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Previous thread: >>2405101

Please volunteer any additional resources or information you may have about yuri purchasing!

General guide on buying yuri manga

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)

How to signup for honto:

How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book

Japanese wiki listing yuri manga:
1/12 After hours 3 (last)
1/16 Kuroyuki gakuen ooku gakka 1*
1/18 Yuru yuri 16 (special edition / usual size)
1/18 Yuru yuri 16 (small size)
1/18 Koi ni urusai (Gotou Yuuki)
1/18 Toumei na usui mizuiro ni (Iwami Kiyoko)**
1/18 Watashi ni karata, utte minai? (Sanada Haizi) https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01M5JABJZ/
1/18 Onna no ko no ichiban yawarakai tokoro. (Miyata Waltz)
1/23 Hidan no Aria AA 13
1/26 Yagate kimi ni naru 5
1/26 Eclair bleue
1/27 Swap⇔Swap 3
1/27 Olive! Believe, "Olive"? 3 (last)
1/27 Tomodachi dzukuri 2 (last)
1/27 Vampire-chan ga neratteru. (one shot)
1/30 Onee-san wa joshi shougakkousei ni koumi ga arimasu. 1 http://storia.takeshobo.co.jp/manga/onelo/
1/30 Futari monologue 3

2/9 Shouraiteki ni shinde kure 3
2/16 Citrus comic anthology
2/16 Mansou futou gijin meikyuu 1 (correct me if I spelt it wrong) https://comic.pixiv.net/works/3949
2/16 Koigokoro clip (Mimoto) https://comic.pixiv.net/works/3741
2/22 Dousei seikatsu Watashi wo suki tte koto desho https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_EB00000023010000_68/
2/22 Yuri kagi ~Senpai no himitsu wo nozoite mita~ https://www.pixiv.net/user/12660898/series/21589
2/26 Sekai de ichiban oppai ga suki! 1 https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF06000048010000_68/
2/27 Yuri natsu (Mochi au lait)

*Until now (chapter 11) it's full yuri but I'll remember everyone that they're fighting each other in order to become the spouse of a god. Such (male) god appears in chapter 7 and is waiting for his spouse. He may be the final boss to fight but I'm not that positive since the "ooku" in the title of the series.

**The two girls end up together but the short hair one has a boyfriend.
Other stuff I've absolutely no idea if they're yuri or not but I see them in "yuri monthly releases list you can't trust":
1/4 Märchen Mädchen (manga) Anime starts this season
1/11 Breaking girls! 1
1/12 Slime taoshite 300nen, shiranai uchi ni level MAX ni natte mashita 1 (manga)
1/15 Slime taoshite 300nen, shiranai uchi ni level MAX ni natte mashita 5 (light novel) + drama cd
1/22 Kyuuketsuki hajimemashita. 1
1/25 Himenospia 1
1/26 Suiyoubi no yoru ni wa kyuuketsuki to omise wo 1
1/26 Nichibu! 1
1/27 Hana furi yado no yadokari otome 1
1/27 Kakegurui 9 / Kakegurui Twin 6 / Kakegurui (kari) 3 / Kakegurui Love / Kakegurui Midari 2
2/27 Mata kyoushitsu de 1
Some news:

Tachi may have a new series.

Kawai Roh's ガールズ×セクハライフ will be serialized on Gangan joker (probably just the 4koma already published)

The drama of Futari monologue went well and will be broadcasted on tv on TOKYO-MX starting next week.

Line up for Eclair bleue:

・ヒロイチ(艦隊これくしょん-艦これ- 止まり木の鎮守府 )

1/26 Kago no Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru 1

>Kawai Roh's ガールズ×セクハライフ will be serialized on Gangan joker (probably just the 4koma already published)
That already got put in the one of the magazine issues. The tweets make it clear it's a new serialization. On the web again, and temporarily in the magazine.
yurinavi is worth adding to the OP, especially the release calendar.
File: tachi.jpg (147 KB, 780x1200)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Thanks for the detailed posts anon. Your notes will save me a lot of time. The new year is already looking like another great year for yuri purchases.

There is something exciting about getting YagaKimi and Eclair together, like a double-feature. YRYR 16 special editions always feel magical too. And Swap Swap is a rare occasion that makes it more exciting every time.

>Koi ni urusai
I heard this was better than the last one from Gotou and I actually liked the last one. Looking forward to it.
>Watashi ni karada, utte minai?
What's the point of making a sample for chapter 1 a single page?

>Onee-san wa joshi shougakkousei ni koumi ga arimasu. 1
I want this but I wonder what the ending could possibly be.

>Onna no ko no ichiban yawarakai tokoro.
The cover is alluring but after reading it I'm not so sure.

Did they release information on the YRYR 16 special edition? I'm kicking myself for missing the namori booklet that was in one of last year's issues of YH.

>After hours 3 (last)
Anyone keeping up with it? I'm very curious to know how it ended before buying it.

>New tachi (pic)
After ST ended I was worried how long the wait would be for this news. I'm excited.

I was amused at the thought of anon excluding it with spiteful purpose.
anyone happen to know if melon books includes like a catalog or something similar with their shipments?

I was just ordering some sfw doujins, and I didn't want to get charged with having loli because they decided to include a catalog of their porn with the shipment.
It's a story where the mc has been sexually abused by both her adoptive father and her adoptive brother and has been sent in a school where girls are trained to become the fuckhole for the men they're sold to. So yeah, I didn't include it in a yuri manga releases list.
Dear friends, I´ll go to Japan in a few days and I would like to know where to buy some good yuri manga and/or merchardising, some tips?
awesome, thanks anon.
Depending on what you order they do sometimes slip in flyers or similar things, but I don't think I've ever received anything with lolis.
Same. I believe they only add things (I received a Touhou clear file and yuri posters) that are in the same category as your order.
Okay thanks, I just know a few times I ordered from japanese shops they put in some small catalogs or ads for their popular products. melonbooks being doujinshi most of that I'd assume is on the r18 side. which I don't want importing for obvious reasons.

hopefully not an issue, honestly in retrospect I shouldn't of gone through them, I just happened to be on their website and felt like buying some stuff
There aren't any events right now so your best bet is going around melonbooks, tora no ana, gamers etc book stores that have doujinshi sections.
Do you think the new Éclair is going to be worth it? I have Blanche but not the first one. And while Nakatani is my favorite author of all time, she did pretty blandly in both.

Itou Hachi did wonderfully, though. And Canno and Tamamusi.
Eclair is always worth it. Supporting a yuri anthology that curates work from the best yuri authors needs to be kept afloat for as long as possible.
I was buying Citrus one volume at a time over the last few months to support the series. I was getting the full size editions and started at #1. Now every single limited edition from 4 to 8 is out of stock. Should I just accept my bad timing and buy it all used? I don't think I've ever seen YH limited editions get a reprint.
I would absolutely support all of them if I was rich, but I already bought the kinda better case volume 5 of Yagakimi, some gay sticker and I went retarded and bought my very first cosplay for whatever reason. I prefer to carefully place my monies on things I'm almost sure I am not going to get disappointed on.
There are still a few copies of 5-6-7-8 on Amazon. Technically they're not a limited edition but a "special" edition but yeah, I don't think they will reprint the booklets and the drama cd. Sure it sucks for everyone that want to start the series (since the anime is airing now) and they can only buy the horrible small edition that doesn't even have both the girls on one cover. Still wondering how can an editor manage to produce two different editions for a series that sells so poorly.
File: 713uyEf-U0L.jpg (254 KB, 900x1280)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Hidan no Aria AA Volume 13
Release date: 1/23

Akari's stalker duo is on the cover. Last volume had Raika and Kirin even though they would have been more suited for this one since this is where they meet their daughter from the future.
File: DTuvWnNVoAAOu.jpg (337 KB, 2048x1152)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
First is YagaKimi, then Éclair, what's the third one?
File: 658.jpg (260 KB, 1426x2048)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Kago no Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru
Thank you.
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