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Last 2 threads were in August >>.2696030 and April >>2603224

General guide on buying yuri manga
(there is a guide to buy digital manga from amazon.jp from a yuriblog, I will see if I can found it)

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)

How to signup for honto:

How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book

Japanese wiki listing yuri manga:
I’m an Aikatsu fan, last year I read a blogpost about a wedding event in our mobile game. Blog owner is happy for the character interaction in said event. I didn’t follow the mobile game so only later I realize where the fanart about Aikatsu’s first MC wedding with her childhood friend came from. From all main yuri couple in Aikatsu that people ship, they are one of 3 pair that know each other for the longest time. After looking at it, I can only think “they deserve it”. Finally.

And here now I found Bandai make this. The first of Precure pair
The moral of the story is, Hugh sucks.
This type of official material is always a good thing, although sadly other couples do not receive the same treatment, they are appealing nostalgia anyway.
Just spent 200$ on any manga that is Yuri or has Yuri scenes...some great discoveries and some great disappointments too. But I am still happy to support yuri manga artist because they are gerting fewer with the time while we get flooded by harems and isekai garbage
>Last 2 threads were in August and April
No, it's just the latest thread has been made by an idiot.
So for Americans, we live in a blessed times where lots of Yuri manga have finally got licensed and after being published at a fairly rapid rate (I got a lotta things on the wishlist backburner and see a bunch of new releases in March and July). The only problem for me is that each volume is around $14 and that adds up. (I remember the days of $7.99 manga)

So for Americans, what are your go to methods to buy manga? I currently buy from Amazon but they generally charge full price + tax so it's not too appealing. So far the best deal I've gotten is the eBay 15% site wide deals and getting Mangas for $11-ish. Anyone got a better method to buying lots of yuri for less?
Book depository? I can't say anything about their shipping speed since it's my first time ordering from them. But they have a pretty sweet deal with free shipping (anywhere in the world) and most of their books are discounted.
Either wait for the book to go on sale on amazon (it happens eventually for everything) or wait for a book sale event from places like target or barnes and noble. They semi-regularly have buy two get one free sales and even though their prices suck it still generally ends up being cheaper than the alternatives. If you planned on buying on or close to release dates then I don't have any advice because the prices generally will be highest during that window. In general, keep a list of what you want and wait for the good sales to buy it all up. There's no risk of these going out of stock from what I've seen so being patient works out.
Respectfully disagree that Amazon's manga prices ever go on sale. All Citrus volumes are still full priced and so are Murcielago volumes. I'm just guessing this category is niche enough for Amazon not care about price shifting with.

Rightstuf might be an OK choice since their prices are consistently $3 lower than full price even for preorders. But only if you qualify for that $49 free shipping. Patience probably is the best bet.
File: index-1_1.jpg (758 KB, 1433x2024)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Anyone bought this? I normally don't buy doujin (I understand why but it is too expensive per page.) but I regret nothing.
camelcamelcamel has price tracking and alerts and you can check just about every yuri manga goes through 20-40% off drops at some point. I bought Murcielago 6 from amazon for $9 a month ago along with Neji's Lonely monster and blind girl along with amazon's $5 off $20 book sale they had, so it ended up being about $7 for each of those. I think Murcielago 7 and 8 were about $10 on amazon at that point which was good enough for me but then B&N had their B2G1F sale so I bought them there for $8 along with some other yuri. I ordered Citrus 4 for $6.69 from amazon years ago. There's not only one right store to buy yuri from because they all have their moments, just depends on the time and diligence you're willing to put into it. Sometimes the pre-order price is heavily discounted, other times it stays full price until 6 months or a year. Luckily new english yuri comes out so frequently now that I never go long without seeing something for a good price and buying it.
Where'd you buy it?
How do you oligarchs buy from melonbooks or toranoana? I have a backlog of Touhou doujins that I always wanted to possess but I haven't really tried any courier service myself.

Is there a site where it's safe and convenient to buy from? Doesn't need to be the cheapest.
This has mira in it

It is worth it no matter the price
I bought it and I love it! All of the artists in it are great, but I especially love Mira and Homura Subaru.


If you want instructions on how to buy, please see below:

These instructions don't apply perfectly to the touch website, but it isn't too hard to figure out. Let me know if you're having trouble and I'll try to help you.
Bought Sakyubasu jyanaimon


I never get tired of Yuri monster girls harems.

And the good thing is the author said in his latest release that he will continue this series! (Almost canceled due to low sales)
Ah I thought you may have bought a physical version and there was a chance it was being sold outside of melonbooks. Thank you though, I just have physical copy autism, probably gonna set up one of those proxy services someday.
New wave of Anthology comics

From Kadokawa
Yuri-drill 2 (Hard)
Yuri-drill 3 (Application)
White Lilies in Love BRIDE's Newlywed Yuri

Vanilla Non-human x Non-human
Cinnamon Human x Non-human

From Ichijinsha
Shibuya - Gyaru
Iccha Love Only

Macaron - Idol
Yuliqeur - Alcohol
9? That is a hell of a lot of anthologies in the span of 1 month.
Is the macaron meme that well known?
>Is the macaron meme that well known?
No. There's just a little trend of titling Yuri stuff things like Eclair, Galette, Parfait, Chocolat, etc.
Ah, my misunderstanding. You're welcome, and I wish I could help further. There are quite a few doujinshi I would buy physically if I could.
>Vanilla Non-human x Non-human
>Cinnamon Human x Non-human

Apparently it's Dengeki G's Comic that are putting these out. Latest issue had a few samples.

Oh, and Vampire x Junior is ending next issue.
Sad but hope for more Takano Saku.

I just read the samples. Glad to see Mintarou.
>Oh, and Vampire x Junior is ending next issue.

Booo, I want an anime of that
>Vampire x Junior is ending
I'm okay with it ending as long as they outgay the curse.

Anyone reading this? Yoshitomi Akihito has been hit or miss since Sisterism so even though VR yuri sounds fun I'm always hesitant his stuff will turn strange in non/u/ ways.
I follow it on Magazine Walker.

It's just yuri. The VR concept is used for something quite like a dreamlogic adventure, quite minimalist and moderately trippy, and it's basically the visuals that are the point of it, as opposed to aspects such as characterization.
Hagure idol jigoku hen 8 is coming soon!

はぐれアイドル地獄変 (8) (ニチブンコミックス) https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4537138823/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_AWouCbCB8M9RN
Sounds like something I'd have no hesitation buying in that case. Thanks anon.

I skimmed the yuri parts after seeing it posted here a few times but honestly fuck ever buying that shit. Things were never full yuri, sure, but that author can't be trusted and it definitely isn't something I'd ever tell someone on /u/ to read let alone buy. It's already made that shota hump the MC and cum on her so its only a matter of time before she ends up fucking the shota or some other fucking nobody when the series is trying to get views to avoid cancellation.
Planning to get these.
Like eating a handful of shit to get the piece of corn in the middle.
I was planning on saving up to buy yuri anime BDs but february's yuri order is more expensive than I anticipated.

私の拳をうけとめて! 2
はなにあらし 4
小林さんちのメイドラゴン 8
小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常 6
徒然日和 2
みらいのふうふですけど? 2
月が綺麗ですね 5
ちかのこ 特装版
ゆりなつ(3) -民宿かがや-
スロウスタート 6
百合もよう 1 咲宮4姉妹の恋
明るい記憶喪失 4
百合ドリル 応用編
百合ドリル 難問編
シスコンお姉ちゃんと気にしない妹 1
ギャルとオタクはわかりあえない。 4
White Lilies in Love BRIDE's 新婚百合アンソロジー
SHIBUYA ギャル百合アンソロジー
お姉さんは女子小学生に興味があります。 3
If you're still itching to buy yuri then check Target starting february 10th for their buy 2 get 1 free book sale.
File: yurika kaede wedding.jpg (314 KB, 1032x720)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Even if you didn't follow the game, the youtube video is still up to show what the wedding was like.
The year after that there wasn't an event but these two had a pair of wedding cards.
>Vampire x Junior is ending next issue
and nothing of value was lost
>Vampire x Junior is ending
Source on that? Last I saw people were afraid it'd been dropped and then it was (thankfully) magically revived
File: kckc.png (515 KB, 556x765)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
I saw it in the magazine (read on Magazine Walker). Both the end of the latest chapter (ch 21) and the next issue preview says so.
>received Gyarin book
Their paper, and overall print quality is much nicer than I thought. I don't know how people bring themselves to destroying such books to scan.
they have yuri?
File: 00003.jpg (234 KB, 844x1200)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I just bought and read this and I'm not quite sure what did I just read. I did like it though, and the weirdest thing is that it's apparently a sequel to yet another "what the fuck did I just read" manga by Yoshitomi Akihito that I read a very, very long time ago...

Anyway, there's lots of girl on girl action, so all good.
What is it a sequel to? I was planning to buy it as my first Yoshitomi Akihito purchase but I'd like to read the beginning if it is a continuous story.
No harm in reading it first, I'd say. It's a sequel more in a sense that it's set in the same general setting, just later.

But just in case it's Hen na nee-san which is probably worth reading at some point anyway if you like Akihito's brand of weird.
1 x 1/2 - My Half of You - Book 1 by Taiyaki https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NNZN1YR
Sweet, I love Yoshitomi Akihito, but didn't know this existed.
If you want to buy ebooks and don't mind unbreakable DRM, BookWalker does 50% point refund for all mangas released before 2/14.

If you buy prepaid coin for 10000 yen, you can also get 300 yen equivalent coin.

Kadokawa and Yurihime's ebook should be the same with Kindle version.
Did anyone save the last chapters of Futari Monologue before they were nuked from cycomics? The last tank volume is still some time away...
File: @oka_paya.jpg (75 KB, 450x450)
75 KB
I'm not familiar with color prices but 926Y for 20 pages artbook is too much, right? This before considering it is sold in melon
A new tank from Yoshitomi Akihito, I'm not sure, surely he has made yuri before but he has also made shit like Hen na nee-san so I think I'll pass.

Oh, so it's one of his yuri works, then I'll buy it.

>every girl is a semen-drinking alien
>story is about bringing back extincted men so they can drink all the semen they want

I guess you forgot to mention these little details on /u/. You'll have to know that most people have standards and they don't buy shit just because it has a couple of lesbian scenes. Now I'm gonna go burn this shit because it has no place on my yuri shelf, thanks for the waste of money.
I forgot to pick up a physical copy of ガレットNo.8 and it says on amazon that it is "Out of print-limited availability". Is there anywhere else to buy it or am I screwed?
No luck from here. No result in websites where I search it. I hope someone else can find it for you.
File: 1419564448063.jpg (844 KB, 2048x1152)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
Reposting what other have from years ago. The poker card and tapestry looks nice
I'm considering getting a second copy of 雨上がりの花嫁 for scanning purposes now that it's sold out. Does anyone have any experience/advice in order not to massacre the pages?
Read the thread starting here >>2835935
File: haul_high_res.jpg (2.01 MB, 2448x3264)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Look wut I got.

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