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File: 1527896819618.jpg (201 KB, 1200x1200)
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What does this mean?
File: 1527903228585.jpg (329 KB, 1920x1080)
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329 KB JPG
Is TKMZ toying with his audience?
The potatoes have entered another layer of purgatory.
TKMZ is probably a girl
>Hell is a descending pit of nine circles, some subdivided into their own levels
>the deepest circle, the Ninth, is frozen
>the girls trudge through a frozen (urban) wasteland always trying to go up
DEEPEST LORE. Also that means they're now in the Eighth circle, where frauds are punished.
File: Dc1RpxpV0AIRNex.jpg (109 KB, 1200x675)
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Which circle is this one? It was posted on the tenth of last month.
Exactly how big is Yuuri? I get the feeling that as time goes on her assets are getting bigger.
>which circle?
None. My earlier post contains an error. When I wrote "Hell is a descending pit [...]" I meant what people KNOW of Hell. It's actually a much larger place. Compare people that were born and have lived their entire lives in a jail not knowing the jail is part of a larger world.

Assuming that's really Hell, they're in a beach next to the only ocean.
File: 66276800_p0.png (374 KB, 800x1130)
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File: 66276800_p1.png (643 KB, 800x1130)
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File: 66276800_p2.png (479 KB, 800x1130)
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File: 66276800_p3.png (665 KB, 800x1130)
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File: 69087472_p0.jpg (94 KB, 437x619)
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For me, this manga ended after the nuclear submarine chapter.

The rest is just bad...
File: 1483652733575.png (889 KB, 756x715)
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889 KB PNG
I like this, but it raises one interesting question:
What have the girls done to deserve such punishment in the form of the deepest level of hell?
She's a big girl.
File: DbsdI36U8AANFeI.jpg (316 KB, 1920x1920)
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316 KB JPG
Not this meme again. Go back to /a/.
I liked the ending though, tkmiz even tweeted the potatoes are up there eating with him. You know, with their creator. Euphemism for they died.
It was cute.
Is he dead, too? Was GLT his suicide note?
Anyone have the webm of that scene where it looks like Chi kisses Yuu after tackling her?
File: DgM7wtMUEAEohpX.jpg (291 KB, 1920x1080)
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291 KB JPG
Someone is still using his Tweet so...
I never expected Kase-san fanart from tkmiz
Why does she have wakaba growing from her head?
survivor guilt
If they're in the ninth circle, they betrayed someone.
Unprotected handholding
File: 69235372_p0.png (2.47 MB, 4092x2893)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
File: 69391811_p0.jpg (410 KB, 1000x665)
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Seriously. Why cant we have "Hunter Gatherer Girls"? You don't even have to reference SSR, just have Chi and Yuuri, same designs, same personalities, and just don't even acknowledge that they might have been somewhere else before. It could be a yuri version of "Island of the Blue Dolphins", just the two of them stranded in nature.
File: 69391811_p1.jpg (259 KB, 623x900)
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259 KB JPG
"I will now pleasure myself with this fish"
File: 69391811_p3.jpg (286 KB, 640x495)
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File: 68436010_p0.jpg (414 KB, 643x900)
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File: 68436010_p1.jpg (89 KB, 623x880)
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File: 68436010_p2.jpg (76 KB, 623x880)
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File: 68436010_p3.jpg (96 KB, 623x880)
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File: 69175367_p1.jpg (319 KB, 628x700)
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Handholding even.
>tkmiz likes Kase
I never would've guessed. There aren't enough guns, tanks, or bouts of soul-searching

I would love so much if the series essentially continued this way a number of times. Just Chi and Yuuri in new situations, in new locations, with the same designs/personalities, but without any real connection to anything else. It'd be interesting
File: 69500050_p0.jpg (326 KB, 1181x1748)
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326 KB JPG
Should I watch this anime?
File: Yuuri x Chito 115.jpg (111 KB, 900x1200)
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111 KB JPG
Yes. It's a petty unique kind of comfy and soothing, with a few gay moments scattered here and there.
Absolutely. It's worth it even outside of the possible /u/-ness (which is, of course, still there).
its only 12 episodes...
Fittingly enough, TKMZ did a Gakkou Gurashi Anthology chapter
That was actually pretty great. I think TKMZ did well with what the series offered - especially the post-apoc. stuff, like in her own work - and it was straight up gayer than I thought it'd be going in to it.
>and it was straight up gayer than I thought it'd be going in to it.

yes, it was beautiful in that sense, I like how it handles the romantic subtlety and that complements the narrative...

It is romantic and I refuse to think otherwise, I am not desperate, you are the desperate ones!
i love those two gay potatoes
File: huge-yuu.png (212 KB, 629x294)
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