to typeset this?
Wolf Tiramisu (Precure a la Mode, AkiYuka)
Go ahead.
Let's Reconcile With Lily Maria ch4
Let's Reconcile With Lily Maria ch5
Do you know what font has been used in previous chapters for the OOB dialogue?
Sorry, I have absolutely no idea. The editing stuff are completely out of my area of expertise. I appreciate that you are making an effort to keep the ыфьy style though.
*same style
Ok, fair enough. I'm just making a few prep notes for now.
I'll probably do at least one chapter of something else first - this does still have a theoretical editor in place, albeit with vanishing issues. We are just coming out of the holiday season, so maybe he'll resurface.
Need QC for Shinozaki-san chapter 40
>I've got just the thing to blow those worried away

Together With You

You've got it all wrong

>So, what you up to?
what are you up to / whatcha up to


I won't force you into redrawing if you're not good at that, but you could probably stand to white out some of the JP text so it's less distracting, particularly in the parts where you overlay the English text on top of it.
Komugikokananikada (Aikatsu, IchiAo by Kurogane Kenn)
File: 58293070_p0.png (326 KB, 601x788)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
>Kurogane Kenn
I thought Ken was dead.

>this is from 2015
M-maybe he is after all...
File: 04.png (50 KB, 608x533)
50 KB
minor error

I saw somewhere that he had a DekoMori doujin out at c93, so hopefully someone picked it up
Is this happening?
Mikazuki no Carte ch0 part1
FYI Lazy Lily is working on that already.
Mikazuki no Carte ch0 part2
Mikazuki no Carte ch3
Mikazuki no Carte ch4
Mikazuki no Carte ch5
Mikazuki no Carte ch6
Dunno, not had a reply for a couple of days.
I'll probably just get started myself.
Sorry Anons. I will be busy this week with other projects (full editing stuff). So I won't have time to help with cleaning.
Shinozaki-san chapter 40
Good work. You can definitely see how much better whiting out the JP text looks.
Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Eat Zouni (Watamote)
Anyone here knows mandarin?
File: 15.jpg (404 KB, 1110x1553)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Can anyone translate these four pages?
File: 16 (1).jpg (381 KB, 1110x1553)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
File: 17 (1).jpg (359 KB, 1110x1553)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
File: 18.jpg (454 KB, 1110x1553)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
File: mikazuki1.png (18 KB, 189x88)
18 KB
To the mystery anon who's been typesetting Mikazuki no Carte, there were a few silent TL revisions that I assume you missed cos damn you a speedy mothertribber.

ch0 pt1
>All I did was change academic courses
I only just transferred here.

ch0 pt2
>...Why don't we make a deal?
Are you saying... we should make a deal?

>And you're always late
Couldn't quite make out the kanji here (pic related)

>I only look forward to wearing cute clothes
Cute clothes are the only thing I can look forward to.

>realling into them
really into them

>I heard she got reinstated three months ago
reinstated in March
File: ch 4 pg 3.png (53 KB, 305x298)
53 KB
there is an error >>2512807
File: ch 5 pg 2.png (73 KB, 276x422)
73 KB
File: Vol.3_038.jpg (483 KB, 1353x1920)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
I've started cleaning this story from Yuri Ninshin Vol.3. If someone give me translation I will also typesett it. If not I will post my cleaned pages here.
The main stumbling block as far as my usual method is concerned is that Nika's Russian is written in katakana.
Yest, it is. But the Russian in it is very easy, so I can translate it.
Alright, I'll see if I can find time to TL everything else later.
Just leave those sentences romanized in your TL.
Kiseki no Suki wo Nokoshitai (sans the Russian)
Sweet. If there's any important sfx let me know. And how should I put the russian sentences in bubbles? Like this e.g: ja ljobjo tebja (I love you)?
In general it's up to you if you wanna use Russian text or the romanized pronunciation with a bit of translation. For the "ja ljobjo tebja" phrase, however, leave that untranslated until p48 and have Sayu repeat it in romanized text where it's written in hiragana, namely cos it's impact relies on Sayu realising what it means.
YAY! Thank you goggled Anon! You are my hero! I've been waiting for this so long!
The Promised Magic (Maho Girls Precure, KanaMayu)
File: 1515355791678-1191101002.jpg (1.76 MB, 3264x1836)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
If anyone has raws I'm willing to TL some of the shorts in Parfait (or is a group doing them, I dunno). Just got it last week and there's some great material in there....
The Moon and the Stars are Watching (Mikazuki no Carte prototype)
File: 004.jpg (44 KB, 175x240)
44 KB
Mikazuki no Carte typesetter here.I think you missed pic related
Fixed, along with a few TL errors.
A YouRiko is Fine, Too (Love Live Sunshine, YouRiko)

Is the raw for Mikazuki no Carte complete or still ongoing?
File: 1501723836197.jpg (40 KB, 330x490)
40 KB
Can someone please translate this page.
File: 1501724033948.jpg (175 KB, 738x1043)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
And this one?
links for the raws are in this thread,, so what are you confused about?
from there we go to https://comic.pixiv.net/works/3739, and there you go...
W-wait, Fu-chan.

Could this be an effect of a flaw in the reinforcement (or strengthening, I don't actually watch the show) magic?

*Generic moaning sounds*
"You're not looking too good"
"No more, Fu-chan. Not there..."
"Stop it already."

Really, this whole page could just be summed up by generic hentai dialogue.
What Does Chika-chan Want? (Love Live Sunshine)
Emergency Room of Love (Watamote, UchiMoko)
Yeah... Kinda disappointing.

But thanks anyway...
[garun] Osananajimi Yuri Ch.1

I am not sure what the first page says
File: 00199.jpg (463 KB, 1114x1600)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Could I get a translation check on the top right panel here? I think the sfx has been missed, but possibly deliberately.

Script has:
>It's a scary story though.
>You were listening to something like that!?
>If you insist on it,
>I'll let you listen...
>Uuuu~, never mind.
>I'm not gonna listen to it...
>Gave me the chills...
>...Do that thing, Ritsu-chan.
>I've kind've wanted you to...
>since yesterday.
>...You wanna? (More like, "Let's?")
>females only
Top jokes.
It's elementary school, middle school and highschool and then marriage or something, but still, not board appropriate.
がば gaba (1) *grabs* *glomps*;
(2) *suddenly*;
(3) *jumps*;
(4) *rising*;
(5) *hug*

(2) Sudden, forceful action;
(3) Jumping up from stationary position.
>Uuuu~, never mind.
>I'm not gonna listen to it...
That's okay; I'm good
I'll not listen

>Gave me the chills...
This is the blonde girl, so more like (that sort of stuff) creeps me out or something
Right, c1 of Toumei na usui mizuiro ni done if anyone wants to give it a check over.

Shun's reply to his mate in the club is missing on page 10, I think. I didn't notice anything else.
File: 0002.png (751 KB, 1353x1920)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Here it is.

Please check the gramma and such.
I don't know if I should add anny TL for russian coz it's so simple that you can just copy/paste these words to google translate and it will give you the correct translation.
>I might not have falling in love with her
I can't open It. I can download It, but O can't open it
use 7zip, then right click on it and extract
Thank you very much, anon. I got It.

You were really helpful.
File: 1.jpg.jpg (73 KB, 446x640)
73 KB
Will anyone ever translate this one?

I believe it's the last kyosaya work from Pikachi before she went down the disgraceful path of futanari. It's in hitomi.la. here's the link.

What the saurce of that?
It's in the link.
File: 66752124_p1.jpg (666 KB, 1600x1600)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
Cute 3-page BanG dream! story if anyone is interested.
Also p7
>I'm alive now because my feelings for Nika
because of my
Let's Meet Again Tomorrow ch5
>I'm alive now because of my feelings for Nika
>I'm alive now because of my feelings of love for Nika
second one (briefly forgot what I had in the first place)
File: 54141367_p0.jpg (2.17 MB, 1767x1261)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
I noticed that /u/ already translated the first part of this 100 page doujin. Is anyone interested on translating the other 80 pages?

Anyone translating the new series by Kurogane Ken?

First chapter (388-393)

Second chapter (376-383)
When translation will show up I can edit it.
One Step Forward (Watamote, UchiMoko)
Shinozaki-san chapter 41

Needs QC and the translation for the bottom panel of page 116

"We otaku are creatures who constantly crave comrades we can talk with."

"This is your greatest chance!"

"Seize it, Koto-san!"

"Understood, Master!"
File: Shinozaki-san 41-116.jpg (349 KB, 844x1200)
349 KB
349 KB JPG

The only thing left is a translation of the kanji that looks like 沼仲間 at the bottom of 116.
As far as I can tell it really is "numa nakama." Apparently "numa" (swamp) is used in slang in various ways. In the context of otaku, it refers to how they get consumed by their obsession ("bogged down" in it, even.) "Numa nakama" would then refer to them being comrades in fujoshidom, though i don't know a good, succinct way of putting that.
File: 111.png (102 KB, 337x331)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>pg 111, Eterninty
Bog buddies?
Cute for a literal translation, but doesn't mean much in English. In terms of English idioms that could be dropped in its place, "thick as thieves" connotes a bit of the self-depreciating tone and the conspiratorial implication almost fits, but it's also kind of uncommon. "Birds of a feather" also works in that it implies that they're bound by their similar interests, but doesn't have any of the self-depreciating undertones about that interest.
Two of a kind, fujo buddies
Swamp Buds. At the very least, it's a fitting term for scummy otakus.
Futatsu Musubi no Hi (Yuyushiki, YuzuYui)
Honey Happy (Fresh Precure, LoveSetsu, flashback het on p13)
Shinozaki-san 41
>Unless you enter it's cave

>Keep your hands off the 18+ stuff okay?
stuff, okay?
Just a simple 720p Keepvid rip, but here's all the Yuru Yuri Happy Go Lucky skits (which are region-blocked in the US) if anyone fancies subbing them.

No Return (Medabots, Karin x Arika)
If that's all, then this is probably done:
File: 66751897_p1_master1200.jpg (394 KB, 850x1200)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Now, could I get a translation check?
Script for this is:
>"What are you doing right now?"
>...is probably a bit too over-familiar...
>"Your icon is cute! Are you keeping it at your place?"
>a bit too gaudy.

>I mean, you're cute, right, Risa?
>I wanna hear your voice? Can I call you right now?
>I said those are all too gaudy!!

>Hah hah hah

>How did we even exchange contact info in the first place?
>Did something happen during that incident!?
>Segue into the explanation.

I'm unsure on the use of "gaudy" - it doesn't scan for me in this context. Would "forward" fit the original?
"flashy" is an alternative.
That feels like a slightly better fit. I rarely hear gaudy used to describe behaviour or speech, more appearance.
Anyway, first pass available for checks:
pg 199, "I've kind've wanted you to..."
is that sentence fine?
kind of
Naisyo ni Sweets (Precure a la Mode, YukaAki)
Datenshiki Hajimete Massage (Love Live Sunshine, YoshiMaru)
Thanks anon!
What are they saying here, please?
File: 11111.png (19 KB, 1291x296)
19 KB
RubyMaru Date: Beginning Chapter (Love Live Sunshine, RubyMaru)
File: 37.jpg (248 KB, 1280x1791)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
A note to take I&K+f off of the incomplete translations list. It has already been proofread and typeset.

You Looked Up Smile Today (Yuri Hime March 18 - p185-208)
RAWs: >>2520936
Could someone please translate and/or typeset the missing chapters from here?
(So, 17-26, and 29-33)
I would try to type-set them if I had the translations, but I'm shit at it.
Would someone be interested in translating Futaribeya? There are over 50 chapters so far but only 16 translated because it was dropped, I can do the typesetting if anyone is interested
File: DSxsozLV4AApOED.jpg (169 KB, 761x1136)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Have something cute.

Has it actually been dropped or are the group just behind?
Their last post was 8 months ago and they haven't said anything since
Re:Birth (DokiDoki Precure, ManaRitz)
File: 81mzzwu405L.jpg (303 KB, 1038x1500)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Hi folks. Just giving public notice that the following is going to be translated, edited and typeset by Hennojin for public release:

chapter 6 of Mira's School Girls Love Selection, 21 pages:

author's note of Mira's School Girls Love Selection, 1 page:
I did another pass, I didn't notice anything in particular. Were you waiting for some QC before submitting?
Which doesn't amount to not working on it behind the scenes, but if they haven't said anything on their own head be it. It's just that they definitely have a translator if you were interested in reaching out to them.
Any updates or news about 1 x ½ ?
>194 page Mira tank
Did this have a wide release or was it a doujin release like all her other stuff?
It was commercial. Many of the chapters in it were originally published in the OKS Comix Yuri series magazines or in issues of Aya Yuri.

Most of the book has already been translated by now; after I have this one finished, only Catch Love 2 remains to be done (though since Yuri-ism did the first Catch Love, I'm going to refrain from commissioning the sequel.)
Yep, missed that one. The lesser seen overcorrection for "would of". Updated:

Feel free to submit it wherever. I just dump to the thread, generally.

I'm gonna do the second chapter of Toumei na then, if the previous editor hasn't returned by then, I'll pick it up as my main focus.
File: 66452265_p0_master1200.jpg (482 KB, 850x1200)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
Looks like Ayanero Taicho released another followup to The Christmas Witch, the MamixOL one-shot. Would love to see it translated.
NemoKuro Trick (Watamote, NemoKuro)
Ambiguous 3P (Lucky Star, KonaKagaTsuka 3P, p16-23)
>I'm gonna do the second chapter of Toumei na then, if the previous editor hasn't returned by then, I'll pick it up as my main focus.
And there some more for you to work in the future. Another 1 x 1/2 extra chapter: ch 8+β rough tl.
Goggled Anon, please take care of it as usual.
Thank you.
Tonight, Rize-san is the Onee-chan (Gochiusa, RizeChino)
The Great Indirect Kiss Operation (Watamote, UchiMoko)
File: 07.png (50 KB, 319x479)
50 KB
>to truth
the truth
Translation pretty please?

>Please stop..
>I won't.
>No matter what you say, Fuu-chan, I won't listen.


>I won't sleep with my belly sticking out again! Please forgive me, Rinne~~~~
>It's my bad, reall~
>It better not happen again, you hear?
Slow Start ch1-3
But what's the problem of sleeping with your belly sticking out? It's sexy. Rinne should be happy.
It's indecent, 'cause japs still live in the 1950s.
Can/is someone translating either Edoya Pochi's Yuganda Aiyoku no Hibi or Ume Maru's Kadan?
Anyone interested in this age gap (JK x bill collector) yuri? I can provide raws. The series has 6 chapters and is complete. A preview was included in the recent Yuri Hime issue for promotion since they published the physical tankobon. I bought the ebook versions and started TLing ch1 but I'm not really confident in my skills so I'd rather have someone else do the TL if possible.

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