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Last 2 threads were in August >>.2696030 and April >>2603224

General guide on buying yuri manga
(there is a guide to buy digital manga from amazon.jp from a yuriblog, I will see if I can found it)

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)

How to signup for honto:

How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book

Japanese wiki listing yuri manga:
I’m an Aikatsu fan, last year I read a blogpost about a wedding event in our mobile game. Blog owner is happy for the character interaction in said event. I didn’t follow the mobile game so only later I realize where the fanart about Aikatsu’s first MC wedding with her childhood friend came from. From all main yuri couple in Aikatsu that people ship, they are one of 3 pair that know each other for the longest time. After looking at it, I can only think “they deserve it”. Finally.

And here now I found Bandai make this. The first of Precure pair
The moral of the story is, Hugh sucks.
This type of official material is always a good thing, although sadly other couples do not receive the same treatment, they are appealing nostalgia anyway.
Just spent 200$ on any manga that is Yuri or has Yuri scenes...some great discoveries and some great disappointments too. But I am still happy to support yuri manga artist because they are gerting fewer with the time while we get flooded by harems and isekai garbage
>Last 2 threads were in August and April
No, it's just the latest thread has been made by an idiot.
So for Americans, we live in a blessed times where lots of Yuri manga have finally got licensed and after being published at a fairly rapid rate (I got a lotta things on the wishlist backburner and see a bunch of new releases in March and July). The only problem for me is that each volume is around $14 and that adds up. (I remember the days of $7.99 manga)

So for Americans, what are your go to methods to buy manga? I currently buy from Amazon but they generally charge full price + tax so it's not too appealing. So far the best deal I've gotten is the eBay 15% site wide deals and getting Mangas for $11-ish. Anyone got a better method to buying lots of yuri for less?
Book depository? I can't say anything about their shipping speed since it's my first time ordering from them. But they have a pretty sweet deal with free shipping (anywhere in the world) and most of their books are discounted.
Either wait for the book to go on sale on amazon (it happens eventually for everything) or wait for a book sale event from places like target or barnes and noble. They semi-regularly have buy two get one free sales and even though their prices suck it still generally ends up being cheaper than the alternatives. If you planned on buying on or close to release dates then I don't have any advice because the prices generally will be highest during that window. In general, keep a list of what you want and wait for the good sales to buy it all up. There's no risk of these going out of stock from what I've seen so being patient works out.
Respectfully disagree that Amazon's manga prices ever go on sale. All Citrus volumes are still full priced and so are Murcielago volumes. I'm just guessing this category is niche enough for Amazon not care about price shifting with.

Rightstuf might be an OK choice since their prices are consistently $3 lower than full price even for preorders. But only if you qualify for that $49 free shipping. Patience probably is the best bet.
File: index-1_1.jpg (758 KB, 1433x2024)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Anyone bought this? I normally don't buy doujin (I understand why but it is too expensive per page.) but I regret nothing.
camelcamelcamel has price tracking and alerts and you can check just about every yuri manga goes through 20-40% off drops at some point. I bought Murcielago 6 from amazon for $9 a month ago along with Neji's Lonely monster and blind girl along with amazon's $5 off $20 book sale they had, so it ended up being about $7 for each of those. I think Murcielago 7 and 8 were about $10 on amazon at that point which was good enough for me but then B&N had their B2G1F sale so I bought them there for $8 along with some other yuri. I ordered Citrus 4 for $6.69 from amazon years ago. There's not only one right store to buy yuri from because they all have their moments, just depends on the time and diligence you're willing to put into it. Sometimes the pre-order price is heavily discounted, other times it stays full price until 6 months or a year. Luckily new english yuri comes out so frequently now that I never go long without seeing something for a good price and buying it.
Where'd you buy it?
How do you oligarchs buy from melonbooks or toranoana? I have a backlog of Touhou doujins that I always wanted to possess but I haven't really tried any courier service myself.

Is there a site where it's safe and convenient to buy from? Doesn't need to be the cheapest.
This has mira in it

It is worth it no matter the price
I bought it and I love it! All of the artists in it are great, but I especially love Mira and Homura Subaru.


If you want instructions on how to buy, please see below:

These instructions don't apply perfectly to the touch website, but it isn't too hard to figure out. Let me know if you're having trouble and I'll try to help you.
Bought Sakyubasu jyanaimon


I never get tired of Yuri monster girls harems.

And the good thing is the author said in his latest release that he will continue this series! (Almost canceled due to low sales)
Ah I thought you may have bought a physical version and there was a chance it was being sold outside of melonbooks. Thank you though, I just have physical copy autism, probably gonna set up one of those proxy services someday.
New wave of Anthology comics

From Kadokawa
Yuri-drill 2 (Hard)
Yuri-drill 3 (Application)
White Lilies in Love BRIDE's Newlywed Yuri

Vanilla Non-human x Non-human
Cinnamon Human x Non-human

From Ichijinsha
Shibuya - Gyaru
Iccha Love Only

Macaron - Idol
Yuliqeur - Alcohol
9? That is a hell of a lot of anthologies in the span of 1 month.
Is the macaron meme that well known?
>Is the macaron meme that well known?
No. There's just a little trend of titling Yuri stuff things like Eclair, Galette, Parfait, Chocolat, etc.
Ah, my misunderstanding. You're welcome, and I wish I could help further. There are quite a few doujinshi I would buy physically if I could.
>Vanilla Non-human x Non-human
>Cinnamon Human x Non-human

Apparently it's Dengeki G's Comic that are putting these out. Latest issue had a few samples.

Oh, and Vampire x Junior is ending next issue.
Sad but hope for more Takano Saku.

I just read the samples. Glad to see Mintarou.
>Oh, and Vampire x Junior is ending next issue.

Booo, I want an anime of that
>Vampire x Junior is ending
I'm okay with it ending as long as they outgay the curse.

Anyone reading this? Yoshitomi Akihito has been hit or miss since Sisterism so even though VR yuri sounds fun I'm always hesitant his stuff will turn strange in non/u/ ways.
I follow it on Magazine Walker.

It's just yuri. The VR concept is used for something quite like a dreamlogic adventure, quite minimalist and moderately trippy, and it's basically the visuals that are the point of it, as opposed to aspects such as characterization.
Hagure idol jigoku hen 8 is coming soon!

はぐれアイドル地獄変 (8) (ニチブンコミックス) https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4537138823/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_AWouCbCB8M9RN
Sounds like something I'd have no hesitation buying in that case. Thanks anon.

I skimmed the yuri parts after seeing it posted here a few times but honestly fuck ever buying that shit. Things were never full yuri, sure, but that author can't be trusted and it definitely isn't something I'd ever tell someone on /u/ to read let alone buy. It's already made that shota hump the MC and cum on her so its only a matter of time before she ends up fucking the shota or some other fucking nobody when the series is trying to get views to avoid cancellation.
Planning to get these.
Like eating a handful of shit to get the piece of corn in the middle.
I was planning on saving up to buy yuri anime BDs but february's yuri order is more expensive than I anticipated.

私の拳をうけとめて! 2
はなにあらし 4
小林さんちのメイドラゴン 8
小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常 6
徒然日和 2
みらいのふうふですけど? 2
月が綺麗ですね 5
ちかのこ 特装版
ゆりなつ(3) -民宿かがや-
スロウスタート 6
百合もよう 1 咲宮4姉妹の恋
明るい記憶喪失 4
百合ドリル 応用編
百合ドリル 難問編
シスコンお姉ちゃんと気にしない妹 1
ギャルとオタクはわかりあえない。 4
White Lilies in Love BRIDE's 新婚百合アンソロジー
SHIBUYA ギャル百合アンソロジー
お姉さんは女子小学生に興味があります。 3
If you're still itching to buy yuri then check Target starting february 10th for their buy 2 get 1 free book sale.
File: yurika kaede wedding.jpg (314 KB, 1032x720)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Even if you didn't follow the game, the youtube video is still up to show what the wedding was like.
The year after that there wasn't an event but these two had a pair of wedding cards.
>Vampire x Junior is ending next issue
and nothing of value was lost
>Vampire x Junior is ending
Source on that? Last I saw people were afraid it'd been dropped and then it was (thankfully) magically revived
File: kckc.png (515 KB, 556x765)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
I saw it in the magazine (read on Magazine Walker). Both the end of the latest chapter (ch 21) and the next issue preview says so.
>received Gyarin book
Their paper, and overall print quality is much nicer than I thought. I don't know how people bring themselves to destroying such books to scan.
they have yuri?
File: 00003.jpg (234 KB, 844x1200)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I just bought and read this and I'm not quite sure what did I just read. I did like it though, and the weirdest thing is that it's apparently a sequel to yet another "what the fuck did I just read" manga by Yoshitomi Akihito that I read a very, very long time ago...

Anyway, there's lots of girl on girl action, so all good.
What is it a sequel to? I was planning to buy it as my first Yoshitomi Akihito purchase but I'd like to read the beginning if it is a continuous story.
No harm in reading it first, I'd say. It's a sequel more in a sense that it's set in the same general setting, just later.

But just in case it's Hen na nee-san which is probably worth reading at some point anyway if you like Akihito's brand of weird.
1 x 1/2 - My Half of You - Book 1 by Taiyaki https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NNZN1YR
Sweet, I love Yoshitomi Akihito, but didn't know this existed.
If you want to buy ebooks and don't mind unbreakable DRM, BookWalker does 50% point refund for all mangas released before 2/14.

If you buy prepaid coin for 10000 yen, you can also get 300 yen equivalent coin.

Kadokawa and Yurihime's ebook should be the same with Kindle version.
Did anyone save the last chapters of Futari Monologue before they were nuked from cycomics? The last tank volume is still some time away...
File: @oka_paya.jpg (75 KB, 450x450)
75 KB
I'm not familiar with color prices but 926Y for 20 pages artbook is too much, right? This before considering it is sold in melon
A new tank from Yoshitomi Akihito, I'm not sure, surely he has made yuri before but he has also made shit like Hen na nee-san so I think I'll pass.

Oh, so it's one of his yuri works, then I'll buy it.

>every girl is a semen-drinking alien
>story is about bringing back extincted men so they can drink all the semen they want

I guess you forgot to mention these little details on /u/. You'll have to know that most people have standards and they don't buy shit just because it has a couple of lesbian scenes. Now I'm gonna go burn this shit because it has no place on my yuri shelf, thanks for the waste of money.
I forgot to pick up a physical copy of ガレットNo.8 and it says on amazon that it is "Out of print-limited availability". Is there anywhere else to buy it or am I screwed?
No luck from here. No result in websites where I search it. I hope someone else can find it for you.
File: 1419564448063.jpg (844 KB, 2048x1152)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
Reposting what other have from years ago. The poker card and tapestry looks nice
I'm considering getting a second copy of 雨上がりの花嫁 for scanning purposes now that it's sold out. Does anyone have any experience/advice in order not to massacre the pages?
Read the thread starting here >>2835935
File: haul_high_res.jpg (2.01 MB, 2448x3264)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Look wut I got.
The special edition of AnoKo is out of stock after one day, do you think there is hope it'll come back in stock?
It fucking better, I had it pre-ordered to avoid this exact scenario and somehow mine still hasn't even shipped yet.
It was back in stock this morning and I succeeded to order it before it went out of stock again.
I also managed to finally order Lilium Terrarium yesterday when it was "only one left in stock".
And I'm still waiting for a reprint of Tovarisch that it went immediately out of stock and never came back ever since, it's been more than a whole year that I keep checking but there are only used ones or sold by third parties that don't ship abroad.
It's a common thing for Amazon or it happens only for yuri stuff? They go out of stock way too fast.
Yuri is cursed by low print runs. If you know you want to buy some new yuri then always pre-order it to save yourself the heartache. I've seen more yuri that never gets reprinted than those that do, even when it is seemingly popular.

Speaking of limited, my 4th YagaKimi BD shipped today. Anyone familiar with how the amazon limited box redemption thing works?
So I see Irua put out an English version of her married woman x young girl series but I heard there wasn't any sex scenes. So I'm reluctant to actually buy it because what good is married woman x young girl without the sex.
I believe they're free on Kindle Unlimited.
The problem with preorders is that Amazon will ship them as soon as they're released even if you expressly choose the option to receive all in one package. Since I use a service to receive packages in my country I have to pay for every package I receive so I want them to be as fewer as possible (and Amazon still keeps sending me packages with only one book inside). Shipping and custom taxes is already 50% or more than the items, I can't waste all this money.

>how the amazon limited box redemption thing works
You have to insert the four serials on a site along with a japanese address. It's not shipped abroad. So you have to pay for a new shipping (they could just give the box together with the 4th volume...) and using a forwarding service aka paying the service and paying yet another shipping.
I decided it wasn't worth it. The regular edition's volumes are already classy enough. Even if I already know I will regret it when I'll see a photo of the box.
I try not to think about how I am essentially spending over 10000 yen to buy a fancy yuri box.
>yuri box
Now I want a monthly subscription service that sends me curated yuri stuff in a pink box with flowers.
Any one know if the tokyo pop release of futaribeya is any good. If the quality or translations isn´t that good then i would rather just buy the Japanese volumes.
I think you should just get the Japanese one, it's one of the easier series to read after all.
No e-book versions I suppose?
I confirm that there are no sex scenes in any of those. And none of them actually get together within the story.
The English version includes the Japanese version too.
Anyone know what this is? It looks good, but I have absolutely no context besides the fact that it's oneeloli.
I bought a few volumes, it's alright. My main beef is that they don't use the honorifics, sadly one of the few translators that still does this, and use Miss in place of san which is double annoying.
How much more context could you possibly need? Preschool teacher fugs a preschool student. Personally I think that goes a little bit too far.
>use Miss in place of san which is double annoying.
The only series that would be acceptable in is Himawari-san, and even then only for Himawari-san herself.
This is what I got this month. I'm excited to see what the all these yuri anthologies will have in them.

ヒーローさんと元女幹部さん 1
ゆりこん 2
イケメンすぎです紫葵先パイ! 1
飛野さんのバカ 1
FLOWERS 2 ―Le volume sur printemps- フラワーズ
シナモン 人外×人間百合アンソロジー
バニラ 人外×人外百合アンソロジー
マカロン アイドル百合アンソロジー
ユリキュール アルコール百合アンソロジー
真面目ガールと青春ランジェリー 1
あの娘にキスと白百合を 10 特装版
吸血鬼ちゃん×後輩ちゃん 4
世界で一番おっぱいが好き! 3
いつかのメモラージョ ~ことのはアムリラート~ 限定版
やがて君になる (4)[Blu-ray] +巻収納BOX
I also got
激辛お嬢さまは自分を罰したい 3
舞台 少女歌劇 レヴュースタァライト ―The LIVE― SHOW MUST GO ON 2
みのりと100人のお嬢様 2
ルミナス=ブルー 1
and decided to give up on 真面目ガールと青春ランジェリー because I'm following it on ComicWalker and I haven't see anything yuri in it yet. This time Tachi is a let down.

>世界で一番おっぱいが好き! 3
Did someone get the limited edition with the drama cd?

>FLOWERS 2 ―Le volume sur printemps
This complete the spring chapter, I wonder if they'll continue with the other seasons. Even if I still have to read the first volume.
If it manages to not have any yuri with a title like that and Tachi at the helm then I will be very confused with the world.
>limited edition with the drama cd
I forgot this was a thing. Now to debate if spending 6000 yen is worth hearing someone narrate boob groping.
God dammit, there is hetshit here too.
It's not as bad as >>2827632 where the whole story was based on hetshit, Lily System itself ends in yuri without any problem but there are two one-shots after that, one het and one het/yaoi gender bender that have nothing to do with it.
Lily System is 200 pages, already enough for a whole volume, who the fuck is the idiot who thought it'd be a good idea to put hetshit one-shots in the same volume. It's almost like they don't know it would piss people off.
I think I'll add him to the list of authors I avoid purchases for entirely. This author is always a mixed bag and I hate buying something that I'm not 100% a fan of.
They're one-shots done for the same magazine that Lily System ran in, so it makes perfect sense to take the opportunity to collect them in a tank. Feeling pissed off about is just plain fucked up.
>makes sense putting het in a yuri tank
No. Nobody who may buy a "Lily System" would be interested in reading het. And nobody who read het would buy an obvious yuri tank. The volume was already enough with the Lily System story, there was absolutely no need to force two more one-shots into it that make the volume out of size.
Back in reality, loads of yuri fans also read het.

You might be some kind of extremist who gets upset at anything that isn't yuri, but people like you are rare. If those were the only people who bought yuri tanks, the genre would be commercially dead since there'd be no hope of a yuri tank selling the tens of thousands of copies for profitability. Loads of people buying this particular book will be Yoshitomi fans, interested in his work in general.
Maybe not in the same tank.
If you don't understand that different genres have different audience you're failing as a publisher.
Yes, author's fans will buy any shit by that author but they can't live with only that audience, even more when it's an unknown author like in this case. "Lily", girls kissing on the cover, the synopsis
They are aiming to yurifags and nobody else with this volume. Nobody who likes het would give a chance to a book like this one.
Also, it's way rarer for people to like both het and yuri, /u/ is a clear example.
Nope, you're the rare fringe.

Treating /u/ like it's going to representative of people who buy yuri is utterly stupid, and it's also stupid to think you can even tell whether it's normal on /u/ for people to have a problem with het since it only takes a loud minority to discourage people from acknowledging that they also enjoy het to avoid arguments.
Even if I can enjoy het, I definitely don't want to see it in something I thought was yuri.

Don't let them die.
Eh, I only kind of like one of those anyway.

Now this is something I don't have to be persuaded to care about. Double sided yuri.
Anyone have read this? OL story it seems
I like fantasy stories and space opera. I really enjoy them and two of my favorites are a fantasy and a space opera.

But, if I start a manga with a pure fantasy story and in the half (let's say, chapter 7) they write a space opera one-shot, I'm not going to read it and it can cause me to feel disgust for the author for taking me out of the story.
It is cute OL story. Nothing to note though. You can read via Manga Jam app.
>NTR百合アンソロジー(仮) (百合姫コミックス)
I'll pass on this. Disgusting.

>BOOKWALKER (Japan side, global side) is a fairly new service available to international buyers.
I just find out a month after OP post, my Touhou circle move their dlsite from Melon to BW. Now after further browsing, this site sold digital manga from 2006.
And now I just realize Booklife is different site
So I use Bookwalker, and somethings that link didn't tell you is that, for english at least, you can also read your purchases online, dunno why you'll do that though as using the app and downloading is way better.
The app is frankly not that bad, it can be a little slow at times, but once you are actually reading it works smoothly, no complaints there. What I do complain is that the pc app is always online mode, so no internet, no reading. Although according to their site, you can actually download and read offline for their mobile apps.
Note also that the global side takes payment in USD, but if you buy both jap side and global side, i.e. english trans and raws at the same time, it switches all payment to be in JPY.
And also something something it has a loyalty program of sorts that gives you points you can spend when you purchase, basically a discount of sorts.
Lesbian NTR is the best NTR, anon.
I doubt YH would do that kind of NTR, I'll wait for someone here to say there is no bisluttism in it.
NTR is shit anyway.
>I doubt YH would do that kind of NTR
I think you give them too much credit. But even if it was somehow only lesbian NTR I would never buy it and risk YH asking their authors to make more of it.
Yurinavi always has a lot of series that have nothing to do with yuri in its list but it doesn't have Skeeter rabbit on April and I was about to miss it. How come? I'm reading the scans and it looks full yuri. Now I'm wondering if I'm missing some titles I don't even know about.
I missed it too, thanks for pointing that out. Now to decide if I need to order it by itself or put it in next month's order and risk it selling out.

Yurinavi is hit or miss on the quality of its inclusions, a lot of stuff that barely qualifies is on there, but generally it has most if not all of the major yuri for that month. I've seen them retroactively put in something before, but that was also too late for me to buy it. They probably just missed it.
This is what I bought for the month of April. I haven't had time to scrutinize what I buy like I usually do so I missed スキーターらびっと!!which I'll buy at some point.

>月と恋は満ちれば欠ける。 1
>サラダボウル 1
>世界の終わりと魔女の恋 1
>春とみどり 1
>紅殻のパンドラ 15 GHOST URN
>定時にあがれたら 1
>オトメの帝国 14
>花香るとき、貴方は。 社会人百合アンソロジー
>ふたりモノローグ 6
>まだ魔法なんかに頼ってらっしゃるのでしょうか? 1
>やがて君になる 7
>ショコラ 2 社会人百合アンソロジー
>すわっぷすわっぷ 4
>同棲生活 2
>クダンノフォークロア 限定版【Amazon.co.jpオリジナル特典付き】

4/4 オトメの帝国 14
4/5 毒百合乙女童話
4/8 定時にあがれたら 1
4/10 紅殻のパンドラ 15
4/11 はるかなレシーブ 7
4/12 あーとかうーしか言えない 1
4/12 スライム倒して300年、知らないうちにレベルMAXになってました 4
4/12 マザーグール 4
4/12 春とみどり 1
4/12 君のくれるまずい飴
4/15 世界の終わりと魔女の恋 1
4/15 バリキャリと新卒
4/18 サラダボウル 1
4/18 月と恋は満ちれば欠ける。 1
4/22 吸血鬼はじめました。 2
4/22 同棲生活2 わたしだけが特別ならいいのに
4/22 理想と恋
4/22 リバティ
4/24 惑星クローゼット 3
4/25 すわっぷすわっぷ 4
4/25 どうして私が美術科に!? 3
4/25 こみっくがーるず 5
4/26 ふたりモノローグ 6
4/26 刀使ノ巫女 3
4/26 スキーターらびっと!! 1
4/26 レズ風俗アンソロジー
4/26 ショコラ2 社会人百合アンソロジー
4/27 White Lilies in Love 花香るとき、貴方は。 社会人百合アンソロジー
4/27 やがて君になる 7
4/27 籠の少女は恋をする 3
4/27 まだ魔法なんかに頼ってらっしゃるのでしょうか? 1
4/27 違国日記 4
4/30 ブレイズ・ソー・エッジ 1
They are an aggregate site, I doubt the admin has the time to assess the quality of every series featured there.
You should give 理想と恋 a chance. I thought it was one of the better April releases.
Actually I had that in my cart but put it in the saved for later section because I was in a hurry and I'm trying to cut back on how much yuri I buy blindly it is not helping. I'll take a second look at that and see if I want to buy it though, thanks.
Anyone got the big Flowers artbook (the one for all the seasons)? How is it?

And speaking of Flowers, I just saw that Neji did a R18 Suoh/Mayuri doujinshi last year. Any chances we could get our hands on that?
Getting a lot of age gap this month.

>草薙先生は試されている。 2
>シロップ 社会人百合アンソロジー
>やがて君になる 佐伯沙弥香について 2
>はなにあらし 5
>三日月のカルテ 2
>立花館To Lieあんぐる(8)特装版
>エデンの処女 3
>おやすみシェヘラザード 3
>パルフェ3 おねロリ百合アンソロジー

Debating on getting ワンナイトフレンド. The hook reminds me of After Hours, but that's not really compelling me to get it.
It's 2 oneshots and 1 three-parter. I liked all (I read via magazine) and especially eponymous One night friend. There are translations of three-parter "I Hate Things Like Love" if you inclined to read that.
I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to put that on my shelf. Funny that this comes out the same time as the ohsawa yayoi reprint, because while that has a couple oneshots in it that I really liked (the music one), the rest is terrible and sours the whole thing. Thanks for pointing that out, saved me some yen that I will use for more yuri.
Saw the synopsis before I placed an order and decided to cut it out since it tripped too many red flags. Is it better than it sounds? I may reconsider since the author and artist's cred made me consider it in the first place.

Two weeks and still waiting. I'm afraid I'll have to remove it from my order and hope it'll be on stock next month for my June order.
Seriously, Amazon's stock has become a joke in the last year.
So hey, Tokyopop pick up this

Anyone bought their current yuri licenses, is the quality good?
I have been buying Futaribeya and I have been enjoying it.
Do they bold words too?
Not that anon but I'd buy them even if they have bold words (Yuri is my Job from Kodansha has them too) but what I can't accept is erasing honorifics. You can also search the archive since some anons said that they're bad and offers inaccurate translations. Kinda sad because I love Still Sick.
I'm still going to buy it, just curious.
File: toho59.gif (45 KB, 751x550)
45 KB
Anyone here debound a book before? I'm gonna be debinding a tank. What do I need to watch out for to make it work? Melting the glue with a hairdryer seems like the best way so that's what I'm planning on.
They erase honorifics and use stuff like miss instead, sigh. Can't wait for the chapter to be translated where they discuss the honorifics used for Sakurako and Kasumi. Gonna have to get creative on that one.
The only time I saw miss used in a way that felt right was in Miss Sunflower.
DMP is doing yuri doujins https://www.lilykamanga.com/
There's Tadokoro-san, Rain and the Other Side of You, SHWD, and Katakura Ako to name a few.
>Digital Manga Inc., DMI, is excited to announce the launch of LILYKA, a new imprint and online store specializing in Yuri and Shoujo-Ai manga

Always happy when good creators are getting more exposure and I can't wait to see how they'll market shoujo-ai manga to the west.
Interesting. The site is kinda rough around the edges though. The Tadokoro-san listing is also ambiguous. How many chapters are we buying? There's no pages count to indicate.
Some of their listings look like one shots too, which makes it more confusing. Definitely could use a page count and prequel/sequel/series information.
Anyone reading オタシェア!~エロゲ女子×腐女子×ルームシェア~ ? Is there some gay in it?
Do you have name of the doujin? Where did you saw it?

Couleur has most of artwork created for Flowers, more than half is game cg. Paper quality is super good.
File: 70503007_p0.png (1.1 MB, 1026x1174)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
I saw it on Neji's Pixiv, name is "ジプソフィラの交わる未来"

Funny that someone in 5ch asked same question and here is the answer: 百合女子が一人いるってだけで作品自体を百合ものとして紹介するのは違う気がするよね

There is one Yuri girl (likes yuri or gay I don't know) but it will be a bit of a stretch to sell this as yuri manga.
Digital version can be bought here:
Here is the link for physical version:
It's autobiographical and their relationship isn't homosexual.

I think that post is about a completely different series.
Well, that was very bad, I can't recommend it.
Like the synopsis said, one of the two has been married and then left because she was fat and an useless human being that did nothing in the house.
MC liked her when she was in middle school and still likes her when they met again when she's in high school. They start living together so she could help her with her diet. Until the end it remains nothing but an unrequited love and MC is fine with it even after that she's been rejected. Also random flashback with the husband and also a guy that is hitting on the MC. It's been very bad. I don't know how two yuri artists can work together to produce such a bad story.
Sorry you had to go through that but thanks for letting us know.

Thankfully my yuri senses are still functioning. I hate when I accidentally buy that kind of disappointing shit.
File: Spoiler Image (599 KB, 1692x1200)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
I can't believe I put off reading 麻衣の虫ぐらし. It's fantastic.
What do the Japanese like about it? (5-star Amazon reviews)
Drama. Japanese loves it.
Bislut drama yes, but also drama between the two girls, drama with MC's friend who liked the guy that was hitting on her, drama with MC's sister and parents (her mother remarried and she can't accept the new father)...
Also it's Ultra Jump so it's read by not-yurifags, the fact that the two girls don't end up together is probably a positive thing for them.
Also always check the user accounts, two of them give 5 stars to literally everything, two of them don't have other reviews which I always assume is a friend of the author/artist/editor/publisher. The only one who has a review history of substance gave it 2 stars. Amazon reviews don't mean much.
I don't think I can stomach reading this. I like yuri, but I hate bugs.
Nothing surprising from the guy who worked for Kago no shoujo and also the new shitty AdaShima's manga. YagaKimi is his only good thing, probably because Nakatani doesn't let him force her to push shit in it.
File: Spoiler Image (199 KB, 858x1200)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
That was part of the reason I put off reading it, but the yuri made it all worth it for me. The digital only side story was nice too.
Does Comic E x E have yuri exclusive issues? Because the cover of issue 13 is baiting me pretty hard rn
They started avalon anthology.
Maybe they're using ExE to promote GxG? I just saw they're releasing a new batch of Avalon July 31st.
>Avalon Alter ~karma~ (girls×garden comics)
Probably the 2nd bitter anthology
>Avalon ~bloom~ (girls×garden comics)
2nd Avalon classic anthology
>レゾナントブルー (girls×garden comics)
No clue what this is and google only shows an old j-pop band, but as their first tank with the gxg imprint I'm hoping this means match or nekomura will be next.
Last one is by Yorumo

It is likely collection of short stories.
That issue was the last one when GxG was still part of ExE, but I doubt that cover had anything to do with yuri. It looks like the white lilies are used as bridal iconography.

ExE covers don't indicate a theme for the issue anyway. At most the cover character(s) might be in a story by the cover artist.

I see there are a lot of novels released this month, can anyone here recommend what to buy? I can't possibly believe they all are yuri, some of them are gonna be just all-female cast, right?
I see じんるいのみなさまへ retweetted a lot by yuri dedicated readers but I know nothing about it, is it really yuri or just friendship?

Also 魔王城ツアーへようこそ! is by the same author of JK splash! Does anyone know if it's on the same level of yuri?
It should be "buydyke", not "buyfag".
Thanks anon. I'd probably buy it regardless just so the label doesn't die and I can finally get the gxg that I actually want, but at least part of that doesn't look too terrible.

It must be something to do with that game that's coming out with the same name. Maybe a novelization of the plot?
The visual similarities of that cover to kobayashi and tooru is too high.
I bought a few I don't really know much about but I'm pretty happy with this month, there are a lot of reasons to be excited.

グッバイ・ディストピア 3
神絵師JKとOL腐女子 1
熱帯魚は雪に焦がれる 5
彼女がお兄ちゃんになったらしたい10のこと 2
じんるいのみなさまへ ―わたしたちの場所―
カヌレ スール百合アンソロジー
アステリズムに花束を 百合SFアンソロジー
私以外人類全員百合 1
Not sure what happened to Yahoo Japan's auction site, but went from being able to see adult stuff about an hour ago to now suddenly nothing showing up in search.
I bought some lenticular prints of yuri pictures to put in my room. They turned out very nice. I went for thematic similarities on two of them (Beloved, pictures were from the final chapter of them looking out the window "at" each other) and a cute animated one for the other one (Their Story, Qiu Tong fanning Sun Jing). I was thinking of taking a video of them but it probably wouldn't show up right anyway.

Bought them from Walgreens using NEWPICS code, cost $4.50 for 3 prints. Recommend trying it if you have some pictures you like and want a unique way to display them.
できそこないの姫君たち 2
女流作家とユキ 2
付き合ってあげてもいいかな (2)
お嬢様とメイドの百合な日常 ~白いお屋敷のラプンツェル~
I didn't get those because I wasn't into them, but this one looks like it may be fun.
This is what I'm looking at for July for the moment. Very much hoping Amber Teahouse will not miss its release date again, although I wish all the delay turned it into something like the Iono limited reprint that came with the drama CD. Yuri anthologies this month outnumber YH series releases which is just crazy.

とどのつまりの有頂天 2
夜と海 2
山田と加瀬さん。 1
ムルシエラゴ 15
MURCIELAGO —ムルシエラゴ— BYPRODUCT —アラーニァ— 3
White Lilies in Love 私が酔いしれるのは、夏の陽射しと貴方だけ。 社会人百合アンソロジー
飴色紅茶館歓談 完全版1
飴色紅茶館歓談 完全版2
Avalon 〜bloom〜
Avalon Alter 〜karma〜
Anyone know some exhibitors that sell doujins at conventions? I only have a couple hours today for AX.
No Omae Gotoki?

>Amber Teahouse
I've given up on it. I'll order it sometime after it comes out, if it ever does.
>No Omae Gotoki?
The only thing I heard about it is that its an edgy LN, no idea if that's true but I almost never get interested LNs in general, and edgy stuff isn't really a good motivator of mine.
It may be edgy, but it's also a good fantasy LN with lots of yuri, which makes it something of a unicorn.
Hello /u/ just a question I just got Rune Factory 4 is there yuri in it or at least subtext?
Seems more like a question for the game thread, but to answer your question:

There are some sort of post game settings that let you change your portrait to that of the female protagonist, but characters still refer to you as male. This of course requires playing as the dude some. As far as I'm aware, some of the suggestive dialogue is unchanged between male and female, so you can definitely goggle it.

Fingers crossed they let you skip over that crap and just get gay married in the switch rerelease. I think there are some mods that let you cheat to get to that portrait switch right away.
I've been slowly starting to gain interest but I'll probably hold off buying it until it's done. It already costs over 5000 yen and I don't really trust it.

I think the game thread mentioned the switch version will allow same sex marriage from the start.
I'm waiting for more manga chapters to see for myself how yuri it actually is but the the pace of the releases is insane.
I've read the WN and can confirm there's plenty of yuri in it. There are multiple explicit yuri couples, and it's a big part of the story.
If I want to buy used stuff from amazon and an item is marked as "fulfilled by amazon" and so it's "Stored, Packed & Shipped by Amazon" why won't amazon ship it abroad like the new stuff?

I'm planning to get some old, complete, out of stock series, something like 100+ volumes, but the double shipping is a waste of money. Tenso asks 20000 yen for a 30 kg package (and there is also the fee to join all the packeges in one big package).

Isn't there a cheaper way to get used stuff?
>>Isn't there a cheaper way to get used stuff?
>Live in Japan
Try other proxy services
>748 yen
So fuck everyone who bought the A5 edition, right? Where am I supposed to put that on my shelf?
I'm surprised that they aren't making a higher price special edition with the A5 like citrus- had. For a headliner like this I expected a special edition to come out, even in the puny format, especially since v1 is coming out this late in the series's publication. Isn't it unusual how late it is too? The tank is going to be half a year behind.
File: 74260969_p0_master1200.jpg (339 KB, 620x875)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Still waiting to buy the digital release of this Mira's book.
Amber Teahouse missed its 4th(?) release date. I hope Fujieda Miyabi is doing ok.
I'm conflicted, I want to support the author of 花と星 but the art for this is atrocious. Isn't artwork supposed to improve over time?
File: 76154773_p0.jpg (522 KB, 567x800)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Since C96 is mere days away, I thought it would be a good idea to post stuff you're looking forward to from there
>new Girl's Last Tour doujin made by the same artist who made those previous ones
>more Itou Hachi stuff
>new Ayane one-shot and sequel to the isekai monstergirl story
File: 75903732.jpg (748 KB, 849x1200)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
>New Deadnoodles YoshiRiko doujin
File: 33.jpg (990 KB, 1433x2024)
990 KB
990 KB JPG
It's out, and it's fucking amazing!
File: Spoiler Image (251 KB, 836x1200)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
>8/22 大上さんとケルベロスゥ! 2
It's actually coming out? I thought you had to be Kentaro Miura to have year long breaks in between chapters and still get published.
File: 75840218_p0.jpg (147 KB, 700x1027)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>LeafSabrinaErika threesome
>4 years for a volume
I don't remember anything except it was cute.
YH imprint but digital only? I hope this isn't a new thing they're trying out.

>LiLium-百合アンソロジー・リリウム- Vol.1 new anthology, digital only and pricey for its length. Has a very short entry from Takashima Hiromi.
>I don't remember anything except it was cute.
That's all you need to remember.
I didn't read the scans because I was waiting for the tank and now this? Fuck this shit. There is way too much digital-only stuff lately and I don't like it a bit.

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