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What did it for you, /u/?
File: 1876813.jpg (235 KB, 700x964)
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I honestly can't remember. It might have been NanoFate, but I think I might have also started Nanoha because I heard it was yuri. If it was Nanoha though then I've been a yurifag for twice my age.
I remember watching Loveless because liking yaoi seemed to be the normal thing for girls, then I ended up feeling a certain kind of way when those two girls kissed and got together.
I came a cross this picture around 2002 which peaked my interest in yuri. I remember coming across it on some old video game website forum, which I can't remember the name of as I didn't post or lurk on forums then. It might of been early 2003 though as it was sometime between looking into The Sims Online and the EverQuest expansion The Legacy of Ykesha. Coming across that picture led me to search for more yuri pictures mostly only coming across images from Sapphism no Gensou, Yamibou, Utena, and Sailor Moon. This search led me on to discover shoujoai.com, which for someone reason I never posted on and only lurked. I didn't have many opportunities to lurk there though due to my living situation at the time. They kind of tricked me into watching Pita-Ten though since they had links to it on their site, which turned out to be shit.

Shortly after all of this was also when I first came across 4chan and /u/. I joined Gaia Online in 2004 and came across someone with screenshot from an anime in their signature that had a girl saying to another girl: "What wrong with girls liking other girls?". I asked them where it was from and they told me they didn't know, but found it on 4chan's /u/ board, which they gave me a link to. That was the day my life was ruined. However, I was able to look into yuri more at that time as I had my own room then.

Interestingly I never found out which anime the picture in that person's signature was from. All I remember is that one of the girls had pink or red hair and I think was wearing a white suit. It has been such a long time now I could be completely wrong on her look and outfit. It may not even have been the actually dialogue.
I thought OP was talking about scenes that made you sad.
I don't know how a surprise yuri end would make you sad though. I'd understand if one of them died or something else tragic like that happened, but that's not the case here. On the other hand I can understand how .hack's yuri end can get someone into yuri if they went into it blind.
File: EilaNya 003.jpg (308 KB, 1024x1077)
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308 KB JPG
EilaNya. I was going through a bad childhood and Eila and Sanya's relationship was so sweet and lovely that it showed me there was some good in the world. I've been into yuri ever since.
Here's 10 minutes of Mato from Black Rock Shooter reduced to a sniffling mess over the disappearance of her girlfriend.

File: daljdoq6hmwohzfbyofm.jpg (79 KB, 680x1072)
79 KB
Bit of a weird one for me, I was in the edgy gore guns fights phase and stumble on this. Started shipping the female characters and not giving a shit about the male characters. Went on to reading from the yuri tag. Somehow ended up reading Claymore and crying because of the fanfics. That was a long time ago and now I've seen most of the yuri works and actively track new ones
I was like 13 and for some reason my school's library had the first few volumes of Sailor Moon. I read them and (bear with me) was captivated by the tragedy of Princess Serenity/Prince Endymion. I got into the anime, saw Haruka/Michiru and I became obsessed with them. I started reading fanfiction of them non-stop. I was doing Bible Study at the time, but that didn't stop me from immediately going on the family computer to look up ffnet after the sessions were over. Not only was Haruka/Michiru my gateway into yuri, they started me on the path to realizing I wasn't straight.
File: kickk.jpg (137 KB, 1280x720)
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137 KB JPG
Started watching Rosario + Vampire when I was 14, realized half way through watching the first season that I didn't care about the boy character at all and was completely fixated on all the girlz :3 and its been a slippery gay slope down from there
Gateway drug in image format
I was 15 or something and Animax was broadcasting Marimite on TV. The scene where Sei and Shimako first met left a huge impression on me, because it's a romantic cliche yet happened between 2 girls. I became obsessed with the idea of such a deep relationship between 2 girls, rewatching Marimite 4-5 times, finding any related anime etc.

Only after going through a bunch (Mashimaro Marshmallow, Azumanga Daioh, Loveless, Minami-ke, all the /m/), I discovered the term "yuri". Then come years of reading everything Lililicious, Wings of Yuri, and Horobi no Michi scanlated. The funny thing was I didn't watch the "golden age of yuri anime" (Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic, Mai Hime/Otome, Nanoha, Yamibou) up until 2009, even though they aired in 2004 just like Marimite.
Same! I was sad that they didn’t stick around for too long
It was such a depressing ass show I was relieved to see smoke yuri in that genre at that age of time
I wish I could remember how it all began. I do remember reading a cute doujin where Tomoyo and Sakura kissed and it made my heart flutter. I've never read anything homo until that point, though. I wonder if I would have been a yaoifag if I read yaoi first.
Going here was what did me in completely.
>happy and energized when girlxgirl characters. Heart is fluttering + idiot smile. >Unamused if otherwise.
I'm really dimwitted when it comes to romance though, so I just always only thought it odd
>feeling sad for Tomoyo, thinking Mikan goes well with Hotaru, "Negi is my boy but I like KonoSetsu?", imagining alien 9 characters together, that one anime about a librarian who can control papers and create huge paper birds or something, etc.
I also totally missed Candy Boy. I watched some episodes. I liked it, but the concept of being gay flew over my head. It was like "lol these characters act so odd. Why are they doing these? But I somehow like it?"
>years later, visited /u/ because nothing can go wrong, right?

My friend who's the straightest of all got the sudden awakening route.
>local CHILD FRIENDLY anime channel took on a local dub job of Mai-hime. They probably didn't know of the incoming rape... or maybe they actually did.
>Shizuru's wild ride compilation.webm
>friend went crazy. Shizuru this, Shizuru that. Not normal from then on

Read or Die is the one with the paper girl. Both the ova and series are quite gay.
Yeah, that's the one! I havent tried the ova. I'll give everything a rewatch.
kannazuki no miko lol
>Hey, Usagi's relationships to Mamoru and Rei have the exact same same progression, going from dislike to playful teasing and deep affection
>That's kinda neat, and so great that they want to make a point about the importance of friendship like that
>Though it actually works better when they're the same age, because a university student going around bullying and then dating a middle schooler is a little creepy
>And they make an effort to become friends instead of having a prophecy do the work for them
>Huh, Rei fought like a viking to protect her while he got taken down by yet another crystal to the back
>You know, I bet Rei wouldn't have broken Usagi's heart over a bad dream
>D-does that look mean something different in Japan?
>I hope it doesn't
>I wonder if there's anything on the topic on the Internet

It's been a ride.

> Was on hardcore shoujo binge, basically reading every slave series and so on
> Start seeing stuff like Rooftop by Rov, already have a fetish for girls bullying girls, but it's awakened.
> I'm autistic, it literally becomes my thing and I binge everything like it over the course of a month
> Hit rock bottom

Why the fuck did I have to make it my thing? why
I watched the Negima anime several years ago and I really liked these two. Iit took a few years before I started liking yuri pairings more. Most het really creeped me out because the imbalance of power made me uncomfortable. So I read yaoi for a while and realized that I wasn't on the same page as most of the other people who were reading it because I only liked the cute characters who were boyish or acted a little girly and the manly guys might as well have been vegetables to me, but almost everyone else thought the opposite. Then I gradually realized that if I thought like this, maybe I'd like yuri.

And I found out I do, but only if at least one of the girls is kind of tough or tomboyish like Setsuna. It seems like most yuri fans really like ultra-feminine girls, so I guess I still don't fit in too well anywhere.
It was too depressing for me to suffer through. I ragequit at the episode where the animal died and never looked back.
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.
What, just from Strangelove's tapes?
The Boss wasn't a lesbian
These dykes
Easily Luck Star. Helps that there's official material with these two.
Back when mangafox was new, before they marked any pages, and the only place i knew to read manga online - i was struggling through a gay crush in middle school. Scrolling through the titles one day i saw a manga on the list called "Girlfriends". Plural. With two girls on the cover. I remember my heart racing like if i clicked it, and it was what i thought it would be, there was no going back. It was exactly what i hoped it would be. Which led me to finding other stories with the yuri/shoujo ai tag. I couldnt fucking believe there was a genre, there was a word to describe the anxiety i was going through. Now i can only be satisfied by yuri. Nothing in the world matters besides the yuri.
OG! I think hack was one of my first as well.
Your friend has got good tastes. No girl can resist opening their legs for Shizuru, no matter what sexuality they think they have.
This gal I was living with back then had pretty differing opinions with me when it came to experimental european films. Instead, she insisted we watched anime (it wasn't the only thing we disagreed on, but I'm trying to be expedite here). She spent like a week asking for us to watch NGE together. At some point I gave in, but after a couple of episodes I axed down the idea of watching anime, and in the following weeks our short lived relationship saw itself destroyed by domestic violence.
Months later, I still had a thing for her (I still do now), and for some reason decided to give Evangelion another try. I watched all of it and enjoyed it. This and my memories of this girl got me into anime. I got into yuri a couple of months later, because I've been alone ever since because I don't want to have a similar experience with anyone else, so I've been avoiding intimate contact with other women, and while it might not compare at all to the real deal, yuri makes me feel at ease at least.

Sorry for blogposting!
I'd watch experimental European films with you, nee-san.
Y-y-you t-too anon.
Cries and Whispers or Celine and Julie Go Boating?
File: x000267256c.jpg (66 KB, 418x562)
66 KB
Oh yes.
Neither of those. I think it was Paris Qui Dort what got her mad. We had also watched Persona and Melodie der Welt, she liked the former and said that even if it was boring she enjoyed the latter.
File: miyukichan.jpg (51 KB, 800x546)
51 KB
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. I saw it on the sidebars watching yaoi stuff, and watched the whole thing on Kissanime when I remembered it some years ago. My love for older women will never go away because of this...
File: Maple_Love_28-29[1].jpg (378 KB, 1500x1095)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
Reading one-shots storytimed on /a/ before hating yuri became popular.
Maple love was the one that stood out to me and got me hooked on the genre.
Sorry, I meant which is your favorite 1970s European art film with lesbian subtext.
I was reading a shoujo manga with 2 very gay dudes and I spent the entire time wondering why the weren't together instead. So I got into yaoi, which eventually lead to a manga about traps and I thought that was fun so I was into traps for a bit, which lead me to sasamekikoto, which has gotten me trapped into yuri the past 6-7 years.

Pretty sure there could have been an easier route as it popped up on my radar before then due to lucky star and things like that, but it just never stuck until then.
But is the music still stuck in your head?
Only ever watched the Bergman out of those two, I'll give the other one a watch one of these days I guess.

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