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/u/ - Yuri

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Hi everybody how are you?
Me again...
Yes, I know that they get angry every time I show up.
But let's go over it again and try what functions, what do you think?
Why do not we start talking about Canno, I finish A Kiss And A White Lily?
What do you think about it?
Get a clue, moron. People get mad at you because your posts don't justify their own threads. They belong in the General thread. Quit clogging the index with your bullshit attempts to get a attention.
>N Guy
How fitting. Fuck off.
File: 1509512159550.jpg (139 KB, 768x877)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>N guy
Get out.
Thank you very much for your honest answer (lel)
There's a problem with being a "Guy", it's not like this place is full of she_anon's, it would be strange if there were any.
Only guys can fully understand the wonderfulness of the Yuri.
Oh by the way. An image to give some life to the thread.
Report, and ignore. Sage if you must shitpost

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