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File: magical winter ball.png (1.54 MB, 1283x964)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Yuri love with the female 4chan board-tans and our very own Lily and Shizuka.
File: magical cosplay.png (223 KB, 1000x700)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
File: intdoka memegica.png (831 KB, 1008x1296)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Sure is a lot of Madoka roleplaying
File: you like spoons too huh.png (688 KB, 1150x926)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
>who are Lily and Shizuka?
These are both the /u/-tans (because TWO GIRLS). Lily is the long-haired blonde with the more feminine personality and Shizuka is the short-haired tomboy. Together, they can become one and form...
File: SNAP chat.png (438 KB, 889x1181)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
Yuu-senpai, a redhead with yuri goggles.
>Who are you?
>I'm /u/, but stronger.
File: 1479916342313.jpg (159 KB, 800x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
File: 1457426100556.jpg (115 KB, 500x485)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: ship interference.png (43 KB, 900x700)
43 KB
>A-are there couples?
Just the solitary lesbian couple that Lily and Shizuka like to ship, observe, stalk, and write bad but romantic fanfictions about: the shitposting white and "white" couple of /s4s/ and /int/.
>I'm Lily and she's Shizuka, or as the ladies like to call us "Hey, /u/, behind the bushes."
File: in4s.jpg (584 KB, 1150x1117)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
You don't need to be weird about this to have a board-tan thread.
File: ws4sr.jpg (254 KB, 900x1729)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
File: 1523025288769.jpg (361 KB, 1294x1012)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
File: 1495930575763.png (393 KB, 900x720)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
File: safe for u.png (1.04 MB, 1441x1960)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
And here's all the girls.
Discussion, art and writing all welcome.
File: 1561954547806.png (26 KB, 984x843)
26 KB
something recent from the drawthread
>Lily and Shizuka writing bad shipping fanfics
I need this
File: 1479364102860.png (775 KB, 1256x917)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
Quite a bit more art
File: x.jpg (218 KB, 1100x840)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
File: 1481715953545.png (1.63 MB, 1103x1091)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
File: 1410079843167.png (277 KB, 618x1052)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
File: 1479102453263.png (866 KB, 753x3938)
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866 KB PNG
File: 1479064200804.png (550 KB, 767x900)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
File: 1479160671341.png (779 KB, 1024x1024)
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779 KB PNG
File: 1479468135681.png (714 KB, 754x1221)
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714 KB PNG
File: 1479640740505.png (1.69 MB, 1538x2618)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
File: 1479713237985.png (929 KB, 1174x2424)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
File: 1479713270765.png (807 KB, 1108x1716)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
File: 1479713304015.png (820 KB, 916x1707)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
File: 1479771176945.png (496 KB, 1184x1126)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
File: 1480747974129.png (610 KB, 913x964)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
Had another Shizuka/Cos pic but I can't seem to find it. Damn
File: 9.png (1.86 MB, 969x1482)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
File: 1479533894393.png.png (779 KB, 1323x966)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
File: 1480570754748.png (700 KB, 800x887)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
File: (1).png (205 KB, 800x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Weird, the thread isn’t bumping
File: 1479090134815.jpg (107 KB, 500x470)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Because there's no reason to bump it so I didn't.
File: 1274070840979.jpg (83 KB, 541x660)
83 KB
That's the one thanks.
File: 1494826252354.png (393 KB, 509x746)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
File: boob_int.png (830 KB, 1321x1339)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
File: 1532796106025.png (255 KB, 729x1000)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Leaf Girl isn't a board -tan but close enough.
File: ship crack.png (416 KB, 798x799)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
They don't combine, they totally distinct. The twins represent the board and Yuu the posters.
File: het is cancer.jpg (87 KB, 462x461)
87 KB
File: 1512765383937.png (687 KB, 1073x928)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
File: 1511912045585.png (1.2 MB, 897x670)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
File: 1509239668054.png (246 KB, 729x1015)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
File: 1480711713497.png (453 KB, 600x842)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
They definitely do.
File: akko.png (275 KB, 899x785)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
but how does she live in the boobs
File: bday.png (1.85 MB, 2057x2400)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
There's something I don't understand about /u/-tan. It's normally represented by the twin girls and they're portrayed in almost all board-tan pics. But then there's this redhead girl who sometimes shows up as the /u/-tan. So if all boards are in the same place, that means the redhead lives with the twins, making it 3 /u/-tans? Or does she come to visit sometimes? What's with the redhead?
honestly it's not entirely clear to me. we should use this thread to iron out the canon.
Mostly my fault and I apologize for it. Basically there was a period ~5 years ago now where we had a lack of board-tan art and it was brought up in the drawthread, someone brought up not being a fan of the two character board-tan thing, and someone else brought up the goggled design that had been submitted in earlier discussions about what /u/'s board-tan should be. I liked the design so I drew her a couple times and then someone made a joke about the twins fusing to become "the ultimate seductress" and someone else requested this meme >>2921811 with her in it, so that got drawn.

It was never really my intent for her to like, replace the twins (although I'll admit I like her design more than theirs), it's just that there were times where it was inconvenient/awkward/didn't make sense to have both twins >>2921819 >>2921805 , and it seemed strange to just pick one or the other so I started using redhead now and then for those pictures. That seemed to especially confuse crossboarders who didn't know about the twins, so she also started being drawn by other people like [s4s] as /u/'s board-tan.

I always thought of her as being similar to Vivian James or /co/lette, if you're familiar with those characters. Essentially characters created by the board to be used for original content stuff that aren't the actual board-tan (which in /v/'s case is the rage guy, and /co/'s is /co/nrad, the masked PI guy). Never really considered the logistics of it beyond just going with that one original anon's comment about her being the fused form of the twins.
File: 1502910293932.jpg (529 KB, 1983x1594)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Madoka Magica board-tan yuri is a commodity we need more of.
I'm still in favor of the idea that Yu/u/ and the twins are two halves of an ouroboros. They never see their other half but the world feels them/their complete form. Nicely uses the Fused form idea for the twins and that when Yu/u/ imagines a lesbian couple she defaults to the twins.
I see. But what you said makes a lot of sense. Some boards have some kind of "sidekick", original characters that aren't board-tans but can interact with them and be confused with one. I like it.
I think thats' the best option. Yuu enters the same group as /co/lette, and she comes to represent /u/ whenever is needed.
File: c and s4s.png (339 KB, 954x857)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Other girl's saliva?
Don't you mean the F O R B I D D E N B R O T H
Needs faraway voyeurism by the twins.
>Use tongue use tongue use tongue use tongue
Do they eat traditional dish of sopa de macaco?
/c/ wouldn't want to see an innocent critter like that.
/c/s4s/ is my loli board otp.
[s4s] is kind of a shitbag, there are plenty of better lolis to put /c/ with, like /wsr/ or /jp/
File: 1538193929104.png (328 KB, 1000x657)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Seems harsh sis. I think they have good chemistry.
/c/ and /jp/ now that's rare. I remember there was a little comic or something where /c/ was gonna ask out /jp/ but stops short of saying it. Wish I could find it.
File: 144781467516484.png (347 KB, 401x2446)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
That's the one thanks and it's still a knife through the heart. ;_;
Rest in peace, Winter Ball.
Sad that it was killed by the yunohu's.
Even if were still possible we could always host it on [s4s] since it's the best mods-don't-care board we have that isn't full of shit like /b/, /trash/ and /qa/.
Not worth the hassle, at this point it'd be easier to just make board-tan stuff without worrying about events.
What could we make? I write occasional greentexts.
This. I want to see more interactions between female boards but it's always the same with s4s it becomes annoying
I want to explore /c/jp/
Hell any with the twins would be nice as well. Those /u/cgl/ ficlets were kinda interesting when it came to the background.
>/jp/ holding /c/ from behind
>”This is my waifu. There are many like her, but this one is mine. Without me, my waifu is useless. Without my waifu, I am useless.”
>”/jp/? What are you doing?”
>”I love you, damn it.”
Sounds more like /a/ but that's from a lack of knowing /jp/
I think she’s a tsundere to /c/ but uses the tsun as a facade to hide the dere
I suppose. I would've thought kuudere given the standoff-ish nature of /jp/ being misinterpreted as cool and stoic instead of reclusive+extremely introverted.
Tsundere facade with kuudere attitude could work
>/jp/ was many things.
>A Touhou master.
>An expert at Japanese.
>Actually, that was it.
>She was a reclusive young girl who acted very cold around others, never interacting with the other boards, and regarding them with as little effort as possible
>She liked it that way
>But things changed a few months ago
>A few boards would play with her
>Even if she didn't want to, she chose to anyway.
>/s4s/ was a little much. /bant/ was too weird.
>But one board changed her.
>She was adorable.
>/jp/ didn't understand why she felt so differently about /c/ than the other boards.
>Soon, she understood.
>She had feelings for her.
File: 56466556.png (231 KB, 476x540)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>/c/ didn't have a preference with Touhous. She loved them all equally, even the secondaries.
>She put /jp/'s interests first and foremost, but occasionally she would attempt to take her out of her comfort zone.
>If she resisted, /c/ would go back to doing what /jp/ wanted.
>She had no right being this cute.
>Her golden hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of sunshine.
>/c/ had a large wardrobe, but she usually wore the bright pink dress with the large bow on the front.
>/jp/ had feelings for /c/ that she could not deny.
>She had to be protected from the harsh world, for her innocence was too cute to corrupt.
>But the problem was that she was too scared to admit that she had feelings.
>There was a word for that.
>To appear cold and emotionless, but on the inside, you're a caring person.
>/jp/ was scared of coming out with a new personality.
>She liked things as they were.
>But she still wanted to tell /c/ that she loved her.
>/jp/ needed advice from the one person who understood relationships.
>"Oh, it's fun! We kiss and cuddle and make memes..."
>Absolutely not /s4s/.
>Someone NOT clinically retarded.

>"You're in love with a girl, aren't you?" Yuu asked.
>"What? No. It's just a hypothetical," /jp/ defended.
>Yuu smiled. "And you still came to me? Why not /s4s/?" she asked.
>"Because she was weird about it."
>"Ah, so you did ask her? And you came to me anyway?"
>...she's got the scent.
>"Fine...I...sort of have feelings for a girl," /jp/ sighed.
>Yuu sighed dreamily. "What a day. What a LOVELY day. Pure love has been achieved again. Oh, what a wonderful..."
>/jp/ clears her throat.
>"So, who's the lucky girl?" Yuu asks.
>"I don't really want to say."
>"It's /c/, isn't it?"
>/jp/ groaned. She guessed that she was never truly alone with /c/. She nodded.
>"I'm scared. I want to tell her, but I'm afraid of change."
>Yuu nodded. "Being scared is normal, but there's nothing wrong with change."
>"Yeah, I know that. But, well, I like things the way they are now."
>"And? You and /c/ are already friends. Even if she doesn't love you in the same way, you will always be friends. Isn't that right?"
>/jp/ sighed. It made perfect sense.
>/c/ was too nice to let her go.
>"You're right. It's /c/. I can do it."
>Yuu petted her on the head. "Go get her, child."
Don't forget about /cgl/ now. I would've hazard a stray thought that they might connected over 2hu cosplay but they might be different enough in purpose to never broach the topic. I do hope the twins are floating around somewhere but what you have is delightful.
>/jp/ decided that the right time was now.
>She nervously stood at /c/‘s door and took a deep breath before knocking
>/c/‘s warm face greeted her
>”Hey, /jp/! I didn’t expect you!”
>/jp/ swallowed.
>”I need to talk to you.”
>/c/ invited her in and /jp/ sat on /c/‘s bed.
>”What’s wrong, /jp/? You look pale. Is /v/ saying nasty things about you again?”
>”I don’t care about /v/. It’s about you.”
>/c/ turned her head. “Me? What about me?”
>/jp/ swallowed again.
>Deep breaths. Just get it over with.
>”You’ve been really nice to me, /c/. Too nice. And these past months, how I’ve felt around you...it’s changed.”
>Good so far.
>”I don’t see you as just a playtime buddy any more. You’re more than that. I want to share my time with you. I want to protect you. I feel as though you’re the missing piece I never knew I didn’t have.”
>/c/ listened patiently.
>”It’s so hard for me to express myself, but I’m confident in expressing myself here. /c/...I have strong feelings for you. I love you. I really do love you. And I understand if you can’t return those feelings.”
>/jp/ felt a huge weight lifting from her chest.
>”You love me?” /c/ slowly responds. “Like...”
>”A crush?” /jp/ finished. “Yes. A crush.”
>/c/ sat perfectly still. “Wow. I’m...wow.”
>”We can be friends still, right?” /jp/ asked.
>”/jp/,” /c/ said. “I played with you because I had a crush on you.”
>/jp/ was floored.
>”Yeah, but I was scared to tell you too! I didn’t think you’d ask questions so I just, well, enjoyed myself,” /c/ admitted.
>”So, all it took was for one of us to be courageous.”
>/c/ tittered. “Yeah, I guess!”
>She pulled /jp/ in and hugged her tightly.
>/jp/ happily buried her face into /c/‘s golden locks.
>”Hey /c/?”
>”Can I...just a little kiss? On the lips?”
>/c/ blushed like a beetroot. “Ohhhh, um...like a first kiss?” she asked.
>”Sure. Your first kiss, my first kiss. Make it official,” /jp/ suggested.
>/c/ nodded, her hair bouncing and swinging erratically. “Sure!”
>She pursed her lips and closed her eyes.
>/jp/ felt her chest flutter. This was really happening. It had gone so damn well. This w- is that lip gloss?
>All the more incentive.
>/jp/ leaned in and pursed her lips.
>She presses them up against /c/‘s and closed her eyes.
>It’s like kissing Heaven itself
>/c/‘s lips are so soft, a little slick from lip gloss and some of her saliva, and warm from /c/‘s body heat
>Forbidden love her foot. This was the only acceptable love.
>The “little” kiss went longer than expected as /c/ pulled away to exhale.
>”Wow, that was really...” /c/ says, unable to find the right word.
>”Courageous?” /jp/ suggested.
>”I was gonna say sweet.”
>/jp/ ran the back of her fingers along /c/‘s cheek. “Not as sweet as your lip gloss.”
>That was too sugary.
>”You noticed?” /c/ giggled.
>”Strawberry? Sweet tooth too.”
>/c/ hugged /jp/ and gave her a peck on the nose. “Wanna do each other’s hair?” she asked.
>”Heck yeah.”
>As /jp/ watched /c/ dig through her drawers for hair accessories, she felt her heart flutter.
>Change wasn’t so bad after all.

>Yuu frames the snapshot of /jp/‘s first kiss and sets it down among the many /s4s/ and /int/ pictures on her stalkshot table
>”Change is good.”
>/jp/ wanted one simple change. She would love /c/ with all her heart, but keep up her kuudere ways around the other boards
>Some change was good.
>But she didn’t mind revealing her new relationship to the others.
>Some questioned whether love at such a young age was possible/questionable.
>The others blessed them.
>That /s4s/ nagged /jp/ for a double date for a week before she finally gave in.
>To be perfectly honest it was a great double date.
>/cgl/ gave /c/ and /jp/ matching pink dresses of her own design to wear
>Yuu was happy to chaperone the couples to the movie theater
>It turned out that the live-action Aladdin was a soulless piece of shit, but /jp/ got to hold /c/‘s hand through the entire movie. Then they went to McDonalds and got Happy Meals.
>They were now in a relationship for three months.
>/jp/ has abandoned her little hermit room and moved in with /c/
>She was still a hermit who loved to huddle in her blanket and post about Touhou online
>But now her blanket had a companion who would brush her hair, share sweets, and cozy up next to her.
>God she loved /c/.
>She would defend her from the nasty world to the end of the line.
Please continue based writer
>A quiet day for the new couple
>/c/ had watched /jp/ meticulously braid her hair into two specific twintails each day
>She finally asked her if she could do her hair just like that
>/c/ sat in /jp/‘s lap, legs locked around her and hugging her gently
>/jp/ found it easier (and much nicer) to do /c/‘s hair up like this.
>She worked on the first twintail.
>”How long have you grown your hair out?” she inquired.
>”Oh? I don’t think I’ve had it cut.”
>/jp/ grabbed another hairband and used it to keep another length of braiding in place.
>”Gee. Usually /r9k/ cuts my hair.”
>”Why does he know how to cut your hair?”
>”He says he’s an expert in cutting. I’m one hundred percent sure it wasn’t the cutting I thought he was talking about, but I can’t argue with his handiwork.”
>/jp/ finished the first twintail and began to bunch the other side of /c/ hair.
>”Your hair is so full and thick, /c/. Don’t ever change it.”
>/jp/ heard a rouse of giggles from her partner. “I would never change my hair! I love it this way! It’s so much better to style and play with.”
>”And it smells like butterscotch candy,” /jp/ added.
>She finally finished the second twintail and let /c/ look at herself in the mirror.
>”I love it! Thanks, /jp/!”
>/jp/ smiled.
>”Don’t mention it.”
Man I just realized that /bant/ could pass as /s4s/ with her hair dyed brown and a borrowed wardrobe
File: switch.png (370 KB, 946x801)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
imagine being this lucky
It could happen. I'd personally like to see another double date that's unintentionally with the twins of /u/. /c/'s mostly oblivious and thinks they're chaperoning or something but /jp/ picks up how they're acting. Doesn't quite hit home until the end and /jp/ realizes she just went on another double date
I can definitely try something like that.
I'm thinking of some other shorts that could be fun to write. So far I'm thinking of a body switch story. /jp/ and /c/ are caught up in a switch with /bant/ and /s4s/ after a break-in to /sci/'s lab goes very wrong.
Don't involve /bant/
fuck it
>”I’m telling you! /sci/ hid the aliens in his lab!”
>/jp/ didn’t remember exactly how she got roped in to trespassing with her girlfriend, /bant/ and /s4s/
>The other two were excited about storming into Area 51 in two months and thought this was good practice
>”Wouldn’t it be wiser to assume the aliens are with /x/?” /jp/ asked.
>/bant/ held the flashlight in her mouth and crawled forward, passing a fumehood cupboard. The other girls followed in a line.
>”That’s what /x/ wants you to think!” /s4s/ explained. “Everybody would go to her because she does spooky stuff. But she would totally give the aliens to /sci/, because nobody would suspect him, because everybody thinks he doesn’t believe in aliens.”
>Well, any adventure is okay if /c/ thought so.
>Oh, that’s why she got roped into this.
>Damn /c/, stop being so adorably curious.
>”Too bad my IQ of 222 figured it aaaaaall out. The aliens are mine!” /s4s/ concluded.
>”Hey nerds, look what I found.”
>/bant/ had been standing up and scanning one of the lab benches. She had found a strange instrument, no bigger than a toaster, and snatched it away.
>”U-uh, /bant/?” /c/ nervously stammered. “That could be dangerous...maybe put it back.”
>/bant/ blew a raspberry. “No way. Old ratty /sci/ wouldn’t leave dangerous things out in the open. It’s totally harmless.”
>”I bet it’s one of the aliens special technology!” /s4s/ concluded.
>”That doesn’t mean you sh-!”
>Too late, /bant/ had pressed one of the buttons on the instrument before /c/ could finish protesting.
>The device lit up, emitting a glowing purple plasma.
>”Scanning for nearby advanced life-forms...”
>Holy cow, it must have been alien technology.
>”Identified: Homo sapiens. Quantity: four. Initiating random reassignment...”
>/jp/ was about to shout to /bant/ to turn it off, but a blinding flash of white light filled her vision and knocked her out.
Damn it, I didn’t see this sooner.
But I like where I’m going.

>/jp/ prayed to the ice fairies that she wouldn’t get punished.
>Luckily, it appeared that nobody had entered the lab during the however-long time she had been knocked out.
>She had to give /bant/ an earful while her vision slowly returned.
>”/bant/, you thick-headed moron. Why would you fiddle with it?” she shouted.
>”Jeez, /s4s/. When did you become a little potty-mouth?”
>...that was /c/‘s voice.
>”Huh? No, /c/, I’m talking to /bant/.”
>Suddenly, /bant/ raised her voice. >“/s4s/? I didn’t say anything.”
>”Hey, I’m /s4s/!”
>/jp/ rolled her eyes. “This isn’t the time to mock me, /s4s/! Stop mimicking me!”
>”Nuh-uh, you first!”
>”Stop fighting!” /bant/ protested.
>”/bant/, cut it out!” /jp/ shouted.
>”I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING, NERD!” /c/ yelled.
>/c/‘s inexplicably loud voice completely silenced the rest of the girls.
>”Wow, /c/, I didn’t really think you had it in you,” /jp/ shakily said.
>”/jp/, I didn’t say that.”
>...oh no.
>As her vision started to clear, /jp/ tried to adjust her glasses, but wound up poking the bridge of her nose.
>”Okay, I think something’s gone wrong...why do I sound like /s4s/?” /jp/ groaned in exasperation.
>Finally her vision cleared. The other girls were sitting on their backsides, rubbing their eyes.
>/jp/ looked down at herself.
>She didn’t wear a purple dress today.
>”Uh, /c/...what’s going on?” /jp/ asked.
>”I-I don’t know...” /bant/ nervously whispered.
>...oh, they’ve messed up bad.
>”Great. Just great. This is your fault, /bant/.”
>/jp/ was fuming. Really fuming.
>Thanks to /bant/‘s arrogance and idiocy, she’d inadvertently activated the device, a body-switching doohickey, and switched all four of them around.
>”Oh gee, don’t say that to your girlfriend,” /bant/ teased.
>That girl was going to be the end of her.
>She’d slap her, but then she would be slapping /c/‘s beautiful, soft che-
>Not now.
>”Just use the device again. Maybe it’ll switch us all back,” /c/ suggested.
>”Could work,” /jp/ shrugged. She pressed the same button that /bant/ had pressed and waited.
>No plasma appeared.
>”Error. Device is currently charging for re-use. ETA: Five days, eleven hours, and fifty minutes,” the robotic voice alerted.
>”Oh, well isn’t that just fine and dandy,” /jp/ growled. “I come here to pretend we’re hunting aliens and now I’m stuck in the body of the loony toon for five days.”
>/jp/ watched her own body react. “Heeey! Don’t say that!” /s4s/ whined.
>”/jp/, I know you’re angry, but don’t say mean things,” /c/ said.
>”Well, how can’t I?” /jp/ grumbled. “I’m literally wearing GLOVES! How do you even wear these? My hands are sweating!”
>”Come ooon!” /s4s/ groaned. “I have to wear glasses now! Everything’s so blurry without these things...”
>/bant/ scoffed. “You think you’ve got problems? Look at all this hair!” She grabbed handfuls of her unfamiliar golden curls. “How the heck do you WASH this?”
>”Hey, don’t mess up my hair!” /c/ panicked.
>”Oh no, wouldn’t wanna ruin it for your kissy-kissy bang bang, huh...”
>/c/ made a scrunchy face. “Well, now I have to wear your sneakers without SOCKS!” she groaned. “Shoes without socks is just wrong!”
>/jp/ tapped /c/‘s foot with her own. “Hey, you and me both,” she observed.
>”Yeah, well, what do you propose we do, nerds?” /bant/ stuck up her nose and crosses her arms. “Oh, I know. Let’s go tell the grown-ups we broke in here and used dangerous tools. Yeah, that makes sense.”
>The others cringed at the notion.
>Everybody knew that if they got caught, the grown-ups would not be lenient with their punishments.
>”I’m not giving up my Touhous for a month,” /jp/ conceded.
>”Yeah, that’s what I thought,” /bant/ smugly gloated. “This is what we’re doing. We’re going to act normal. /jp/, you and /c/ can chill out in our rooms. Me and /s4s/ will take yours. We come back in five days, get the device, and everything will go back to normal. Seem fair?”
>/jp/ and /c/ looked at each other and grimly nodded.
>”What about our relationship?” /c/ asked.
>/c/ watched her face grin (creepy). “Oh, you mean OUR relationship?” /bant/ said. “Watch me own it.”
>To their shock, /c/ and /jp/ watched as “/c/“ grabbed “/jp/“ and mashed her lips together, awkwardly trying to be intimate with the surprised “/jp/“.
>”Oh, PLEASE stop,” /jp/ groaned. “We are NOT that intimate.”
>/bant/ pulled away and chuckled. “You let us take care of it,” she said.
>”Wait, aren’t you married, /s4s/?” /jp/ asked.
>/jp/ heard herself giggling. “Yeah, but /int/ went with /pol/. Something about liberating England from a Carly-thot or whatever,” /s4s/ replied. “But it’s fine! We’re allowed to kiss other girls!”
>God forbid she had to kiss /int/. Oh, the humanity.
>”Fine. Then we’ll be seeing you next week,” /jp/ sighed. “Let’s go, /c/.”
>The pairs bid their farewells and parted ways.
>/jp/ had plenty of uncertainty with this new arrangement.
>I mean...TECHNICALLY it’s still /c/ that she’s in love with, but now she’s stuck in the body of a dunce with dumb pigtails and a consistently air of smugness.
>But now, she was in the body of a dunce with dumb pigtails and a weird dress.
>Staying in /bant/‘s bedroom for the first few hours was just awkward.
>There was no lovey-dovey relationship.
>/c/ had found some of /bant/‘s books and was reading them quietly.
>/jp/ was standing in front of a mirror and observing herself.
>Seeing a completely different person staring back at her was unnerving.
>/jp/ fiddled with the dress’s hem gently.
>How did /s4s/ have such green eyes?
>”/jp/, is there something wrong?” /c/ called out.
>She turned around.
>”N...no, it’s fine,” she replied.
>/jp/ left the mirror alone and sat down on the floor next to /c/.
>”What book is that?” she asked.
>”Geography stuff. I don’t really know my countries,” /c/ said, flipping a page. “I guess I could learn.”
>/jp/ nodded. “Yeah, I guess you could.”
>”Hey, /jp/, it’s okay to feel nervous.”
>The girl sighed. “I know, I know. I know we’ll get through this, but,” she said, “ugh, it’s just so awkward. It’s still you and me, but it’s like, well, you are different. It’d feel too weird to love you if all I could see is that damn /bant/.”
>/c/ looked at her partner. “I don’t see it like you do. I see /s4s/, but I know it’s really you in there,” she explained.
>”Sounds weird.”
>/c/ shrugged. “We could try...maybe it won’t be so bad.”
>”Try? Like...”
>”Kissing, cuddling, being romantic.”
>/jp/ considered it.
>”Well, actually, now that you mention it...” she said, “I’d love to get one up on that overconfident runt. Thinking she can just make out in our bodies in front of us like that, what a little...”
>”Okay, okay. Don’t be mean,” /c/ interrupted.
>She pushed herself up and faced /jp/. “Try kissing me,” she offered, pursing her lips.
>/jp/ held her breath.
>Normally, kissing /bant/ on her lips was a one-way ticket onto her all-time regrets list.
>Even on the technicality that it was /c/ in there, it probably wasn’t going to change it that much.
>But making /c/ happy and showing up /bant/ was trumping it.
>/jp/ calmed down and leaned in, pushing her lips onto /bant/‘s and forcing all regrets to the back of her mind.
>Her lips were surprisingly spongy and sweet.
>/jp/ wondered how /s4s/‘s lips felt to /c/.
>She could smell peanuts, for some unknown reason.
>This really isn’t all that bad, /jp/ wondered as she lifted her gloved hand up and held her lover’s chin.
>She felt /c/ raise a hand of her own to brush away some of the stray brown bangs on /jp/‘s forehead.
>/jp/ loved it. It really was just like kissing /c/. All the movements, the mannerisms and the love was there, even if the body wasn’t /c/‘s.
>She broke the kiss and exhaled.
>”You’re right, /c/...” /jp/ smiled. “I can feel you in there.”
>/c/ giggled. “I told you, silly,” she cheered. “No matter who’s body I’m in, you’ll know it’s the best girlfriend in the world.”
>”Even if you do smell like peanuts and look like a dunce?” /jp/ cheekily teased.
>”Even if you smell like a muffin and taste like one too.”
>/jp/ chuckled. “Oh no, I’ve been kissing /bant/ all along,” she sarcastically laughed.
>/c/ kissed her on the cheek and went back to her geography book. /jp/ curled up next to her and read along with her, learning about Eastern Europe.
>She couldn’t help but lick her lips again and again.
>I don’t taste muffins at all, /jp/ thought.
File: 7755545.png (112 KB, 600x600)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>At some point, the two had to clean themselves.
>Doing it in different bodies was destined to be a very awkward experience.
>/jp/ and /c/ stood in front of the filled bathtub, draped in towels.
>”So, how are we doing it?” /jp/ asked.
>/c/ ran her fingers through /bant/‘s hair, which, like /s4s/‘s, now lacked their distinct pigtails.
>”Do you think the they’ve already seen our bodies?” /c/ responded.
>”Knowing those two, definitely.”
>”We’re bound to see theirs, even if we don’t mean to,” /c/ said.
>Good point.
>”Fine, let’s lose the towels,” /jp/ conceded.
>The two let the towels drop to the floor. /c/ got in first, followed by /jp/, who had grabbed a cup and a bottle of shampoo.
>”I’ll do your hair first, then you do mine,” /jp/ offered.
>/c/ turned her back to her and let /jp/ work on cleaning her shortened locks.
>/bant/‘s hair was much more golden than /c/‘s.
>It made /jp/ wonder if /c/‘s hair was better if it was that color.
>No, she definitely preferred the less saturated glimmer.
>/jp/ finished rinsing the shampoo out of the hair and turned around.
>Feeling /c/ working the shampoo into her hair felt divine.
>/jp/ liked having her hair sleek, smooth and even.
>/s4s/ was the opposite; her hair was a bushy mess with pigtails that were usually asymmetrical.
>She would have fixed it herself, among other things, like getting her own clothes and wearing them.
>However, she thought it best to respect her temporary occupancy.
>That meant wearing /s4s/‘s clothes, doing her hair correctly, and trying her best to sound just like her.
>Her girlfriend seemed content at masquerading as /bant/.
>Being /s4s/ wasn’t bad at all.
>She just hoped that /s4s/ was treating her body just as respectfully
>By the second day, /jp/ was as content as /c/.
>First, she woke up early and went into /s4s/‘s room to get some necessities.
>Her clothes, obviously.
>A couple of colorful bear plushies.
>And some of those muffin packets.
>/c/ had been studying /bant/‘s life, so /jp/ figured that it wasn’t too much of an ask to understand /s4s/‘s, even if she would only have to apply her knowledge in case somebody else addressed her.
>The two were reading one of /bant/‘s books together, learning about the culture of the Baltic nations.
>”Pop quiz. Close your eyes, I’ll describe the flag,” /jp/ chuckled.
>”You’re too funny,” /c/ giggled, covering her blue orbs.
>Damn, /bant/‘s eyes were the same shade of bl-
>”Okay, tricolor, yellow, green and red.”
>/c/ hummed under her breath. “Thaaaat’s...Lithuania,” she answered.
>”Bingo,” /jp/ confirmed. “Tricolor, blue, black and white.”
>”Too smart for me,” /jp/ laughed. “Okay then, describe the flag of Latvia.”
>/c/ thought hard. “Uhhh, it’s like a dark red...and there’s a thin white line going through the middle,” she confidently answered.
>/jp/ poked /c/ on the cheek. “You’re pretty good at flags,” /jp/ said.
>/c/ uncovered her eyes and shot a wide smile at her girlfriend.
>”I think you deserve a reward for your intelligence,” /jp/ decided, pursing her lips.
>She met her lover’s lips and let out a soft hum of approval. /c/ placed both of her hands on /jp/‘s cheeks as the latter rolled /c/ onto her back.
>/jp/ climbed on top of her and kept kissing her lips again and again, not minding that those lips belonged to /bant/. She played with the girl’s hair and soaked in the taste of her lips, detecting a hint of peanuts and fish.
>/jp/ moved back to rest her aching mouth.
>”You know, I can’t wait until we’re back in our own bodies,” /jp/ admitted. “I’ll be kissing you for days.”
>/c/ giggled. “Miss my strawberry lip gloss?”
>”Yeah,” /jp/ sighed, blushing red. “Peanuts aren’t so bad though.”
>/jp/ raised a finger and traced /c/‘s mouth, circling around her moistened lips and poking the spongy flesh.
>”Be honest, what’s kissing /s4s/ like?” /jp/ wondered.
>/c/ smiled and raised her own hand to tuck some of the loose brown strands behind /jp/‘s ear.
>”They’re always wet, but I know that’s just you,” she said.
>/jp/ bit her lip. “No, that’s /s4s/. I’m positive her mouth makes more drool than mine,” she guessed.
>/c/ grins at her. “That’s okay. Wet lips are way better than dry lips,” she said.
>To illustrate her point, /c/ stuck out her tongue and gave her lips a once-over.
>/jp/ felt her cheeks burning. She drooped her eyelids and licked her own lips.
>”From now on, I’m calling you Peanut,” /jp/ snickers. “Do you like that nickname?”
>/c/ was in awe. “I love it...”
>/jp/ held /c/‘s cheeks again. “Let’s savor the moment, Peanut.”
>They went back to smooching, passionately embracing each other’s warmth and exchanging the pleasant tastes of peanuts and muffins.
>Neither girl cared that they were kissing the lips of their friends.
>As long as their lips were controlled by their lovers, nothing would stop their relationship.
>After tiring themselves out with kisses, the two sat on /bant/‘s couch and watched some shows of /bant/‘s television.
>/c/ rested on her side, with her head seated comfortably in /jp/‘s lap.
>/jp/ happily held /c/‘s pigtail and casually brushed it with her fingers as the antics of one Jerry Seinfeld played out on the television.
>”I never knew how soft /s4s/‘s dress was,” /c/ said, gently playing with the fabric in her fingers.
>The remark earned a snigger from /jp/.
>”I had my doubts. I still think it looks silly,” she remarked, “but that doofus knows comfort.”
>”Hey, you’re totally like me,” /c/ replied. “Shoes without socks aren’t as bad as I thought.”
>/jp/ lifted one foot, looking at /s4s/‘s shoe. “Maybe not for me, but,” she said, as she slipped her other foot out and lifted it, “hands-free is pretty nice.”
>”You can wear them with socks, /jp/.”
>/jp/ shrugged and put the shoe back on. “I like my old shoes more anyway.”
>There was silence between the two for a few moments.
>”Hey, I gave you a /bant/-themed nickname,” /jp/ said. “I ought to have one with an /s4s/ theme.”
>/c/ let out a giggle. “Oh, of course...”
>/jp/ waited.
>This girl...
>”Muffin. Love ya, Peanut,” /jp/ cooed.
>”I love you too, Muffin.”
>/jp/ relaxed and kept stroking the girl’s hair.
>There were still another three days left, but she wished those days never ended.
>one week later...
>”And that’s how we chose our nicknames,” /c/ said.
>Everybody was back in their own bodies, with no punishments handed out.
>The four had come back together to watch some anime movies in /c/‘s room and the casual nickname usage sparked /bant/‘s curiosity.
>That storytime weirded out the other two.
>”Hold up, so you nerds call each other because of how OUR lips taste?” /bant/ asked.
>/jp/ smugly grinned. “Yeah, so what?” she asked.
>/s4s/ looked at /bant/, concern plastered on her face. “That’s kinda weird,” she said.
>”Yeah, you made us kiss each other and you didn’t mind,” /bant/ added.
>”You made us kiss too!” /c/ said.
>”What? That one you saw us do? That was the only kiss!” /bant/ protested. “We just held hands and nuzzled a couple of times whenever we were out in the open.”
>”We thought it was too weird to actually do kissies,” /s4s/ nervously said. “I don’t really wanna kiss /bant/.”
>/jp/ narrowed her eyes. “You said /int/ wouldn’t mind,” she said.
>”That was after /bant/ surprised me! Then after you left, we decided not to-!”
>”/s4s/, forget it. Can we just address why you chose OUR lip flavors as YOUR nicknames?” /bant/ interrupted, changing the subject back.
>”We thought about Bubblegum and Sushi, but we didn’t like it,” /c/ explained.
>/bant/ rolled her eyes. “Whatever, you fruitcakes. Now I have no excuse to switch us again,” she huffed.
>/c/ and /jp/ shared a laugh and cuddled each other.

>Movie night ended hours later, and /s4s/ and /bant/ left to return to their rooms.
>”Hey, /bant/?” /s4s/ asked.
>She fidgeted. “Uhhh, peanuts and muffins?” she questioned. “Do you- mmmph?!”
>/bant/ pinned her against a wall and shoved her face into hers, stuffing her tongue deep into /s4s/‘s mouth.
>/s4s/‘s knees trembled in bewilderment, feeling /bant/‘s warm and wet tongue intruded every crevice and nook.
>/int/ wouldn’t mind this sudden intimacy, if it could be called that, but /s4s/‘s heart was pounding.
>As sudden as it had started, /bant/ pushed back and retracted her tongue.
>She stood still and apparently studied the taste she had acquired.
>/s4s/, finally realizing that /bant/‘s spit coated her tongue, let her mind wander.
>”Do you taste peanuts?” /bant/ asked.
>The girl rubbed her shoulder. “Yeah...a little, actually,” she replied.
>/bant/ casually turned around and walked towards her room, leaving /s4s/ confused for a moment.
>”Huh? Hey! Did that mean something!?” she called out, running after her. “/baaaaaant/!”
Is there a page where I can read more or where stories are uploaded like the /u/ booru?
I need story ideas. Preferably with the young ones. I’ll do age gap. No FBI open up territory but I’ll do some light stuff like kissing, tickling, smelling feet/hair/clothes, cuddling, hand holding...
Not that I know of. Probably your best bet is to look through /u/ archives.
A /u/ writefag collection sounds neat.
Yeah it would be neat, closest would be like a pastebin full of links though. I think I still have the old collection of /u/x/cgl/ somewhere. Either as word docs or the actual pastebins
>age gap
Interesting. I don't know the age of each one but according to the most popular boards I've seen in various pics
Kids: c, jp, s4s, bant
Adults: x, u, int, ck, e, cgl
Is this correct?
The other young ones are /i/ and /wsr/.
The rest of the adults are here >>2920843
I would also mention /vp/‘s female tan, but both of the /vp/-tans age up one year with each new Pokemon generation, plus the baseline 10 years that each Pokemon trainer starts at. And Generation 8 is coming very soon so she won’t be 17 much longer.
Remember that if you don't include /k/ having a dad moment over someone trying to go out with /out/ then you have failed.
Especially if /out/ is never in an early Rhodesian uniform. The one with the short-shorts.
I have no idea how most of them are rn so can you think about something for now? I can check it out later if you want
Okay I'm slowly getting over the loss of the panda, here's some ideas I could do.
>/u/ "chaperoning" /c/ and /jp/ (>>2927502)
>a short epilogue with /bant/ and /s4s/ (>>2929345)
>/wsr/ learning a new kind of spooning
>/i/ pining for a young board and drawing countless pictures of them
Some ideas that you can chose boards for
>a young board becomes addicted to boobs and "trips", "stumbles" or otherwise "accidentally" faceplants into as many chests as she can
>adult board finds some of the young board's clothes and smells them
>/u/ teaching a young board how to kiss
>/x/ needs to exorcise a young board's ghost
>a couple of young boards tie down an adult board and tickle torture her (or vice-versa)
>a couple of young boards do truth or dare, but it's all dare and all yuri
>some more body switching
>a young board finds an adult board passed out (drunk, unconscious, etc) and plays with her body - absolutely NOTHING will happen between the legs, just stuff with lips, feet, boobs, tummy, legs, ass, hair...
I say do the /u/ chaperoning a date one.
>>a young board finds an adult board passed out (drunk, unconscious, etc) and plays with her body - absolutely NOTHING will happen between the legs, just stuff with lips, feet, boobs, tummy, legs, ass, hair...

This sounds fun, featuring /c/ doing something with /u/ (preferably Lily)

>Lily passed out because of reasons
>/c/ curious with the cute sleeping oneesan
>Play with slightly squishy tummy(/u/ being /u/, she ate sugary food like macarons and keep forget about working out) and boobs
Into the FUCKING trash it goes.
>squishy board tummies
yes yes YES
Which other boards would have squishy tummies?
/Ck/. Probably /x/. Also only Lily would have a somewhat squishy tummy all the sex she has tends to really burn it off. Shizuka has abs that Lily likes to grind against.
If it's also being in character, than it should end with a too knowing smile appearing across Lily's face after /c/ moves on.
Nah, /x/ is a skelly. She doesn't eat much, thinks gubmint puts mind-control chemicals in the food.
I'd argue that /mlp/ has a squishy tummy since she's an overweight fuck. Also /an/, /e/, and probably /bant/ have tummies of squishyness. But who's got the squishy asses and boobs?
>If it's also being in character, than it should end with a too knowing smile appearing across Lily's face after /c/ moves on.
Ohhh that was the plan, sis.
I forgot about /e/, she likely would have a squishy tummy. /s/ too in that vein. /cgl/ too, though it depends on which /cgl/ you're thinking of. /cos/ probably doesn't.
Yeah Lily's the more...cunning of the sisters. I'd say more predatory but she's not really predatory just more in touch with her sexuality on top of being an S-tier seductress.
We should sit down and discuss which girls have the best assets.
>best lips/kisses
>best boobs
>best tummies
>best ass
>best legs
>best feet
My personal opinion.

>/u/ (Lily): The whole package

>/ck/: Lips, tummy, ass, legs, feet
>/an/: Boobs, tummy, ass, legs, feet

>/u/ (Shizuka): Lips, ass, legs, feet
>/x/: Lips, boobs, legs, feet
>/cgl/: Boobs, tummy, ass, feet
>/e/: Boobs, tummy, legs, feet
>/wsr/: Tummy, ass, legs, feet

>/bant/: Lips, tummy, feet
>/jp/: Lips, tummy, feet
>/s4s/: Lips, ass, feet
>/s/: Boobs, tummy, legs
>/int/: Boobs, tummy, ass
>/o/: Boobs, ass, legs
>/po/: Tummy, legs, feet

>/c/: Lips, feet
>/h/: Boobs, legs
>/aco/: Boobs, ass
>/3/: Boobs, ass (she can modify the damping and size)
>/mlp/: Tummy, ass

>/vp/ (Vanille): Legs
>/w/: Legs
>/hr/: Feet (but they're huge)
>/i/: Feet

>/soc/: Nothing because she's a fucking shit.
>/out/: Nothing
>/toy/: Nothing
>forgetting Shizuka's tummy and back
For shame. She's a fit tomboy to a T. So her arms, abs, and back are a favorite of Lily's especially with how Shizuka squirms when Lily drags her tongue across Shizuka's spine or tongues her navel.
I wonder if Lily and Shizuka would sit down and make a list like this.

>”Give me one good reason.”
>”Let me give you two! One, SPATS. You KNOW that spats accentuates that ass. Second, think about her diet. It’s nothing but Topkek. It all goes to that glorious ass of hers.”
>”Nope, the Topkek goes to her juicy thighs and you know it.”
>”Do you admit that spats makes her ass better?”
>”Fine, I admit it.”
>”Okay. How about this, I’ll put an S next to legs, and L next to ass. Agree to disagree?”
>”Great. Now, /po/, there’s a girl with legs.”
>”Damn straight. Legs for days, and those damn feet are a treat.”
>”Yup. No shoes, hardly wears socks, and never gets them dirty. What MORE could you ask from her?”
>”Rainbow stockings?”
>”/x/‘s feet?”
>”Nope, making /po/ wear her stockings.”
>”I like your line of thinking, Shiz. For me, it’s bare all the way.”
>”Can we talk about that tummy? Flat, no chub, completely untouched territory. Definitely a top three tummy.”
>”What’s your top three?”
>”/bant/, /po/, /mlp/.”
>”Seriously? /mlp/?”
>”Hey, I don’t mind chub. Have you ever tried playing with her gut? It’s like kneeding dough. As long as Stay Puft keeps her mouth shut, I can tolerate her.”
>”Mine’s /e/, /bant/, /ck/. Seems we love /bant/‘s tum-tum together.”
>”Heck yeah. Great lips and perfect feet too, totally lacking everywhere else.”
>”Feet? Nah. Too firm.”
>”Get real, /bant/‘s feet are perfect.”
>”Name your top three.”
>”/bant/, /x/, /c/.”
>”Well, you got one of my top three. Mine’s /c/, /ck/ and /s4s/.”
>”/ck/ above /s4s/? For shame, Lily.”
>”Hey, they’re CLOSE! /ck/‘s just got the toes to prove it.”
>”Yeah, those toes are a ten. But, the general aesthetic belongs to /s4s/.”
>”The gene- what does that even mean?!”
>”The overall...when you take it all into account!”
>”Lick /ck/‘s foot, THEN decide!”
>/c/ closed the door behind her
>It was just her alone in the room with Lily.
>Lily was passed out on her couch, an empty bottle of a strange alcohol and a nearly-empty pack of macarons littered on the floor
>Her shirt was slightly hiked up, barely revealing her slightly pudgy belly
>Too many macarons.
>/c/ didn't know how long Lily had been passed out for, but she wanted this moment
>She cautiously tiptoed up to her body and inhaled the air around Lily
>Just like her name. It smelled of lilies.
>The girl very tentatively lifted her shirt up to get a better view of her tummy
>/c/ swallowed and placed one hand on Lily's tummy
>Her hand sunk into the smooth squishyness.
>Lily's tummy was so warm
>She didn't stir, so /c/ placed another hand on her tummy and rubbed it.
>She dared to kneel down and move her face towards the navel
>/c/ put her lips on the smooth skin and kissed Lily's tummy
>The girl rested her cheek on the skin and let the warmth course through her face
>A few gurgles entered her ears.
>She sniffed some more, enjoying the smell of lilies and sugar.
>Lily still didn't stir.
>/c/ saw her underboob and felt her breath hitch.
>She couldn't.
>She had to.
>/c/ stood up and moved to Lily's chest
>Lily had nice, perky boobs, not too big, but not too small.
>She felt envious.
>She wanted to get some boobs of her own when she got older.
>/c/ readied her hands, hesitating slightly
>With a feather touch, she placed her hands on /u/'s chest.
>She didn't lift her shirt up, it would be too awkward.
>/c/ felt Lily's breathing as her breasts lifted and descended very gently
>Lily still didn't stir, so /c/ took it as a sign to be a little more forceful
>She rubbed the girl's boobs and pressed them together gently
>Then, she lowered her face and pushed it in between the boobs
>Lily's shirt felt very nice on her face. Even if it wasn't skin, it was okay.
>But something inside her wanted skin.
>/c/ swallowed and readied her hands again
>She very slowly snaked her hands under Lily's shirt and tried not to touch her tummy
>Her fingers poked Lily's underboobs
>She didn't wear a bra
>/c/ watched Lily's face, in case there was any sign of her waking up
>She still didn't twitch
>/c/ relaxed and traced the soft sacs with her hands
>Lily must have really been drunk for her not to feel this
>As a precaution, though, /c/ withdrew her hands
>She sniffed her palms
>There was a better scent of lilies, and some sweat

>/c/ decided that she had to get going very soon
>She went back to Lily's tummy and kissed it a few times, poking the macaron-filled squishyness and pressing her face into it
>As she finished, she tugged Lily's shirt down again and made sure it covered most of her tummy again
>/c/ had the wildest smile on her face
>As she tiptoed away from her, she noticed Lily's socked feet
>She could part with a final bit of fun
>/c/ lifted both of Lily's feet up, noticing how silky smooth the fabric was
>Inhaling, she pursed her lips together and placed a gentle kiss on the balls of both her feet
>Satisfied, /c/ lowered Lily's feet and tiptoed back to the door
>She opened it, silently waved, and closed the door softly

>If /c/ had been more observant, she would've noticed that the empty bottle still had a cap on it.
>A minute after /c/ had left the room, Lily's lips upturned
>Imouto was too easy to fool.

This is perfect and cute
I always thought Shizuka was the blonde.
might try writing the chaperone one later
File: yin-yang.jpg (18 KB, 480x480)
18 KB
if there's any drawfag interested, could you draw this simple idea? /x/ and /int/ together just for the sake of aesthetics, you know like the yin yang symbol, black and white
Something with sopa de macaco
But /int/ is white! WHITE!
Okay time to stop being lazy
>Lily pulled in to the restaurant car park and parked her Yurimobile in one of the empty spaces.
>”We’re here, girls.”
>/c/ bunched her hands up and bounced in her seat.
>Earlier that week, /jp/ promised /c/ that if she could learn where all the African countries were by Thursday, she would take her on a date to the Harajaku eatery
>(after the whole body switching incident, /c/ grew fond of the nations of the world)
>/c/, smart as she was, studied /bant/‘s book and memorized the whole African continent by heart, and showed it to /jp/ the next day.
>Lily and Shizuka stepped out of the car, dress in matching little black dresses. Both had offered to chaperone the young couple for their date.
>/c/ and /jp/ took the Harajuku theme to heart, although with less EGL. /c/ wore a Marisa Kirisame cosplay, and fittingly, /jp/ had a Reimu Hakurei cosplay.
>”Muffiiiiin, your sleeves are rolling down.”
>/jp/ adjusted the red and white sleeves and pulled them up her arms
>”Not really as practical as I hoped they’d be,” /jp/ said.
>Cosplay was something /jp/ occasionally did, just never before with Reimu.
>Damn, /c/ was a perfect Marisa.
>”I’m going to order the best cakes for us, Muffin!” /c/ promised. “We’ll have cupcakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, and pudding for dessert!”
>”Cakes for a main course?” Shizuka asked. “Adventurous.”
>Lily smiled. “It’s their date, Shiz. Let em live.”
>The sisters took the girls inside and got their booth.
>As /jp/ looked at the menu with /c/, she glanced at the sisters.
>They shared a few half-lidded looks at each other.
>Probably nothing.
>the group made their orders and received all their cakes in ten minutes
>/c/ wasn’t lying about all the cakes. A tray of cupcakes sat in the middle of the table. /c/ ordered a piece of cream-filled chocolate cake for herself, and /jp/ had ordered a piece of vanilla cake.
>The twins had their own assortment of scones, macarons and cupcakes to share.
>/jp/ enjoyed the vanilla cake as soon as the first piece entered her mouth. Fluffy, smooth, and warm.
>Like /c/.
>Speak of the angel and she shall appear.
>”Muffin, look.”
>/jp/ looked up.
>Shizuka was slowly putting a piece of a scone in Lily’s mouth.
>”I’ll feed you some of my cake if you do the same,” /c/ said.
>Without a word, /jp/ dug her fork into her cake and lifted a piece up.
>She presented it to /c/.
>”Eat up, Peanut,” /jp/ giggled.
>/c/ opened her mouth and engulfed the piece. She licked the fork clean and hummed.
>”It’s sooooo delicious,” she sighed. She lifted up her own fork, a piece of frosted chocolate cake and cream precariously balanced on top. “Your turn!”
>/jp/ used her tongue to drag the piece into her mouth. A wave of sweetness flooded her senses. Creamy, chocolately goodness filled her mouth.
>”Man, that’s a great cake,” /jp/ acknowledged.
>Gee, those sisters were rubbing off on her.
>Perhaps chaperoning them had been put on hold for a moment.
Good to see you again.
What kind of Subaru is that?
One that you can fit a bed in it.
Subaru Exiga?
i take it we dont have one for /tg/
/tg/ is a dude.
Used to be a fat neckbeard, but now he's kinda anorexic and shaved.
Well I put in a request for /jp/c/ in the drawthread so let’s see how lucky we are
File: 1565185254709.png (781 KB, 1523x1094)
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781 KB PNG
We have been blessed.
Holy fuck, it’s cute.
The bags under /jp/‘s eyes because of how she lives. The detail is on point. Truly blessed. Christen this newfound ship.
Need more yuri ideas with child board-tans (child x child or age gap with nothing that gets the fbi knocking)
Some ideas here
Can you do body switch but now with age gap? Like a group of adults switching with the little ones
File: nee san's a coming.png (214 KB, 1290x863)
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214 KB PNG
>body switch but now with age gap?
OHHHH MYYY GOOOD I'm doing this one.
Okay, suggest some switches. Preferably, switches between adults and kids who aren't "related" in any sense (so not /int/s4s/, no /int/bant/). Something out of the ordinary like, for instance, /ck/ switching with /c/.
I think the story I'll run with is Lily and Shizuka finding the Switcharoo-inator and configuring it their way.
also they don't need to be clean swaps, so /ck/ could end up in /c/'s body, but /c/ could end up in somebody like /x/'s body and so on.
Unrelated boards? I think this could work. Used the most common girls, I guess
/s4s/-/cgl/, /bant/-/ck/, /c/-/x/, /wsr/-/int/, /jp/-/an/
/cgl/-/bant/, /ck/-/wsr/, /x/-/jp/, /int/-/c/, /an/-/s4s/
Do you think it's ok or we can make changes?
I like these although I’d probably replace /cgl/ since I’m not familiar with her as a board-tan. I’d replace her with the klutzy /e/.
No problem. Fix it to fit into the story.
Remember that /an/ is married to /k/, so maybe don't use /an/.
I decided to replace /int/ with /po/ and rearranged a few others.
/s4s/-/x/, /bant/-/po/, /c/-/ck/, /jp/-/e/, /wsr/-/an/
/x/-/bant/, /po/-/c/, /ck/-/jp/, /e/-/wsr/, /an/-/s4s/
/ck/ is also. It's probably better in general to just not use other boards for things. Stick to the [s4s]/int/c/jp/u/ core.
Okay, a third try.
/s4s/-/an/, /bant/-/po/, /c/-/x/, /jp/-/e/, /wsr/-/ck/
/an/-/bant/, /po/-/c/, /x/-/jp/, /e/-/wsr/, /ck/-/s4s/
Tbh, I did kind of write /int/ out of the /bant/c/jp/s4s/ story so that I wouldn't have to deal with it. The same kind of plot convenience here could be magically reduced to "Shizuka and Lily found the switcher a day after most of the men left the house to go on a road trip to who-the-fuck-knows-where." Also, avoiding associating /c/ and /jp/ with /ck/ and /an/ so that I can still keep the focus on them and write the other three into the background.

Orrrrr, I can do the /c/int/jp/s4s/Lily&Shizuka switch, since there's three adults and three kids, which I find more boring
Stick to the latter. Less you have to concern yourself with and less chance of condensing some of the girls and/or women
lol I still like the first one more haha yes
>"Is there a way to distinguish between adults and children?" Shizuka asked.
>Lily scrolled through the settings on the switcharoo. "Nope, I don't think we...oh, hang on."
>She clicked on an option, titled "Group Switch Parameters", and brought up a new menu. A pop-up warning greeted them: "All groups must contain the same number of specimens, otherwise it will return an error."
>Lily raised an eyebrow. "This'll work marvellously, Shiz," she chuckled.

>Shizuka and Lily got lucky.
>At one end of the house, /c/ and /jp/ were hosting a movie night with their buddies, /bant/, /s4s/ and /wsr/.
>At the other end of the house, /an/, /ck/, /e/, /po/ and /x/ were...also watching a movie, with that buff Polynesian wrestler as the star.
>The twins aimed the switcharoo at both groups, waiting until five female "homo sapiens" were detected in that direction, and set them as the groups to be switched.
>Five adults, five kids, ten swaps, five days.
>It'd better be worth it.
>The last thing /c/ remembered before everything turned white was wondering where she had felt this strange sensation before.
>Soon enough, though, /c/ knew what had happened when somebody yelled "WOW! I've got BOOBIES!", and somebody else growled "Oh, come on, not this again!"
>/c/'s vision cleared up, and she finally got a glimpse of her body.
>Extremely pale skin, a weird sensation in one of her eyes, and...long, rainbow stockings!
>"/s4s/, is that you?" /c/ asked /an/.
>The blonde woman beamed and raised her thumb. "This is awesome! I'm wearing a flower crown!" she said.
>Whoever was in /e/'s body grabbed /x/ and looked at her, both eyes wide. "/c/...I'm guessing that's you, please tell me this isn't real," she asked desperately.
>"YES, IT'S...it's me...ugh."
>Whoever was /po/ stood up and crossed her arms. "This sucks! I still have no boobs!" she groaned.
>"/bant/, right?" /c/ asked. "/po/" nodded her head. "Okay, so, that means that's /wsr/ in there, huh?" she continued, pointing at "/ck/", who just kept staring at her palms silently.
>/c/ ran her hand through her new jet black curls. "Girls, this can't be random. Someone did this on purpose," she said.
>"Yeah, let's speculate, /c/. All of us are girls. All of us got switched into other girls," /bant/ said sarcastically. "All of us are kids and now we're in adults, and the adults are probably in our bodies. Who do you THINK would do that?"
>/jp/ facepalmed. "It's those two twerps, isn't it?" she guessed, standing up and balancing precariously. "Man, why couldn't YOU have ended up here? High heeled boots are awful."
>/bant/ smirked. "Gee, ungrateful. You have an actual ass for your girlfriend now and you don't wanna make it noticeable?"
>"/BANT/, I WILL..."
>"Well, what the HELL happened!?" yelled /x/.
>/an/ laid a hand on /x/'s shoulder. "/x/, calm down. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for," she paused, waving a hand up and down her, /bant/'s, body, "all this."
>/e/, occupying /wsr/'s body, stifled a giggle as she stared at /po/.
>"I like the new you, /po/. Pink suits you," she admired.
>/po/ sighed. "Not in the mood, /e/," she said.
>"Oh come on! That was totally a compliment! Take it!" /e/ complained.
>Rolling her eyes, /po/ conceded. "Fine, I'm pretty in pink, happy?"
>/ck/ stepped away from the mirror, finally appearing to accept that she was stuck in the body of /s4s/. "Girls, let's not worry, let's not tease," she calmly informed the others, "let's just take a minute and think this through."
>"/ck/'s right, gals," /an/ said, not letting go of /x/.
>"Let's look at this objectively," /ck/ began. "There's five of us. Each one of us is in the body of one of the kids. There aren't a lot of kids here, and we didn't end up in one of the boys. I'd say this wasn't a spontaneous thing."
>/x/ shuffled nervously. "M-maybe that's what they wanted you t-to think..." she suggested.
>"What I'm saying, /x/, is that this what planned by somebody," /ck/ continued.
>/e/ stroked her chin. "I bet it's /d/," she theorized.
>"Not a chance. /d/ would never involve kids," /ck/ said.
>"Well, who else has the power to put us in other bodies?" /an/ asked.
>"Yes, who indeed?"
>The adults-turned-children turned around, seeing Lily and Shizuka in the doorway, with the latter waving a strange device.
>"Just a little social experiment for you lot," Lily chuckled.
>/ck/ stormed over to the twins and held out her hand. "That thing. Now," she demanded.
>Shizuka nodded. "Of course, whoever you are. You'll juuuust have to reach it."
>The short-haired twin dangled the device a few inches out of reach above "/s4s/".
>/ck/ tried to swipe the device, but Shizuka kept effortlessly moving it up and down. Curse this tiny stature, she thought.
>"This isn't funny, hand it over!" /ck/ ordered.
>To her surprise, Shizuka simply handed it to her.
>"Just press the target button," she said.
>/ck/ followed the instruction, but instead of fixing the problem, a robotic voice announced itself.
>”Error. Device is currently charging for re-use. ETA: Five days, fifteen hours, and forty-three minutes."
>"You said to press it!" /ck/ yelled.
>Shizuka smirked. "I didn't say it would fix it now."
>/po/ slowly got to her feet. "What. Did. You. DO?!" she yelled.
>"Like I said, it's a social experiment," Lily repeated. "See how the young ones get around as adults, and vice-versa. What fun it will bring..."
>And with that, Lily and Shizuka casually walked away and left the group alone.
>"Those damned twins," /an/ grumbled, crossing her arms.
>/e/ looked at herself in the mirror. "Maybe this won't be too bad. I'm usually a klutz, but now I have great balance," she observed.
>"That's because you're not wearing those boots," /po/ sighed.
>/ck/ stretched her legs and adjusted her hat. "Ladies, I think we should go find the kids. They're probably freaking out," she said.
>"Good point," /an/ concurred.
>”Put your heel down first,” /c/ instructed, holding /jp/ from behind. She watched her, precariously balancing on one foot, as she touched the ground with the heel of her boot.
>”Great! Now just lean forward and you’ll be fine!” /c/ said.
>/jp/ slowly lowered her toes until she was on solid footing.
>”Do I really have an ass now?” /jp/ asked.
>/jp/ pivoted around, forgetting the boots. “/BANT/, SHUT U- AAHHHH!” she yelled before falling backwards. Luckily, she found the safety of /c/‘s arms.
>”/bant/, don’t annoy her,” /c/ called out to her. “She could have hurt herself!”
>/jp/ rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry, Peanut. I think I’ve got it,” she replied as she stood up and walked around a bit. “This isn’t too hard. Still a bit uncomfortable.”
>At the sofa, /wsr/ wasn’t well, /bant/ had casually put her bare feet up on the coffee table, and /s4s/ was thrilled.
>”I hate this,” /wsr/ mumbled.
>/bant/ scoffed. “First time always sucks, don’t it?” she asked.
>/wsr/ turned her head. “What do you mean by ‘first’ t- forget it,” she answered. “I hate being tall and grown-up. I want my old body ba...stop fondling yourself, /s4s/!”
>/s4s/, being the useless and carefree lesbian as always, was cheerfully playing with /an/‘s perky breasts. “Awww, but they’re so great!” she complained.
>She didn’t stop, of course. “Squishy squishy dubs, bouncy bouncy bubs~” she sang.
>/bant/ stuck out her tongue. “Man, did you actually ask big gay dummy not to be big gay?” she questioned /wsr/.
>Flustered, /wsr/ tried to reason. “Well she should be decent! They’re not HER boobs to play with!” she said.
>”Newsflash, witch of the requestern. They’re our bodies for now. I’d touch my boobs if I weren’t stuck in a boobless body,” /bant/ shot back.
>”C-cut it out! That’s not worksafe!”
>/ck/ watched the kids...as adults, from afar.
>They didn’t seem all that freaked out. In fact, whoever was /x/ was helping whoever was /e/ learn to walk in her high heeled boots.
>”What’s going on with the kids?” /e/ whispered.
>/ck/ ducked back into the hallway and shared her observations.
>”Actually, they’re handling it pretty well,” she said.
>”See for yourself.”
>/ck/ slowly brought the rest of the group over to watch the five kids from a safe distance.
>”W-why am I helping one of them?” /x/ asked, trembling.
>/po/ stroked her chin. “You know, I betcha that’s /c/ in your body. I’ve never seen a smile that genuine on you.”
>”Of course,” /an/ added. “That would make /e/ be /jp/, wouldn’t it?”
>/e/ nodded. “That’s definitely the cute couple,” she said, but then she noticed, “oh come on, she’s walking in heels better than me!”
>”Cuz you’re a total klutz,” /an/ replied.
>”Hey, /an/, I don’t think you’re going to like what whoever’s doing with your body,” /ck/ pointed out.
>/an/ looked ahead. “What’s sh- damn it! Quit touching my tits!” she hissed quietly.
>”Looks like /s4s/ got lucky,” /e/ chuckled. “Now she can touch your boobs without your permission.”
>/an/ rolled her eyes. She was only doing it because she was the last stop on /s4s/‘s Tiddy Touchy Tour...
>”If I were to guess, /po/, that’s /bant/ in your body,” /ck/ observed, noticing how timid her own body looked, “which I guess leaves /wsr/ in mine. But I can’t figure out why they’re so calm...”
>”Hey, maybe they’re maturing,” /e/ suggested.
>”Maybe those dastardly twins did a test run on all of them,” /po/ theorized.
>/ck/ shrugged. “Regardless, I think they’re okay on their own.”
>A fun idea popped into her head. “Hey, if we’re going to be the kids for a few days, why not act like them too?” /ck/ suggested.
>”I like a challenge,” /e/ declared.
>When you become a board, you’re permanently in the state you arrive in, unless special circumstances occur.
>So, for the adults, they never had a childhood.
>Until now.
>And learning their new roles was challenging.
>”Jeez, I don’t even know how /wsr/ acts,” /e/ groaned.
>/ck/, who knew /s4s/ well enough to act like her, offered some help. “She’s calculated and very helpful...and also very worksafe, so you can’t do or say anything inappropriate,” she suggested.
>/e/ took her advice and gave it a shot. “Oh my, /s4s/. That’s too lewd! Are you looking for something? I can help you find it, as long as it’s not lewd!” she mimicked.
>Though it wasn’t the best attempt, /ck/ played along.
>”Haha, wow! You read my mind, lol! That’s so darn epic, /wsr/! Wanna go find all the dubs to check?” /ck/ confidently commanded.
>/e/ chuckled, but she felt annoyed at being /wsr/. “You’re better at this than I am,” she lamented. “I want to trade bodies. I’d rather be /s4s/.”
>/ck/ places her hands on her hips. “I mean, I like this much better, but you’re right. And I’d definitely make a better /wsr/,” she admitted.
>”/ck/, we have a problem!”
>The chef turned child heard /an/ calling for help, and left /e/ to work on her character.
>”What’s going on?” /ck/ asked, noticing how fidgety /x/ and /po/ were.
>/an/ ran a hand through her blonde fringe. “Soooo, you know /c/ and /jp/ are...”
>It didn’t take a genius to figure out the issue. “Oh, no no no. You don’t need to be too intimate, you two,” /ck/ interrupted.
>”Do we have to be intimate at all?” /po/ asked, stroking a handful of her long golden hair.
>/ck/ thought for a minute. “Well, no. But...if you want to be in character, you can cuddle and hold hands,” she suggested.
>”I-I don’t know much about /jp/...” /x/ said.
>/ck/ smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Act cold, but show some affection to /po/. Try being cynical, grumpy, sarcastic when it doesn’t concern /po/,” /ck/ told her.
>/x/ closed her eyes and tried to swallow her anxiety. “Ah...damn all this social stuff. This sucks. I want to go home and love my girlfriend,” /x/ said, emphasizing the last line by nervously hugging /po/.
>”Hey, that was actually pretty good, /x/,” /ck/ complimented.
>”Don’t they call each other cute names?” /an/ asked.
>/ck/ thought for a second. “Yeah, they do! /jp/‘s Muffin, right?” she asked.
>”I think /c/‘s Peanut!” /e/ called out.
>”Peanut and Muffin, that’s it,” /an/ confirmed.
>/po/ sighed. “This is getting too cutesy for me,” she said.
>/an/ turned to /ck/. “Do you know how /bant/ acts? I forgot she even existed,” she asked.
>/ck/ knew a bit about /bant/, luckily, since she was often around /s4s/.
>”Confident like /s4s/, but without memes, a little bossy, very cheeky and snappy. She’s good with banter, too.”
>/an/ shrugged. “I’ll give it a shot,” she said, clearing her throat. “Hey, dumbo! What’s with that hat? Ya can’t be top if you’re still on the bottom!”
>/ck/ laughed. “That was clever. Maybe be a little less harsh, in my opinion,” she judged. “Let’s try a conversation!”

>”Did you see the new epic meme today? It was so epic and nice!”
>”Hah, you and your damn memes, purpley-dress! You trying to become a meme?”
>”Whaaaat? You can become a meme? Epic!”
>”U-um, no, you can’t. Because that’s dumb.”
>”Peanut, anything is possible!”
>”Except...uh, being as cute a-as you...that’s n-not possible...”
>”Woah, don’t get too lewd, you two!”
>”Aw, what’s the matter, /wsr/? Scared you might like it?”
>”H-hey! It’s okay as long as it’s not too lewd!”

>It was a fun conversation.
>Perhaps this social experiment would be better than first thought.
>/c/ and /jp/ broke away from their friends to be together, just as /s4s/ was hugging /wsr/ and telling her that everything would be fine.
>(which was just her way of plonking her face into /ck/‘s boobs)
>They were going to enter /c/‘s room, but heard the whole conversation inside.
>”Did she call ‘me’, Peanut?” /jp/ asked.
>”Maybe they’re learning to be us...hey, just like we did!” /c/ suggested.
>/jp/ never thought that the adults had a carefree side.
>For the time being, the two decided to hunker in /jp/‘s old room.
>/jp/ no longer lived there, but she still owned the place.
>As she made her way inside, she sat on her bed and tried to remove her boots. God, her feet were hot, and a little bit sore.
>It seemed that she wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it.
>”How do I take these off?” /jp/ asked.
>/c/ kneeled down and lifted one of /jp/‘s legs up. “Zipper on the back,” she said, unzipping the footwear and pulling it off.
>”I don’t mind the tall heels, but jeez, how long was she wearing them?” /jp/ sighed, lifting her other leg. “So hot...ah, that feels much better.” /c/ removed the other boot and folded it next to the first boot.
>”I think they’re cute!” /c/ replied. “I-I mean, they’d look cute on you! My Muffin, wearing tall black boots...”
>/jp/ smirked. “No chance, Peanut.”
>She eyed /x/‘s rainbow stockings. She noticed how they seemed to squeeze the woman’s legs and make a little muffin top when the stockings ended.
>”Hey, Peanut, wanna trade?” /jp/ asked.
>”Trade what?”
>”You wear the boots, I wear those socks.”
>”...heck yeah!”

>Two minutes later, /jp/ admired those adorable rainbow stockings as they hugged her.../e/‘s...thighs.
>Meanwhile, her girlfriend...as /x/...posed in the black thigh high boots that matched /x/‘s style better than the stockings.
>”Those boots should belong to /x/,” /jp/ said.
>”You’re totally right,” /c/ agreed.
>”/s4s/, please get your face out of my chest.”
>The overenthusiastic girl pulled back and groaned. “Aww man, you’re no fun sometimes,” she said.
>”I can be fun,” /wsr/ explained, “but not if ‘fun’ is having you cop a feel.”
>/bant/ laughed. “Are you still trying to tell her not to drool for boobs?” she asked.
>”I don’t care if they’re mine or another girl’s,” /wsr/ defended, “but she shouldn’t try to touch them on purp- /s4s/, cut it out!”
>/s4s/ didn’t even last ten seconds before going back to playing with /an/‘s nice rack again.
>”/wsr/, /wsr/, /wsr/...” /bant/ spoke condescendingly. “Maybe it’s that darn worksafe behavior that’s clouded your vision, or maybe you’re just not observant, but /s4s/ has a chronic case of the GAY.”
>”Nuh-uh, I have the lesbian!” /s4s/ interrupted.
>”Whatever. Point is, /wsr/, she’s mega gay. Super freakin’ gay. Have you seen her around the grown ups?” /bant/ continues.
>”...not often, no,” /wsr/ conceded.
>”She’s lovesick for all the hot, sexy singles in her area and she loves it,” /bant/ explains. “Isn’t that right, /s4s/? Tell me, what’s /ck/ like?”
>/s4s/ stops squeezing her boobs and thinks. “Aw man...she’s so freaking cute! And she makes ebin food, and she’s soooooo warm when I get to hug her! I like hugging her because my face gets to be in her boobs!” she says.
>/bant/ chuckles. “And what do you think of...THIS!?” she yells, pouncing on the girl and sealing her lips with her.
>/wsr/ watched the unholy not-worksafe sight of /bant/ shoving her tongue down /s4s/‘s throat, drool bubbling between their lips. /s4s/ seemed freaked out.
>”I GET IT! STOP!” /wsr/ pleaded.
>/bant/ broke the sloppy one-way makeout session and looked at /wsr/ smugly. “You don’t. Her little gay heart can’t handle it when I kiss her and I don’t know why,” /bant/ explained. “You want her to stop? Come get me.”
>”Childhood. Freakin’. Rules.”
>As /e/ elegantly put it.
>”How does she handle so much hair?” /po/ wondered, while /e/ organized her luxurious golden mane into two halves.
>”Are you reading my mind, /po/?” /e/ asked. “And, like, this hair is amazing! I’m jealous, not gonna lie. I’m getting her hair products after this is over.”
>”You do you, but for me, it feels heavy,” /po/ lamented. “And it tickles my neck.”
>/e/ smiled as she picked up some hair bands. “I’d trade the hair if I could, but I guess I’ve got this cute green style to play with,” she sighed, brushing her shorter hair with her hand. “I’ll make some twintails for you. It’ll stop the tickling.”
>”Thoughtful,” /po/ replied.
>At the other side of the room, /x/ needed help restoring /jp/‘s trademark braids.
>”I thought I could do them myself...” /x/ sighed disappointedly.
>/an/ and /ck/, done trading pigtail styles (/an/ now wore the hat and green hair bands, while /ck/ donned the large B-shaped fasteners), worked on a braid each.
>”Have you ever actually done your hair?” /an/ asked.
>”...no, I haven’t.”
>”And therein lies the problem,” /ck/ said, continuing on from /an/‘s question. “Braiding is easy, though. Why don’t we teach you?”
>”I-I guess...”
>/an/ weaved the last hair strands in her fingers and secured it with one of the small hair bands. “Hey, /ck/, can I trade something else?” she asked.
>”What’s that?”
>/an/ nudged /ck/‘s side with one of her sneakers. “Take these and give me yours,” she asked.
>”Why would you want mine? Besides, aren’t you typically barefoot?” /ck/ replied.
>”Not always, you know,” /an/ said, rolling her eyes, “but I’m not fond of these. Too clunky, especially without socks.”
>/ck/ secured /x/‘s other braid and slipped her feet out of /s4s/‘s shoes. “Hand them over, then,” she replied.
Are people enjoying the story? I like writing it.
>”Now take that strand and cross it over the last strand,” /an/ instructed.
>/x/ tentatively positioned the other strands of /po/‘s hair in her fingers and moved the rightmost strand into the middle.
>”Easy, isn’t it?” /ck/ said, patting /x/‘s shoulder. “Left, right, left, right, then tie it up. That’s all you need to remember.”
>/x/ smiled a little. “Thanks, you two,” she replied earnestly.
>While /x/ continued to work with her “girlfriend’s” hair (and /e/ was busy raiding /c/‘s closet to see how her dresses would look on her), /an/ and /ck/ decided to take a break.
>”We should check on the kids.” /an/ posited.
>/ck/ met her gaze. “Yeah, we probably should,” she agreed. She turned to the other three women in the room. “We’re heading out for a bit, are you three going to stay here?”
>”Yes,” /po/ replied.
>”S-sure, what she said,” /x/ added.
>/e/, holding clothes hangers that held two of /c/‘s lesser-worn dresses, turned to the outgoing pair. “Before ya leave,” she asked, holding both knee-length dresses in front of her, “frilly pink with spaghetti straps, or satin blue skater dress?”
>”They’re not even /wsr/‘s clothes, /e/,” /an/ casually replied.
>”I don’t care, I wanna try ‘em on.”
>/ck/ sighed. “Fine. Satin blue.”
>/e/ hung up the pink dress and fast-walked into a different room to get changed.
>”Actually, that reminds me,” /ck/ said, gently kicking /an/‘s shin. “Switch everything back.”
>”Oh, come on. Why?” /an/ groaned.
>/ck/ was already midway through removing /bant/‘s fasteners from her pigtails. “We act like the kids in private, not in public,” she matter-of-factly stated.
>/an/ conceded immediately. “Damn you and your reasonableness,” she said, taking off the hat and slipping out of the shoes. “I liked these shoes much better.”
>/ck/ pulled off /bant/‘s tacky sneakers and put them down. “Can’t argue with that,” she agreed.
Yes. Keep going, please.
>”You know, since /e/‘s trying on dresses, it got me thinking,” /an/ said, “we’re going to have to change our clothes.”
>/ck/ looked down at her dress and held one side of the hem. “Well, obviously,” she replied casually.
>/an/ scratched her wrist. “Yeah, but, you know...we’d kinda be seeing them...without clothes,” she explained.
>”I get your concern, /an/, and, sure, that’ll be uncomfortable,” /ck/ answered, “but it is a bridge we’ll need to cross. And, you know, bathing and all that...but don’t worry about it. The kids are probably having the same dilemma.”
>/an/ raised an eyebrow. “You’re not worried?” she asked.
>The two rounded a corner of the hallway. “Honestly? No, I’m not,” /ck/ replied, and began to explain her reasoning. “Perhaps it’s not my body, as in mine mine, but it’s mine for now, and I’ll treat it that way. I wouldn’t want to become a slob and turn this into something /s4s/ would get mad at me for...well, it’s not like she’s ever mad, but the principle stands.”
>”Huh. So, you’re saying it’s like housekeeping.”
>/ck/ pondered the analogy. “In a way, yes,” she confirmed. “It may not be my body, but it’s my job to keep it nice and clean for the owner.”
>”I like that. Share that mantra with the others,” /an/ chuckled, softly punching /ck/‘s shoulder.
>”That was the plan.”
>They walked in silence for the remainder of the journey, hoping to find the kids where they had found them earlier.
>Luckily, two of them were still there, and they had their bodies.
>”There’s us,” /ck/ pointed out.
>/wsr/ kept clicking through the channels.
>Boredom now replaced the initial shock of the switching, and the young sorceress had grown to accept this unplanned transition.
>/s4s/ was the only one accompanying her now. The other three had gone away to do their thing.
>”Or for two, each other,” /wsr/ thought, shuddering.
>”Can we watch the Bateman movie?” /s4s/ asked.
>”Not worksafe,” /wsr/ mumbled.
>”But it has the check em scene in it!” /s4s/ pleaded.
>”Don’t care, still not worksafe.”
>/s4s/ blew a raspberry at /wsr/. “Fiiiine. You pick the channel,” she said.
>”Don’t play with your boobs.”
>”I’m noooot.”
>”Good, because you know what happens when you do.”
>/s4s/ kept her hands to her sides and tapped her feet a few times.
>It wasn’t her fault that she was so affectionate with girls, it was just how she was. Boys were icky. Girls were gentle and made her heart flutter.
>When she was discovering her love for girls, /s4s/ thought that she was only curious and called herself a “bikeksual”, because she thought that loving boys was still required.
>Then she had the talk with Lily and Shizuka, and finally, boys were forever off the table.
>The unexpected side effect was that she got a little too gay and started to crush on literally every girl. That continued into marriage with /int/, who didn’t mind the open relationship (in fact, she found in pretty kinky...but she wouldn’t admit that).
>”/wsr/, do you like me?” /s4s/ asked.
>”Yes, /s4s/. I like you.”
>”You don’t sound like you do.”
>/wsr/ put down the remote control. “Look, there’s nothing wrong with who you are, okay?” she said. “And, fine, maybe I’m being a bit mean about what you’re doing with /an/‘s body.”
>”But it’s my body, right?”
>”Well, yes and no. Yes, you’re moving it. No, it isn’t yours.”
>”Are you upset because you’re in another body?”
>/wsr/ thought about it. “Yes. Yes I am,” she admitted.
>/s4s/ looked at /wsr/, confused. “Is that why you’re being mean to me?” she asked.
>”I’m not being mean, I’m just trying to be real.”
>That made /s4s/ even more confused, and a little bit upset.
>”I just wanna be myself, you know! If I wanna be different, I’ll be different. But I like how things are, okay? I’m happy with who I am. I know you’re not happy now, but that doesn’t mean you should take it out on me!” /s4s/ replied. “You can’t go around telling me what I can and can’t do just because you’re upset and don’t like what’s happening!”
>/wsr/ shrunk back, shocked that /s4s/ of all people would argue with her.
>But, truthfully, she was more shocked that she could smack some sense into her.
>She had been pretty mopey and bossy.
>”Wow...you-you’re absolutely right,” /wsr/ sighed. “I’ve been a real jerk. I’m sorry.”
>”I said, I’m sorry. For being a jerk.”
>/s4s/ cocked her head. “What? No, you don’t need to say it. Yeah, maybe you were being mean, but you kinda had an excuse! You know, new body and stuff...”
>/wsr/ shrugged. “Maybe, but I was still being a jerk,” she sighed.
>/s4s/ leaned in and hugged /wsr/ from the side. “It’s okay. You’ll get used to it,” she said.
>/wsr/ accepted the hug by pulling /s4s/ in with one arm.
>”Can I play with my boobs?”
>/wsr/ let out a small chuckle. “Yes, /s4s/. You may play with your boobs.”
>/an/ seethed a little as she saw /s4s/ squeezing her breasts again.
>”Seriously, I’d prefer it if she didn’t do that,” she mumbled.
>/ck/ shrugged. “What can you do? It’s /s4s/. She’s too curious,” she answered.
>”Sounds like you’re trying to excuse her actions.”
>”Maybe I am.”
>/an/ eyed /ck/ suspiciously, then groaned. “Damn you,” she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.
>The two strolled into the room.
>/s4s/, alert as always, noticed the two first.
>”Oh my gosh! It’s me! Hi, me!” she squealed ecstatically, reaching down to pick /ck/ up and place her in her lap. “Who’s that in me?”
>”/ck/, dearie.”
>The girl’s eyes lit up. “Woooow, you got to be me~” she cheered gleefully as /an/ climbed onto the sofa on her own. “Who’s /bant/?” she asked.
>”That’s /an/,” /ck/ replied.
>/s4s/ reached over and tussled /an/‘s hair. “Hi, /an/! You look so cute!” she giggled.
>”Yeah, hey. Who’s in there?” /an/ disinterestedly asked.
>”Oh, that’s /wsr/!”
>/ck/ smiled. “Knew it,” she thought.
>”Seems like you girls are doing okay. Where are the others?” /ck/ asked.
>/s4s/ tapped her chin and thought. “Unmmmm.../c/ and /jp/ left together. I guess they’re being lovey-dovey...oh, /bant/ went away too, she didn’t say what she was gonna do. Buuuut, we’re all gonna get some clothes and meet up later and watch one of these movies!”
>/ck/ gives /s4s/ a warm smile. “Well, you sound like you’re happy,” she said, hugging her own body tightly. “By the way, we know what happened. It’s those lesbian twins. They found some device that switches bodies so they used it on us so that you’d be adults and we’d be children.”
>/wsr/ raised an eyebrow. “The heck would they do that for?” she asked.
>”Those miscreants called it a social experiment,” /an/ sighed.
>/s4s/ knew that the adults had no idea that they’d used the same device without permission.
>”Wow, that’s annoying,” /s4s/ pretended to act shocked. “Why would they do that?”
>/ck/ folded her arms. “The good news is that it’s temporary. We can reverse this in five days,” she replied positively. “By the way, who did your friends end up as?”
>They both knew who was who, but /ck/ liked to seek confirmation.
>”/bant/ became /po/, and she complained about having no boobs,” /wsr/ said.
>/an/ snorted. “Sounds like /po/ to me,” she joked.
>”Oh, /c/‘s now /x/, and /jp/ became /e/!” /s4s/ added. “Aw, man, they’re so cute. /c/ was teaching /jp/ how to walk in /e/‘s boots! It was so nice.”
>/ck/, who adored the couple, remembered seeing the two earlier. “They’re a pair of darlings, aren’t they?” she agreed.
>”So, what about your friends? Who’s in my body?” /wsr/ asked.
>”/e/. Rest assured, she’s being very...worksafe, that’s the word,” /an/ assured her. “/x/ is in /jp/‘s, and /po/‘s in /c/‘s.”
>”Hmm, /x/ is /jp/. That sounds about right,” /wsr/ said.
>/ck/ twirled some of her hair in her fingers. “We’re making the most out of this. Adjusting’s kind of weird, but being a child’s fun!” she admitted.
>”I like being a grown-up,” /s4s/ giggled. “Everything’s so high up, and my voice is cute!”
>/an/ raised her hand. “Could you not play with my breasts?” she asked.
>”But they’re so big and squishy!”
>”Let her have fun, /an/,” /ck/ said. She smiled at /s4s/ again. “Okay, you two. We’ll go find the others and talk to them. Have fun with your movie!”
>”Make sure /e/ stays worksafe,” /wsr/ asked.
>/ck/ hopped off of /s4s/‘s lap. “You have our word,” /ck/ promised.
>/s4s/ and /wsr/ waited until the two left the room. The former got up and looked at the Blu-Rays on the shelf.
>”Can I pick a movie with girls?” /s4s/ asked.
>”Knock yourself out.“
>”Ooooh, this one’s called Showgirls! Why does she have one le-“
>”Not that one!”
>”Let me ask you something, /ck/,” /an/ said.
>”If /s4s/ has ended up in your body, would you have been okay with her playing with your tits?”
>/ck/ let out an exasperated sigh. “Are you still on about that?” she questioned.
>”I’m just saying...”
>”Well, if you’re just saying, then yes.”
>/an/‘s eyebrows shot up into her blonde fringe. “Really? You’re telling me you wouldn’t mind?” she asked in disbelief.
>/ck/ rolled her eyes. “Well, I would probably be a bit annoyed,” she admitted, “BUT, I’d leave her be.”
>”And you wouldn’t mind if it was someone else?”
>”Depends,” /ck/ said. “If it’s an adult, I would mind a lot, but if it’s a kid, I wouldn’t be mad.”
>/an/ sighed. “Seems we have different views altogether,” she huffed. “Where are we going?”
>”/jp/‘s place. I figured if we’re taking up /c/‘s, then /jp/‘s is our best bet,” /ck/ explained.
>The two adults-turned-children found themselves outside /jp/‘s door shortly afterwards.
>/ck/ rapped on the door, but there was no answer.
>”/c/? /jp/? You girls there?” she called out.
>No response came, but both could hear sounds from within.
>”Well, there’s people inside,” /an/ concluded, twisting the door handle.
>As the door swung open, /an/ looked forward and froze. /ck/ bumped into her.
>”/an/, what th- oh.”
>/c/ and /jp/ were on the floor mattress and frozen, with /jp/ on top of /c/.
>Putting aside the swapped leg/footwear (“them too?”, /ck/ thought), /an/ and /ck/ figured that they had caught them kissing.
>”H-hello, um, you guys,” /c/ nervously greeted.
>”/ck/, /an/,” /ck/ said, pointing to herself and her companion.
>”We...caught you at a bad time, right?” /an/ asked.
>/jp/ nodded. “Yeah, you did,” she said.
>”And we should leave,” /an/ guessed.
>”If possible.”
>/an/ and /ck/ backed out of the room and closed the door.
>”Like the boots, /c/,” /an/ complimented.
>”What do you think, gals?” /e/ asked, posing with one hand on her hip.
>/po/ and /x/ sat on the floor, examining /e/ as she sported /c/‘s rarely-worn satin blue dress.
>”I don’t think blue works well with minty green,” /po/ said, turning to /x/. “What do you think?”
>”I-I agree.”
>/e/ placed her other hand on her hip. “Alright, let me get into the other dress,” she said.
>She retrieved the pink dress from the closet and ran back into the other option.
>/x/ tentatively removed /jp/‘s glasses from her face. Immediately, her world blurred.
>”I don’t like blurred vision...” she groaned, looking at the spectacles, “and these feel weird to wear.”
>/po/ immediately became aware of something. “Wow, I didn’t even realize,” she gasped. “This is what it’s like with normal vision.”
>”W-well, lucky you, then...”
>/po/ shrugged. “It doesn’t feel all that different. Guess all that’s changed is that I don’t have to clean the fingerprints off the lenses,” she observed aloud.
>/x/ put her glasses back on her face. But thanks to /po/‘s last statement, now all she could see was the grubby state of the lenses.
>”Ew, I can see the fingerprints,” /x/ sighed.
>/po/ took notice and offered a helping hand. “I’ll try cleaning them for y- holy cow, there’s so many bags under her eyes.”
>”Bags?” /x/ asked.
>/po/ removed the glasses and brought the lenses up to her mouth. She exhaled, creating a foggy layer over both lenses.
>”I’m not surprised. /jp/ plays with that fighting anime stuff in the dark and through the night,” she explained, using /c/‘s dress to rub the foggy lenses clean. “I certainly hope /c/‘s being a positive influence.”
>”I-I think /c/ changed her...” /x/ stammered.
>”Hmm? How so?”
>”She, um, seems to smile more. Before, she k-kinda always looked grumpy.”
>/po/ gave the lenses a final check and slowly placed them back on /x/‘s face.
>”Maybe you could give me a smile.”
>”I knew they were doing that, but damn,” /an/ said. “Others bodies won’t even stop ‘em.”
>/ck/ bit her lip. “Well, /s4s/ did kind of mention that they were being, in her words, lovey-dovey,” she recalled. “Slipped our minds.”
>”Boy, you better hope /int/ doesn’t come home early,” /an/ replied cheekily.
>”I’m not going to pretend to be /s4s/ so that I can maintain her relationship with her wife,” /ck/ replied exhaustedly, “and, besides, I’m have a husband.”
>/an/ gave /ck/ a light jab on her shoulder. “Chill out, I’m just screwing witcha,” she chuckled. “Just pretend to be /s4s/ for the fun. Although...would’ve been cute to see you act like an uncontrollable lesbian.”
>/ck/ put an arm around /an/ and pulled her in. “If you weren’t in the body of a child, I’d grab your chest just to set you off for saying that,” she playfully threatened. “God, you’re turning into /bant/.”
>”You know you love me,” /an/ taunted.
>/ck/ took the opportunity to take /an/ by surprise and push her up against the wall, pinning her in place by pushing into her shoulders.
>”Sh-shit, /ck/, I’m just...embracing the role,” /an/ stammered, half-nervously and half-excited.
>/ck/ raised the back of her hand and gently ran it across /an/‘s cheek, making her tingle.
>”If I weren’t married, /an/,” /ck/ revealed, enjoying /an/‘s holy-shit-what’s-happening expression, “I wouldn’t mind going to town with, then on, you.”
>/an/ began to sweat. “I-Is that so, huh?” she asked.
>/ck/ removed her hands. “Maybe. Or, maybe I’m being an uncontrollable lesbian,” she chuckled. “Embracing the role, so to speak.”
>/an/ exhaled. “God, damn you,” she mumbled, following /ck/ to wherever she was going.
>She had one more question on her mind.
>”You said, IF you weren’t married!” /an/ protested.
>”To WHO? Which one are you referring to?!”
>/ck/ smirked. “I’ll never tell.”
>/bant/ was mischievous.
>And a little bit gay.
>After the first body switch and that deep kiss, /bant/ couldn’t deny that /s4s/ was particularly cute.
>She wasn’t interested in a relationship, though. And besides, /s4s/ was already married.
>But boy, was it ever fun to shove her tongue into /s4s/‘s mouth and freak her out.
>(who could blame the girl? /s4s/ tasted like muffins. She fucking loves muffins.)
>And in the body of a boobless origami introvert, /bant/ wondered if she could score some more tongue with a certain other woman.
>”How did you get so damn cute, /cgl/...” /bant/ sighed, placing a hand on /cgl/‘s cheek.
>/bant/ had cornered /cgl/ in the kitchen and started to flirt with her.
>Being oblivious to recent events, /cgl/ was under the impression that /po/ was making a move.
>”U-uhhhh...shit. I never pegged you as the one to have a crush on me,” /cgl/ stammered.
>/bant/ smirked. She had her in the palm of her hand.
>”You want to experiment, milady?” she sultrily asked.
>/cgl/ turned beet red. “Well, wh-what do you propose, /po/?” she asked.
>”Hmm, is that a yes?”
>The cosplayer nodded, frills bobbing and swaying. “I-I’ve always been curious...I wouldn’t mind adventuring a little,” she revealed.
>/bant/ propped up /cgl/‘s chin with her free hand and leaned in.
>”How about we just stay on first~” /bant/ suggests, mashing her lips onto /cgl/‘s.
>As she smooches /cgl/, /bant/ mentally declares her mission a success. “Ding ding ding, smoothness 100,” she thought.
>But before she could start using tongue, she hears her own voice calling out to her.
>”/bant/! Stop that immediately!”
>Damn it.
>/bant/ breaks the kiss and turns to the source of her voice, eventually finding herself standing next to, well, whoever /s4s/ was.
>”Don’t give me lip when I just got some,” /bant/ smugly giggles.
>/cgl/, embarrassed and confused, speaks up. “What the fuck is going on?”
>/ck/ rubbed her forehead. “To put a long story short, those lesbian twins switched our bodies. Kids are adults and adults are kids,” she explained.
>That immediately set off alarm bells in /cgl/‘s head.
>”So tha- oh fuck! I was making out with a KID?” /cgl/ panicked.
>Apparently, nobody was listening to /cgl/ any more.
>”/bant/, do not take advantage of other women like that!” /ck/ lectured her.
>”Or what? You’ll spank me?” /bant/ countered. “I’m the adult now.”
>A thought crossed the girl’s mind. ”Man, I wouldn’t mind spanking /s4s/‘s tight ass...woah where did that come from?”
>/an/ looked at /ck/. “You’ve seen /s4s/ fondle my boobs, /c/ and /x/ making out in other bodies, and this is where you draw the line?” she asked.
>”I draw the line at trying to fool other people, yes.”
>/cgl/ was flustered. “HELLO? /bant/ made a MOVE on me!”
>/bant/ suppressed a snort. “Wait, they were MAKING OUT? Oh man, those girls are WILD!” she laughed.
>”Way to run your big mouth, /an/,” /ck/ sighed.
>/an/ groaned. “Can we just go back to /c/‘s room?” she asked. “We’ve checked up on everybody.”
>”/bant/ was about to shove her tongue into my mouth!” /cgl/ tried to but in.
>/ck/ shrugged. “I suppose,” she replied, turning to /bant/. “Promise me you won’t take advantage of unaware women until this is over.”
>/bant/ sighed and rolled her eyes. “Oh, fine, I promise,” she conceded. “You guys are no fun.”
>”Yeah, we’re a real buzzkill,” /an/ sarcastically quipped, walking back in the direction of /c/‘s room. “Let’s head back, /ck/.”
>”/bant/, go find your friends and play with them,” /ck/ ordered, following /an/.
>Blowing a raspberry as soon as the two former adults were facing away from her, /bant/ adjusted her glasses and went looking for /c/ and /jp/.
>”May as well pester them for a while,” she thought.
>/cgl/ slid down the wall, wondering what the hell had happened.
>/e/ had settled on the pink dress, but she wasn’t done there.
>She wanted to give /x/ a dress of her own.
>”/e/, are you sure /c/ won’t mind you raiding her closet?” /po/ asked.
>Carelessly tossing dresses aside, /e/ shrugged. “I don’t know, but also, I don’t care,” she said.
>”Hey, don’t just throw them on the floor,” /po/ groaned, picking the discarded dresses up and smoothing them out.
>/e/ finally found the perfect garment. “Now here’s a winner,” she proclaimed, holding up a long purple gown with a thick sash around the middle, tied into a large bow on the back.
>/x/ felt as if she’d seen this dress.
>”H-hasn’t she worn it before?” she asked.
>/e/ gave it some thought. “Yeah, definitely, but when? It feels like years ago,” she wondered aloud. Suddenly, she clicked her fingers. “This is a Winter Ball dress!”
>/po/‘s eyes widened. “Of course. From when she took /s4s/, wasn’t it?” she asked.
>”Hell yeah,” /e/ confirmed, noticing the array of smiling faces stitched into the hem. “They designed each other’s outfits. Can’t believe /c/ still keeps this old thing.” She tossed it to /x/, who caught it.
>”Wouldn’t it b-be wrong to wear her special gowns?” /x/ asked.
>”Who cares, /x/?” /e/ laughed. “Just put it on for us.”
>Folding the dress for easier carrying, /x/ took the gown to the bedroom and closed her eyes.
>”Don’t look at her naked. Don’t look at her naked...”
>/x/ put down her glasses and took off /jp/‘s regular dress, then held up the gown by its thick shoulder straps. She searched for a zipper or other fastener, but found none. She guessed that she had to step into it.
>She kept her eyes closed and stepped into the gown. Surprised by the weight of it, she pulled it up her body until she could get her arms under the straps. A few adjustments later, /x/ opened her eyes.
>Surprisingly, it was a nice fit, though a little tight around the chest area.
>/x/ played with the fabric that made up the full-length skirt. There was a lot of it, like the skirt of a wedding dress. She noticed that there were two layers that went into the skirt, probably for added comfort when sitting.
>She put the glasses back on and glanced at herself in the mirror. She, although really /jp/, looked wonderful.
>/x/ emerged from the bedroom and showed off the gown.
>”You look at that and tell me that’s not cute,” /e/ told /po/.
>/po/ smirked and let out a laugh. “Do you think the real /x/ would look as good in that?” she asked.
>/e/ visualized the idea in her head. Seeing /x/ in a child-sized ball gown looked amusing, but hot damn, she would look great if the gown was her size.
>”I’d say it would suit her,” /e/ admitted. “A little dark purple to brighten up the black and white color scheme would do wonders.”
>”I-I have rainbow stockings...” /x/ pointed out.
>/po/ thought about the stockings. “Can I say something, /x/?” she asked. “The stockings are gaudy. I’m not saying they’re not cute, but that gown would work better.”
>”And...and you know what could replace the stockings?” /e/ realized. “My boots. /x/, my boots on your legs...” she pursed her lips and made a *mwah* sound.
>”Oh, I couldn’t agree more.”
>The trio turned around, surprised to see that /an/ and /ck/ had returned.
>”/ba- I mean, /an/, /ck/? Didn’t expect you two back so soon,” /e/ greeted.
>/x/ put two fingers together. “/an/, wh-what makes you think I’d look great in her boots?” she asked.
>/an/ smiled. “Trust me, I know.”
I've been under the weather or a few days so I couldn't get much writing done. Anything you'd like to see with the ongoing story? Something new?
I want to see /x/-tan with a Sharingan
I thought the were gone. Here some ideas. I was thinking something like what /bant/ did. The kids doing things that weren't supposed to be done by the adults. But they were already scolded so I don't know if they want to. Or some of them changing their appearances for fun, like /c/ wearing makeup and using pretty clothes to see how /x/ would look like if she took care of herself. Or how would /ck/ react if /int/ came back. Or some girl who isn't aware of what's happening, starts suspecting of the group and eventually finds out. Would she play along?
This goes for you.
>something like what /bant/ did. The kids doing things that weren't supposed to be done by the adults. But they were already scolded so I don't know if they want to.
I'm hoping to put a little of that in. /bant/'s the only one that's been scolded, but she's enough of a mischievous shit to test the waters again.
>Or some of them changing their appearances for fun, like /c/ wearing makeup and using pretty clothes to see how /x/ would look like if she took care of herself.
I like this one. It could also open up the awkward moment when /c/ and /jp/ see their new bodies au naturel.
>Or how would /ck/ react if /int/ came back.
This one's interesting. I can't decide between /ck/ playing along or /ck/ being upfront and telling her who her wife is. For shenanigans I'd pick the first option, but from a logic point of view, I'd pick the latter.
>Or some girl who isn't aware of what's happening, starts suspecting of the group and eventually finds out. Would she play along?
I also like this one. /cgl/'s out of the question and probably having a mental breakdown. There aren't many other girls to choose from (as in, not literal who's) and it might be better to use an adult. /mlp/ perhaps, or /aco/. Or if we're choosing kids, /i/.

I also thought about checking in on the twins. Maybe they're monitoring the situation through their goggles, equipped with plot-convenient spying.
>/c/ and /jp/ did get to kiss for a while, even despite the interruption.
>"/x/ is so cold," /jp/ said, putting the boots back on her feet.
>/c/ rubbed her arms and her stomach. "I don't feel cold," she replied. "Maybe I can't feel it."
>"Hey, Peanut, tell me something," /jp/ asked, zipping one of her boots up. "Does that eye feel weird?"
>The girl raised a hand up to her face and brushed her black fringe aside. She touched her eye and blinked. "Nuh-uh, it feels normal to me," she answered.
>"Ah, damn. I was hoping you could see ghosts and stuff with it."
>/c/ closed her normal eye and looked around the room. "I can't see any ghosts," she replied honestly. "I don't like scary stuff anyways."
>/jp/ finished zipping up her boots and carefully stood up. "That eye is cute," /jp/ said. "You should dress up as /x/ for Halloween. We can get a contact that looks like her eye."
>/c/ thought about it. "That sounds fun," she agreed, but then she had an idea. "Hey, we should dress /x/ up!"
>Her girlfriend grinned. "Great idea. Where does /x/ live?" /jp/ asked.
>"I think she's down the hall. Let's go!" /c/ said.

>The problem was that /x/ didn't have many cute clothes in her wardrobe.
>It was just skull tank tops, panties, and only a few dresses.
>All of them were black.
>But then /jp/ had a better idea.
>"You know, Peanut, I think /e/'s got a cute wardrobe."
>/e/'s wardrobe was much bigger and more diverse than /x/'s.
>Strapless dresses, leotards, bunnysuits, stockings, skater dresses, gowns, shirts, skirts and miniskirts, in all colors and shapes, and all kinds of boots, heels and flats, and mention accessories and makeup.
>"Do you think these would fit me?" /c/ asked.
>/jp/ took a pink shirt and a teal miniskirt with black trim from the wardrobe and held them out. "Well, my boots fit your feet, and we're about the same size," /jp/ explained.
>/c/ took the shirt and miniskirt and looked at /jp/. "I-I'm gonna have to take off this top," she said.
>"I thought you weren't worried about stuff like that?"
>Scratching the back of her neck, /c/ sighed. "Yeah, but this is an adult's body. I'm gonna see boobs."
>/jp/ shrugged. "You can put the shirt on over the top."
>The girl nodded. /jp/ left the wardrobe and waited for a few minutes while /c/ got changed.
>/c/ came out of the wardrobe, wearing the cute shirt and miniskirt combination.
>"I don't think the miniskirt works with the stockings," /jp/ observed. "In fact, I don't think miniskirts work on /x/ at all."
>/c/ tugged the miniskirt down. "I feel exposed," she said.
>/jp/ raised an eyebrow. "You've been wearing panties this whole time," she said.

>The next outfit was a fitting orange long-sleeved sweater, over a knee-length purple cotton dress. The stockings were replaced with brown leather boots.
>"Too garish," /jp/ said.

>A strapless pink dress and some black high heels.
>"Cute. But too cute."

>A mauve dress with short, puffy sleeves, buttons going down to the breasts, and a knee-length wavy skirt with some black flats.
>/jp/ smiled.
>"This is the one."
>/jp/ pulled out two glossy scrunchies from a drawer.
>"Hey, Peanut. I'm gonna make a ponytail," /jp/ said, holding up both scrunchies. "Blue, or red?"
>/c/ looked at the scrunchies and pointed to one. "The red one. I think it'll stand out!" she said.
>"I like your thinking, Peanut," /jp/ agreed, tossing the blue one aside. /c/ sat down and presented her messy curls to her girlfriend.
>/jp/ gathered as much of the shining black hair as she could, deciding to leave some of the hair on the sides of /c/'s face alone.
>"I think /x/'d look cuter if I kept the hair on the sides free," /jp/ explained.
>"Oooooh, like Akko!" /c/ exclaimed.
>"I don't know who Akko is."
>/jp/ finished up the ponytail and played with the side curls a little bit. "I was right. This is cuter," she said as she held out a mirror to /c/.
>/c/ glowed a little bit, lightening /x/'s dull complexion. "Awwww, /x/ looks so much cuter~" she sang.
>The last task was to give /x/'s face some color.
>The problem was that /jp/ didn't know how to apply makeup. Luckily, /c/ did.
>"I think her face needs some touching up," /c/ said, gently brushing her cheeks. "The bags under her eyes are very obvious, but I know how to hide them!"
>/jp/ watched with interest as /c/ gradually hid the wrinkles with the brush and a few creams.
>She was no stranger to the curse of eye bags, but had never given much thought to hiding them.
>In just a few minutes, /x/ looked years younger and prettier.
>"Peanut, when we're back in our bodies again, I want you to do what you just did with my eyes," /jp/ said.
>/c/ smiled. "Anything for my cute little Muffin."
>/jp/ felt her kokoro doki-doki even faster.
>”Where the hell did those two idiots go?” /bant/ wondered.
>She closed /jp/‘s door and walked down the hallway, deep in thought.
>”If they’re not in /jp/‘s room, and those grown ups are camping out in /c/‘s room, then where the heck would they go...” /bant/ said aloud.
>She considered for a second that they might be in one of their body’s rooms.
>”If they’re there, then /x/‘s place would scare /c/ shitless...so it’s gotta be /e/‘s p-“
>”Hey, what’s up?”
>Fuck, someone’s here.
>/bant/ turned around and tensed up, immediately seeing the house’s most disliked personality staring at her.
>Of all the people, it just had to be /mlp/.
>”How the fuck does /po/ act normally?!” /bant/ thought. “Timid! Be timid!”
>/bant/ unconvincingly put her fingers together.
>”H...hiiii, /mlp/...” /bant/ acted meekly. She slapped herself in her mind. “Cha cha real fucken smooth, idiot.”
>/mlp/ tilted her head. “You look flushed. Are you okay, /po/? Why don’t you come over and watch My Lit-“
>”NO! No! Not at all...” /bant/ yelled. “Actually, I need to find /e/...you know where she lives?”
>/mlp/ knew there was something suspicious about the way /po/ was acting, but she ignored it for now.
>”Just head down the hall. After two turns, it’ll be on your left,” /mlp/ said, pointing behind /po/.
>/bant/ nervously smiled. “Oh, that’s easy. Th-thanks for the help,” she thanked, turning and speedwalking.
>”That offer is still available, /po/! NINE seasons!”
>/bant/ cringed. She’d rather die than be caught watching that show.
>Meanwhile, /mlp/ stood still and thought about /po/‘s actions. She’d known her for a long time as a timid, quiet introvert. The /po/ she’d seen just now wasn’t any of that.
>Maybe she changed, but she would have noticed it over time.
>/mlp/ ranked possible explanations from most likely to bullshit: Love, secret, menstruation, body switch.
>”Time to investigate,” she thought.
>”Check it out, ladies!” /e/ said, holding up a cardboard box with graphics. “We can play Monopoly!”
>/an/ and /ck/ looked up, midway through re-switching shoes and hair accessories.
>”Great find. I’m down for a game,” /an/ replied, adjusting her hat.
>”I have not played that game in years,” /ck/ added, looking over at /an/. “/co/ had the gang over and he let me play.”
>/po/ and /x/, the latter still wearing the ball gown, sat down on the carpet as /e/ unfolded the game board.
>”Because I found the game, I call dibs on the car,” /e/ declared.
>/po/ glared at her. “You can’t call dibs, /e/. I want the car,” she protested.
>”Losers weepers,” /e/ smugly retorts.
>”How about I have the car and you all get peasants pieces?” /an/ offered.
>”Get your own piece, numbnuts!” /e/ replied.
>/ck/ stood up and clapped loudly, startling the arguing trio and scaring /x/, who had picked her own piece.
>”Girls, I like it when we all act like the kids,” /ck/ said, arms crossed, “but can we not argue like the kids?”
>The trio nodded meekly.
>”Nobody gets the car. There’s seven other pieces you can pick,” /ck/ declared, sitting down and crossing her legs.
>/ck/ sorted out the money while the other pieces were picked. /e/ chose the hat, /x/ chose the wheelbarrow, /po/ chose the iron, and /an/ chose the dog. /ck/ made the ship her piece.
>Though Monopoly has the reputation of ruining relationships, /ck/ took it upon herself to prevent arguments from happening.
>Eventually, /an/ dominated the board and won the game by building on the most expensive properties.
>The night was still young, so /e/ looked for more games.
>She hit the jackpot.
>”Right foot, yellow.”
>Twister was a challenge in more ways than one.
>The first challenge was that, well, none of the women had played it. The second was that, with smaller bodies, they found it more difficult to play.
>But it sure was fun.
>/po/ extended her leg and tapped a free yellow spot with her foot.
>”It’s funny how awkward this gets so quickly,” /po/ said, keeping her eyes trained to the floor.
>/ck/ keeps herself precariously balanced as /po/‘s golden hair heaps up on her face. “You’re telling me...”
>/x/, who chose herself as spinner, flicked the arrow. The turns went in alphabetical order.
>”Left hand, green.”
>/an/ groaned. She had to reach over /po/ and /ck/ to get the only free green spot.
>Somehow, she managed it.
>”Right foot, blue.”
>/ck/ breathed a sigh of relief and moved her foot from the yellow spot to the blue spot.
>”Left foot, red.”
>/e/ was thankful that she wasn’t as tangled up as the others. She tapped the red spot with her foot.
>”Right foot, blue.”
>/po/ gulped. This was the worst move she could have had.
>She lifted her foot and tried to flip her body, hoping it would work.
>It didn’t.
>/po/ lost her balance and tumbled down, landing on /an/ and /ck/, who also fell over.
>/e/ remained upright, and triumphantly pumped her fist.
>”I told you girls, ya gotta avoid getting tangled,” /e/ chuckled. “One fall and the whole thing falls with it.”
>/an/ blew a raspberry. “Who knew that the klutzy girl was good at Twister?” she said.
>”Oi, I heard that.”
>”I wasn’t whispering.”
>”/an/, your foot’s on my face,” /po/ groaned.
>After Snakes & Ladders and Truth or Dare, sleep caught up to the group.
>/e/ raided the wardrobe again and found a few nightgowns and pajamas that they could use for the night.
>Each took their turn using the shower, bathroom, and toiletries that /c/‘s room had.
>(for the sake of brevity, it was mostly awkward and it took nearly an hour until the last person left the shower)
>”So, who gets the big bed?” /an/ asked.
>/ck/ pointed to /x/ and /po/. “Well, you two technically live here. You can have the bed,” she decided.
>/e/ held up two sleeping bags and two spare pillows. “What about the sleeping bags?”
>/an/ and /ck/ looked at each other.
>”You want to share one?” /an/ asked.
>”Sure,” /ck/ agreed. “/e/, you can take the other one.”
>/e/ tossed the sleeping bag to /an/ and the pillow to /ck/. “Awesome. See you girls tomorrow,” she said. She followed /x/ and /po/ to the bedroom.
>/ck/ rolled out the sleeping bag while /an/ placed their folded clothes and shoes next to it.
>”We’ll get more clothes tomorrow,” /ck/ said.
>She wriggled into the sleeping bag first and helped /an/ in next. There was enough room for both of them.
>They plonked their heads onto the comfortable pillow.
>/ck/ turned to the side and yawned. “Night, /an/,” she sighed.
>She felt /an/ reach around and hold her close.
>”Spooning, are we?” /ck/ asked.
>/an/ rested her face in between her neck and shoulder. “You’re warm~” she mumbled.
>/ck/ smiled as /an/ began to snore quietly and tugged her even closer.
>She wondered what the kids were up to.

>/x/ and /po/ stared at the ceiling quietly.
>”Soooo...goodnight, I guess?” /po/ said.
>/x/ shuffled under the covers. “S-sure,” she answered.
>”Say you love each otheeeer...”
>”/e/, go to sleep.”
>The kids were back together again. /c/ kept the new outfit on, and /s4s/ and /bant/ had changed clothes too.
>/s4s/ liked the overalls /an/ wore, but she also liked trying on dresses, and she settled on an orange dress that /an/ kept in her closet. /bant/ simply put on a brown leather jacket over her tank top and some white knee high socks.
>Despite her search, /s4s/ couldn’t find any movies about girls loving girls. But, she did find a franchise with girls she could gawk at.
>”You know, maybe we should have started with the first Fast and Furious,” /wsr/ suggested. “I haven’t seen any of these, and I don’t know why we should watch the sixth one first.”
>”The ones before it are booooriiiing...” /s4s/ complained.
>/c/ looked at the girl. “Don’t they have girls though?” she asked.
>”Yeah, but the first four are about boring street races. The spy stuff is cooler!”
>”Then why aren’t you starting with the fifth movie?”
>/jp/ studied the movie with intent. She wasn’t well versed on blockbusters, and she tried to make sense of the fast-cut action.
>”Didn’t we see that buff guy before?” /bant/ asked.
>”That’s Dwayne Johnson. He’s apparently one of the highest paid actors,” /wsr/ explained.
>/bant/ stuck out her tongue. “Blegh, he looks like he’s covered in baby oil,” she quipped.
>”So, they’re wanted criminals, but that guy says he’ll let them go back to America if they help stop another criminal?” /jp/ asked.
>”Yup!” /s4s/ confirmed.
>”...why can’t they just use the FBI?”
>/s4s/ giggled and poked /jp/‘s cheek. “It’s just a fun movie, dumdum. Nothing has to make sense!” she laughed.
>/c/ joined in with the laughter. “You’re always so optimistic,” she said.
>”I like your new clothes!” /s4s/ replied.
>/jp/ raised her hand. “That’s all me,” she said.
>”Coooool. Can you design an outfit for me?”
>”Nah, my fashion advice is for my Peanut only.”
>For a while, none of the cute girls /s4s/ mentioned had appeared, until the street race scene.
>/wsr/ averted her gaze. “Okay, that’s a little bit suggestive,” she complained.
>”Awww, c’mon. They’re not naked,” /s4s/ complained. She turned back to the screen and sighed dreamily. “But they’re sooooo attractive.”
>/bant/ picked up the remote. “Who thinks I should fast forward before she makes out with the screen?” she asked.
>/jp/ raised her hand, but /c/ slowly pulled it back down before /s4s/ saw it.
>The action in the movie progressively got more ridiculous. When the bridge jump happened, not even /c/ could hide her disbelief.
>”What the hell?! That’s...no, that’s not possible!” /jp/ shouted.
>/c/‘s eyes were wide open. “I know it’s a movie, but...I agree, Muffin. That’s silly,” she agreed.
>”You haven’t seen silly until you’ve seen the next two movies,” /bant/ informed them.
>”But they’re still fun,” /s4s/ said, “and that’s why this movie rules...and also the cute girls, haha...”
>If the violation to physics wasn’t enough, /jp/ was left to ponder the absurd length of the runway in the climactic scene.
>”That plane was on the ground for, like, ten minutes!” she said.
>By the end of the movie, /s4s/ was the only one paying attention. She even watched the credits scene with Han’s death.
>”Geez, that movie was just insane,” /jp/ said.
>”I thought the stunts were cool,” /c/ responded. “Except that bridge thing. That was really bad. But there was a lot of funny stuff too!”
>”I’ll admit, that handshake part was funny,” /jp/ agreed.
>They turned to the others. /wsr/ was on the verge of falling asleep, /s4s/ was putting the Blu-Ray back in the case, and /bant/ wasn’t paying attention.
>”I feel sleepy,” /c/ yawned.
>”Same. Let’s get some rest,” /jp/ said, rubbing her eyes.
>/c/ and /jp/ settled on /jp/‘s floor mattress and held each other.
>”So, do you like being an adult?” /jp/ asked.
>/c/ nodded and smiled. “It’s fun. I like being /x/. She’s very kawaii,” she explained. “Do you like being /e/?”
>”/e/‘s alright,” /jp/ said. “I might change clothes tomorrow. The dress doesn’t hide my ass very well and I fear that /s4s/ will take a peek.”
>”Mmm, /e/‘s very cute. She always looks out for me,” /c/ said.
>/jp/ smiled and leaned in to kiss /c/ on the lips. Cold as /x/ was, she liked how her lips were wet with saliva.
>For /c/, kissing /e/ was nice. Her lips tasted fruity. She couldn’t exactly pin down the specific kind of fruit, but she liked it.
>”Goodnight, Peanut,” /jp/ said, nestling her face into /c/‘s chest.
>”Nighty-night, Muffin.”

>/wsr/ was out like a light.
>Gently, /s4s/ crawled on top of /wsr/ and rested her cheek on her chest.
>Breasts aside, the feeling of /wsr/‘s chest slowly moving up and down was like a lullaby.
>”Oi, /s4s/,” /bant/ whispered.
>”I’m just gonna hold ya.”
>Before /s4s/ could reply, she felt /bant/‘s arms wrap around her back and the girl’s head squish into her stomach.
>”Ah, man. You got to have the comfiest body,” /bant/ sighed.
>/s4s/ grins. “I’m a very comfy grill,” she whispered.
>”We’re gonna do some fun shit tomorrow. I’ve got some ideas,” /bant/ promised. “Alright, night.”
>/s4s/ stroked /bant/‘s hair and yawned. “Goodnight /bant/.”
Okay, I can move on to shenanigans over the next few days. Ideas I have so far are
>/int/ coming home and what /ck/ will do (tell me what you want to see)
>/bant/ and /s4s/ screwing around (may include coffee)
>/mlp/ figuring things out (tell me if you want her to play along or not)
>more cute /c/jp/ stuff (need some ideas)
>/ck/ teaching /wsr/ how to cook
>Lily and Shizuka occasionally monitoring everything
>a possible ending where Lily and Shizuka are unexpectedly switched with two dudes (probably the young ones, /cm/ and /qst/, so that they can go on girly quests) by /ck/ as punishment, but I don't know if that sits well on a yuri board
>/bant/ took /s4s/ by the hand and pulled her into the kitchen.
>”Whatcha gonna show me?” /s4s/ asked.
>Holding /s4s/ close, /bant/ leaned in. “You know, there’s a little perk to being an adult,” she whispered.
>/s4s/ gasped. “Perk?! I wanna know!” she squealed excitedly.
>Without a word, /bant/ pointed next to the sink.
>Over there sat the coffee pot. Somebody had prepared the coffee earlier, upon learning that /ck/ apparently wasn’t up to the task for some reason.
>”You mean...the forbidden BEANS?” /s4s/ inhales with excitement.
>/bant/ rests a hand on her shoulder. “Kids can’t have coffee, /s4s/...but we ain’t kids now,” she reasoned, grinning naughtily. “Let’s drink the lot.”
>She found two mugs in the cupboard and filled them up with the steaming, dark brown brew while /s4s/ pranks on her toes in anticipation.
>/bant/ handed her one of the mugs and held hers up.
>/s4s/, despite her galaxy brain IQ, never acted like it. She tipped the mug up and carelessly gulped it all down.
>The ramifications were instant. She ran to the sink, coughing and hacking painfully as the heat burned her mouth and throat.
>”/baaaAAAANT/ IT’S AN OUCHIE!” she wailed.
>/bant/ groaned and pinched her nose.
>She was a fun friend, but she could be incredibly dumb sometimes.
>/s4s/ got away with it, though. The coffee had cooled down a fair bit by the time /bant/ had poured it, so /s4s/ got away with a slightly sore throat that took a lozenge and some honey to fix.
>Also, /s4s/ learned that she hated coffee. It was too bitter and it made her tongue feel furry.
>”Hey, /s4s/, I know where /ck/ keeps the beers,” /bant/ said.
>/bant/ raised an eyebrow. “No, huh?”
>”Adult drinks suck.”
>”What you want to do is gently crack the eggshell on the side of the bowl.”
>/ck/, standing on a chair so that she could make up for lost height, watched /wsr/ pick up a fresh egg from the carton and hold it in her hand.
>Then, she cracked the egg on the bowl.
>Too hard.
>She drove the whole egg down and nearly split it in half.
>”Ugh, this is annoying,” /wsr/ groaned.
>/ck/ grabbed a cloth and wiped away the egg gunk that dripped onto the bowl and the counter.
>”It’s this new strength!” /wsr/ complained, picking up the eggshell pieces and tossing them into the trash. “If I was in my normal body I wouldn’t have made a mess...”
>”Don’t be disappointed, dear. You’ve done a great job so far,” /ck/ replied. “Would you like me to crack the eggs for you?”
>/wsr/ nodded and watched /ck/ as she readied another egg.
>She was impressed with how /ck/‘s talent translated seamlessly into /s4s/‘s body. /wsr/ noticed how she cracked the egg perfectly on the first try, then dug her smaller thumbs into the crack and easily pulled the eggshell apart.
>”How did you figure out your own strength so quickly?” /wsr/ asked.
>/ck/ looked at her arms and flexed them. “I’ve noticed that /s4s/ has some good muscles,” she said, picking up a second egg. “I suppose she’s quite active, hyperactive, even. I think the difference in my strength and her strength isn’t much at all.”
>”Oh, so you don’t have to adjust that much?” /wsr/ asked as /ck/ cracked the second egg.
>”Exactly,” /ck/ answered, discarding the eggshell and rubbing her bicep. “How much exercise does she do with all that running and checking? She’s got a nice tone going...”
>”Um, next step?”
>/ck/ snapped out of it. “Right, of course. Take the mixer and set it to low, then mix the eggs in for a few minutes,” she instructed.
>/wsr/ did as she was told.
>If she was going to be /ck/, she could afford to learn some recipes.
>>/int/ coming home and what /ck/ will do (tell me what you want to see)
Probably /int/ going to smooch /ck/ and she refuses at first, but she needs to do it if she doesn't want her to find out. /int/ still knows something's wrong because /s4s/ isn't being touchy-feely as she usually is.
>>/mlp/ figuring things out (tell me if you want her to play along or not)
/mlp/ seems like a curious girl, so after she finds out she plays along to see how far this takes her.
>>more cute /c/jp/ stuff
What if now they play with /e/'s body for a while? Trying new things on her and see how she looks.
>>a possible ending where Lily and Shizuka are unexpectedly switched with two dudes (probably the young ones, /cm/ and /qst/, so that they can go on girly quests) by /ck/ as punishment, but I don't know if that sits well on a yuri board
Sounds good for an ending and that will teach the twins not to mess around. For this part, you could post it somewhere else, I don't know if you can do it on other board, so why not pastebin?.
>/mlp/ stayed hidden and watched the two girls from afar.
>She was intrigued.
>It appeared that /s4s/ was not only helping /ck/ make some food, but she was giving /ck/ instructions.
>”Strange things are afoot at the mansion,” /mlp/ noted, scribbling down her new findings in her notepad.
>Indeed they were. She had been observing other boards for the whole day.
>”/po/: Nervy. Kinda yelled at me. /x/: Wearing a new outfit (cute!). Hanging out with /e/? /wsr/: Unusual enthusiasm. /jp/ and /c/: New hairstyle for /c/. /jp/ trying some of her clothes, but that might be normal. /cgl/: Disheveled...”
>Her new note said: “/s4s/: Oddly instructive and helpful...teaching /ck/ how to cook. /ck/ apparently lost her talent?”
>/mlp/ tapped her notepad a few times. She observed nothing different in the men so far, just the women.
>”It’s a group thing. So, definitely not love or menstruation...” /mlp/ thought. “And it can’t be secrets. So that leaves...the body switch?”
>It was just a throwaway reason, but it made perfect sense. /ck/ not knowing how to cook? /x/ with a cute new outfit? It seemed true.
>She listened to the two women speak.
>”How did you figure out your own strength so quickly?”
>“I’ve noticed that /s4s/ has some good muscles.”
>That basically confirmed it.
>”So there really is a body switch...but who has become /s4s/?” /mlp/ pondered. She clicked her pen. “Oh, of course, you fat idiot. Who would give cooking instructions to /ck/ other than /ck/?”
>She scribbled down two columns, “body” and “host”, and marked down /s4s/ and /ck/ respectively. She added both names in new rows to the other columns, deducing that, obviously, other people were involved.
>”Let’s get some more answers.”
>/mlp/ peered through the keyhole of /e/‘s room.
>Both /e/ and /x/, or whoever they were, were inside.
>It seemed that /x/ was sitting on the sofa, while /e/ stood in front of her, twirling in a dress /mlp/ had never seen.
>”I like this one. It’s very light,” /e/ said.
>/x/ clapped her hands. “I knew you’d like it!” she said, reaching to her left and grabbing another dress.
>There had been a stack of them next to /x/ that /mlp/ didn’t see.
>”Okaaay, try this one. I think the sides are faux leather, so it’ll be really comfy,” /x/ said, as /e/ took the dress.
>”Hey, did you find any pants that were faux leather?” /e/ asked. “Or leggings or tights that look like faux leather? I’d like to try those.”
>/x/ put a finger on her chin. “Uhhh...I didn’t check for pants. I know there’s lots of leggings, though!” she answered.
>”Love you, Peanut,” /e/ replied, leaving the room with the dress.
>/mlp/ clicked her pen and wrote down two new switches. “Peanut” gave it away.
>”/jp/ is.../e/, and /c/...is /x/,” she read aloud. “Cute. Very cute.”
>”Muffin, I found the leather pants!”
>”Really? Are they...damn, those look smooth!”
>”You wanna try them, right?”
>”Hey, you think this dress would look good with the pants?”
>”Hmmm, only one way to find out~”
>/mlp/ peeked through the keyhole again. She could stay a while longer.
You're goddamn right what happens to Shizuka and Lilly wouldn't sit right. Also it's not like They really need to be taught a lesson since it was their intent in the first place. Plus they have barely any focus in this despite being the masterminds so it's all made easier for them to slip away.
>After an hour, /mlp/ had figured out all the swaps.
>Seeing /an/ oddly enjoying her body was a dead giveaway, and so did hearing /po/ be smug about something to do with coffee.
>/cgl/ wasn’t a part of it, but she wouldn’t explain why she looked like she’d seen a ghost.
>The cause of it also came to her. She’d heard the real /po/ and the real /x/ discussing what they were going to do with the lesbian twins after they got their bodies back.
>Also realized was their intentions. Apparently, there was now a unanimous agreement to keep up appearances, first initiated by /ck/ with the adults, and later told to the kids.
>That gave /mlp/ an idea.
>”Now, they don’t know that I know...” she thought. “But where’s the fun in telling them?”
>/mlp/, though duty bound by the power of friendship (and often failing to get friends), liked to mess with what little friends she had.
>So, she had a plan: just pretend not to know and see what she could get away with.
>”What to do first...make /ck/ watch the show with me? Get /po/ to play with my figurines? Shit, I should take /c/ to see the new It movie...is that too far?” /mlp/ pondered.

>If /ck/ wasn’t screwed yet, she was now.
>Of course /int/ made a surprise return from attempting to liberate London with a modern Crusade.
>(someone had to bail her and /pol/ out)
>”Niña, I am glad to see jou now!” /int/ said, picking up /ck/ and peppering her cheek with kisses.
>/ck/ squirmed, but immediately remembers that she has to fulfil her role.
>”U-uhhh, hiii, wifey! I missed you haha LOLE!” /ck/ said.
>/int/ smiled and, without warning, planted her big lips on /ck/‘s much smaller lips.
>”Damn it damn it damn it just relax,” /ck/ thought, alarmed and on the verge of freaking out. “Accept that this is the life you’ve ch- IS THAT HER TONGUE? OH MY GOD HOW FAR DOES THEIR RELATIONSHIP GO”
>/int/ could tell something wasn’t right with her wife. By now, she would be playing with her breasts.
>After many long, deep kisses, /ck/ knew what it was like being the child in an age gap relationship.
>And what an adult’s tongue felt like in a little girl’s mouth.
>She just sits still and tries not to let the trauma ruin her game of pretend.
>”Niña, jou ist not jourself,” /int/ observed.
>/ck/ twitched and looked at her temporary wife.
>”Haha, whaaat? I’m totally me! The best wifey in the world!” she fake-giggled.
>/int/ reached forward and cupped /ck/‘s cheek. “Jou hasn’t playing with mein body yet,” she said. “Ist something matter?”
>”Noooo, I’m fine and epic!” /ck/ said. “I missed yoooou, dumdum~”
>/int/ smiled and suggestively pushed her larger than average rack towards her.
>”Ooh, mein boobs has been ze sorest. If only somebody could make zem feeling better...” she joked.
>/ck/ stared at the woman’s breasts. They were enormous. “Lucky /s4s/,” she thought.
>She’d gone too far now to just tell /int/ the truth.
>”Guess I really have to be an uncontrollable lesbian now,” she thought, and reached out to grab /int/‘s breasts.
>She took in all the detail she could. The soft fabric of the shirt, the squishiness, the way they sprang back to their normal shape, and how they jiggled when she let gravity to the work.
>”Huh. It’s like sacks of Jello,” she wondered, pressing her face into the cleavage.
>”Mmmmm, jou’ve missed mein boobs much, hasn’t jou?” /int/ laughed. “I will letting jou play wit mein ass later. I even wearing ze yoga shorts~”
>/ck/ nodded and shot her temp-wife a glowing grin. “I loooove you’re butte, lole.”
>/int/ petted her wife’s head and sighed.
>There was definitely something up with her.
>Maybe she could ask around.
>Meanwhile, /ck/ was slowly questioning whether she could really consider herself straight.
>”Why am I actually excited to play with her ass?” she thought, getting a quick peak at /int/‘s surprisingly plump rear. “Oh, Lord.”
>”And then we tried on lots of clothes for hours!” /c/ giggled and sipped from her juice box.
>/c/, /jp/, /po/ and /x/ were all meeting up in /c/‘s room to hang out and talk about recent events.
>/jp/ had settled on an outfit after many changes; she wore a pink tank top with a blue denim jacket, black faux leather tights, and the same black boots /e/ always wore.
>”You two seem to be having fun,” /po/ said.
>/jp/ hugged her legs. “Yeah. It was a little bit scary when we got switched,” she explained, placing an arm around her girlfriend, “but I had my Peanut to help me get through it.”
>”Hey, you guys can try on my clothes, by the way,” /c/ offered.
>/po/ smirked. “Oh, /e/ already went through your closet,” she said. “She hasn’t worn /wsr/‘s clothes since yesterday.”
>/c/ laughed. “That’s great,” she replied.
>”She found your Winter Ball dress and got /x/ here to wear it.”
>”Woah, she did?” /c/ asked. “Wait, which one? I have a few of those.”
>/x/ finally had a reason to speak up. “The p-purple one. From when you dated /s4s/...” she informed her.
>”Ohhhh...” /c/ droned, now deep in thought. She liked that gown. /s4s/ had designed it to look like her own dress, and /c/ had done the same. She wondered how adorable /jp/ would be in that gown.
>”Hey, Muffin. You should try it on when we’re back in our bodies!” /c/ suggested.
>/jp/ smirked and poked /c/‘s cheek. “I was already thinking about what I’d look like,” she admitted.
>”Awwww, Muffiiiin...” /c/ cooed, leaning in to smooch /jp/ square on the lips.
>”Woah, keep it G-rated, lovergirls,” /po/ said, noticing /x/ shifting uncomfortably as her own body made out with /e/‘s body.
>”Yeah, that would look strange...” she thought.
>/ck/ somehow kept it together as she spent the day pretending to be /int/‘s wife.
>Despite being very familiar with /s4s/ as a whole, it was far more complex than just liking memes when it came to being her.
>/s4s/ had a real personality and was just as human as the others.
>She was also chronically addicted to /int/‘s body.
>Whether it be the random smooch on the lips, squeezing /int/‘s breasts on a whim, or hugging her long, smooth legs tightly, /ck/ did it.
>Of course, that meant receiving similar treatment in return. /int/ was particularly invested in playing her /s4s/‘s ass and thighs.
>/ck/ couldn’t lie, /int/ had an admirable body.
>Now /int/ was resting on her bed, tight yoga shorts hugging her abnormally large ass.
>”Wife, jou may commence playing,” she said, picking up a book and beginning to read from it.
>/ck/ swallowed thickly. That ass was enticing.
>”Quit wondering if you’re a lesbian and be one, for goodness sakes!” her brain yelled.
>She perished the thought and threw herself to the bed, straight towards /int/‘s rear.
>Being /s4s/ meant acting like she’d done this before.
>/ck/ grabs both cheeks in her hands and gives each a firm squeeze, then rubs them and gives them a gentle smack.
>Before they could even ripple, /ck/ took a deep breath.
>”Take the plunge,” she thought, biting her lip.
>She spread the yoga shorts-clad cheeks apart and smooshed her face as deep as she could into the crack.
>Being such a thicc woman, /int/‘s asscheeks flattened /ck/‘s ears to the sides of her head.
>The heat on /ck/‘s face was incredible.
>She inhaled, thankfully only smelling a mixture of sweat, fabric, and /int/‘s natural scent.
>/ck/ kept smacking the cheeks with vigor and settled in.
>The questionable thoughts still crossed her mind.
>”It’s just an act, it’s only temporary, I am absolutely not a lesbian, it’s okay to experiment...”
Where is /fit/Chan??
Not a girl.
>/mlp/ peeked around the corner.
>She’d found /po/, all alone and looking for some food in the kitchen.
>Her tiny size made it impossible to reach for the cupboard.
>She left her hiding spot and prepared to mess with her.
>”Heya, /c/,” she called out.
>/po/ hesitated, and turned around after putting on a cheerful demeanor. “Hiiiii!” she drawled.
>/mlp/ eyed the cupboard. “Too short to reach, eh?” she fake-guessed. “I’ll get it for ya.”
>She opened the cupboard and looked around. “Anything specific? A cookie? Hey, some candy?” she offered.
>”Can- cookie! A cookie, please.”
>/mlp/ picked out a cookie and handed it to /po/.
>She seemed to have understood /c/ enough to pull off a convincing impersonation.
>”You’re just the girl I’ve been looking for, /c/,” /mlp/ explained. “Nobody’s around to play ponies with me, and my good friend /s4s/ is busy with her wife...”
>/po/ stopped chewing.
>First of all, /ck/ was BUSY with /int/.
>Second, and more importantly, she did not like where this was going.
>”And I remembered you watching the show with me a few months ago...sooo, do you wanna hang out?” /mlp/ asked. “We’ll watch a few episodes, we can play with my figurines...”
>/po/ almost flipped.
>But she had to remain in character.
>She could still bluff her way out.
>”A-ahhh...I was just about to go...be with my Muffin!” /po/ lied.
>/mlp/ smirked. Time to lay the trap.
>”Tell you what, /c/,” she said, grabbing the entire cookie jar. “If you come along AND bring your girlfriend...I’ll let you two have as many cookies as you want~”
>/po/ almost let her eye twitch.
>She just had to throw that in.
>And she couldn’t break character.
>Aaaand she had to drag /x/ along.
>”S-sounds great! I’ll get my Muffin!” /po/ agreed, hastily skipping away.
>She was going to shower three times after all this was over.
Okay possible bad news sisters
My shitty country’s government just ordered blocks on eight websites because they still host the Christchurch video (Yeah a first world country is forcing censored internet).
Our ISPs blocked 4chan due to that video being around after the shooting happened but these easily bypassed by changing our DNS server. I don’t know if 4chan is one of the eight sites they ordered banned but I hope that a) it’s not and b) if it is, they don’t turn it into an IP block.
I’ll try to update this story with one post a day but if I stop for at least three days, consider me blocked by our shitty government ;_;7
>”Jou play nice with jour frens now!”
>/ck/ waved goodbye to /int/ and skipped down the hallway.
>As soon as she was out of sight, she let her cheery facade crumble and she leaned against a wall.
>She’d just spent hours exploring almost every corner of /int/‘s body and now it was all burned into her memory.
>Everything about /int/‘s tongue, how it encircled her own, the way she tried to suck on it like a juice pop, how she nibbled her bottom lip, and the sweetness, thickness, and warmth of her saliva...
>/ck/ shuddered. That was never going to leave her.
>Then again, it wasn’t that ba-
>”Aaaaargh!” she groaned, “and I still have three days of this!”
>She sluggishly trudged to /c/‘s room and opened the door, finding /c/ and /jp/ talking with /po/ and /x/.
>”Hey /ck/! What’s up?” /c/ called out.
>/po/ narrowed her eyes as she noticed /ck/‘s tired expression. “/int/ running you ragged, /ck/?” she guessed.
>/ck/ tiredly mumbled and flopped on /c/ and /jp/‘s laps.
>”If SOMEbody knows how to respectfully get /int/ out of my mou-“
>/ck/ held her breath and rethought her words.
>”...off of my back, then please, for my sake, save me.”
>/c/ tentatively touched /ck/‘s forehead and gently brushed her bangs. “Why don’t you ask /s4s/? She would know all that stuff, silly,” she suggested.
>”I feel your pain, /ck/,” /po/ added.
>/x/ glared at /po/ angrily. “I will n-never forgive you for that,” she hissed.
>”It wasn’t my fault! I couldn’t break character! She offered both of “us” a whole jar of cookies!” /po/ refuted.
>/c/ smiled. “I would have accepted if she didn’t offer me cookies,” she giggles sweetly.
>”NOT HELPING, /c/.”
>”It would have taken me more than a jar of cookies to get me to watch even one minute of that blight against humanity,” /jp/ grumbled.
>/x/ nodded. “I d-definitely agree...”
>/wsr/ swallowed as /bant/ grabbed two bottles of alcohol from the crisper
>”Yup. And it’s not store crap!” /bant/ snickered, wiggling the bottle of Channel/b/rau in front of /wsr/. “The outdoors losers brew this stuff.”
>/wsr/ shook her head. “No way! We’re still too young to have beer!” she said, stubbornly refusing to bow to /bant/‘s pressure.
>”You really are no fun, damn it,” /bant/ sighed. She rummaged through the kitchen drawers for a bottle opener.
>”What?! This is BEER! We play board games to have fun!”
>/bant/ found the bottle opener and worked on trying to pop the lid. “How about I put it another way, you dummy?” she offered.
>/wsr/ crossed her arms and huffed. “Fine,” she conceded.
>/bant/ popped the lid off and set the bottle down. “Here’s the thing. We are kids. That part’s totally true,” she started off. “But, we are in grown-up’s bodies. We’re in control of their every move.”
>She picked up the bottle and traced the label. “We’ve got their legs, arms, and heads. We’ve got their mature bodies,” she continued. She raised the bottle to her lips and took a sip.
>/wsr/ held her breath, fingernails digging into her palms.
>”We taste beer how they taste beer. And our bodies CAN handle it,” /bant/ finished, licking her lips. “And this stuff’s wicked good.”
>The sorceress finally gave up. “Fine, you win!” she said, throwing her hands into the air.
>/bant/ grinned and popped the cap on the other bottle. “I knew you’d understand,” she triumphantly responded, giving the bottle to /wsr/.
>Hesitantly, /wsr/ took a sip.
>She let the taste sink in.
>She took another sip.
>And then another.
>And another.
>With each sip, her self-imposed rule of being safe for work disappeared.
Damn. That's harsh. Hope nothing happens.
>no /cgl/
Lolita fashion girls are 90% lesbian or bi, but all of cgl-tan's content is straight as fuck. Not fair.
>”BWAHAHAHAHA!” /wsr/ bellowed. “That’s how ya found out?!”
>/bant/ burped and nearly spilled the entire bottle onto herself. “Yeeeeep! Jus- uhh, what...yeah! Just grabbed her and shoved my damn tongue down her throat! Totally made her frrrrreak!” she told /wsr/.
>”You’re sayin’ Miss Insane Lesbian freaks out when ya smooch her all good?”
>”Idiot turns RED!”
>/wsr/ and /bant/, nearly wasted to the gills, let out a screeching laugh together and clinked their bottles.
>”This SHIT here is some real sauce,” /wsr/ admitted, downing another mouthful.
>”What the fuck did I tell ya? Why don’t ya let meeeeee do the damn...”
>/bant/ incoherently droned on, forgetting what she was talking about.
>”Hey, earth to cutie! We need you!” /wsr/ yelled, annoyingly poking /bant/‘s temple.
>/bant/ picked up on /wsr/‘s language.
>”Oooooh, so you think I’M cute?” she slurred excitedly.
>/wsr/ stared blankly and dropped from the side of her mouth. “Uhhhhh...”
>”Nahnahnah NOOOOW just, just tell me...are you talkin’ about ME me? Or /po/?” /bant/ interrupted. “Ya know, I’m real cute. That’s a FACT. Buuuuut, /po/‘s uhhhhh, yeah she’s cute!”
>”Can I saaaay...BOTH!” /wsr/ declared happily, raising her bottle.
>”Oh, I see! I’m TWICE the cute...”
>”If you LOVE ME SO MUUuuuuch then kiss me, you fool.”
>It was probably the alcohol taking over, but when /wsr/ leaned forward and stuffed her tongue into /bant/‘s mouth, she didn’t mind.
>/bant/ didn’t mind the smooth, warm intrusion. She put her hand on the back of /wsr/‘s head and her other hand squeezed one of her breasts.
>Who knew that /wsr/ was a gay drunk?
The Scrubs reference is fun and it makes me think about the twins and co in other pop culture parodies.
I've thought about Pulp Fiction scenes with all the characters replaced with female board-tans (the main characters are Lily and Shizuka), because the movie is iconic and I think many scenes are great for a yuri parody. In particular I like to think about Lily taking /x/ out to dinner and they dance the twist. Maybe I just love the movie too much.
>/wsr/ woke up to the feeling of a pounding in her head and a large gap in her memory.
>”Jeeeeeeeeeez...” she groaned, massaging her temples.
>She felt the cool air in the room irritate her skin.
>Her bare skin.
>/wsr/ looked around the room, terror growing in her veins.
>It was a bedroom. She was in a bed. She was naked, and only wearing /ck/‘s panties.
>And /bant/, asleep next to her, was the same.
>/wsr/ became panicky.
>She remembered drinking beer with her, and then her memory went fuzzy.
>”Oh, God...” she sighed shakily. She shook /bant/ awake. “Get up right now!”
>”Jeeeeesus, keep it down,” /bant/ grumbled, grabbing her pillow and covering her head with it.
>/wsr/ snatched the pillow and smacked /bant/ with it.
>”Argh, fine! What the hell is...”
>/bant/‘s voice got stuck in her throat as she got a glance at /wsr/‘s breasts.
>/wsr/ covered herself up with her arms. “DON’T LOOK AT THEM, YOU PERVERT!” she screamed.
>/bant/ painfully gasped. “Keep it down! I have a splitting headache, you nerd!” She groaned.
>”Sorry, sorry...” /wsr/ hastily apologized, trembling in fear. “Ohhhh, God, we messed up so bad. I’m having a freakout. This is so so so bad. We’ve done a...”
>”Oh, cut it out, you idiot,” /bant/ sighed.
>/wsr/ glared at /bant/, who swore that she could see steam coming from her ears. “Cut it out!? We just had s- ssss- we did UNSAFE FOR WORK LOVE!”
>/bant/ groaned. “Oh, we did not,” she replied.
>”What do you mean, we didn’t?” /wsr/ asked, calming down a bit.
>/bant/ pinched her nose and sighed. “I remember everything. Like, maybe there’s some gaps, but I am totally positive we didn’t do the nasty,” she explained.
>/wsr/ covered her face and groaned, flopping back onto her pillow. “What HAPPENED?!” she asked. “After we started drinking.”
>/bant/ rewound the tape and recounted the events to the best of her ability. “Uhhhhhh...well, you LOST your filter, and you were fun for once,” she recalled, grinning madly.
>”I’m going to suffocate you with this pillow,” /wsr/ threatened.
>”Sure you will,” /bant/ teased. “Then, you called me cute and started making out with me. Like, real passionate making out. I kinda let you get your groove on for a while and then I took you to /po/‘s room. Nice place, too. You’re one hell of a gay drunk, by the way.”
>Groaning with massive regret, /wsr/ stared blankly at the ceiling. “And then what?” she asked.
>”We undressed each other and I played with your...okay, /ck/‘s fat titties, and you tried to play with.../po/‘s lack of tits. I think I motorboated you too. Then we kinda made out some more and totes fell asleep. That’s what happened.”
>/wsr/ felt a wave of relief wash over her. “Thank the heavens...”
>”Ya know, I’m down for some more of your rack...”
>”/BANT/!” /wsr/ yelled. “Speak of this to absolutely nobody. Act like this NEVER HAPPENED, okay? We never made out, we never played with each other’s bodies. We were never even here!”
>/bant/ made a pouty face. “Awwww, but I don’t like one-nighters...” she cooed cheekily.
>/wsr/ threw the pillow at /bant/‘s face, got out of /po/‘s bed, and hastily began to put /ck/‘s clothes back on.
>”Not into a little girl on girl, huh,” /bant/ said, enjoying throwing more gasoline onto the fire. “You’re breaking my heart, /wsr/. Come back to bed.”
>/wsr/ wanted to smack /bant/ into next week.
I’m having way too much fun writing /bant/‘s cheek.

>/s4s/ didn’t actually know what /an/ did.
>Well, she knew that she was into nature.
>That’s why she was out in the garden, looking at the flowers.
>There were some pretty flowers.
>But after a while, she felt bored, and she sat down on the grass.
>”Why couldn’t I be /x/, or /ck/? They would be more fun,” she complained to herself.
>”Bored, huh?”
>/s4s/ turned around. /e/ had snuck up behind her.
>”Hiii, /e/!” she said.
>/e/ skipped around /s4s/ and sat in her lap, head resting between her breasts.
>”You’re not alone, you know,” /e/ said.
>”What?” /s4s/ asked.
>/e/ chuckled. “I’m not too big on being /wsr/. Her personality is kind of a bore,” /e/ explained, smoothing down her dress (that /c/ owned). “I haven’t even worn that silly witch costume for a day now.”
>”Soooo, who would you rather be?” /s4s/ wondered aloud. /e/ turned around and pointed at the girl.
>”You,” she said.
>/s4s/ gasped and let out a squee. “You’d want to be meeeeee?!” she excitedly replied.
>”You’re too much fun, kid. Imagine how happy I’d be,” /e/ explained, thinking about the joy of being /s4s/. “I’d get to be a child and I’d get to have fun. No breaks, no nothing. Just tons of screwing around.”
>/e/ suddenly felt herself being squeezed around the middle as /s4s/ hugged her tightly.
>”Awwwww, thanks so much, /e/!” /s4s/ happily thanked, unaware that she was crushing the woman.
>/s4s/ gasped and let go.
>”S-sorry! Adults are really strong...”
>But her strength gave her an inspiration.
>”Hey! You wanna ride on my shoulders? I’m super strong and you’re a child!”
>/e/‘s eyes lit up. “Yes, I’d love that!” she exclaimed.
>For half an hour, the two bonded by means of a shoulder ride and talked about their day.
>/e/ laughed at /s4s/‘s earlier coffee misfortune, while /s4s/ enjoyed hearing about /e/‘s closet raids.
>/an/ wandered into /c/‘s room, a confident smile plastered across her face.
>”Jeez, /an/. Where have you been all day?” /po/ asked.
>/an/ nudged /ck/‘s feet off of /jp/ and took a seat in the girl’s lap. “Busy trying to really fine-tune /bant/‘s personality. Gotta act the part, you know,” /an/ said.
>/ck/ readjusted herself and nestled into /c/‘s lap. “How did you manage that?” she asked.
>”Eh, went into her room, looked around. She has a whole dollhouse full of her own characters,” /an/ recalled. “I found a few videos of her on her phone. Pranks and such.”
>”I-isn’t that a breach of p-privacy?” /x/ mumbled.
>/an/ shrugged. “We’ve already breached more privacy than the FBI. Does it matter?” she rationalized.
>”Hey, by the way, who said you could sit in my lap?” /jp/ asked, shifting in annoyance.
>/an/ grinned smugly and looked at /jp/, putting on her finest /bant/ impression.
>”I thought you loved to have a girl between your legs,” she cheekily retorted.
>/jp/ flushed red, half-embarrassed and half-annoyed.
>/ck/ whistled. ”Damn, /an/, you’ve nailed it,” she said admirably.
>”Just playing the role, sweetheart,” /an/ replied, smiling wryly. “My feet are killing me. Hand your shoes over.”
>”Not on your life, /an/,” /ck/ replied, crossing her feet and extending her legs.
>/an/ stuck out her tongue. “Fine,” she taunted. “I’ll just have to get ‘em the /bant/ way.”
>/c/ and /jp/ giggled, enjoying the silly back-and-forth between the two.
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love the story!
really hope a drawfag sketches some parts like this. body switch yuri is gold.
Thank you for the appreciation!
>/s4s/ sat in the kitchen with /e/, drinking from a juice box.
>”You think /wsr/ won’t mind if I drink a beer?” /e/ asked her, looking into the crisper.
>/s4s/ shook her head. “Noooo, beer is for grown-ups. You can’t put beer in young people!” she exclaimed.
>/e/ sighed. “It doesn’t matter. Some idiot’s taken all the beers out. Guess I’ll take a Coke,” she said, grabbing a can out from the shelf. She sat at the table and fiddled with the ring pull. “Damn these small fingers. Help me out.”
>She slid the can to /s4s/, who picked it up and effortlessly pulled the tab up.
>”Being strong is awesome!” /s4s/ giggled, handing the can back to /e/. She noticed something on her hand. “Wooooow, nail polish.”
>”Hey, look who’s arrived,” /e/ interrupted, noticing /ck/‘s sudden presence.
>/s4s/ turned around and saw her own self staring at her.
>”Hi, /ck/!”
>/ck/ cracked a smile. “Hey, /s4s/. I need your help,” she requested.
>/s4s/ clapped her hands ecstatically. “Real help? I’ll do it!” she agreed.
>”Do you know how I can get your wife to lessen the love?” /ck/ asked, her voice nervy and pleading. “Being with her is okay and all, but your relationship is way too much for my liking.”
>/s4s/ laughed, nearly squeezing her half-full juice box. “Did you be lovey-dovey with my wife? That’s epic!” she joyfully replied. “Isn’t she great? She’s soooo playful...”
>”Yeaaah, let’s go with playful,” /ck/ nervously replied. “How do you tone it down?”
>”Oh! We like to love other girls!”
>”She says that it’s okay for us to be with other girls,” /s4s/ explained. “As long as we’re always number one to each other!”
>/ck/‘s eyes narrowed. “So, you’re telling me that I have to get together with another woman for a few days?” she asked.
>/ck/ sighed exhaustedly. “Thanks for the tip, /s4s/. I think I know who to find.”
>”Are you SURE this is going to get her off your back?” /an/ asked, struggling to keep up with /ck/, who pulled her down the hall by her hand.
>”Positive. There is no reason /s4s/ would lie to me,” /ck/ explained.
>/an/ rolled her eyes. “Okay Juliet, so all I have to do is act like your girlfriend?” she asked.
>Stopping outside of /int/‘s room, /ck/ turned around and grabbed her shoulders. “Just in front of her, okay? By the time we leave, we can split,” she said, opening the door.
>/an/ quickly grabbed her hand as she entered the room.
>”Follow my lead,” /ck/ whispered. She began to call out. “/iiiiiint/! Look who I’m gonna kissy-kissy and love!”
>/int/ stepped out from the bedroom and saw the “couple”.
>”Ahhh, so jou has found attraction in ze smart-ass!” /int/ laughed, clapping her hands. “MUCH adorable. How long will jou be spending together?”
>”Uhhhh...three days!” /ck/ giggled, throwing her arms around /an/. “I’m gonna hug her, and kiss her, and sleep with her, and then I’ll come back to you and we can do lovey-dovey stuff again!”
>/ck/ punctuated her intentions by kissing /an/ on the cheek.
>”Woah, save some for later, sweet cheeks,” /an/ replied.
>”Well well, I shall make much sweet love to a girl too...zose lesbian ladies perhaps, zey are quite ze treat,” /int/ thought aloud.
>/ck/ was fine with that, as long as they didn’t tell /int/ the truth, which they probably wouldn’t considering it was still some kind of social experiment.
>”Okay, best wifey! I’m gonna go to /bant/‘s room and do kissies for hoooours!” /ck/ farewelled and waved goodbye to /int/.
>They left the room, skipping and hand in hand.
>”Nice, you’ve successfully avoided being gay,” /an/ said.
>”I’m not gay and you know it.”
>/an/ smirked and spun around, catching /ck/ off-guard and pinning her against a wall.
>”There’s nothing wrong with experimenting.”
>”/a-an/...think about this...” /ck/ swallowed.
>”I AM thinking about this,” /an/ whispered, closing the gap between her and /ck/.
>/ck/ swallowed a large lump in her throat.
>”You can deny it all you want, babe, but I KNOW the truth,” /an/ continued. “You’ve thought about girls. And the dirty things you want to do to them.”
>/ck/ stood perfectly still. “I-I’ve only thought about girls...not what I want to do t-to them...” she mumbled.
>”Ohhhh, you’re a terrible liar,” /an/ pressed, raising a hand and running the back of it along /ck/‘s cheek. “I think you love women. Love ‘em more than your husband. In fact, I bet my kidney that whatever you did with /int/ was magical.”
>She could smell the blood in the water, and /ck/ was getting scared.
>”Th-that’s nonsense! I did what I did with /int/ as an act!” she claimed. “It was...absolutely just that!”
>”You hesitated,” /an/ chuckled. “Not a good sign, honey.”
>/an/ moved even closer until their bodies were crammed together. Her lips were just mere inches away from /ck/‘s.
>”Why, I think you’re thrilled to be /s4s/. Ah, just think about it...” /an/ continued eagerly, “to be a gay mess, to be free to make sweet, tender love with other girls...”
>/ck/ could smell /an/‘s, or rather, /bant/‘s breath from her talking.
>”N-now, /an/...th-think about what you’re d-doing. W-we’re children...” she stammered.
>”And so are /c/ and /jp/,” /an/ shot down, holding /ck/‘s chin in her fingers. “You know, I believe it would be veeeeery fun to actually be in love for three days. /bant/ and /s4s/. It’s like another match made in heaven. It’s not like our husbands will find out.”
>/ck/ swallowed another lump. “Y-you’re skating on thin ice, okay?” she said.
>/an/ grabbed /ck/‘s hand and held it tightly. She then leaned in and gave /ck/ a quick smooch on the lips.
>/ck/ pulled her head back and covered her mouth.
>”That won’t be the last one, babe,” /an/ giggled.
Confident that 4chan isn't getting blocked here so good news. If I do disappear, it's not because I'm blocked. I have other commitments.
>/bant/ was tagging along with /wsr/ for a while.
>”Please go do your own thing,” /wsr/ said.
>”How much will you miss me, hun?” /bant/ asked, wrapping her arms around /wsr/‘s waist and resting her chin on her shoulder.
>/wsr/ twitched. “Cut it out!” she grunted, trying to wrestle away. “Why are you doing this?!”
>She heard a light giggle escape /bant/‘s lips. “Take a hint, dummy,” she replied.
>”What do you even mean by that?!” /wsr/ asked angrily.
>/bant/‘s face dropped from a smile to a “dis gurl srs?” expression.
>”Are you thicker than a bowl of porridge, you silly sorcerer?” /bant/ asked incredulously. “I’ve been dropping hints since, like, an hour ago.”
>/wsr/ thought about the hints that /bant/ could have dropped.
>Telling her to come back to bed, that she didn’t like one-nighters, and wondering how much she’d miss her.
>It became very obvious, very quickly.
>”Uhhhhh...are you saying that you...have some kind of...” /wsr/ slowly said, having trouble finding the right words, “...crush on me?”
>/bant/ sarcastically clapped her hands. “You did it, champ! You’ve cracked the case!” she declared. “And your prize is one witty girlfriend!”
>/wsr/ held her hands up. “Wait, wait, wait! WHY and WHEN did this happen!?” she asked.
>/bant/ put her hands behind her back and bounced on her heels.
>”Gee...maybe a couple of weeks ago?” /bant/ recalled. “All the other girls in our group were all gay. I figured we were like The Odd Couple so I thought, hey, what if WE were gay for each other?”
>”That just seems ridiculous,” /wsr/ sighed.
>”Hey, that’s what I thought!” /bant/ added. “But then I observed ya. You’re the softie who keeps everybody in check. I like that. And you’re cute. Real cute.”
>”I am not a softie!” /wsr/ protested.
>”Whatevs. Point is, I like ya. And deep in that mushy, goody-two-shoes core of yours, there’s a part of you that likes me,” /bant/ chuckled.
>/wsr/ opened her mouth to speak against /bant/‘s words, but nothing came out.
>She looked down at her feet and stared.
>”Could I really like a girl that way?” /wsr/ thought.
>She searched inside herself for an answer.
>Nothing felt clear to her.
>It was uncertainty all the way.
>”I-I don’t know how I feel about you, /bant/,” /wsr/ nervously replied. “Honest.”
>/bant/ crossed her arms. “Figures. I mean, of course you don’t know now. Ya gotta figure out those feelings, cutie,” she smiled.
>/wsr/ felt her cheeks burning. The way /bant/ kept calling her cute was slightly embarrassing.
>”/bant/, you’re arrogant, and very cheeky. And you’re kind of...annoying at times,” /wsr/ said slowly.
>”Flattery’ll get you places,” /bant/ said.
>”But...!” /wsr/ interrupted, holding her hands up in front of her, “u-um, you...kind of...um...”
>”Spit it out.”
>/bant/ stared at /wsr/ and smiled. “Ah, I told ya. There’s that little part of you that likes me,” she grinned.
>/wsr/ felt a pit growing in her stomach. She’d actually just said that to her.
>”So what do you say, dubya S.R.?” /bant/ asked. “You wanna get together?”
>/wsr/ trembled and put her fingers together. “I-I don’t know!” she admitted. “I’m still confused about all this girls loving girls stuff!”
>/bant/ sighed. “Fine, you go figure it out for yourself,” she said, turning around and leaving the room. “If you need me, I’m gonna go find /ck/.”
>/bant/ stopped in the middle of the hallway and giddily celebrating.
>”She said she liked me!” she thought. “This rules!”
>It made her feel warm inside. The thought of having an actual girlfriend had seemed out of her reach.
>And sure, maybe her abrasive attitude was a contributing factor.
>But /wsr/ liked it. She admitted that she liked it.
>”Man, I can’t believe that she’s into bad girls,” /bant/ thought, strolling down the hall with some swagger. “It’s like I’m in some dumb fanfic.”
>She stopped outside /c/‘s room, which had now become the central meeting place for the switched women, and burst in excitedly.
>”You’ll have to hand them over some time, /ck/!”
>”/an/, let me go!”
>”I told you, I’d get em the /bant/ way!”
>”Why don’t you ju-hahahahahahaha! Dohohohohon’t!”
>”What the hell are you two doing?” /bant/ asked.
>/an/ and /ck/ looked up.
>”Oh, /bant/...uhhhhh...” /an/ greeted nervously.
>For some dumb reason, /ck/‘s wrists were bound and /an/ was holding both of her ankles together. /an/ had removed the shoes and started tickling her feet.
>”...would you believe me if I said that your shoes are terrible and I wanted hers?” /an/ explained.
>/bant/ laughed. “You kids are dumb,” she said. “And also, my shoes aren’t terrible, your taste is.”
>”She’s got you there,” /ck/ told /an/.
>”Besides,” /bant/ added, “it’s not like she has one pair of shoes, you idiot. Do you think she’s poor or something?”
>/an/ stared blankly and then relented. She slowly put the shoes back on /ck/‘s feet.
>”You got told by /bant/,” /ck/ said, grinning. “I am NEVER letting you live that down.”
>”Shut up.”
>Later that evening, all ten of the girls had a meetup in /c/‘s room.
>”So, what are we going to do with those lesbian sisters?” /an/ asked.
>/s4s/ giggled and rocked from side to side. “We should thank them! This is so much fun!” she suggested.
>”What? No, we should get back at them!”
>/ck/ raised her hand. “I think /s4s/ is right, /an/,” she said.
>”You’re taking her side?”
>/ck/ smiled. “Absolutely. Perhaps I rushed to judge them too hastily,” she explained. “However, this...experience has been fun. Having a childhood’s been a real pleasure.”
>”Being grown-ups is awesome!” /c/ agreed, her hand placed on /jp/‘s hand. She gave her a peck on the cheek.
>/jp/ blushed. “Damn it, Peanut,” she whispered.
>”My only complaint is that I got a boring body,” /e/ sighed, brushing her green fringe.
>”Hey! My body is not boring!” /wsr/ protested, a little offended by /e/‘s remark.
>/bant/ nudged /wsr/‘s side. “I can totally vouch for that,” she remarked snarkily.
>This time, it was /wsr/‘s turn to blush furiously.
>”I haven’t had much to do,” /po/ said. “Don’t get me wrong, /c/, I like this body, but I’ve been pretty bored.”
>/c/ turned her head. “Why don’t you do something with /x/?” she suggested. “You could get to know each other and stuff.”
>/x/ shuffled nervously and gulped. “G-get to know?” she asked.
>”Not like being her girlfriend, silly! Just hang out and find something you both like to do!” /c/ added.
>/po/ looked at /x/.
>”Tomorrow sound good?” she asked.
>/ck/ cleared her throat. “So, we have three days to go. Why don’t we do something fun together?” she said. “We could go out to eat and catch a movie.”
>”Food and a movie? I’m down!”
>”Anything to get me and Peanut out of the house.”
>”I love movies! They’re ebin!”
>”As long as it’s not worse than PG.”
>”I-I agree with /wsr/...”
So is this just a huge polyamorous orgy with 4chan boards?
If that’s what you want it to be
Spin this two or three times and write/draw a quickie with them if you want.
So is the writefag really gone?
No I’m still around. I have things to complete in real life. I’ve confirmed that 4chan won’t be blocked here so you can forgot the whole three day thing.
However I am running on empty with furthering this story. That and my commitments are why I’m only updating every few days.
>Everybody split up to change clothes and prepare for a fun night out.
>/ck/ found an animated movie called Abominable playing at a nearby theater, and also decided that they would all go to get delicious ice creams at the shop just a few blocks away.
>Driving was well out of the question, so they all took a bus.
>”Run it by me one more time, please,” /wsr/ said, clutching /ck/‘s bag in her lap.
>”First, you go up to the counter,” /ck/ replied.
>”You ask for what kind of ice cream you want, then you ask us...the kids...what we want.”
>”Okay, that makes sense.”
>”Then the other four...adults...they’ll ask for their ice creams. You pay with the money in the purse.”
>/wsr/ fully committed the instructions to memory. “Me, then the kids, then the others, then I pay. Thanks, /ck/,” she confirmed.
>/ck/ scooted in and hugged /wsr/‘s arm. “I know you’ll do well. After the ice creams, I’ll show you how to purchase tickets.”
>/wsr/ sat back, drumming her fingers on the bag.
>”Lookin’ fine, babe,” /bant/ whispered.
>The girl’s cheeks turned redder than the dress she’d changed into as she looked away. “/baaaant/, not now...”
>”Just teasing.”
>/an/ noticed the scene and slid close to /ck/. She leaned in sideways until their cheeks touched.
>”We’re holding hands,” she said quietly.
>/ck/‘s eyes darted to her side. “Please tell me you’re seriously not committing,” she replied.
>”Hmmm, I could always tell /int/ the truth...oh, how you’d never live THAT down...”
>/ck/ gripped the bus seat tightly. “You’d be jeopardizing both of our relationships...”
>”Good point,” /an/ sighed. “Do it and I’ll swear not to constantly remind you about the juicy details of what you did with /int/.”
>/ck/ shuddered. The intricate details of /int/‘s body flooded back to her, sweat, spit, and all...
>”Fine, then. You have a deal,” she grumbled, taking a hold of /an/‘s hand.
I'll be drawing a bit and as you say some parts but later, first let's wait for the story anon. Meanwhile I think this sounds good>>2984979. If you want give me your random girls, two, three or even four and let's see what I can do.
Storyanon here popping in. I like your style. Do you need me for anything?
No wait, are you that artist? I may have misinterpreted that. Either way it's nice to have other content creators contribute
>/wsr/ was able to pay for the ice creams with no problems whatsoever
>/x/ had never eaten an ice cream before, but to keep up appearances, she shared a chocolate ice cream with /po/.
>/an/ continued to get close to /ck/, who perhaps went a little bit overboard when enthusiastically eating her ice cream.
>She leaned in, licked her thumb, and began to clean the strawberry ice cream off of /ck/‘s cheeks, and then licked her thumb clean.
>”Mmm, maybe I should’ve ordered strawberry too,” /an/ giggled.
>/ck/ quickly excused herself and took /wsr/ aside and quickly taught her how to get movie tickets.
>”So I just say, ten tickets to Abominable, and that’s it?” she asked.
>”Exactly, then you pay, and he will give you tickets,” /ck/ confirmed. She gave /wsr/ a warm hug. “You’ve really done well as an adult. I’m proud of you.”
>”H-heh. I guess I have,” /wsr/ said.
>The group walked down to the theater, where they got all their tickets.
>”Any refreshments?”
>/an/ and /po/ both piped up. “Large buttered popcorn and a large soda!”
>/ck/ was about to interrupt, but realized that she’d be out of character.
>Remarkably, /wsr/ remained cool and asked everybody what they wanted.
>”How mature and composed...” /ck/ thought.
>After a somewhat expensive purchase of refreshments, all ten girls went to the right screening. Conveniently, an empty row was available for all of them to sit together.
>/x/ and /po/ sat next to each other, followed by /wsr/, then /ck/ and /an/. /bant/ and /s4s/ followed, then /e/, and finally, /c/ and /jp/.
>”Want some popcorn?” /po/ offered, tilting the red and white box /x/‘s way.
>/x/ tentatively grabbed a few fluffy pieces and chewed them slowly.
>”Th-thanks, Peanut...” she replied.
>/s4s/ slurped her large soda eagerly, garnering /bant/‘s attention.
>”You wanna slow down there?” she asked.
>”But I’m thirsty now.”
>/bant/ whistled. “Okay then. Don’t complain when you have to pee though.”
Not really. But what I mean is I want to wait until the end of the story.
That might take a while since I'm updating every few days now.
There is an earlier body swap story that I finished that starts from here >>2927722 if you want to work with that.
>The movie was quite enjoyable to watch
>And other people in the audience were confused as to why the adults were more excited than the kids while watching Yi’s violin solo
>Naturally, /c/ and /jp/ held hands as they watched the movie, as did /an/ and /ck/, purely because of /an/.
>And just to bond a little more, /x/ lifted the armrest between her and /po/ and leaned into her.
>”I-is this how to do it?” she whispered.
>”Close enough,” /po/ said.
>/s4s/ did regret drinking her soda too fast and had to run out of the theater to pee about halfway through the movie.
>/e/ was helpful enough to tell her what she missed.

>”I liked that movie a lot!” /c/ said, bouncing in her bus seat. “The part with the statue and the violin was so cool!”
>/jp/ noticed a few pairs of eyes looking at her girlfriend.
>”Uhhhh, mhm, I’ve never seen you so excited before, /x/,” she unconvincingly replied.
>/c/ got the message and changed her tone a little.
>”W-well, I can enjoy things. Sometimes going outside can do good,” she responded, tapping her feet nervously.
>”Yeah! /x/ is right!” /ck/ declared, jumping off of her seat. “Ebin movies are fun to check out, like dubs! We should all go-“
>Unexpectedly, the bus ground to a halt, and with it, /ck/‘s speech and balance.
>She tumbled onto the floor just as the doors opened to service people at the stop.
>”Oh my gosh, /s4s/! Are you hurt?” /po/ asked.
>/ck/ groaned with disinterest.
>”Just my pride, is all.”
>/an/ giggled. “Don’t worry, you’re still gay enough,” she grinned.
>/wsr/ scrubbed her teeth thoroughly, keeping /ck/‘s pearly whites as white as could be
>She spat the toothpaste out and rinsed her toothbrush clean before putting it back in the glass
>”Mmm, this is nice,” she wondered, running her tongue along her shiny teeth
>She smoothed down the nightgown she had found in /ck/‘s closet and headed to her bedroom
>Except /bant/ was already there, under the covers
>”AHHH! /BANT/!” /wsr/ shouted, before covering her mouth
>/bant/ smiled. “Hey princess, you ready for bed?” she asked cheekily
>/wsr/ looked at /bant/, and then noticed the clothes she wore. A lacy bra...lacy pink panties...silky stockings!?
>”D-did you STEAL lingerie!?” /wsr/ demanded
>/bant/ raised a finger. “A-ta-ta-tut. I used lingerie. Not steal. Used,” /bant/ corrected. “Found ‘em in /po/‘s drawers. Cute, eh?”
>/wsr/ covered her face, desperately trying to hide her burning cheeks. “Th-that doesn’t give you permission to wear them!” she stammered.
>The girl rolled her eyes. “And I thought /an/ trying to steal the shoes off of /ck/‘s feet was an overreaction,” she scoffed.
>”/an/ did what?”
>”Nothing, just some stupid stuff,” /bant/ deflected, tossing the covers off of the bed. “Come to bed. You’ve had a looooong day.”
>/wsr/ clenched her fists and held her breath. “Okay, fine then,” she gave in. She crawled under the covers and settled into /ck/‘s warm bed.
>For a minute, neither girl exchanged words.
>Then, /bant/ spoke up.
>”Why are ya keeping up the goody two-shoes act around me? You already told me that you like me that way.”
>/wsr/ said nothing at first, but let out a prolonged exhale.
>”I don’t know...” she admitted. “I just feel like there’s two parts of me...fighting each other and trying to tell me what’s right.”
>”Ah, so you’re conflicted?” /bant/ assumed.
>/wsr/ hummed in agreement. “One side’s telling me to stick to my roots and all, but the other side...the other side really likes you,” she confessed.
>/bant/ propped herself up on her elbow and placed her hand on /wsr/‘s shoulder.
>”That a real confession?” she asked deviously.
>”Okay, okay, keep going.”
>/wsr/ turned onto her back and stared at the ceiling. “I don’t like having these conflicting emotions. I don’t know how to get rid of them,” she continued.
>/bant/ tapped her chin and nodded.
>”Soooo, your whole issue is that liking me makes you only 99.99% the person you were?” she asked.
>/wsr/ looked at /bant/, one eyebrow raised. “What? It’s more complicated than-“
>/bant/ snorted. “Man, /wsr/, you are funny,” she guffawed. “So what if liking me contradicts what ya stand for? Who’s gonna care if you’re only 99.99% you? Tell me, who’s gonna care?”
>”Nobody. That’s who. And if someone does care? Fuck ‘em! Look at /jp/! She got out and got a girlfriend against her own nature, because she stopped caring what others thought. Don’t let ‘em tell you to conform. It’s your life. Take control!”
>/wsr/ kind of wanted to smack /bant/ for swearing, but her speech really got to her. She felt motivated. She no longer cared that /bant/ had sworn. Her mind was made up.
>”You’re right. You’re absolutely right,” /wsr/ agreed. She grabbed /bant/‘s hand and looked into her eyes. “/bant/, you’re brash, cheeky, and smug. And I don’t care what they think! I like you that way and I like you for who you are!”
>/bant/ couldn’t help but let a dumbstruck smile spread across her face.
>”I want you to be my girlfriend!”
I'll start sketching something then. Does anyone want to choose parts of the story or I do it myself?
Maybe a part with the twins if they're featured at all in the story
Perhaps all four of them griping about being in their new bodies, or /c/ comforting /jp/
>/po/ and /x/ sat beside each other on /c/‘s sofa in awkward silence
>They’d agreed to meet up and, at the very least, try to alleviate their boredom
>”Sooooo...what do we actually do?” /po/ asked.
>/x/ fiddled with /jp/‘s dress and kicked her legs. “I-I’m not sure. What do these kids do?” she asked in reply.
>”Shit,” /po/ said.
>”We could...watch an anime,” /x/ suggested. “They watch anime together, maybe?”
>/po/ shrugged and grabbed the remote control. “Sounds like something those two would do,” she agreed, turning on the television.
>She navigated to 4flix and scrolled through the vast anime collection.
>”I suppose ‘moe’ anime fits /c/‘s theme,” /po/ said. “Maybe it’ll be sweet enough to wash that disgusting pony taste out of our mouths.”
>/x/ thought for a second. “Do you th-think the Touhou Project has an anime s-series?” she asked curiously. “I-I think it’s very popular as a game.”
>”Don’t know. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did get an adaptation,” /po/ replied, finally settling on what she’d heard be called “entry level moeshit” by /a/.
>”I-I’m not really interested in playing the game...” /x/ admitted. “I don’t think it’s my kind of thing.”
>/po/ shifted close to /x/ and wrapped her arm around her. “Well, we don’t have to do everything those two do. Just anything to keep ourselves busy,” she explained. “I like your companionship. You know, we’re kind of similar.”
>”Well, I suppose we’re both quiet and introverted,” /po/ explained, as the anime’s upbeat theme began to play. “It’s great. We know each other better that way.”
>/x/ managed to smile, just a little. “I do like having you around. Thank you.”
>Both women sat in silence, /po/ cuddling /x/, watching the moe girls’ adventures in the Amusement Club.
>/ck/ yawned, got out of the sleeping bag, and picked up /s4s/‘s clothes
>”Just a few days to go...” she sleepily said to herself.
>Dressing as /s4s/ felt like normal to her now. She was surprised how quickly she’d become accustomed to acting like her.
>”So what’s on the agenda, sleepyhead?” /an/ yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
>/ck/ pulled the dress up over her body. “You’re going to ask me on a date, aren’t you?” she sighed. It was too early for /an/‘s games.
>”Hmmm, well now that you mention it...”
>/ck/ adjusted the shoulder straps on the dress and put on her hat.
>”Would you like to go on a date?” /an/ asked.
>There it is.
>”I’m going to assume the answer can’t be no, right?” /ck/ asked as she turned around to face /an/.
>/an/ grinned. “Or else I’ll tell /int/ it didn’t work out,” she said.
>That got /ck/ worried. Of course /an/ would find a way to keep her on a string without creating any problems.
>She slipped on /s4s/‘s shoes and crossed her arms. “What do you want, then?” she inquired.
>”Candlelit dinner at seven, /s4s/‘s room. Pepperoni pizza. After that, a sappy romantic movie, cuddling, then we sleep in /s4s/‘s bed,” /an/ listed off.
>/ck/ stretched her legs and grunted. “I’ll see what I can do,” she agreed.
>”Good stuff, babe. Okay, get on out, I’m gonna catch some more z’s.”
>/ck/ rolled her eyes as /an/ turned over and immediately fell back into a slumber.
>Well, at least she could get on with her day without any new drama.
>And then /bant/ and /wsr/ burst in, hand in hand.
>”Woah, hey gir-“
>”Me and /bant/ are girlfriends and that’s that!” /wsr/ confidently shouted.
>”...o-oh, okay? Congratulations?”
>”Jeeeeesus, can I get some sleep!?”
>/jp/ zipped her boots up and paced around the room, waiting for /c/ to finish putting on /x/‘s stockings.
>”Soooo, what do you want to do today, Peanut?” she asked.
>/c/ brushed her messy hair away from her face. “I’m not sure. Maybe we could try on more clothes,” she suggested.
>/jp/ shook her head. “Nah. It was fun though. I’m wearing that outfit tomorrow,” she said.
>”Why don’t we do some grown-up stuff together?” /c/ offered. “We can go to a store and buy stuff, and walk around town! It would be cool!”
>The Touhou fan grinned. “Sounds great,” she agreed. “I guess you’ll need to change. Wanna borrow the outfit?”
>/jp/ went out into the main room while /c/ got changed.
>She heard a knock at the door.
>”Damn it, it’s too early for this,” she grumbled.
>/jp/ unlocked the door and opened it, but as soon as she saw who it was, she stiffened.
>”Ah, jou is awake, /e/. Thank ze God,” /int/ greeted, shaking /jp/‘s hand.
>”...HOW DOES /E/ ACT” /jp/ panicked, her mind racing.
>”Do jou mind if I make ask of a question?” the Aryan Argentinian queried.
>/jp/ nodded. “S-sure...sweet cheeks?” she squeaked.
>”THAT’S NOT WHAT SHE SAYS YOU MORON!” her mind screamed.
>”Vell, mein wife, jou knowing her? Little girl, much cute, pure white,” /int/ asked.
>”U-uhhh, yeah? /s4s/?” /jp/ stammered.
>/int/ sighed. “I return home from brown poor shit England, to beautiful white wife. She seem resistant to me, me thinks? Now she making ze love with banter. Many interesting, but confusion. Do you think so?”
>Well, /ck/ could only try so hard to appease her without giving away her identity, /jp/ figured.
>”No, of course not!” /jp/ said, improvising on the spot. “Haha, silly /s4s/ is just going through one of her weird phases. It’s just like her memes! It’ll go away after a week and she’ll find something new, haha.”
>/int/ seemed relieved. “Ah, perhaps jou right. Thank jou,” she replied
>/jp/ was pleased as how well she pulled off being /e/. Maybe she could keep it up.
>”Yeah, you just need to get out there and enjoy yourself. She’ll be back to you and,” /jp/ blabbered, pausing to look at /int/, “and your enormous ass in no time!”
>...wait what
>/int/‘s eyelids dropped halfway. “Aha, jou thinking mein arse is of much size?” she asked. “How brave of jou.”
>/jp/ slapped herself internally. “Not that far!”
>”Ah, /x/, much interest!”
>/c/ had appeared out of nowhere, now sporting the outfit /jp/ had worn previously.
>”/int/, wh-what’s going on?” she asked, faking /x/‘s nervousness.
>”Not much, mein cold blooded ghost slayer,” /int/ explained. “Just having wife issues. Is resolved. But how about jou? Jou stayings with clumsy model? Wearing of her clothing? Curious indeed.”
>/x/ placed a hand on her hip. “W-well, me and /e/ a-are just going to go out and visit the t-town. She th-thinks I’m too cooped up,” /c/ explained.
>”Of course you are, /x/!” /jp/ exclaimed. “You can’t always just sit in a dark room and hunt ghosts! I’m going to show you the world.”
>”Y-yes, and th-thank you for lending me y-your clothes. I like them very much.”
>/int/ smiled and brushed her golden hair. “Vell, good tidings to jou two ladies. I must depart. My wife shall return to mein...enormous ass, one day soon!”
>She bid farewell and left the two girls alone.
>”Enormous ass?” /c/ asked.
>/jp/ looked at her girlfriend. “I don’t know, I was trying to sound like /e/,” she admitted.
>”Huh? No, I mean, it is a huge butt.”
>”Oh. Oh yeah, she’s got a massive ass.”
>”It’s hypno...hypnoti...it jiggles.”
>”We could build a house on it...we could bounce on it like a tramp-“
>/c/ shook her head and snapped /jp/ out of it
>”/jp/, don’t you know what we’ve done? We’ve totally got the others fooled! They don’t suspect us!”
>”Let’s go out and rule the world, then!” /jp/ declared.
>/ck/ knocked on /an/‘s door and waited.
>Shortly after, /s4s/ opened the door and she gasped.
>”Hiiii, /ck/!” she greeted, letting the woman in.
>/ck/ saw that /s4s/ was wearing one of /an/‘s formal dresses, a violet strapless, sleeveless, knee-length one that showed off her curves. “Have you been raiding her closet, young lady?” she asked nicely.
>/s4s/ laughed and played with the dress. “/an/‘s dresses are sooooo cute! I really like this one because it’s soft and it hugs me!” she said, nonchalantly playing with her boobs.
>”Marvelous, dear,” /ck/ admired, grabbing the girl’s hands. “I need your help again.”
>/s4s/ turned her head curiously.
>”I’m supposed to...entertain /an/ with a candlelit dinner in your room tonight,” /ck/ explained. “Perhaps you can assist with making it right?”
>/s4s/ gasped and excitedly jumped on the spot. “You’re going on a date?! Oh my gosh! That’s so ebin and nice! Of course I’ll help!” she agreed, picking up /ck/ and hugging her tightly.
>”I-it wasn’t my idea! /an/...she really wants to commit to acting out this whole you-and-/bant/ relationship,” /ck/ added drastically.
>/s4s/ giggled and nuzzled /ck/‘s cheek. “I’m gonna help make your date eeeextra special...” she sang.
>”That’s nice of you, dear...” /ck/ sighed. “May we begin? Take me to your room.”
>Using her strength, /s4s/ happily placed /ck/ on her shoulders, held onto her legs, and walked out of the room with her.
>/ck/ had to duck to avoid bonking her head on the doorway frame.
>”I’ll give you the best damn date I can, /an/,” she thought to herself.
Are you all right, sis?
>”Fiiiirst, you gotta wear something really cute,” /s4s/ explained as she went to her closet.
>/ck/ looked around the room. She’d been here before, but only when /s4s/ was sick or if one or the other was feeling down (the two were remarkably close. It was almost like mother and daughter at times)
>This was the first time she saw things from the young girl’s point of view. It felt so much bigger.
>/s4s/ opened her closet and went through her dresses. “I’ve got some very nice and cute clothes to make /an/ happy!” she promised.
>She finally picked out a purple dress, very similar to her normal dress but a little bit frillier around the skirt, as well as some purple ballerina shoes with long ribbons.
>”I wore this on my first ever date with my wife. Now you can wear it on your first ever date with your future wife,” /s4s/ explained, dropping the clothes into /ck/‘s arms.
>”I’m already married, dear...”
>/s4s/ tapped her chin. “Ohhhhh, I forgot. You should also get a wife! As they say in ebin meme world...uhhh, I forgot what they say in ebin meme world,” she said.
>/ck/ raised an eyebrow incredulously, but nodded nonetheless. “Thank you for the clothes, /s4s/,” she replied.
>”Oh! I almost forgot!”
>/s4s/ quickly went to her drawer and pulled out two large red ribbons. She gave them to /ck/.
>”Tie them in the pigtails like the bury pink girl, and you’ll be so cute that /an/ will fall in looooove.”
>”I see,” /ck/ replied, stuffing them into the ballerina shoes. “Anything else I should know?”
>/s4s/ let herself think. “Oh, I know! Come with me!”
>”I’m sure /an/ won’t mind if I borrow some of her very nice flowers...” /s4s/ said.
>/ck/ followed the girl into the garden, where /an/ would tend to the flower patch.
>”Did you give /int/ flowers on your first date?” she asked
>”Nuh-uh, I gave her a Topkek. She gave me a real Polandball,” /s4s/ replied, kneeling down and looking at the flowers. “But then it went back to /int/. I like to feed it when I go to her room.”
>/ck/ smiled. “Topkek. How fitting,” she wondered.
>/s4s/ played with the flowers, in particular, the yellow and blue ones. She sniffed each variety.
>”So, what flowers should I give /an/?” /ck/ asked.
>/s4s/ pulled back and placed her hands in her lap. “I wooooould...give her flowers that match her eyes!” she decided. “Oh, and her hair! Soooo, that would mean blue and yellow...”
>She picked some of the blue and yellow flowers, pairing them up to see which ones went together just right. She settled on a pair of flowers that were equal in size.
>”These are the flowers, they smell nice,” /s4s/ said, giving them to /ck/ so that she could smell them.
>/ck/ agreed, they were very nice.
>”We’ll come back later and we’ll get a nice bunch of flowers so that they’re fresh and not yucky and wilting.”
>/ck/ had a thought.
>”Wouldn’t it be weird to give /an/ her own flowers, though?” /ck/ asked.
>/s4s/ laughed. “You could tell her that they’re beautiful flowers because they were grown by a beautiful person!” she suggested.
>That...could work
>”I could try that,” /ck/ agreed. “I had no idea you knew about dating.”
>/s4s/ scratched the back of her neck. “I don’t, lole. I just think it’s nice,” she admitted.
>”Well, you’ve been very helpful and I very much appreciate it,” /ck/ replied. “Would you like to help set up the tables and chairs?”
It's ded

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