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File: gaming.jpg (179 KB, 850x1339)
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179 KB JPG
What makes a good lewd /u/ game?
What type of game would this be?
What kind of mechanics would you like to see in a lewd /u/ game?

I would love to read /u/ thoughts on the matter

Below are some examples I took from previous discussions.
File: tea_in_bed.jpg (416 KB, 980x710)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
Example 01:

> A lewd /u/ game needs to have lots and lots of romance!

I would like to see a slice of life game where you manage your relationship. This could start with the first date, after which you would need to maintain the relationship. This could be done by setting up dates, exchanging presents and of course through more intimate contact during dates. Eventually when she moves in with the pc, you could divide household tasks and cook dinner for each other and lots more intimate fun. The goal of the game would be to get married and have a happy live together.
File: kindred.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB

> A lewd /u/ game needs to focus on story and character development not game-play.

I think that visual novels are the best way to enjoy /u/ eroge games. If I need to focus on game-play,
I can't concentrate on the characters and that's why I play these types of games.
Making a few choices between scenes is fine, but I think the game-play should end there for a /u/ game.

I play different types of games for different reasons. Like I don't play Mario for the story but for the game-play
File: heroic pair.jpg (566 KB, 1060x744)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Example 03:

I remember playing Castlevania Portrait of Ruin and wishing that there was a /u/ game similar to it.
I really liked the partner system and I would really like it if the leads their relationship would be explored more.

You could have a female knight and a sorceress as your leads.
During the castle sections of the game you play a action game like a regular metroidvania: Beat monsters, solve puzzles and explore the castle.
With each lead having her own play style. Then if you reach a save point or beat a boss you could use that down time to improve their relationship by letting them teach each others skills.
You could see their love for each other during the castle sections because the start holding hands during idle animations;
they share mp by kissing and their team attacks grow in power the more their love for each other grows.

This game could be a eroge but it doesn't have to be. Its just that eroge games in general have the reputation of being bad games in terms of game-play.
File: DMC.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Example 04:

> A lewd /u/ game needs to have a lot of naughty fun!

I wish there where more /u/ games with more silly brainless fun. For me realism isn't all that important as long as it's fun to play.
I liked a game called Demon Master Chris. It was a dungeon crawler where you needed to defeat a certain demon queen.
You could catch other girls and ask them to fight beside you. The game had clothing damage and other very silly lewd scenes.
(I wish these where less forced on the on the main character though.) The game was short silly and for the most part fun to play through.

The interaction between the main characters was also a lot of lighthearted fun.
If there was just a similar game with perhaps a little deeper game-play and more lewd mechanics to play with.
Like if enemies had a lewd weakness you could exploit, or more different types of traps and obstacles.

As long as the characters are having fun, I don't mind it not being very realistic.
>Lewd game
well not a fan of lewd games, and I've barely played any, but I suppose it just needs to be a fun game.

For example, demon master chris was good, but it was fun and challenging in its own way on top of having the lesbians. but it was a game i could get immersed in just playing it as a dungeon crawler.

But I'd much prefer just your typical RPG esque mechanics, but allowing you to romance girls as well. And maybe going in further to flesh out the romance aspect so that you can do more, like take her on dates or buy a house together.

Or something like long live the queen, or I suppose just any raising sim like that.

Or just full on fuck it. And make a dating game but with lesbos. I used to love that shit on newgrounds back in the day, but it was never lezzes
File: cupid.jpg (633 KB, 832x1073)
633 KB
633 KB JPG

I personally would love to see more game-play focused /u/ games. I do enjoy the visual novels in this genre, but I would also love to take a more active roll in the story.

A RPG game with romance mechanics instead of fighting would be a fun thought-experiment.

You could play as a cupid and instead of shooting monsters you could setup dates.
You would travel from town to town in search of would be couples you could bring together and perhaps find true love yourself on the way.

It's just unfortunate that most eroge games aren't very good games. I mean if we can make murder fun in games, we should be able to make
having a intimate relationship with someone fun as well right?
If you could improve anything about Demon Hunter Chris, what would you change?
Nerf the final fight. Shits way harder than anything else you can grind so it's impossible to beat without reloading 100 times and just getting lucky. Or just grinding for weeks.
10.10 would buy it.
/u/ should create a game

Too bad that this was just a concept that never got produced. (As far as I know)
I have an idea. Be honest with me:
>Play as a new member of a magical girl organisation, backed by the power of godness of light.
>Enemy forces consist loose alliance of dark goddesses factions, while they are on rather good terms with each other at the start date, there's some tension between them about territorial disputes.
>Due to danger on many fronts, Magical Girls are divided in about five man squads, situated on different cities (MC can transfer between them without too much hassle thanks to some nepotic bullshit)
>Fairly complex squadmates and non-combat personnel relationship mechanic; can try to get a waifu, play matchmaker or make everybody hate each other. Strong relations between girls, good or bad, will give buffs to their stats.
>If defeated, MC or/and squadmates will be captured and, after some time if they haven't been rescured or escaped, will be corrupted.
>Corrupted girls can either officially join their captor side or go undercover to corrupt the rest of the squad/base.
>While every dark faction initally has one territory and human city for themselves, every major city deeper into light side land is up for grabs by everyone, which can lead to "every god for herself" war.
>After conquering a city, player faction will be given a blessing by their newly powered up godness, such as removing debuffs from staying in the sun for vampires or getting resistance against holy spells for demons/succubus
>Every dark faction gives a chance to move up through the ranks, each position gives unique perks (high priestess can talk to the godness, military officer has her own squad, queen manages politics etc.)
>Corrupted girls can be purified by Power of Friendship/Love, if defeated by someone with good relations with them. However it's a double-edged sword, as girls can voluntary defect to dark faction if her corrupted close friend/lover wins a few charisma vs will rolls during confrontation.
>If several of MC close friends joins different factions, it's possible to try to form stable union between all of dark side.
>Game ends either when you destroy every evil stronghold and banish dark goddesses for good (light side) or your faction/entire dark side (if union was formed) conquered every major city and finally corrupted the goddess of light.
>Yuri all the way. Male boyfriends exist only to be NTRed or killed .
File: who u here.png (2 KB, 412x99)
2 KB

It's Degrees of Lewdity with the male chance turned off.
> A lewd /u/ game needs to focus on story and character development not game-play.

Thanks god you aren't a game designer, that is like saying that a bike racing shouldnt focus on bikes.

when development a game
If you don't care about gameplay Just go read a Visual Novel. Being story-focused doesn't mean that you shouldnt put focus on the gameplay. Final Fantasy 6? Chrono Trigger? Ever heard of these?
File: bestfeels.gif (1.69 MB, 360x360)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
I like it quite much anon! Sounds complex, fun and would have a lot of replay value. What kind of combat do you have in mind though, classic RPG, tactical (a la Fire Emblem) or what?

I'll just say it from my own opinions. I'm a sucker for games with lewd combat or post-combat lewds. Also quite like games where you can be captured and have things go out of your control for a bit.

I also enjoy games that are sandbox-y, text based with only a few reference images *or* customizable 3D, but the latter are really rare to find (especially with yuri).
The ideal game would probably be some sort of rpg where I create a character and can play it like D&D but enemies are either always cute girls or monsters that are commanded by cute girls, and ultimately losing results in capture/lewds with said girls. And something with days and days of content and a very lenient story - I prefer to just tell my own tale.
In an IDEAL ideal world, I'd want to be able to play a full dive VR RPG game that has a fully/semi sentient AI Game Master that can tailor the adventure to my yuri needs.

This here is patrician taste, too. I wish this game had more content.
Thanks for your opinion, anon. The combat is planed to be more like classic RPGs with some stat rising during meantime. Maybe some variation of Persona 3, you first must form a bond with others to give them direct orders. Also there's a backstab option, because who doesn't love that look of despair when your loved ones realize that you fallen to darkness?
Fire Emblem-esque combat is in plans for the "undecover Dark Lord (female)" game, but since I'm just a local NEET, I most probably won't make anything productive with my life.
Any game where there are interactive sex scenes once you romance them enough. Too bad no games are like that

Gameplay in H-games is all well and good but if it doesn't fit the game it shouldn't be in there.
Too many times I've seen games with rape mechanics essentially removing all agency from the heroine.
This is like 99.99 % of all H-games and that's why most of those games suck.
Usually if the sexy stuff is good there is no 'gameplay' because the game doesn't need it.
In those rare instances that a good game had romance the romance wasn't the game it was the reward.

I wouldn't even know how to properly implement H-mechanics without the game suffering for it.
Most of the H-games have rewards for losing or playing poorly. This to me is not good gamedesign people should be motivated to 'win' the game not lose.
I just want to see two characters grow closer to each other. I don't think that by pressing buttons this would become any more immersive.
That's why I don't think that 'good' sexy game-mechanics exist.

Name me one good H-game where the gameplay added anything to the overall experience that's not a vn.
I would love to be proven wrong on this.


> I mean if we can make murder fun in games, we should be able to make having a intimate relationship with someone fun as well right?

I think that this proves my point from Call of Duty to Pokemon.
Most games are $60- power trips which isn't want you usually want out of romance
Artificial Academy 2 and Lilith's Throne come to mind. Both can be exclusively yuri should you make all characters homosexual and not include any males in the class/gender options.

> Most of the H-games have rewards for losing

That's you running under an assumption that losing is "losing".
>Name me one good H-game where the gameplay added anything to the overall experience that's not a vn
Storywise, it's great when you can track a characters lesbianism through numbers and statistics.
File: shin sei den.png (66 KB, 794x593)
66 KB
One game I personally found very interesting was Shin Sei Den. It's a het game, of course, but it mechanics made me feel like it could be turned into a pretty good yuri game with some tweaking.

The game itself is a very basic turn based RPG where you control a faceless dude that has a female partner. As the screenshot shows, the girl takes 50% of the screen and mostly does nothing but stand in a battle pose shaking her boobs around, although she sometimes assists with offensive or healing magic after your turn.
The thing is that her attitude changes depending on her interactions during battle. For instance, random encounters will have a lewd monster that will start fucking the girl, and if you take too many turns saving her, her disposition towards to main character falls and her lewdness goes up. If her lewdness maxes out, she stops helping during battle because she'll be too busy endlessly masturbating. If her disposition falls too low, she stops helping because she mostly wants you to die.

I find the idea of having a girl being a main part of the interface and having her provide gameplay consequences to the way you play to be very innovative, despite it being super simplistic in the game itself. The fact that you get "punished" if you decide to get more porn time is also great in itself, as you get to sacrifice your masturbation material for a little more DPS.

The thing is, how could one make this yuri? Maybe instead of having a faceless MC, having it be about two girls instead, with their disposition between each other changing depending on player choices; something like a combination of hatred, love and lewdness points would show on their portraits and make them behave a little bit differently during battle and change their animations.

I disagree with you that lewd game-mechanics can't be made fun.

I mean playing strip-poker with a loved one can be a lot of fun, right?
This could be easily implemented as a mini-game of sorts.
If certain characters would have a close enough relationship, they could play all sorts of lewd games with each other.
This would make sense to the characters and would also be fun to play as a player.

Wouldn't this be counterproductive? shouldn't those lewd moments be part of the game-play? I've not played this game, but from your distribution it seems to me that playing sub optimally is rewarded in this game. Wouldn't it be a better idea to turn this around?

Let the enemies play in pairs as well and disrupt their battle plan by attacking their relationship with each other.
You could do this by blocking healing spells or attacking one character of the pair or make sure one of them is too distracted to help the other.
If the player pair has a strong bond you'll get to see lewd cg in the story and during combat you could do lewd things to the enemy to distract them.
This way playing well is rewarded with lewd content and loosing isn't

Personally I don't find sexual violence appealing, but to each their own ;)
>Personally I don't find sexual violence appealing
Stick to story focused games then.
A good 99.9% of games with actual gameplay feature rape prominently one way or another, and make it an essential part of their mechanics. Making things that don't appeal to you personally is no good, after all.
>A good 99.9% of games with actual gameplay feature rape prominently one way or another, and make it an essential part of their mechanics
In my opinion, rape in nearly every h-game is the most shit version: "lose to get raped by faceless men". Where are the games when my character can be complete turbo dyke raping girls?
File: patchy.png (416 KB, 814x623)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
>Where are the games when my character can be complete turbo dyke raping girls?
I can guarantee you if that were common it would be the main girl being raped.
Degrees of Lewdity has it. Though like >>2829966
mentions and >>2830321 mentions for the games they've listed, one needs to edit settings to axe out content one does not want.
>Degrees if Lewdity
What is this, 8-bit lewd??
Loli PTSD simulator. Including school bullies, lesbian prostitution, "friendly" huntress in the woods, mental asylum and possible monstergirls in the future.
What touhou game is this?
Looks like Interspecies Sex Labyrinth & The Lewd Busty Witch. Full of male monster rape, don't brother.
File: 1537108388886.jpg (67 KB, 1135x639)
67 KB
Well first I think a lewd game and a game with lewd in it are different

if the game isn't focused on the lewd and that it just lets it happen I would count them in this category they aren't necessarily bad and some are my favorites like lady killer in a bind. but I think they are different enough from pure lewd experiences.

I feel most lewd games can be good /u/ experiences if they just give you the option of opting out of sexual male interactions like degrees of lewdness or Lilith's throne.

that being said general rules for good lewd games are the same

>the mechanics cant be divorced from the lewd itself

this is a problem for a lot of bad lewd games where the lewd has nothing to do with what your doing. like a platformer where all the enemies are naked and there hit animation is to molest you or something. the platforming doesn't enhance the lewd situations its just a distraction

>you and your characters desires don't line up
this is most seen in rpgs where the only way to get lewd is by just utter defeat of you. so if you want lewd you have to ignore the game part of this lewd game and fail

not that failing gets you lewd is a bad design just that it shouldn't be you going agaist your character. trap quest is a good example of this (not a purely /u/ game)

>arousal mechanics
I don't think this is necessary for a lewd game but I do love this. where your character gets horny over time and needs sexual relief making you the player seek sexual encounters
What I'd want to see is an open world fantasy RPG about a poor city girl that grew up hearing tales of adventurers so she decided to become one but gear is both expensive and important so she starts working as a prostitute for fancy rich girls that grow to love her.
I think a lot of elements conflict with each other when considering such a game, particularly when it comes to gameplay and lewd; they end up mutually detracting from each other as they're both distracting. You're either trying to enjoy the lewd which means you have to lose (or hope there's a gallery cheat code), or trying to beat the game in which case the lewd is irrelevant.

Now, it is possible to use lewd as a reward: let's say you have an RPG where each enemy type has a sex scene you unlock by defeating it, and defeating multiple of the same type unlocks more positions. However, this is completely divorced from the story (and in its own way, incentivizes gallery cheat codes).

Now, you could have a hack-and-slash where defeating each boss adds them to your party (harem), and you could go through the different worlds with various team combinations, and in between you could have sex with them, but again you run into the issue of being divorced from gameplay, and, from the story angle, the characters' relationships are underdeveloped. You're going to get that issue in pretty much any case where you go beyond a small harem.

The opposite extreme is where you have a linear narrative given game (say a shooter, for example), where, incidentally, the player character is a lesbian and your teammate is your girlfriend, and the romantic subplot involves the two supporting each other through emotional distress and moments of weakness, with a few sex scenes sprinkled in here and there. Now you could make those interactive in a way similar to those 3D poser games, but really it's just a normal shooter with some lewd moments explicitly tacked on to the story. You could maybe expand it with up to maybe 2 more girls and still preserve a strong narrative, but the issue stands.

Ultimately, it's a compromise based on what you want to prioritize.
And I apologize for abusing the shit out of "now" as a discourse marker.
>You're a new Scientist/Witch/Priestess who's just arrived in Yuriville
>Use your skills to help couples conceive
>Befriend other villagers to gain access to new materials and techniques
>Romance one and have your own daughter
>Play as her in New Game+ to try new hybrid professions
VNs aren't games, you can have hybrids but pure VNs are basically CYOAs in digital format. Gameplay is aways important because without GAMEplay you can't have a game
I quite like this idea of multigenerational village sim, shipping the new characters while watching the couples from pervious runs spend their life together. Though there is a risk of the future playthroughs staring a giant web of inbreeding withhold a constant stream of new settlers.
When will you stop being an idiot and recognize what everyone else recognizes as well? VNs are part of the adventure genre of games. I know. Crazy. But that's what they are. That's how fucking adventures work.
While it is true that VNs are rooted in point-and-click games, by modern standards of gameplay, there isn't much to speak of. It's essentially an audiobook with sprites and backgrounds, and hell, not all of them even have a COYA element. Whether or not a VN is a "real game" is a matter of semantics, but the point is that gameplay isn't the point of a VN.
>be a Dark Lord (female)
>Actually you gained your land through legal manner and are pretty benevolent ruler, you only named yourself that because you know some black magic and thought this title sounds cool.
>Your entire army combat power is so poor, that even 12-years olds can potentially wreck you.
>Shit your pants after hearing that some edgelord has taken your posturing seriously and is now organising an crusade to impale your ass on a stake
>Somehow, only single young ladies (and a few cakes) joined his quest, mostly due to edgelord being a typical harem protagonist
>Get a genius idea: Since nobody outside your court knows that you're a girl, you're going to join egdelord party/harem to destroy it from the within.
>Now either seduce party members by a vanilla, more dating sim-like way and presuade them to join your side.
>Or just go full villain mode and fuck the girls senseless with your fingers, tongue, and non-phallic tentancles (used only for caressing)
>After either killing off the edgelord or making him fuck off by other means, you can eventually expand your land, by either going undecover again, sending recruited girls on missions to expand your influence or going to war in SRPG mode.
EraSumireTeru is an Era training game. It's UI is similar to a VN but it's an actual game.

Also you're wrong.
Shut up and take my money.
Sorry, I replied the wrong anon without noticing, it was actually meant for the same guy you quoted

You are the lazy one, "everyone" is just the popular opinion, which isn't equal to truth, a game must have a set of rules, obstacles and a objetive. If you don't add these elements for a VN, it is just a book with branching choices, there is no obstacle in simply reading, loading a save and then picking a different choice to prevent a bad end.
* some nice sex scenes (without sex toys, futanari)
* a good story
* interesting character

I would love to see SciFi yuri games (or a story about a deadly tournament in a SciFi setting)
File: 004.jpg (438 KB, 969x1400)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Balance your time, energy, and finances in resource managing game where the goal is to maintain your lesbian harem. All members are aware they are sharing you, but it's up to you to keep them happy. You'll need a spreadsheet to figure out how much love everyone needs and what kind.
-B-nee likes hanging out with you, so ideally you should try to keep your Wednesday evenings open so you can cuddle together and watch her favorite show.
-Dedicate your mornings to jogging so you can gain the physical stamina to satisfy Peach-san's libido.
-Do some side jobs to pay for a special date.
-Cook a homemade meal for one girl. Hold on, what was A-chan's allergic to again again?
-"Anon-chan, do you remember where we first had kissed?" Get it wrong and you'll annoy her. Confuse her for someone else and you'll piss her off.
-You've scored two tickets to the hot spring! Who do you want to invite? You've already went to an amusement park with C-tan last week, Clam-sama told you that she's always wanted to visit the hot springs with you, but
Milk-san has been sexually frustrated lately.
-Call out another girl's name during sex? Depending on the love interest, she'll either lose affection for you, try harder to win you over, or outright start to hate the other woman and fight with her.
-Threesomes and group sex will be possible harem members have high enough friendship with each other

All I want is a yuri dating sim where you get to top mature-bodied big breasted girls please.
What a worthless post.

>what makes a good game
>umm when it's good I guess xd
It needs a gauge obviously.
A lewd gauge.
Spending time with hot girls fills it and forces you to masturbate to thoughts of lesbian sex until it drains.
A yuri brawler where you play a tall and thicc milf terrorizing the local female population of your city with an array of lewd grapples and other actions that fill up your health or lewd gauge
File: Fairy.png (436 KB, 601x451)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Raping fighting and action adventure games with lesbian sexual raping techniques.
Gauge and HP of their orgasms and love.
Turn Based Strategy Lewdness

Sexy succubi trying to seduce beautiful women into the path of lesbian S&M.

Pure girls use holy magic and the power of friendship to fight evil and possibly use pure virgin kisses. Slutty and corrupted girls use lust magic, and their bodies, into tempting ladies into yuri.
File: slus-21129-game-ss-4.jpg (32 KB, 627x353)
32 KB
This is a lewd yuri game idea that probably exclusively appeals to me. I love classic ninja stealth games. Then Tenchu series specifically.
Basically a ninja stealth game with all female ninjas/kunoichi and instead of stealth kills you sneak up and lewd them into submission. Just like Tenchu you'd get different animations depending on the direction you approach from, but it would also have unlockable stealth lewds that leave them out of commission for longer times and so on.
Examples being cunnilingus, fingering, tribadism, etc. Various poses and such with different timings.

Also the incentive for being stealthy (similar to Tenchu) would be that actual combat is pretty tough. So stealth would be preferable. It'd probably have destructible clothing for your heroine. The more damage you take, the less clothes, but that wouldn't necessarily be a reward because less clothes means you stick out more so stealth is harder.

I have no skills or ability to make this, but it would probably be my perfect lewd yuri game.
>Slutty and corrupted girls use lust magic, and their bodies, into tempting ladies into yuri.
So they're the good side, right?
I have tired of official visual novel hentai games.
I want more hentai games that have sexual animation action moves, especial yuri.
File: Capture.png (397 KB, 640x370)
397 KB
397 KB PNG

This is a interesting idea that combines lewdness with gameplay.
The best thing about it is that the lewdness is a reward for playing well.
This would make the game more fun to play. This most definitely could work as a game.

Personally I like my yuri with a bit more focus on the romantic relationship between characters. But I would welcome any yuri game with good gameplay at this point.


This reminds me of a game that Enlit3D is working on (pic related).
A mod friendly dungeon crawler that doesn't have a name yet.
You fight your way through dungeons and you can combat enemies with swords and stuff, or you can molest them into submission.
You can obtain allies to fight beside you, or go at it alone. You can even capture enemies and convert them to help you.
There isn't much romance in the game though or even that much dialog.

You would need to edit the .json files to remove all mention of futa if you want a pure yuri game. (The first few levels are pure yuri regardless.)

If you know how to use Blender, you can even add your own lewd moves.
Didin't they want to add male mc? If so, fuck off with shilling for this shit.
Oh shit I didn't know that they added that, one less /u/ game I guess.

Monster-girls have been out for a few days, now. Bad end yuri harem simulator go!

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