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File: 1552255913688.jpg (141 KB, 800x538)
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Previous thread
Discuss, reccomend, etc.

Useful links:
Any noticeable releases?
Anything with cuck/NTR?
Check the sequel to the title from OP picture.
So much for a "real" lesbian couple, but I guess thats just how the porn industry works.
For what is worth, one of those actress only has those two films on her resume, so it still could be real, or they are committed to the craft.
you done goofed, OP
you done goofed
It's a business after all.
Can't see the code
Thank you, could I trouble you for the Magnet Link? Nyaa has been blocked by my country's """"government"""" .
Thank you, that was very kind of you.
File: 016.png (810 KB, 582x672)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
>tfw no seeds for dvdes-507
You're welcome anon. Wish it would be subbed
I swear there was a seed when I jumped on board but then my machine died and by the time it rebooted we were doomed a 72% hellscape help wanted
Haha I've been trying to get that for months. This is the only one that moves.

I'm also on 72%
File: aukg352sopl.jpg (171 KB, 800x536)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
JUC-387 is pretty hot.

Wife cheats on her husband with his mistress/escort.
You mean AUKG-352.
I meant female NTR, cheating on her girl with another woman? But thank you regardless, I'll check this out.
shit, yeah the other one is sister incest afaik
Reposting from last thread. Anyone know the source or JAV code of this?

MAMA-350 is pretty good. A girl's ex gf comes over to stay a while because she got beat up by her partner, the girl's current gf gets jealous. They each have a scene with each other and ends up in threesome.

There's also HOMA-039 in which a girl's gf gets stolen by her sister. There's a sister/sister hate fuck scene and ends in threesome.

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