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Discuss, request, and recommend /u/-related /lit/ works!

Previous Thread: >>2626537

Recommendations doc


Zippyshare links from previous thread:

ulit Archives 2017 torrent (4670 books, release dates up till December 2017):

ulit Archives 2017 Erotica add-on (969 books)

>How to find books:

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New to /u/lit? Here's a handy chart to get you started.

Collection download:
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Oversized Chart Part I
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Part II

Some late replies to a few of the last thread's requests. Sorry nee-sans.

>Alex westmore's new book, "dead mans chest"?

>Does anyone happen to have Stargazing by Kathy L. Salt ?

>Anyone have Gerri hill the locket?

>Obligatory: anyone that can share Can you hear me by Geonn Cannon?
Tempered steel by m e logan is a bit miserable. Anyone know if the sequel gets any better?
Anyone got the two books of the Vaelandrian Goddesses series by Cassandra Duffy?
File: 1418467773851.jpg (503 KB, 997x1290)
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503 KB JPG
I have a question I'm hoping you can provide some input on.

I've been working on a story for some time. A space adventure with a female MC, starting with her as a young adult and following her career as a secret agent from there. My initial idea was to have the MC be a lesbian who has several romances with various women and girls throughout her adventures, some overtly sexual, some not. Thing is, I'm not a lesbian or a woman, so how do I write this without being accused of fetishism? Her lesbianism isn't a big part of the character and it's never made out as a big thing or plays any large role in the adventures outside of a few occasions. She's just into girls. There's no reason she has to be a lesbian, I just kind of liked the idea and now I'm attached to the character. I really don't want to come across like Andy Dobson.
Honestly, that is a pretty difficult question. A few male writers do write lesbian females and as long as the book is not a harem sex party, only really extreme people will cry fetishism. Godsgrave has two hot 18 year old girls having hot gay sex and nobody pilloried the male author.

Maybe run some of it by a woman friend?
I find this kind of question weird, actually.
How would you write a female character without fetishizing women? Isn't it the same? And yet most author don't give a shit about it (although sometimes they should).
Read this: https://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2018/apr/03/male-authors-write-female-characters-twitter

This >>2694448 related:

>I get the “how/why do you write girls” question a lot. As if it’s some kind of alchemy. As if it’s harder for me to write a female as opposed to a murderer or psychopath or soldier (or any of a hundred things I’ve never been)
>I can’t help but think there’s a poisonous, divisive mentality at the heart of that. That men can’t write women, or vice versa. That we are so different, we cannot possibly truly know each other
>This may be a revelatory concept for some, but women are not unknowable magical unicorns beyond the ken of those not Them.

They’re just people. Amazing and fierce and fucked up and flawed and everything between. Just people.

As a woman I agree 100%.
This is my mentality. I think the only people who condemn ALL male writers of female/lesbian characters are those with very obvious prejudices
Actually, I do have some general advice with an asterisk. It's best you actually try and find what and find if something offends or is unnatural or is just a minor peeve. Don't change your work or force yourself to do something to appease someone, if you are going to change stuff at least understand why.

Try not to put breast size in the character descriptions. If you have to, make it short or tongue in cheek or indirect. Many writers seem to go with slender (meaning sexy with small breasts) and curvy (meaning sexy with big breasts). Try and avoid incest and underage stuff.

That advice is pretty much useless in the big picture. I simply advise knowing who you are writing for and what they are willing to accept. Unless you get a fluke and somehow get huge, nobody will really read your stuff outside your main audience and you won't get any hot takes directed at you from twitter.
Anyway I have way overthought this if you can't tell and I still have a ton of useless stuff I could say on it but its pointless.
>Try and avoid incest and underage stuff.

Disregard that advice, we need more incest and underage stuff. Bonus points for underage twincest. I'll actually send you a beer via post if you do that.
Haven't been to one of these threads in a year. Has an author managed to write something as technically good as Baru Cormorant yet or is /u/ lit primarily still dime store harlequin writers?
DA but underage aside, I don't even get why incest is so problematic. Sure, it can be unhealthy, but all kind of relationships can. Sure, it can give genetic problems, but it can be done without reproduction, and even if it's not the case, we have psychological mechanisms that will never allow it to be the norm.
There's some consensual and healthy incestual relationship in the real world. I believe the same kind of conservationism that creates homophobia is responsible for judging incest.
I'll write my lesbian incest sci-fi action someday.
Incest has a higher chance to be unhealthy due to power dynamics within the family. Especially when it comes to parent-child couples.
As far as fetishes go, though, it's pretty vanilla, and I also don't see why some people treat it like the worst sin ever.
The simple answer is basically inertia. Humanity learned to be against incest in a few different ways, many related to social pressure and cultural norms. These were typically pretty general for a variety of reasons when they were codified. Since there aren't any serious punishments for incest alone (only when paired with more serious shit like grooming/pedophilia) and most people think it's pretty creepy/weird, even the biggest freedom-advocates tend to not bother campaigning for incest rights or whatever.
Sure it's rare, but it can happen, and that shouldn't be ignored.

>even the biggest freedom-advocates tend to not bother campaigning for incest rights or whatever.
I don't think they should make incest marriage legal or something, because it's way too rare, to begin with. Not worth to bother with it.
But being a crime even when consensual like in some countries is exaggerated. And it shouldn't be such a big taboo in fiction either. If you write such relationship in a positive light, people will want to burn your story.
Yeah, but you can say the same about student<->teacher, boss<->employee, age gap, supernatural power differences, differences in wealth, differences in social standing, differences in physical capability, difference in ... heck, we've got a whole bunch of straight up Stockholm Syndrome novels.

And frankly it sometimes is "yucky". I dimly remember some physical therapist and her charge as a novel with a lot of reviews pointing out that it was pretty unethical to romantically pursue somebody that's in your care; that how problematic such a decision (despite both being independent adults, outside this situation) can be was not adequately addressed for reader's comfort.

But - I suppose we typically just accept "it's a romantic fantasy". And in this direction I don't really get what makes incest so incredibly disgusting for some.

Not that there is much around for anyone to be offended by anyway.
>boss<->employee, age gap, supernatural power differences, differences in wealth, differences in wealth
Both are still adults who haven't been spending 70% of their everyday life for the past 16 years with each other. Difference in social standings doesn't necessarily imply that the one with the higher standing is going to exercise some special power over their partner, unlike in parent-child or older sibling-younger sibling relationships, where often the younger one is submissive simply because they're younger. This obviously only applies to cases where the family members involved spend a lot of time together, and not for something like older distant cousin-younger distant cousin, where it's not any different from your usual age gap because there is no established relationship dynamic.

Same as above, can be between adults as well. For example, university student/teacher. Speaking of, I've seen some people freak out over this because muh student-teacher relationships and professional ethics. Can't a 20+ girl just bang her sexy biomed professor?

Again, as far as fetishes go, incest is pretty mild, but I can see why some wouldn't be too keen on painting real life incest relationship in a positive light.
So, is Craig Schaefer's Revanchist series set in the same world Nessa and Marie visit in Detonation Boulevard?
> is /u/ lit primarily still dime store harlequin writers
This is our default state unfortunately. The Baru sequel is coming out in October though, so there's that.
From what I understand all of his series are set in the same shared universe, so yes.
Yes. It becomes clearer in the later Revanche books that this is their previous life Nessa and Marie often dream about.

In Detonation Boulevard, when Nessa says she can remember laying under the stars, on bedrolls, teaching Marie the constellations.....you get to see that happen.

Update, to the anons who wanted the skinny Nessa/Marie variation of the Revanche Cycle. I’m tidying up some formatting, and giving it a final read before uploading it. Hope to post it tomorrow.
It's actually a multiverse, hence the question.
I'll have to at some point. Luckily there's a glut of female editors so I'm pretty sure any obvious characterizations will be pointed out.

>The Guardian
Well, I disagree with some of what was said, but I get the jist. I think I can avoid some of the usual cliches. I think I've got the benefit of having a character who isn't a "typical woman" for lack of a better term. She's more like Emily Blunt's character in Sicario, but in space and with her shit more put together.

Yeah, I get this. I've always tried to maintain the principle that you write characters first and genders second. I feel like the character I've written avoids a lot of the usual stuff because of her upbringing and education.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice, I'll be sure to keep it in mind if I ever get this thing finished.
When it comes to teacher and student it's the appearance of favoriting one student above the others not because of excellence but by merely a sexual nature. Plus it looks bad on the uni in general if all the teachers are banging students.
Jenn Gott - The Lady of Souls
Book 1 of her Beacon Campaigns fantasy series. I'm actually quite happy with this.

It's competently written, set in a decent world (magic industrialization sort of thing), with non-one-dimensional characters, and a plot that hasn't necessarily been done a billion times.

It dragged a little, and maybe also because of that it felt a bit as if it didn't have any real highlights, but that's about it as far as real problems are concerned; I think. So well done.

Now, just for me personally, I didn't manage to like one of the heroines too well. There's the older, grumpy, cynical, abrasive one - and if I had to guess you maybe aren't supposed to "like" her, but she felt like a fully developed character that made sense - and then there's the younger, a bit more naive, more optimistic, more compassionate one ... but she almost came across as if she felt "entitled to win". She's literally got zero useful skills, but then complains when the other one doesn't take her too seriously, just because she's determined ... and then gets mostly saved by luck or coincidence or by somebody else. "Haven't I proven myself?" Well, no, not actually. It kinda ends with the message that "you can be a hero if you want to be", but frankly, the message needs a "yes, if you are capable" caveat; and she really wasn't. But it all works out anyway, of course.

On the other hand this really isn't something unique to this book so I wasn't too annoyed by it. More like "yeah, it's a fantasy adventure, it's what they do ...".

Lastly, don't be irritated by one of the main characters being addressed as "he". I mean, just pointing it out probably is some sort of spoiler, but obviously this is a FF series, so. Well.
Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

A group of necromancers that resurrect nobles whenever they die get caught up in a conspiracy to bring the kingdom down.

First off, I did enjoy it. Its very typical of modern YA fantasy and rather dour but it had more action then I expected and the good guys aren't frustratingly helpless and easily manipulated like lots of YA. Characters were fine, nothing special but nice enough people and writing was easy to understand with no glaring mistakes and was not distracting which is generally what you hope for in YA.

That said, the book was not subtle. You can figure out who the bad guy is a third of the way in and its really easy to see what are supposed to be clues for later. It's really blunt, the temple to the god of Change is banned, the king says that progress is a poison to a kingdom, I guess it's written for younger people as the sexual content is only implied.

Romance wise MC is bi and starts off with a boyfriend but shit happens and a female love interest is introduced some way through the book. I actually really liked the female LI and the romance was pretty cute though I don't know how I'd feel if the sequel didn't look like it was promising more of it.

I think my biggest thing is just the wasted potential. The dead nobles must keep themselves covered up otherwise they turn into powerful monsters. This could have meant old and eccentric dukes dressed in fabulous shrouds, hamming it up but instead the nobles are all meek and none have agency. The book is a 'turn the populace against the different people' plot and when its not that its about grief and drug addiction. Like I said there is more action than expected and those scenes are fun but they are short and the monsters aren't really very interesting.
Wait this is gay? Is the other main crossdressing or is there a female love interest not mentioned in the summary?
Yap, it's FF, although slow. So no real romance in book one, but it's obvious who the love interests are.
She's crossdressing since the world is vaguely patriarchal. Amusingly, the older one is also crossdressing, just not hiding her gender. And she knows that she's a lesbian but the younger one only figures it out at the start of book 2, even if it's clear they are into each other - they are that type of bickering, nagging at each other sort of couple. Well. "Friends" so far.
So did she choose the last name Mannly? because thats hilarious.
No, I think that's her real name, although I'm not sure whether it's from her mother, her biological father, or her later step-father. If it's mentioned I forgot about it.

I suppose it fits, since the other one is called Fellows. Like "that fellow over there!" Hadn't really thought about it but probably not a coincidence if both main heroines have a male family name? Sort of.

Or maybe it is. Who knows.
Hey, I’ve never read any lesbian erotica before and I’ve looked into the recommend doc and I want to find something just short to try. Will a kind anon recommend me any short story that is cute, sweet and lewd?
Anyone have Escape & freedom by Claire Highton-Stevenson cant find it on mobilism??
>Anyone got the two books of the Vaelandrian Goddesses series by Cassandra Duffy?


There ya go sisters
Jenn Gott - Fixing Fate
Book 2 in the Beacon Campaign.
Alas, depressing, my fledgling enthusiasm for the series is already dead again.

This book is about the younger one figuring out her sexuality, which is accomplished my angsty inner dialogues at every single opportunity. "We are taking a train! I can't take it! Oh my god, we are sitting in the same apartment! I'm going crazy!" Doesn't even matter what they do. It drags out in the worst godawful way, and of course at any opportunity either of them is about to actually communicate something to the other they are interrupted or otherwise distracted. "No, I can't possibly finish this crucial sentence now that there's a mild breeze distracting us."

If this were on of those GIF reviews, I'd post a bunch of eye-roll-gifs here.

Of course, as practiced readers of FF fiction, we'd all go "well, that's just par for the course, what do you expect? Crucial is the pay off at the end ..." Which is correct, but unfortunately, there simply is no pay off. It ends exactly with the same "I'm going to tell her ... not." moment (actually, just to rub it in, they both do it...) as what was served through the entire novel.

Now, obviously, this is not just a romance - although unlike book 1 it's clearly more of an angsty non-romance with an adventure on the side as the other way around - but the plot feels, frankly, similar. Although again there's good ideas and all and the heroines prevent some immediate catastrophe nothing is truly solved. Bad guys go happily on their way, presumably ready to be trotted out in the next book again.

Sigh. I guess at some point the series must get over itself and actually finish something, so maybe the next books are actually better again, but I'm not eager to find out that I'm wrong on that ...
This might be a bit of an odd question, but can anyone recommend /u/ fiction in the vein of postmodern literature? I have a really difficult time falling into anything else these days.
Define postmodern literature
Burroughs, Wallace, Pyncheon, that sort.
Alex Foster - Heart of the Hunter
A quick-paced poly urban fantasy thing. It's not very well written, which is probably its main problem, along with the sketchy world building.

The plot itself is kinda interesting, but, I mean, what's the point if the prose makes it a chore to read ...

Karen Klyne - Parallel Lives
This at least is cleanly written, but it's so friggin' carelessly put together. It's a portal fantasy; very classic with the heroine sitting in her little plan and crashing and then somehow ending up in a woman only society ... except that at first she's told there also are men and that they occasionally visit; they just don't stay around. But then later it's implied they have no clue what men look like ...

Oh, and they somehow have electricity, heck, they there small community has the capacity to waste resources on pool tables and whatnot, but they have never heard of the incredible invention of ... scarfs. Luckily a heroine from another world comes by to save the people from having cold necks; none of them ever thought that maybe wrapping it in some sort of cloth would be a workable idea ...

The characters are basically the same. They are somewhere around carelessly random and annoying and not making any sense. Pretty bad when it's mostly a cheesy romance. Overall pretty bleh.
Alright /u/, name your favorite lesfic quote and why. Maybe we can inspire each other to try and read something new.
"No matter how many stones you throw in the water, you cannot dam the ocean"

It's from one of the books from Chronicles of Alsea series. Thought it was great in the moment of the book altought I don't remember it anymore.
Kieran York - Beryl Trevar Mystery 1
Well, that was a disappointmet. Some wishfulfillment-ish setup about some sexy PI lesbians living on a yacht in Miami, investigating things for equally sexy ladies.

But while that may have been fun in multiple ways, the incredibly cheesy insta romance - nevermind the wife of the love interest just having been murdered - was awful. "She is a goddess of a woman! I'd rip out my heart to be with her forever!" Yeah, well, after seeing somebody twice (or maybe thrice) that's a sane reaction, definitely.

The case wasn't much better and the prose pretty basic, so, nothing redeeming as far as I could see.

For fun
> In the darkness, the rubber tree plants lining the walls trembled ever so slightly. They were glad to be alone there and proud of their flexibility.
In Francine Saint Marie's The Secret Trilogy.
Thanks for continuing to post these.
You have a knack for finding the bizarre or incongruous aspects of otherwise unremarkably mediocre books.
I wonder, though, why finish them if they are this tiresome?
Is it a "so bad it's good" type of appeal?
I'm looking for a good story involving some old and powerful entity x someone mortal. Preferably the entity is kinda snooty and jaded towards human folk ( or whatever weaker beings exist within the story ) but the little one makes them warm up.
The One Who Eats Monsters by Casey Matthews
File: Darkdawn-full.jpg (258 KB, 900x1368)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Tomorrow 9/3 seems to be the day that Dark Dawn releases. If anyone is taking the plunge please report back.
Sorry, you misunderstood. DD is releasing 3rd September 2019
File: potat.gif (934 KB, 320x240)
934 KB
934 KB GIF
Then I shall prepare myself for what will likely be a sad ending.
Honestly the series only wears the appearance of being edgy and subversive, I now kind of expect a happy ending where Mia fakes her death after finishing up the god nonsense and travels the world with Ashlyn and Tric.
The Tattered Lands by Barbara Ann Wright.

A fantasy world where all of humanity are crammed into one small country that is shielding from an apocalyptic mist by alchemical pylons. When one goes out a disgraced alchemist is sent to find out why, meets a fairy princess and falls into a conspiracy.

The only thing I've read from this author is Coils and this falls short of that. Its story and characters are unremarkable, and the insta-love does bother me. I don't mind insta-love on principle and the characters are cute together but the real problem with insta-love is that it is often used as a shortcut so that a lot of the actual appealing stuff of romance is cut out in favour of trying to get the pieces ready for the plot and this falls victim to that hard as the characters spend very little time with each other and the love acts as motivation for them (I'm a terrible writer so I have no idea if what I just wrote makes any sense).

Coils also had the whole underworld tourism aspect where the characters would constantly go to places and meet characters from mythology and that was pretty cool while the locations and situations in this are generic city, forest, wasteland and enemy base. Despite being so critical, I did have a good time, it's a fine standalone and wraps almost everything up and I feel like it didn't really waste potential so whatever.
It's hard to explain, but I'll try. It's pretty much just something to do. Some people go plane watching or collect stamps. I collect trashy novels and observe shitty writing in its natural habitat.

I don't think the "so bad it's good" approach works for books. Or rather, that's maybe applicable for the FF genre overall, but not for examples like these, dredged up right up from the bottom portion of the already dubious quality genre.

Crappy prose just makes everything a chore to read, and usually that goes hand in hand with crappy content. It's rare to have a book that's really great in plot or character depth and that's completely shitty in writing; or vice versa. It's a bit odd, now that I'm thinking about it ... probably a problem of selective memory and perception? Who knows.

The other thing is that I like "weird" things done in an uncomplicated way, so that part maybe fits for the "so bad it's good" thing. Like some poly romance urban fantasy. Can't say I can think of many other examples, so that's worth a look. And I like portal fantasy too, so also worth a look. I mean, it's probably vaguely notable that I don't for example go on about the latest Radclyffe novel which no doubt is much better but equally doubtless is just the 37th time of Doctor A meeting Doctor B - no thanks, that's too "normal". Besides, people know Radclyffe, so not much point posting about it anyway.
And then FF authors aren't so great that I'd read something that's thematically not interesting; they can't prop up that sort of stuff with fantastic writing (casually dismissing an entire genre's worth of authors, well ...).

Of course, if something is just too crappy I'll drop it. Those novels here I at least finished in some way. I might skim or even skip parts, but I'll be reasonably confident that I didn't overlook some super-crucial all-changing ... thing. Although I can't think of a novel that starts out crappy and then suddenly gets awesome (but I'm sure there's one).
Well we all appreciate your service to this tiny backwater general, nee-san. You're a credit to anons everywhere.
Thanks. Honestly I'm relieved: I was worried that you were searching for good FF novels but were continuously disappointed.
>Besides, people know Radclyffe, so not much point posting about it anyway.
Your reviews are entertaining, so please don't hesitate to review well-known authors if you happen to read one of their books.
>And then FF authors aren't so great that I'd read something that's thematically not interesting
Sadly true. I mean, I guess one can only ask so much of a niche genre that probably isn't very profitable.
File: 20180903_232757.jpg (2.17 MB, 2576x1932)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Did not notice the lit thread was up. Guess this could be the place where I work on my story for now.
I'm working on a action adventure, tragic, romantic love story that takes place in the fantasy or medieval type of place with dragons and fairies. The story follows the relationship of Hazel and Violate (Hazel is a witch) who barely uses magic and sticks to physical strength or even weapons, she loves to fight(a lot) and only cares for her grandmother who's been watching over her since infancy. And Violate is a kind and caring princess who fell under deep depression after a certain childhood friend tried to make sexual advances on her. But after she met and fell completely in love with "Hazel The Witch" she's gotten a completely new personality which goes off and on depending if Hazel is around. But despite her two faces her biggest struggles are being ready to take over the kingdom and being a proper queen like her mother...well sorta, her mother has some few issues of her own.
I basically told some of the plot in another thread in /u/ let me see if it's still around.
File: Untitled34.png (3.6 MB, 1932x2576)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
I can do a better illustration. The pic above me was just a practice. But here's some more practice images for the story.

Sounds like an interesting story I'd definitely read it and your artwork is pretty nice too.
Oh shit!! It was supposed to be Violet. I guess auto correct must have switched it and I didn't notice at all. Grate, now I can't switch it so just pretend every Violate is Violet
Does it need to be tragic though? I feel like we have enough of those.
I'd like to hear more please
I saw your posts in the idea thread and wow, I adore that piece of art.
Only counts as FF fantasy if at least one character is viciously raped, only to be tragically killed once they find some glimmer of joy in life again; and then everything has to end in complete and utter despair.

Ah, Monster Baru Cormorant will be so awesome ...

Oooooh, that sounds intriguing, and I like your art too! Keep us appraised sis, I wanna read it!
I'm a few chapters into the first book of The Secret Trilogy. Definitely wouldn't have picked this up if it weren't for your quote there. Thanks for the rec.

On a side note, is there a reduced, higher quality version of the /u/ rec chart that gets posted? I find that most of the books on there are pretty lack luster or downright bad.

>Some people go plane watching or collect stamps. I collect trashy novels and observe shitty writing in its natural habitat.

You made me chuckle. And even made a great point. Hopefully, in a decade or something, the lesfic genre will have evolved beyond unimaginative girl meets girl 250 page romances.
I'm leery of purchasing it. The first was such a bitter read, not because of the subject matter but the out of nowhere pairing at the end. I don't recall it actually ending either. If I do read it, I'll let you know.
So, when is the book 3 of Wisdom's Grave suppose to come out?
End of 2018, early 2019.

One of my all time favorite quotes comes from the Wisdom Grave’s trilogy. It is the culmination of two souls having met a thousand times meeting once more. The coven knight realizing the women before her is her worthy liege.

>Ask her to dance, Marie thought. Your entire life, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
I've been reading the miseducation of Cameron post and it has me angry enough that I just have to stop for a while. Not that it isn't a great book so far but the injustice of it all is getting to me and I'm getting the feeling that that isn't going to be dealt with. That it won't end with them burning the camp to the ground or Cameron making such places illegal in her state or even convincing her abusers what they're doing is wrong, or her family. I feel like all these people who betrayed her are just going to skate by. I'm someone who generally scoffs at obvious pandering in ff novels but I could really use a bit of it right now. Going to be anoyed if two spirits dude is the last person she makes out with as well.
It's vaguely lodged into my head as just about the only FF romance I've read that is actually "romantic", with doing romantic things to woo each other instead of "look at her ass, I'm getting all wet!"
Well, some of that, too, maybe, and it's got its own set of issues, of course ... it's been a while.

Naw, chart is what it is. The approach was basically "alright, there's is this subgenre, what's the best/most fun I can find there?" - and if the novels I liked best are rubbish, but I didn't read anything better, well; then they are on it. It's more meant as an overview to be narrowed down instead of a careful selection. For that I'd go to some other top lists or if you are interested in literary quality (not so much this "pop culture stuff") maybe go through the literary award lists.

That being said, it's easy to sometimes lose perspective, so if there's any specific suggestions you (or anyone for that matter) has I'm listening. Just post it or give me a nudge on the writing Discord (like that comment about Felicia Fox' Vixen. See, I listen ...).

The worst novels are those where the protagonists are urged to reconcile and/or forgive their abusers, usually when they are dying.

Fuck that, seriously. I guess it's "healthy", but it's such a cliché I find myself cheering protagonists for turning down invitations for Sunday meals they aren't enthusiastic to go to just because they remind me that at least some of them know what the word "no" is meant for ...
New Susan x Meagher book out - 'Wait for me'
I usually like her books. Could have done without the Fame one but theyre always nice and long and detailed. Fingers crossed for this one
It is not "healthy". Forgiveness is only genuine and healthy when there's a real choice, not when you're expected to do it. Men are always sympathized when they kill or beat up the one who did them wrong, whereas women are always accused of being terrible if they do the same.

When will people realize that actions should not be judged in a vacuum, but must depend on the bigger context? In the current social context, it's extremely unhealthy for women to forgive abusers because it's a EXACTLY what women for millenia have been expected to do. TV is full of comedic or hurt/comfort shows of wives forgiving their cheating husbands, yet there's NONE of the vice versa - because men who forgave cheating wives are cucks, while women who don't forgive cheating men are petty witches. Accepting this practice by calling it "healthy" is encouraging this sexist double standard, persecuting women who are justifyingly pissed off at the douchebags who wronged them. Do you know how harmful it is to the victims to hear that kind of thinking? How harmful it is for the abusers to hear they're entitled to forgiveness?

I'm not sorry for this rant. My own sister-in-law had to suffered my abusive brother, yet years after their divorce, she still has to speak well of him and constantly felt like if she didn't, she would be a bad, unforgiving person. She broke down in tears when I explained to her my view because she never knew she has the right to be angry and that there's someone who is on her side on the matter. Why? Because FUCKING EVERYONE AROUND HER INCLUDING HER OWN MOTHER AND BEST FRIENDS KEEP GOING ON ABOUT FORGIVENESS, NEVER ONCE BEING INDIGNANT FOR HER SAKE, NEVER ONCE ACKNOWLEDGED HER RIGHT TO BE ANGRY, NEVER GIVING HER THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIKE "I WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER HOW YOU DECIDE TO TREAT HIM". I despise that shit with a vengeance. Both the abusers and their apologists are disgusting.
I wouldn't call what is happening in Cameron Post "healthy" but unfortunately it is realistic especially considering an abused child trying to still have a relationship with the family that sent her away to conversion therapy. So far my favourite moment of the last part of the book has been Cameron telling her aunt she won't be the maid of honour at her wedding. But that feels like the only time she's been able to meaningfully stand up for herself.
It's on mobilism
File: omegaluls.png (96 KB, 725x877)
96 KB
My, my you are a listener. Felicia Fox's Vixen is so hilariously bad. It reminds me of that terrible fanfiction, My Immortal, where you're caught wondering if someone wrote it as satire. Sample page attached, for your viewing pleasure.

I'll need your discord handle if you want a nudge.

These days, I'm caught between rereading old favorites and browsing summaries rather than venture out into the great lesbian unknown. Lesfics are a subgenre and when you try to make something that specific into your entire reading library, it gets bland pretty fast.

It's no one's fault but my own. Sometimes I yearn for a lesbian equivalent to 50 Shades, Harry Potter or Twilight, yet I might even dismiss such novels for being shallow and/or poorly written nowadays. Such is the consequence of growing up.
I started writing a light swords & sorcery style fantasy novel which will eventually go full /u/lit/, but for now act 1 of 3 is complete.

Thing is, it's my first work and I suck at subjectively critiquing my own stuff. It's supposed to be lax, character-driven and detail-oriented, but I can't tell whether it's too much so.

I'd really appreciate some brutal feedback. If you're looking for something light to follow for the foreseeable future, give my thing a shot.

AO3 /works/15912519
Well, I've discovered a book called '' Aimée & Jaguar'' and I wonder if it's worth to read ? Is it any good ?
I'm terrible at critique so I just wanted to say that I read the first chapter and enjoyed it a lot. There were a few slightly awkward word choices but its pretty good.
Thanks, that's heartening to hear!

I felt pretty stiff writing the first few chapters but I feel like the story started flowing better after that.

Anything particular that struck you as especially awkward?
finished Cameron Post. All in all I'd say it was a great book but I feel a bit cheated out of the story of what happened after the book's ending. I get that the perfect place for Cameron's journey as a person was reached but I was also very interested in the mechanics of what would happen next.
i cant remember ever seeing a cheating man shown as nothing more than an utter cunt, what world do you live in?
So sort of off-topic but whats up with all the recent and upcoming YA books with titles like 'x of y and z'. Its obvious what really popular book series started the trend but it seems to have really gotten big in YA.
I literally just now realized that you can go on xenafiction.net and read old webfics by all the mid-2000s authors you know and love. I found the early version of Backwards to Oregon on there, as well as those of Robin Alexander's first couple books. And I am now brutally aware that all of those ones I mentioned are Xena Ubers.
Is that pretty much par for the course with YA? A lot of crap that bandwagons on popular trends.
Decided to cut my story back to 3 chapters to lower the pick-up threshold, as well as keep it bumped better for a bit longer.
Oh yeah, and will be posting a chapter a week from now on. Give it a read!
Oh yeah. Although I started to notice it when I realized that there were a suspicious amount of books with a tall, dark haired butch and a short, blonde femme. Thankfully a lot of the characters don't bear too much resemblance to Xena or Gabrielle, although some authors are more obvious about it than others *cough* Melissa Good *cough*
File: Untitled36.png (3.79 MB, 2576x1932)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
Very cute, anon! Looking forward to seeing more.
File: 8.jpg (1.39 MB, 2480x3508)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
We just finished making the illustrations for the 3rd and final story of our book.
I am proud of this one as it's my best work yet

Anyone wanna give our work a read?

It is currently being evaluated for publication. Hope we pass again
Can /u/ help me find books where one of the protagonists is a prostitute, escort, call girl etc? I have read Thirteen Hours by Meghan O'Brien and Strange Bedfellows by Q. Kelly.
If you liked Thirteen Hours then you could try The Client and The Night Off also by O'Brien. There is also Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon.
The prose reads like it was written with a thesaurus.
Does anyone have a Merry Shannon book titled Sword of the Guardian?
being the a drawfag sucks when the novel has a fandom of you, one other person and a shoe
Here's the mobilism link
Where does everyone else go to discover/search for new books. I've basically only use these threads. goodreads is kind of alright, but they don't seem to have a good search engine if you're looking for multiple tags.
I usually check this thread on routine, but I also check:

- Amazon best sellers:
- Mobilism search ff tags:
- And my favorite authors' webpage.
For new books I use the search terms FF Lesbian LGBT GLBT on mobilism and the section lesbian books by publication date on amazon.
I mostly look at the shelves of a few goodreads users that read a lot and have good tags. I don't always trust their reviews but it gives me a good starting point.
Newcomer here. This is very nice, but there's something I don't understand: considering there are people reporting their opinions itt, how come the rec list is mostly summaries with no comments, tags, or even a measure of how enjoyable it was? As it is, the few recommendations that do include an out of character commentary stand out, but for the rest you might as well stick them in a title list and a post-it saying to look it up.
Being Hers - Anna Stone

Characters are flat and occupy your usual flavor of inexperienced lesbian who is reserved and hardworking, meeting the ever so rich and beautiful stoic ice queen a few years her senior.

Melanie and Vanessa have no real depth besides being their respective tropes, both have some trauma in the past that make it difficult to trust other. The only thing that sets this book apart is their bedroom activities, namely soft core BDSM.

Now, I have a philosophy with these kinds of novels. If you skimp on the character depth and world building, at least write the bedroom scenes as steamy as you can. Being Hers does neither, it’s frustratingly mediocre on both the plot and the porn. There were moments where the book could have been great but failed—because of awkward phrasing, story pacing, or dialog choices—to break that threshold.

6/10 read it if you’re horny or bored, but don’t expect any satisfaction.
What I'm really looking for are the books that have enjoyable lesbian characters in them, and romance is not the focus. Much like Baru Cormorant and unlike Thousand Names (because I disliked the setting, the side-characters, and the main character is some gary stu with a het romance, really not worth it). Anything recently crop up?
I really like some of her books, in fact my favorite /u/ book (Chief's Special) is from her but I have to say that I hated this new one.

I'm not even like some people here that can't take a hint of het in the book to drop it but in this one it was too much.

Both the protagonists talk about how they enjoyed sex with men despite being gay.
Theres explicit het-sex with one of the MCs involved ( I guess I should expect it since she is married), and it sucks. Theres more het action then /u/, so be advised if you are considering to read it.

It's really slow burn and things don't happen in the lesbian sense until 80%> of the book.

If it was by any other author I would'nt have finished it.
>or even a measure of how enjoyable it was?

I didn't enjoy quite a few of the books that are popular here. How does it help you to know that? Taste is subjective, go figure.
A google doc driven by an anonymous imageboard is probably a sub-par choice for keeping track of reviews/commentaries, compared to a website made with such specific functionality in mind (e.g. Goodreads).

>but for the rest you might as well stick them in a title list and a post-it saying to look it up.
You should be doing this regardless. Relying on the opinions of a select few individuals posting itt can be tricky. Considering it takes 5-15 hours to read a book, it's probably not a bad thing to spend a few minutes looking it up on other websites too.
Amazon, Ylva, Boldstrokes, Bella. Anymore, I generally purchase from authors I know I'll like and read excerpts from others that seem they may be interesting to decide if I want to take the plunge. Amazon unlimited is nice for that purpose.
I keep reading Devil Wears Prada and Once Upon a Time fanfiction in some of the May/December romances that have been released in the last year.

Bit of a sale going on right now
Of the list, does anyone recommend anything? They look like dime novels, the lot of em.
>See anons recommending Wisdom's Grave series in previous threads
>Too much of an autist to miss out on worldbuilding and references from author's other works
>Spend the past two weeks marathoning all 17 books across the Daniel Faust, Harmony Black and Revanche Cycle series in the author's recommended reading order
>At long last, about to start Sworn to the Night

My body is ready
Gotta say I’m excited to see your impression of Sworn to the Night since it was my first book by Schaefer. After having read The Revanche Cycle I found Marie and Nessa’s story even more impactful.

I’m jealous that you’re coming into the book with the knowledge of what they had gone through prior. You’ll definitely recognize and enjoy the references. Report back as soon as you can!
File: Dagnys-Mother-cover.png (3.54 MB, 1600x2560)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB PNG
I just clicked the publish button for a book I've been working on the past while. It takes place in the same setting as The Lady's Bride, if anyone's heard of that story. Here's a link to the Google doc for reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1neF16-4lLjOMwjaEXWg0vMmf7UO3cgMxQh7yUD9NTEA/edit
Should be accessible with no fuss. Please let me know if it isn't.

This one's called Dagny's Mother and follows some new characters a few decades following the events of the previous story (I intended it to be able to stand on its own, so it doesn't require having read the last book, but your experience may differ). I haven't got much else to add, other than maybe its 'back-of-the-book-blurb' for those interested.

(Blurb follows)
Slayer Horsun is not a kind woman. She is a mercenary sanctioned by the Lady’s cruel magicks; a sellsword whose blade bends to the fattest coin purse. Her cruelty is bartered between tongues and smuggled across borders; a callousness rumoured able to stain the very sky black with her crimes. Ruthless killer. Savage monster. Loving mother.
Her daughter is the only family she has left, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do for her. But Dagny is nothing like her. She knows nothing of the desperate measures taken to keep her safe. Or else she is ignorant, unwilling to see the harshness of the world’s true face.
Both have become comfortable. Complacent in their ways. They do not see the treachery afoot; they hardly see past one another.
(End of blurb)

I lurk on /u/ much more than I post, but maybe I can answer some questions if you guys are interested in self-publishing. Or about the book(s).

Also, here's the cover.
Forgot to include the store link for Dagny's Mother, for those of you interested.

What are some shamelessly sexy books with sexy lesbians doing sexy things and getting mixed up in sexy drama?

Pls no First Person POV
Just watch porn dude
Is this mother daughter incest?

I remember in early 2018 someone here posted a good review about a ballét yuri story. It was too new so no ebook was available at the usual sources. I thought I had it bookmarked but can't find it anymore. Do any of you by chance know what book I am talking about? I think released January or February 2018.

I have made many great experiences with ballét related yuri in the past so I want to give that book a try.
Is it The Music and The Mirror by Lola Keeley?
When I looked for it myself I actually saw this one on goodreads but did not think that's the one.
Nevermind, I found it.
Tell the rest of the class.
"Oops." Sorry, a little vacation slipped my mind when posting here. Drop by /u/ write if you're around: https://discord.gg/FFmz7X8 (it's Pyo).

Of course, vacationing usually also means reading, but didn't really have anything much this time. Just re-read Rhapsody of Blood series (release the 4th as ebook already!!!1111); and then even had to resort to het (Bujold's Cordelia's Honor, which was kinda bleh).

Still ...

Erik Schubach - Unchosen
> I said as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and we supported each other up the steps, “Hey Vi.”
Is it even possible to make this sentence any clunkier than it is? Really, I tried, but the prose just annoyed me too much to stick through the novel. Meh.

T. Poinsett - Lourmedor
This at least was readable. It's YA-ish fantasy, with the heroine living in some (women-only?) village, meeting a love interest, stuff happening ... then it ends nowhere, because it's book 1 in the series. The setting seems interesting and all, but it's so "thinly" done, barely any world building; and I didn't like either the heroine or love interest too much. Might or might not read a sequel, we'll see.

M. Heartstrom - La Lividum
Well, I've just started reading it, but - so there was "Along Came Cyrene", and the author stated that she wanted to restart the series in a more polished fashion, which sounded reasonable to me. The idea was good, but the prose and proofreading and pacing not so much, and I appreciate an author who wants to improve their work.

But I somehow wasn't expecting to get exactly the same book again; just with a different title. I think it's a bit cleaned up, but so far (just from memory) I couldn't say I spotted any major differences. So, yeah, that's disappointing. Maybe it'll "branch off" at some point, but I doubt it.
Any books that follow one protagonist through the years and different relationships? Something like Cameron Post

Please don't do this. Ever.
Maybe her parents were big fans of heavy metal. I think I would've gone with Anthrax, personally. And if it's her job title, then it's painfully cliche, and hopefully her business cards make people cringe.
The only one I can think about is Taking the Long Way by Lily R. Mason but in this one it's mostly just one relationship over the years.
>different relationships

Tipping the Velvet is sort of like that.
>Not using the Araki/Ishiwatari method of naming characters

That is fucking straight
Just finished Sworn to the Night and gotta say it was a really satisfying read, imo totally worth autistically marathoning all of the other books. Of course, seeing Nessa and Marie get another chance and defying their cycle was awesome, but I also enjoyed how the dynamic of the new incarnations was it's own thing. Of course it's still murder and mayhem with dubious morality, but it's also dinner and music over wine and less mindbreak. Revanche Nessa was amazingly ruthless but too sadistic to Marie imo Very interested to see their dynamic develop in Detonation Boulevard.

Also as side a note, the book was also super satisfying because it starts threading together all of the arcs and characters from the other books into the 'story/cycle' meta-plotline. So the payoff from reading the other books felt huge - I've now got a good sense of not only how Nessa and Marie fit into the 'cycle' plot-line but also Daniel, Harmony, Carolyn, Alton Roth etc. I was honestly expecting a few brief cameos (which is what happens in other books) not for it to be packed with references, other character POV chapters and lore development for other books.

Great book, 10/10 complicated salads. Off to read Detonation Boulevard now.
I thought about whether I can think of any novel that features more than at worst two relationships, and the only one I could come up with I don't remember the precise title of - something like "The Seven Wives of ..." Well. Alas, I got no clue what she was called, which is kinda the critical thing to remember. Jenny? Jennifer?

Wasn't good anyway, but I think that's the record for nominal relationships per stand-alone novel I remember.
I'm pretty tempted to follow your autistic lead here nee-san. What was it you said, 17 novels? You'll all probably hear back from me in like 2 or 3 months
Yeah I think it's 9 Daniel Faust books, 4 Harmony Black books, and 4 Revanche books outside of Wisdom's Grave, although they are all very light, quick reads so it's not such a heavy undertaking reading-wise.

I will say however that your YMMV depending on how much you enjoy the UF genre, heist/caper plots, non-/u/ and 1st person perspective.For maximum autism the author's website has a recommended read order

Marie/Nessa is still the best thing the author has written though
Mostly the only UF stuff I've read has been contemporary romance fusion, but as long as it's not also YA I'll be fine. As for non-/u/, it's non optimal but I don't mind it. Especially if it leads up to satisfying NON-non-/u/
File: complicated salad tbh.png (795 KB, 1581x1481)
795 KB
795 KB PNG

Although, I quite enjoyed the mindbreak. I read The Revanche Cycle after the Wisdom Grave's two books so the context was different; they're soulmates. Of course Nessa was going to break Mari and own her. Nessa of the Revanche Cycle is far crueler than her current reincarnation, and it was sweet seeing a woman who cared for nothing but nature slowly fall in love with Mari.

That declaration at the end of The Revanche Cycle? Delicious writing. When Nessa asks Mari to kill her because she doesn't want to burn. Legendary.

Sworn to the Night is definitely much more introductory to Schaefer's world--I suspect you'll enjoy Detonation Boulevard even more now that you're invested in the entire universe having read all of his books.

Want to know some real autism? Being the only drawfag around and sketching out the witch and her knight on my free time.
Nice art!

>M. Heartstrom - La Lividum
Alright; done with this, nothing to see here. If there's differences in content, it's nothing that stood out to me. Which might or might not mean something. Still, if you're in the mood for some dark-ish urban-ish fantasy and haven't read the first version, obviously, pick this one. It's just a bit more polished.

TB Markinson - The Chosen One
Actually, there's a sequel out to this one, but I just couldn't remember whether I had read this or not. With no evidence that I actually had, I decided to give this a try before thinking about the sequel ...

a) Horrendous insta attraction. I've said this before, but for the love of everything unholy don't describe the heroine wetting her panties the first time she spots her love interest! It's just, urk.

b) Nobody ever seems to mention this in reviews, but TBM novels somehow all have the heroine being kinda bullied or pushed around by her friends; not in this abusive Roseau sort of way but just enough to make me go "no, I don't like these people". This has the same problem.

c) It overall felt chaotic. On a certain level I can appreciate that it tried to be a bit more than a romance, but then, the other things it did weren't that great either ...
... which leads into the start of the sequel, which felt the same to me. Just not well structured or anything. So I didn't bother finishing that one.

Mia Archer - Cursed Mage
A short little story about an evil mage cursing the one prophesied to end her. Not much is yet revealed; it's more like an introduction into things. But I don't think the author nailed any of the characters; even for their level of writing this seemed weak to me. Potentially fun idea, bad execution (how often I've though that I don't even know anymore).
>>Rule by Ellen Goodlet

When the king's son dies and he finds out he is dying, he rounds up his three bastard daughters from different backgrounds to train them and decide which one will inherit the throne. Unfortunately all three of them have a secret that could get them executed and as it turns out someone sends a message that they know those secrets.

The three girl are co-protagonists each having their own expertise. The tough Romani girl was not my favourite. Constantly rude and argumentative and always has something to prove. Her secret is not that interesting and her romance subplot is an awful het love triangle. The maid sister I actually like. She's a scheming socialite and she's often resourceful and practical. Romance is a boring "dashing rogue betrayed me but he says he loves me" deal and I pray that it ends with her just dumping his ass.

The third sister is shy and meek but I do think that she grows to into the bookish researching one and she is pretty resourceful. Her secret is so ridiculous that I laughed and its even better when coupled with her romance. She quickly falls for her new stepmother (the queen is about the protagonists' age) when she gets to the palace and I actually did like it though I am obviously biased. In ensemble stories where one is a lesbian I usually expect her to be the least important character but I was kinda impressed that they shared screentime and plot relevance evenly.

The book is so focused on the blackmail plot it fails to develop most of the cast or the world very well and it ends in a frustrating cliffhanger that invalidates much of this book. Shame because the concept sans blackmail would have been interesting.
Can any one of you nee-sans upload all books (from all series)? A lot of mobilism's links are dead or lead to a registration with a credit card (or just don't show captchas) or have meshed all books into one (Revanche cycle).
Last The One Who Eats Monsters update said that October is probably the earliest the author can manage.

Also, if anyone cares, a sequel to the "grimdark" novella The Armored Saint is out tomorrow.
Well fuck it I am interested, was there any surprises that came up when you decided to publish?
Nothing out of the ordinary. Amazon pretty much holds your hand through the entire process. If you're doing an ebook only release, there's even less to worry about. If you're also doing a physical release, you have to put a bit more elbow grease into it since you have to prep a separate word document (complete with a numbered table of contents, as opposed to the ebook's hyperlinks). Not to mention the little finagling you have to do if you prepped a wraparound cover art as opposed to the Cover Creator tool Amazon lets you use.

One thing I would definitely recommend, if you decide to self-publish, is to know pretty well what you're willing to spend (in terms of time and money) trying to market the book. Ultimately, what I've done so far has been about as small-scale as it gets, so there are definitely better authors to learn from in the /u/lit/ threads alone.

If you're interested in self-publishing, you should honestly just go for it. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised with the success of your story. Or devastated, if it doesn't really pan out. All I can say on that is so long as writing is your hobby, and not your livelihood, you have nothing to lose. Probably.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect. If you have anything else to ask, fire away.
One thing I should add is that if you're looking for proofreaders or help with editing, I had plenty of help from the /u/ discord this time around: https://discord.gg/FFmz7X8

I also have the full version of Dagny's Mother available there under the #critique section. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Things got a little hectic trying to coordinate stuff post-release, even at this small of a scale.

If anyone decides to take a look at the story, I'd be grateful for feedback I could use when I (eventually) write the next story. Scathing criticisms and all.

For those of you less inclined to visit the discord, you can find the same thing here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gx37FuMIAUheZ3J-1bpxIcGHdCT_4quA-TvSCHXZMu4/edit
You okay with mobi/azw3 formats?

Agreed, I find Nessa's sadism strangely fascinating, especially combined with her love for Marie. I guess my main objection to the mindbreak was because it was a repeat of the cycle of Marie getting broken/brainwashed by various people projecting their desires onto her, from Dante to her mentor to Nessa. Even though with Nessa Marie got what she always wanted (family, liege, purpose etc), the fact that she had to be so fully manipulated into that position (did Nessa ever admit to Marie that she just straight up murdered her mentor so she could have her? I can't remember) makes the result a little bit hollow imo. Not to mention it was completely unnecessary, Marie was easily Nessa's by then.. However in retrospect it makes current Nessa/Marie that much more special, since Marie is demonstrably a lot more spirited and willing this time around. Nessa clearly gets a kick out of it too
Also that is some great art, saved!
If there are no .epub, then yeah. I'm fine with them.

Here you go nee-san. That's everything except Faust 8: Neon Boneyard which wouldn't work for some reason. I'll try re-uploading it for you if you get that far.
Thanks! Gonna be a while probably, so we'll see.
Barbara Wilson - Cassandra Reilly
Low-key mystery series featuring a globe-traveling translator.

The mysteries aren't anything too special; more of a series of misunderstandings and wild coincidences involving quirky characters in various locations around (mostly) Europe.

What I liked was the slight cynicism of the heroine; a certain dry outlook on things, and the absence of romance. I mean, usually there was someone (or someones) around she wouldn't have minded getting in bed with, but she had no romantic aspirations beyond that (and often nothing happened).

Also, the books have this certain level of substance shitty A-meets-B novels just don't have. When it talks about music in Venice, you get actual and plausible invented information on the topic. When she's in Transylvania, it talks about complex relationship between Hungary and Romania and what else went on there. And so on. It's not like the novels where they claim that somebody is this or that and then there's never anything that'd require any actual knowledge or research on it.

Hadn't really thought about that aspect much before, but somehow it made a difference here.

Still, it's nothing too special. Something to read that doesn't annoy but doesn't really do anything much else either.

Jenna Rae - The Third Eye
Similar, but more "classic" in that it's one case worked by a police officer, who just broke up with her ex over cheating. Somebody's killed, she doesn't believe the case should be closed, etc.

Overall a solid novel I have no big gripes with. The (very small) romance felt unnecessary; tagged on. Fine. No big deal. The bad guys were too obvious. Alright, but you never can be quite sure it's not a red herring.
Is the third book in the Soho Loft series, Ready or Not, worth reading?

I read Kiss the Girl and Just Three Words and enjoyed both, but I wasn't too fond of the character that the third book is about.
I found Samantha and Hunter's romance to be the best of the series so take this with a grain of biased salt. Mallory's romance was the most contrived and I think it leaned too hard on the fact that previous readers would read it for Jessica/Brooks and Hunter/Sam.

Simply put, Mallory didn't need a book for herself. Of the cast, she was always the level headed and most anal retentive of the bunch; the stable rock in a sea of quirky humor and melodrama. I liked that about her. She didn't need to be dismantled and given a love story as well.

IMHO, skip it unless you've got nothing else to read.
I don't see why not. Since it's a trilogy and the last book. But then, I don't particularly dislike Mallory myself. Heh.
No, Nessa never did tell Mari that she murdered Wener. It's why their current reincarnation feels more true to character; Nessa admits she staged Richard's death. I think Marie is secretly thankful for it.

From a narrative standpoint, Nessa needed the cloak and dagger was because Mari had been brainwashed and lied to by so many other people. There was only one way to undo that--she needed to be broken again, to be shown that the "justice" she knew was made by a system that left Mari with dead parents, a scarred child and solider of war.

I would go so far as to say Nessa is the only character to offer Mari any truth in The Revanche Cycle. She's certainly the only character that offers Mari any choice. Poor Mari had been brainwashed and drugged by Wener, and before him was Veronca.

You're right to say that is does feel hollow...the death of Wener always weighed at the back of my mind. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't have mattered if Mari knew or not. She was Nessa's the moment they met and Nessa afforded Mari a level of respect and consent that no one else had ever done before. It wasn't perfect, but it was theirs.

15/10 complicated salads
File: TWGNessa.png (592 KB, 1080x1920)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Another drawfag yay.
Off-topic, but I just want to thank you onee-sans for being a continual bastion of relative civility and comfort in a time when every other board I visit and every other general I hang out in is turning into an autistic diarrhea explosion
has anyone read good fanfiction recently?

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