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Why isn't this manga translated anymore? It's pretty funny tbqh, more fun to read than that boring Virgin's Empire.
IIRC it got dropped when it became too het for yuri scanslators, and the normal scanslators don't like the yuri. Whatcha gonna do
I thought it got axed by the plublishers a long while back. I also agree with OP in that it's very humorous read. I'd trade all the tranlasted chapters of Yuricam for more of this if i could.
>it became too het
Any proof?
What do you want us to do? Post het on /u/?
If you want to see girls playing with semen or being fingered by men you can check the raws by yourself.

>It's pretty funny tbqh, more fun to read than that boring Virgin's Empire
Please leave /u/ and never come back.
So the Anime is the only thing worth it?
All I really heard was that one of the side characters apparently got a boyfriend, and really that just reeks of the usual light novel trollery you find on this board.
It was Ai. She's dating a boy since about halfway through the series.
Damn, a shame she didn't go with Psychic girl. If I could remember they had sex in OVA but anime's barely ever canon
Just to ask are there any other places to try finding the raw scans?
It was posted multiple times what happens in later volumes from low quality raws and if I recall someone named Goggled Anon posted in the threads at that time too.

I don't have them anymore since after reading it iI deleted it all from my folder, one girl gets a bf, and suddenly whole content of the manga shifts hard on that theme, they even try to have sex later on which all other girls spy and want to do with random men in the park, there's also a male trap introduced where the girls wonder how to see his dick and balls etc. of course in joke maneer.

The only really yuri relevant character who is into main crazy girl and who almost has sex with her is removed from plot going abroad later. And like some other said it was later axed without any real resolution or actual yuri sex ending.

It was more crazy and more dick obsessed and people should not even try to compare it to Virgin Empire which is actual yuri goldmine compared to that crap.
Wow. I'm glad I only saw the anime version(even if it felt mediocre).
I honestly forgot this got an anime
It's mediocre, but at least it's more Yuri and even fun, the route that the manga takes is ridiculously stupid, editorial mandate or the author is directly idiotic.
Here are the great Gokujo "yuri" manga raws to the last axed volume, as a proper "yuri" manga it even ends with a kiss between a guy and a girl as last page and there's no real sex between the girls but no worry a guy fingers the main girl in one really ugly scene.
It has a lot of yuri teasing and fanservice before the heterosexual plot gets kicked in at the end of volume 5 and the rest is yuri history.
Staff behind anime was quite generous to include in it mostly yuri teasings and fanservice from initial volumes so many get misinformed thinking the actual manga is also so much yuri related.
View at your own non-yuri discretion.
vol 1 https://void.cat/#f444dfb72ae478242595b2d61534f2e0914e0782
vol 2 https://void.cat/#6ee262fe379aa988e523ba06cccec705daa486f4
vol 3 https://void.cat/#74cf20f25353963ba992a4ea9a8f1f96d421f778
vol 4 https://void.cat/#adcce3230c9edcc125f49a0f4b89630fe3118326
vol 5 https://void.cat/#b44fe23188074cf54d1dd96ccad8db46836937ee
vol 6 https://void.cat/#15e8523937d32d01759e1315e1d86e4e5f63dc36
vol 7 https://void.cat/#58f9ee8b80f04798825ec24bf154458351274bad
vol 8 https://void.cat/#ea774c19b84a25608799e4489068aac5c3a591a1
vol 9 https://void.cat/#0cba157dcc8beb2b9f4a2e9874c895a019dfbb6f
vol 10 https://void.cat/#8fbd06e109193d729ecf45f61dc07c296ecf6443
It would be the same as Usagi Drop, people simply pretend that the Anime is the real canon and nothing else happens after that, we can also, especially with the theory of the multiverse.
I think that's rather very idiotic way of thinking, just because some can't or don't want accept some things they can avoid the reality by saying if I will close my eyes, everything is fine logic behind it.
Anime follows the manga just ommits non0yuri things, but they happen in it just aren't shown, the manga canon is the same as anime.
This is not Mai-Hime universe where the manga are complete AUs to what happens in anime.
>This is not Mai-Hime universe where the manga are complete AUs to what happens in anime.
This is the biggest problem with the argument raised.

No, things do not work that way, many adaptations can be considered as complements to the original, but others take a completely different direction, but the two can exist in different universes without any problem.
for example the new Yugioh movie is a continuation of the manga, not the Anime. Saki is one of the few stories where the events of the Anime are mentioned in the manga, even the LA can be considered canon. But not all adapatations are the same and do not rely on the same rules.
the Mai-hime manga argument sounds like a desperate excuse for convenserce that it is not a global project Het with accidental Yuri, they are different universes, but they share an incopetent staff and it is not the only case.
Mai Hime manga was developed by a different writer, separately from the anime, published later than the anime by a few months, and run in paralelle with the airing anime.

Mai Hime anime is an original anime with no source material and is an entirely different AU than the manga.

It's not that hard to understand.
I vaguely remember watching the anime years ago. Guess I can never watch this again. It wasn't stellar by any means but it still sucks to find out it was secretly rotten garbage all along. Thanks for looking out for /u/s anons.
Isn't vol 1 yuri friendly?

>Virgin's Empire
>not boring
>but no worry a guy fingers the main girl in one really ugly scene.

Being a yuri fan is suffering
At least it wasn't a dick??
STFU with your "trading" of good manga for your het shit. Fuck you.
>Isn't vol 1 yuri friendly?
It's not like it really matters a lot, just ignore manga and Anime is the only thing that matters.

it's still part of the project and it's an official material, not a Doujin, the same for all the other stories that people do not like, it's a parallel universe.
you just can not pretend that the manga a series is not important and it turns out that another manga (even if it is an adaptation) is a problem.
You have a serious issue in understanding the difference. There are 2 types of manga/anime relations: either they happen in the same canon, and they are two different canons. The latter is treated as 2 entirely different series, get it?

It's exactly the same as Mai Hime vs Mai Otome. Despite having almost the same cast (just like Hime anime vs Hime manga), but they are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SERIES THAT DO NOT AFFECT EACH OTHER'S CANON. Mai Hime also has a visual novel canon that do not have anything to do with the anime nor the manga. Trying to insist "hurr durr everything is het" is retardation.

Not to mention why you treat yuri like an inferior genre that can be overwritten if there's a het fanfiction of it. Why don't you think the het version is overwritten by yuri version? Especially Mai Hime franchise because the anime was developed FIRST for a year, got animated, aired, THEN the manga started getting developed and printed only after the anime had been going for a few months.

You're full of bullshit. Stop talking until you acquire some resemblance of logic in that tiny brain.
>actual romance with some comedy
>"yuri friendly" fanservice for retards that turns into full het
>not boring
I love it and it's funny how they are so defensive with Mai-hime (not even Otome) but they really can not defend it properly.

Is it only restricted to Manga? The same series can also generate different materials, such as novels and even games, it is not restricted to manga and Anime.

the point is that they try to declare Hime's manga as an unimportant derivative that they can conveniently ignore, but the manga has its own canon, both the anime, are official materials that develop their stories, they are both canon for themselves, simple.

Unless there is strict mention or evidence exists, the different materials exist in different universes, but all are canons unless they are declared non-canon.

then manga and anime of Gakujo exist in different universes, therefore it is not necessary to read the manga, since the author already showed his true intentions quite early, the Anime can be considered Yuri friendly since he has no het and the moments het of the manga do not happen.

Otome is a sequel to Hime
Fuck off
Virgin's Empire is a masterpiece and you're a certified pleb.

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