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File: shachikutoiede1.png (70 KB, 327x246)
70 KB
Continued from >>2863412
Welcoming any and all translators, typesetters, proofreaders, quality checkers, etc to bring more scanlated yuri goodness to the world.

Previous translations:
Complete (but may need QC): http://pastebin.com/f0nsev2C
Incomplete (need TL help): http://pastebin.com/snFYvnVJ

/u/'s scanlations: http://dynasty-scans.com/scanlators/u_scanlations

Tips for learning Japanese: https://djtguide.neocities.org/
KanjiTomo (kanji reader tool): http://kanjitomo.net/
SFX reference guide: http://thejadednetwork.com/sfx/
Typesetting guides:
All of Humanity ch5-1
File: tsukaritaonna1.png (156 KB, 510x334)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Tsukarekitta Onna ga Shinuhodo Iyasareru Tame ni ch1
looks adorable
Please give me some for I can do it.
You’re doing requests?
If so, here are a few




Can you translate this one?
StarPre Log (Star Twinkle Precure, Madoka x Lala/Blue Cat/faceless female teacher)
Does it count as yuri if the monster girl rape the MC with tentacles?
Only if the MC is a cute girl
Varies depending on the context. Ones that are clearly dick-shaped and squirt white stuff everywhere are obviously out, whereas more mild usage like in some Ika Musume doujins, where it's basically just extra limbs, is more acceptable, similar to tailsex.
WataTen Ch49-51 RAWs:
Wataten ch49: https://pastebin.com/sCg6YGUA

By the way, did typesetter anon notice the TLs I did for the vol3 and 4 extras? I saw they typeset the vol5 ones but seemed to have missed the others.
Wataten ch50: https://pastebin.com/FqTVE8FD
Wataten ch51
File: 1557675179969.jpg (44 KB, 960x700)
44 KB
Out of curiosity, is there anyone willing to translate this set? This looks absolutely amazing and I would love to read it.

Vampeerz 4
File: 15.png (713 KB, 1338x1920)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
Vampeerz ch3, ready for QC
>By the way, did typesetter anon notice the TLs I did for the vol3 and 4 extras? I saw they typeset the vol5 ones but seemed to have missed the others.
saw them, was meaning to do them some day, but in the end I totally forgot about them, IF i find the raws and translation in the archive will do them together with chapters 49-51
Vampeerz ch5: https://pastebin.com/0sCtuJmM
Found 'em for you.
Volume 3 RAWs:
Volume 4 RAWs:
vol3 extras:
vol4 extras: https://pastebin.com/LVQ8AC7n
>Haru to Midori
I'm surprised no one typeset this yet. I'll do it then.
Here's a link for current RAWs from the previous thread, since the older ones are slowly disappearing from both readers.
Thanks. Much better than the one I ripped from pixiv.
Tsukarekitta Onna ga Shinuhodo Iyasareru Tame ni ch2
Sorry I didn't see your post, anon. Feel free to do ch4. For real this time.
I use the same font as yuri project's guideline https://wiki.yuri-project.net/Guidelines
And since the RAW is a bit small, I use waifu to upscale it 1.6x with low noise reduction. But that's just my personal preference.
will do this
>and could you clean this up while you're at it?
and could you put this away while you're at it?

>I did say that it's fine.
You said it's okay, right?

>I'm a child who has a tantrum
throws a tantrum
Someone uploaded this to MD ahead of me.
I can update the mega but not the one on MD. Oh well.
Anyway, updated.
Or i won't, sorry about that.
Yuri & Nemo Part 2 (Watamote)
Syaro or Sharo (Gochiusa, Syaro selfcest)
Raw ripping service
Use tanks when there are tanks, but if there aren’t, this is probably the best quality.
File: 02.jpg (257 KB, 1280x1794)
257 KB
257 KB JPG

Vamparade needs a translation, and that's why I'm reccing it. It's like 5 chapters of a vampire huntress domming three vampire sisters.

>All of Humanity ch5-1
>(-Death Event-)
on page 5 goes on the cellphone, right?
File: 003.jpg (1021 KB, 1110x1553)
1021 KB
1021 KB JPG
Anyone know what てのひらサイクロン is referencing? Googling it seems to show that this phrase is used a bit, but I can't figure out the context.
I can't read that but maybe this one? https://kamenrider.fandom.com/wiki/Cyclone_(Rider_1)
Seems to be used in internet posts in contexts similar to 手のひらを返す, to quickly change one's attitude or mind over something.
Thank you for your work kind anons
File: SunamiYuuko_sfx.jpg (157 KB, 1369x579)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Does someone know what these sfx mean?
you cant hyphenate " break", it only contains one syllable
tokun is the same as doki, I think.
No idea what geso is.
File: 001.jpg (1.88 MB, 1110x2000)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
I must have posted this in the wrong thread two times or something, but can anyone translated the colored texts/summaries on this page?
>What is Hero-san and Former General-san?
>Hero of Justice! VS Evil Female General!
>is what it was supposed to be, but...?
>The hero's identity gets revealed!?
>The evil general falls in love at first sight!?
>Which leads to her getting fired!!
>One way or another, they ended up living together...!
>A slapstick yuri comedy about an air-headed hero x a former general who betrayed her organisation!!
Sorry that I missed this. It goes next to the text in the bubble (basically one of those things where things are written in kanji but have a completely different pronunciation next to it).

Also you left out the dodgeball comment on p12
>Sorry that I missed this. It goes next to the text in the bubble (basically one of those things where things are written in kanji but have a completely different pronunciation next to it).

only the "(-Death Event-)" should be bold there then?
>Also you left out the dodgeball comment on p12
sry about that
Honestly the written-one-way-but-pronounced-another thing has always been hard to portray in English-translated manga outside the typical chuuni special moves, especially when you want to portray both meanings to express the joke, since furigana doesn't really have an equivalent in English. I think for this, put "Death event" in vertical text next to the dialogue.
File: 004.png (562 KB, 1152x1638)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
cant make it look even half decent with vertical text, see if this will do instead?
also "al" changed to "all"
Are you SIOEU by the way? Nice typesetting. I could learn a thing or two.
>Are you SIOEU by the way?
ye, SIOE (stop_isl_of_eu) is my nick on mangadex
> Nice typesetting
Along with >>2887750's fix, that'll do.
File: 000.png (440 KB, 1110x1553)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Hero-san and Former General-san (web) ch1-3:

I'll be away from my computer with Photoshop for quite a while after this, so I included the PSDs. If any changes need to be made, another anon with Photoshop will have to make them.
Oh also, I run all the PNGs through https://tinypng.com/ if you want to keep the page sizes consistent after they've been modified.

I'll still be available if anyone has any questions, I just can't make any changes.
Web #3
>living her is the best
Fixed. I did not leave yet so the folder's been updated.
Cool. In case you're wondering about how to number the chapters for MD, #1 and #2 were released before the serialization whereas #3 came between chapters 5 and 6. (basically 0.1, 0.2, and 5.5)
I don’t handle uploading, but should it be put under the existing work or as a separate one? I think it might better to put it separate like how One Punch Man has the web manga version and the serialized version.
I'd put it with the main series. The first two chapters initially seemed like it would be its own seperate thing, but #3 directly references the serialized canon.
The issue is that sometime officially labelled them though. I think of it more as a like a 4koma-ish sister series after #3.

Well, I'm not that stubborn on it. I'll let the whoever the uploader is decide. If it is put under the main series, I'd suggest the title to be something like "Web #1 - (insert title here)".
It's not really like OPM, where it's basically the entire story but with a better illustrator. They're more like extras like the one for Prison Town and Vacation Maou.
Found and fixed another error on Web #3 p7:
>I am a just a part-timer
>I am just a part-timer

Folder's been updated.
All of Humanity is Yuri Except for Me 05-1 HQ upscales

4chan sucks for scanlation work. It’s so easy to miss something.
File: Foundation.png (73 KB, 350x207)
73 KB
Oh yeah, can someone double check this part? I could see that Honey's saying something about the foundation but I wasn't sure what so I put in something that made sense. If it's completely off, I'll change it.
Found and fixed another issue:

Rapid Rappid > Rapid Rabbit
fixed link updated
File: 02.png (831 KB, 1816x2565)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Haru and Midori ch1

Might want to QC this one. Found several typo in the script, not sure if I caught everything.
If there's no major error, I'll just upload after I get some sleep.
TLs for pages 2+3, if you wish to include it.
>On a Spring day, when the cherry blossoms were dancing, my best friend who I loved passed away...
>and I ended up living with my friend's daughter, who is the spitting image of her...

>A sensitive cohabitation story about a woman in her 30s with no place to belong to crossing paths with a middle school girl who lost hers!!
Updated. Hope you're not expecting me to redraw those beautiful sakura.
File: Capture.png (64 KB, 507x428)
64 KB
p16 - disinheritance is an unruly word, I think formatting the bubble like this reads better.

p34 - last bubble, "But I've heard them all." maybe?

Should be updated now. Thanks.
How does the Mangadex group work?
What mangadex group?
Thank you. I changed the first one.

Sunami Yuuko Ch21-24 + Omake
>...Kawaragi-san's rival is... me, hough?

>I refuse to except this
Sunami Yuuko ch25 (Tank's completed, so we're on to Pixiv version now)
Sunami Yuuko ch26
Sunami Yuuko ch27
Sunami Yuuko ch28
You just upload a chapter and attribute it to that group. You don't have to be a member.
Sunami Yuuko ch29
Sunami Yuuko ch30
Sunami Yuuko ch31
Sunami Yuuko ch32
Sunami Yuuko ch33
Sunami Yuuko's tanks and pixiv have completely different chapter order and even different chapter names, though. and sometimes it gets revised and there's no character-relationship and 2-koma bonus post-chapter.
File: 000.jpg (171 KB, 844x1200)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Can someone help me with the text on the left? I assume the second sentence is "sensitive cohabitation story episode 2". No idea what the first sentence is.
File: 007.jpg (607 KB, 1800x2560)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
I was able to upgrade the quality of a bunch of rips, for example >>2887466
Check the mega.
For comparison, >>2888126
File: 007.jpg (324 KB, 844x1200)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
"widely discussed" or "it's got a lot of buzz" something like that. Basically hyping up the manga. "People are talking about it all over!"
Thanks, nee-san.
All of Humanity is Yuri Except for Me 5.1
"schuyguy" sounds like a dude to me
>Hey, um...
Wrong order.
Did you upscale this?
Well, what you quoted is the upscale from >>2888126

>>2889708 is completely untouched.
Thank you, it's fixed.
An Office Lady Who's Bad With Kids and a Well-Behaved Grade Schooler
A Pair of JKs Getting Along
Part 2
File: P1.png (1.53 MB, 1450x2048)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
First attempt at a clean and typeset, hope this helps. Font is DK Oranjerie, if anyone takes this baton after me.
File: P2.png (1.46 MB, 1450x2048)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Page 2/2
>about what they're thinking or how to deal with them
about what she's thinking or how to deal with her.

Missing the handwritten bits
>being this new
If it's not too much trouble, could the LN/web novel thread get a quick translation of this bit of fanart?

I'll pick this up if no one else has.
Although I do have a question, why does some stuff have romaji in brackets along with the text in parenthesis and some not? I got the gist that stuff in <> is english for the reader, and stuff in () is english in character but japanese for the reader.
Thought I'd cover all bases, since it's naturally a bitch to portray the differences between Japanese and English when it's all translated into English, especially in a story as focused on language as this one. One of the key aspects is that whenever Delphi speaks Japanese, it's all written in katakana, indicating that she's a foreigner learning the language, with the only fluent Japanese she says being on the last page, where we see her use hiragana as well.
Hmm, yeah that is complicated. Maybe keep it simple without romaji, and a TL note at the start explaining the <> and (), with another TL note at the end explaining the inclusion of hiragana and fluency?
Maybe stick with () for the translated English bits, but use a different font for Delphi's regular dialogue, with maybe a TN for when the () bits first show up. For that last bit at the end, you can just put it in romaji without a TN, since it caps off the theme of the story nicely.
Updated the TL with a few typo fixes.
Hmm, alright I think I got it. I'll start working on it tomorrow.
File: 38.png (462 KB, 1351x1920)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
Haru and Midori ch2 hoping for QC

Perhaps Goggled Anon, or anyone, could confirm pg 40. Scripts said
>what you said back then
cmiiw, but I think Midori was refering to herself. So for now I changed it to "what I said".
Can someone please translate this one?

I was able to get the script for the prequel on the hentai translation thread, but sadly that is now archived. If anyone is interested in my self-edit of the prequel let me know.
Change on p40 works fine.

>...By which
>I didn't mean I would just
>let you borrow a room...
...And by that,
I don't just mean
letting you borrow a room...

>Whether we actually become friends is another story.
Whether we'll actually become friends or not is another story.

>And your apologies are so quick.
And you're always quick to apologise.
Updated. Guess I'll just upload it if there's no major error.
I want to read.
Alright! What's a good file sharing site to avoid as much copyright risk as possible
Pretty much everyone here and 4chan in general uses https://mega.nz/ for file sharing.
Alright I'll get the uploaded in about 6ish hours.
Been trying this out for a couple of hours. I am trying to make my English text look like the Japanese text and copy it's color glow effect over the text. I keep getting bad advice on how to do this and /a/'s scanlation thread isn't up, so I figured I'll ask here since it's a yuri manga. Anyone got any advice?
File: 1558641493243.png (624 KB, 1619x902)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Would something like this work?
Oh yeah. That looks good. How do I do that and how can I make the more lighter blue show up in the middle?
add the glow to the text then go to layer -> layer style -> new layer after that apply any gradient you want to the glow itself
File: help.jpg (330 KB, 1608x1004)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
I must not be smart or just confused. I don't see a new layer option after going to layer style. Or is this right? Because I can make the glow, but I can't make the blue show up.
File: GLOW.png (246 KB, 1205x613)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
glow settings

then CREATE layer, not new layer sry about that, rest as said earlier

Here y'all go. It's not the best because it is my first time to edit a hentai manga but it's 99% readable. Really hoping someone can translate the sequel now, because this one kinda leaves you wanted more.
Decryption Key: _77olsvx-Nmb8Ba8_6IYeA
If you use waifu to upscale raws, and still get significant amount of noise even with highest reduction setting, might try reducing the noise with no upscale first and then upscale the result.
Just thought I'd share that.
File: 91Doe9JmImL.jpg (590 KB, 1804x2560)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
Is anyone working on this?
>Currently on hiatus with the series I started though I have some chapters translated (i need someone typeset and redraw)
> I can still continue translations as a translator if someone is willing to help out with redrawing and typesetting!
>Contact me if you are interested.
Thanks for the info. I will contact them.
File: 19.png (794 KB, 1492x2078)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
Phew lad it's finally done. Def need a QC pass and your thoughts on the T/Ns.


Also @Goggled if I could get a translation of the text in this tweet, https://twitter.com/shicoshicochan/status/1128964655282393088 , that'd be awesome, I'll probably use that as the description for MD.
I'll fix/etc and upload after I wake up ""tomorrow"".
Also a TL/Romanization of the authors name of you could.
When exporting it to png, try these setting: PNG-8, adaptive, diffusion, colors=32, and dithers 100%.
That should cut down the file size.
Goggled Anon, whenever you want, the usual anon dropped the raws for the latest Kase-san chapter.
Ah I had forgot to tick 8-bit in my quick export settings. But I already ran them through PNGGauntlet before upload, so I doubt it'd do much to do it over again.
Well I just tested it, re-exported, and ran through PNGGauntlet and it cut the size down by 400 kilobytes lol.
A story in which two girls from different nationalities send their hearts across a fence.

General notes:
The bits where Delphi's text is already in English, especially the handwritten bubbles in the early pages, should be left as is. The one exception being "I wish if so." on p11. If you can find a similarly generic font to match with the original, maybe change it to "I wish that were so."

>No way! I don't know any English
mssing "!"

>But I can still feel her breath, her gaze,
rest of line cut off

At a con atm, so will look at it when I get home.
Your wish is my command, I fixed the errors, changed the bubbles back and reworded some T/Ns


Here's just the changed pages if you want to give them a quick look over.

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