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/u/ - Yuri

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File: magical winter ball.png (1.54 MB, 1283x964)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Yuri love with the female 4chan board-tans and our very own Lily and Shizuka.
File: magical cosplay.png (223 KB, 1000x700)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
File: intdoka memegica.png (831 KB, 1008x1296)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Sure is a lot of Madoka roleplaying
File: you like spoons too huh.png (688 KB, 1150x926)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
>who are Lily and Shizuka?
These are both the /u/-tans (because TWO GIRLS). Lily is the long-haired blonde with the more feminine personality and Shizuka is the short-haired tomboy. Together, they can become one and form...
File: SNAP chat.png (438 KB, 889x1181)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
Yuu-senpai, a redhead with yuri goggles.
>Who are you?
>I'm /u/, but stronger.
File: 1479916342313.jpg (159 KB, 800x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
File: 1457426100556.jpg (115 KB, 500x485)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: ship interference.png (43 KB, 900x700)
43 KB
>A-are there couples?
Just the solitary lesbian couple that Lily and Shizuka like to ship, observe, stalk, and write bad but romantic fanfictions about: the shitposting white and "white" couple of /s4s/ and /int/.
>I'm Lily and she's Shizuka, or as the ladies like to call us "Hey, /u/, behind the bushes."
File: in4s.jpg (584 KB, 1150x1117)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
You don't need to be weird about this to have a board-tan thread.
File: ws4sr.jpg (254 KB, 900x1729)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
File: 1523025288769.jpg (361 KB, 1294x1012)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
File: 1495930575763.png (393 KB, 900x720)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
File: safe for u.png (1.04 MB, 1441x1960)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
And here's all the girls.
Discussion, art and writing all welcome.
File: 1561954547806.png (26 KB, 984x843)
26 KB
something recent from the drawthread
>Lily and Shizuka writing bad shipping fanfics
I need this
File: 1479364102860.png (775 KB, 1256x917)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
Quite a bit more art
File: x.jpg (218 KB, 1100x840)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
File: 1481715953545.png (1.63 MB, 1103x1091)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
File: 1410079843167.png (277 KB, 618x1052)
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277 KB PNG
File: 1479102453263.png (866 KB, 753x3938)
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866 KB PNG
File: 1479064200804.png (550 KB, 767x900)
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550 KB PNG
File: 1479160671341.png (779 KB, 1024x1024)
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779 KB PNG
File: 1479468135681.png (714 KB, 754x1221)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
File: 1479640740505.png (1.69 MB, 1538x2618)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
File: 1479713237985.png (929 KB, 1174x2424)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
File: 1479713270765.png (807 KB, 1108x1716)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
File: 1479713304015.png (820 KB, 916x1707)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
File: 1479771176945.png (496 KB, 1184x1126)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
File: 1480747974129.png (610 KB, 913x964)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
Had another Shizuka/Cos pic but I can't seem to find it. Damn
File: 9.png (1.86 MB, 969x1482)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
File: 1479533894393.png.png (779 KB, 1323x966)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
File: 1480570754748.png (700 KB, 800x887)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
File: (1).png (205 KB, 800x600)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Weird, the thread isn’t bumping
File: 1479090134815.jpg (107 KB, 500x470)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Because there's no reason to bump it so I didn't.
File: 1274070840979.jpg (83 KB, 541x660)
83 KB
That's the one thanks.
File: 1494826252354.png (393 KB, 509x746)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
File: boob_int.png (830 KB, 1321x1339)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
File: 1532796106025.png (255 KB, 729x1000)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Leaf Girl isn't a board -tan but close enough.
File: ship crack.png (416 KB, 798x799)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
They don't combine, they totally distinct. The twins represent the board and Yuu the posters.
File: het is cancer.jpg (87 KB, 462x461)
87 KB
File: 1512765383937.png (687 KB, 1073x928)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
File: 1511912045585.png (1.2 MB, 897x670)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
File: 1509239668054.png (246 KB, 729x1015)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
File: 1480711713497.png (453 KB, 600x842)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
They definitely do.
File: akko.png (275 KB, 899x785)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
but how does she live in the boobs
File: bday.png (1.85 MB, 2057x2400)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
There's something I don't understand about /u/-tan. It's normally represented by the twin girls and they're portrayed in almost all board-tan pics. But then there's this redhead girl who sometimes shows up as the /u/-tan. So if all boards are in the same place, that means the redhead lives with the twins, making it 3 /u/-tans? Or does she come to visit sometimes? What's with the redhead?
honestly it's not entirely clear to me. we should use this thread to iron out the canon.

Mostly my fault and I apologize for it. Basically there was a period ~5 years ago now where we had a lack of board-tan art and it was brought up in the drawthread, someone brought up not being a fan of the two character board-tan thing, and someone else brought up the goggled design that had been submitted in earlier discussions about what /u/'s board-tan should be. I liked the design so I drew her a couple times and then someone made a joke about the twins fusing to become "the ultimate seductress" and someone else requested this meme >>2921811 with her in it, so that got drawn.

It was never really my intent for her to like, replace the twins (although I'll admit I like her design more than theirs), it's just that there were times where it was inconvenient/awkward/didn't make sense to have both twins >>2921819 >>2921805 , and it seemed strange to just pick one or the other so I started using redhead now and then for those pictures. That seemed to especially confuse crossboarders who didn't know about the twins, so she also started being drawn by other people like [s4s] as /u/'s board-tan.

I always thought of her as being similar to Vivian James or /co/lette, if you're familiar with those characters. Essentially characters created by the board to be used for original content stuff that aren't the actual board-tan (which in /v/'s case is the rage guy, and /co/'s is /co/nrad, the masked PI guy). Never really considered the logistics of it beyond just going with that one original anon's comment about her being the fused form of the twins.
File: 1502910293932.jpg (529 KB, 1983x1594)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Madoka Magica board-tan yuri is a commodity we need more of.
I'm still in favor of the idea that Yu/u/ and the twins are two halves of an ouroboros. They never see their other half but the world feels them/their complete form. Nicely uses the Fused form idea for the twins and that when Yu/u/ imagines a lesbian couple she defaults to the twins.
I see. But what you said makes a lot of sense. Some boards have some kind of "sidekick", original characters that aren't board-tans but can interact with them and be confused with one. I like it.
I think thats' the best option. Yuu enters the same group as /co/lette, and she comes to represent /u/ whenever is needed.
File: c and s4s.png (339 KB, 954x857)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Other girl's saliva?
Don't you mean the F O R B I D D E N B R O T H
Needs faraway voyeurism by the twins.
>Use tongue use tongue use tongue use tongue
Do they eat traditional dish of sopa de macaco?
/c/ wouldn't want to see an innocent critter like that.
/c/s4s/ is my loli board otp.
[s4s] is kind of a shitbag, there are plenty of better lolis to put /c/ with, like /wsr/ or /jp/
File: 1538193929104.png (328 KB, 1000x657)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Seems harsh sis. I think they have good chemistry.
/c/ and /jp/ now that's rare. I remember there was a little comic or something where /c/ was gonna ask out /jp/ but stops short of saying it. Wish I could find it.
File: 144781467516484.png (347 KB, 401x2446)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
That's the one thanks and it's still a knife through the heart. ;_;
Rest in peace, Winter Ball.
Sad that it was killed by the yunohu's.
Even if were still possible we could always host it on [s4s] since it's the best mods-don't-care board we have that isn't full of shit like /b/, /trash/ and /qa/.
Not worth the hassle, at this point it'd be easier to just make board-tan stuff without worrying about events.
What could we make? I write occasional greentexts.
This. I want to see more interactions between female boards but it's always the same with s4s it becomes annoying
I want to explore /c/jp/
Hell any with the twins would be nice as well. Those /u/cgl/ ficlets were kinda interesting when it came to the background.
>/jp/ holding /c/ from behind
>”This is my waifu. There are many like her, but this one is mine. Without me, my waifu is useless. Without my waifu, I am useless.”
>”/jp/? What are you doing?”
>”I love you, damn it.”
Sounds more like /a/ but that's from a lack of knowing /jp/
I think she’s a tsundere to /c/ but uses the tsun as a facade to hide the dere
I suppose. I would've thought kuudere given the standoff-ish nature of /jp/ being misinterpreted as cool and stoic instead of reclusive+extremely introverted.
Tsundere facade with kuudere attitude could work
>/jp/ was many things.
>A Touhou master.
>An expert at Japanese.
>Actually, that was it.
>She was a reclusive young girl who acted very cold around others, never interacting with the other boards, and regarding them with as little effort as possible
>She liked it that way
>But things changed a few months ago
>A few boards would play with her
>Even if she didn't want to, she chose to anyway.
>/s4s/ was a little much. /bant/ was too weird.
>But one board changed her.
>She was adorable.
>/jp/ didn't understand why she felt so differently about /c/ than the other boards.
>Soon, she understood.
>She had feelings for her.
File: 56466556.png (231 KB, 476x540)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>/c/ didn't have a preference with Touhous. She loved them all equally, even the secondaries.
>She put /jp/'s interests first and foremost, but occasionally she would attempt to take her out of her comfort zone.
>If she resisted, /c/ would go back to doing what /jp/ wanted.
>She had no right being this cute.
>Her golden hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of sunshine.
>/c/ had a large wardrobe, but she usually wore the bright pink dress with the large bow on the front.
>/jp/ had feelings for /c/ that she could not deny.
>She had to be protected from the harsh world, for her innocence was too cute to corrupt.
>But the problem was that she was too scared to admit that she had feelings.
>There was a word for that.
>To appear cold and emotionless, but on the inside, you're a caring person.
>/jp/ was scared of coming out with a new personality.
>She liked things as they were.
>But she still wanted to tell /c/ that she loved her.
>/jp/ needed advice from the one person who understood relationships.
>"Oh, it's fun! We kiss and cuddle and make memes..."
>Absolutely not /s4s/.
>Someone NOT clinically retarded.

>"You're in love with a girl, aren't you?" Yuu asked.
>"What? No. It's just a hypothetical," /jp/ defended.
>Yuu smiled. "And you still came to me? Why not /s4s/?" she asked.
>"Because she was weird about it."
>"Ah, so you did ask her? And you came to me anyway?"
>...she's got the scent.
>"Fine...I...sort of have feelings for a girl," /jp/ sighed.
>Yuu sighed dreamily. "What a day. What a LOVELY day. Pure love has been achieved again. Oh, what a wonderful..."
>/jp/ clears her throat.
>"So, who's the lucky girl?" Yuu asks.
>"I don't really want to say."
>"It's /c/, isn't it?"
>/jp/ groaned. She guessed that she was never truly alone with /c/. She nodded.
>"I'm scared. I want to tell her, but I'm afraid of change."
>Yuu nodded. "Being scared is normal, but there's nothing wrong with change."
>"Yeah, I know that. But, well, I like things the way they are now."
>"And? You and /c/ are already friends. Even if she doesn't love you in the same way, you will always be friends. Isn't that right?"
>/jp/ sighed. It made perfect sense.
>/c/ was too nice to let her go.
>"You're right. It's /c/. I can do it."
>Yuu petted her on the head. "Go get her, child."
Don't forget about /cgl/ now. I would've hazard a stray thought that they might connected over 2hu cosplay but they might be different enough in purpose to never broach the topic. I do hope the twins are floating around somewhere but what you have is delightful.
>/jp/ decided that the right time was now.
>She nervously stood at /c/‘s door and took a deep breath before knocking
>/c/‘s warm face greeted her
>”Hey, /jp/! I didn’t expect you!”
>/jp/ swallowed.
>”I need to talk to you.”
>/c/ invited her in and /jp/ sat on /c/‘s bed.
>”What’s wrong, /jp/? You look pale. Is /v/ saying nasty things about you again?”
>”I don’t care about /v/. It’s about you.”
>/c/ turned her head. “Me? What about me?”
>/jp/ swallowed again.
>Deep breaths. Just get it over with.
>”You’ve been really nice to me, /c/. Too nice. And these past months, how I’ve felt around you...it’s changed.”
>Good so far.
>”I don’t see you as just a playtime buddy any more. You’re more than that. I want to share my time with you. I want to protect you. I feel as though you’re the missing piece I never knew I didn’t have.”
>/c/ listened patiently.
>”It’s so hard for me to express myself, but I’m confident in expressing myself here. /c/...I have strong feelings for you. I love you. I really do love you. And I understand if you can’t return those feelings.”
>/jp/ felt a huge weight lifting from her chest.
>”You love me?” /c/ slowly responds. “Like...”
>”A crush?” /jp/ finished. “Yes. A crush.”
>/c/ sat perfectly still. “Wow. I’m...wow.”
>”We can be friends still, right?” /jp/ asked.
>”/jp/,” /c/ said. “I played with you because I had a crush on you.”
>/jp/ was floored.
>”Yeah, but I was scared to tell you too! I didn’t think you’d ask questions so I just, well, enjoyed myself,” /c/ admitted.
>”So, all it took was for one of us to be courageous.”
>/c/ tittered. “Yeah, I guess!”
>She pulled /jp/ in and hugged her tightly.
>/jp/ happily buried her face into /c/‘s golden locks.
>”Hey /c/?”
>”Can I...just a little kiss? On the lips?”
>/c/ blushed like a beetroot. “Ohhhh, um...like a first kiss?” she asked.
>”Sure. Your first kiss, my first kiss. Make it official,” /jp/ suggested.
>/c/ nodded, her hair bouncing and swinging erratically. “Sure!”
>She pursed her lips and closed her eyes.
>/jp/ felt her chest flutter. This was really happening. It had gone so damn well. This w- is that lip gloss?
>All the more incentive.
>/jp/ leaned in and pursed her lips.
>She presses them up against /c/‘s and closed her eyes.
>It’s like kissing Heaven itself
>/c/‘s lips are so soft, a little slick from lip gloss and some of her saliva, and warm from /c/‘s body heat
>Forbidden love her foot. This was the only acceptable love.
>The “little” kiss went longer than expected as /c/ pulled away to exhale.
>”Wow, that was really...” /c/ says, unable to find the right word.
>”Courageous?” /jp/ suggested.
>”I was gonna say sweet.”
>/jp/ ran the back of her fingers along /c/‘s cheek. “Not as sweet as your lip gloss.”
>That was too sugary.
>”You noticed?” /c/ giggled.
>”Strawberry? Sweet tooth too.”
>/c/ hugged /jp/ and gave her a peck on the nose. “Wanna do each other’s hair?” she asked.
>”Heck yeah.”
>As /jp/ watched /c/ dig through her drawers for hair accessories, she felt her heart flutter.
>Change wasn’t so bad after all.

>Yuu frames the snapshot of /jp/‘s first kiss and sets it down among the many /s4s/ and /int/ pictures on her stalkshot table
>”Change is good.”
>/jp/ wanted one simple change. She would love /c/ with all her heart, but keep up her kuudere ways around the other boards
>Some change was good.
>But she didn’t mind revealing her new relationship to the others.
>Some questioned whether love at such a young age was possible/questionable.
>The others blessed them.
>That /s4s/ nagged /jp/ for a double date for a week before she finally gave in.
>To be perfectly honest it was a great double date.
>/cgl/ gave /c/ and /jp/ matching pink dresses of her own design to wear
>Yuu was happy to chaperone the couples to the movie theater
>It turned out that the live-action Aladdin was a soulless piece of shit, but /jp/ got to hold /c/‘s hand through the entire movie. Then they went to McDonalds and got Happy Meals.
>They were now in a relationship for three months.
>/jp/ has abandoned her little hermit room and moved in with /c/
>She was still a hermit who loved to huddle in her blanket and post about Touhou online
>But now her blanket had a companion who would brush her hair, share sweets, and cozy up next to her.
>God she loved /c/.
>She would defend her from the nasty world to the end of the line.
Please continue based writer
>A quiet day for the new couple
>/c/ had watched /jp/ meticulously braid her hair into two specific twintails each day
>She finally asked her if she could do her hair just like that
>/c/ sat in /jp/‘s lap, legs locked around her and hugging her gently
>/jp/ found it easier (and much nicer) to do /c/‘s hair up like this.
>She worked on the first twintail.
>”How long have you grown your hair out?” she inquired.
>”Oh? I don’t think I’ve had it cut.”
>/jp/ grabbed another hairband and used it to keep another length of braiding in place.
>”Gee. Usually /r9k/ cuts my hair.”
>”Why does he know how to cut your hair?”
>”He says he’s an expert in cutting. I’m one hundred percent sure it wasn’t the cutting I thought he was talking about, but I can’t argue with his handiwork.”
>/jp/ finished the first twintail and began to bunch the other side of /c/ hair.
>”Your hair is so full and thick, /c/. Don’t ever change it.”
>/jp/ heard a rouse of giggles from her partner. “I would never change my hair! I love it this way! It’s so much better to style and play with.”
>”And it smells like butterscotch candy,” /jp/ added.
>She finally finished the second twintail and let /c/ look at herself in the mirror.
>”I love it! Thanks, /jp/!”
>/jp/ smiled.
>”Don’t mention it.”
Man I just realized that /bant/ could pass as /s4s/ with her hair dyed brown and a borrowed wardrobe
File: switch.png (370 KB, 946x801)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
imagine being this lucky
It could happen. I'd personally like to see another double date that's unintentionally with the twins of /u/. /c/'s mostly oblivious and thinks they're chaperoning or something but /jp/ picks up how they're acting. Doesn't quite hit home until the end and /jp/ realizes she just went on another double date
I can definitely try something like that.
I'm thinking of some other shorts that could be fun to write. So far I'm thinking of a body switch story. /jp/ and /c/ are caught up in a switch with /bant/ and /s4s/ after a break-in to /sci/'s lab goes very wrong.
Don't involve /bant/
fuck it
>”I’m telling you! /sci/ hid the aliens in his lab!”
>/jp/ didn’t remember exactly how she got roped in to trespassing with her girlfriend, /bant/ and /s4s/
>The other two were excited about storming into Area 51 in two months and thought this was good practice
>”Wouldn’t it be wiser to assume the aliens are with /x/?” /jp/ asked.
>/bant/ held the flashlight in her mouth and crawled forward, passing a fumehood cupboard. The other girls followed in a line.
>”That’s what /x/ wants you to think!” /s4s/ explained. “Everybody would go to her because she does spooky stuff. But she would totally give the aliens to /sci/, because nobody would suspect him, because everybody thinks he doesn’t believe in aliens.”
>Well, any adventure is okay if /c/ thought so.
>Oh, that’s why she got roped into this.
>Damn /c/, stop being so adorably curious.
>”Too bad my IQ of 222 figured it aaaaaall out. The aliens are mine!” /s4s/ concluded.
>”Hey nerds, look what I found.”
>/bant/ had been standing up and scanning one of the lab benches. She had found a strange instrument, no bigger than a toaster, and snatched it away.
>”U-uh, /bant/?” /c/ nervously stammered. “That could be dangerous...maybe put it back.”
>/bant/ blew a raspberry. “No way. Old ratty /sci/ wouldn’t leave dangerous things out in the open. It’s totally harmless.”
>”I bet it’s one of the aliens special technology!” /s4s/ concluded.
>”That doesn’t mean you sh-!”
>Too late, /bant/ had pressed one of the buttons on the instrument before /c/ could finish protesting.
>The device lit up, emitting a glowing purple plasma.
>”Scanning for nearby advanced life-forms...”
>Holy cow, it must have been alien technology.
>”Identified: Homo sapiens. Quantity: four. Initiating random reassignment...”
>/jp/ was about to shout to /bant/ to turn it off, but a blinding flash of white light filled her vision and knocked her out.
Damn it, I didn’t see this sooner.
But I like where I’m going.

>/jp/ prayed to the ice fairies that she wouldn’t get punished.
>Luckily, it appeared that nobody had entered the lab during the however-long time she had been knocked out.
>She had to give /bant/ an earful while her vision slowly returned.
>”/bant/, you thick-headed moron. Why would you fiddle with it?” she shouted.
>”Jeez, /s4s/. When did you become a little potty-mouth?”
>...that was /c/‘s voice.
>”Huh? No, /c/, I’m talking to /bant/.”
>Suddenly, /bant/ raised her voice. >“/s4s/? I didn’t say anything.”
>”Hey, I’m /s4s/!”
>/jp/ rolled her eyes. “This isn’t the time to mock me, /s4s/! Stop mimicking me!”
>”Nuh-uh, you first!”
>”Stop fighting!” /bant/ protested.
>”/bant/, cut it out!” /jp/ shouted.
>”I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING, NERD!” /c/ yelled.
>/c/‘s inexplicably loud voice completely silenced the rest of the girls.
>”Wow, /c/, I didn’t really think you had it in you,” /jp/ shakily said.
>”/jp/, I didn’t say that.”
>...oh no.
>As her vision started to clear, /jp/ tried to adjust her glasses, but wound up poking the bridge of her nose.
>”Okay, I think something’s gone wrong...why do I sound like /s4s/?” /jp/ groaned in exasperation.
>Finally her vision cleared. The other girls were sitting on their backsides, rubbing their eyes.
>/jp/ looked down at herself.
>She didn’t wear a purple dress today.
>”Uh, /c/...what’s going on?” /jp/ asked.
>”I-I don’t know...” /bant/ nervously whispered.
>...oh, they’ve messed up bad.
>”Great. Just great. This is your fault, /bant/.”
>/jp/ was fuming. Really fuming.
>Thanks to /bant/‘s arrogance and idiocy, she’d inadvertently activated the device, a body-switching doohickey, and switched all four of them around.
>”Oh gee, don’t say that to your girlfriend,” /bant/ teased.
>That girl was going to be the end of her.
>She’d slap her, but then she would be slapping /c/‘s beautiful, soft che-
>Not now.
>”Just use the device again. Maybe it’ll switch us all back,” /c/ suggested.
>”Could work,” /jp/ shrugged. She pressed the same button that /bant/ had pressed and waited.
>No plasma appeared.
>”Error. Device is currently charging for re-use. ETA: Five days, eleven hours, and fifty minutes,” the robotic voice alerted.
>”Oh, well isn’t that just fine and dandy,” /jp/ growled. “I come here to pretend we’re hunting aliens and now I’m stuck in the body of the loony toon for five days.”
>/jp/ watched her own body react. “Heeey! Don’t say that!” /s4s/ whined.
>”/jp/, I know you’re angry, but don’t say mean things,” /c/ said.
>”Well, how can’t I?” /jp/ grumbled. “I’m literally wearing GLOVES! How do you even wear these? My hands are sweating!”
>”Come ooon!” /s4s/ groaned. “I have to wear glasses now! Everything’s so blurry without these things...”
>/bant/ scoffed. “You think you’ve got problems? Look at all this hair!” She grabbed handfuls of her unfamiliar golden curls. “How the heck do you WASH this?”
>”Hey, don’t mess up my hair!” /c/ panicked.
>”Oh no, wouldn’t wanna ruin it for your kissy-kissy bang bang, huh...”
>/c/ made a scrunchy face. “Well, now I have to wear your sneakers without SOCKS!” she groaned. “Shoes without socks is just wrong!”
>/jp/ tapped /c/‘s foot with her own. “Hey, you and me both,” she observed.
>”Yeah, well, what do you propose we do, nerds?” /bant/ stuck up her nose and crosses her arms. “Oh, I know. Let’s go tell the grown-ups we broke in here and used dangerous tools. Yeah, that makes sense.”
>The others cringed at the notion.
>Everybody knew that if they got caught, the grown-ups would not be lenient with their punishments.
>”I’m not giving up my Touhous for a month,” /jp/ conceded.
>”Yeah, that’s what I thought,” /bant/ smugly gloated. “This is what we’re doing. We’re going to act normal. /jp/, you and /c/ can chill out in our rooms. Me and /s4s/ will take yours. We come back in five days, get the device, and everything will go back to normal. Seem fair?”
>/jp/ and /c/ looked at each other and grimly nodded.
>”What about our relationship?” /c/ asked.
>/c/ watched her face grin (creepy). “Oh, you mean OUR relationship?” /bant/ said. “Watch me own it.”
>To their shock, /c/ and /jp/ watched as “/c/“ grabbed “/jp/“ and mashed her lips together, awkwardly trying to be intimate with the surprised “/jp/“.
>”Oh, PLEASE stop,” /jp/ groaned. “We are NOT that intimate.”
>/bant/ pulled away and chuckled. “You let us take care of it,” she said.
>”Wait, aren’t you married, /s4s/?” /jp/ asked.
>/jp/ heard herself giggling. “Yeah, but /int/ went with /pol/. Something about liberating England from a Carly-thot or whatever,” /s4s/ replied. “But it’s fine! We’re allowed to kiss other girls!”
>God forbid she had to kiss /int/. Oh, the humanity.
>”Fine. Then we’ll be seeing you next week,” /jp/ sighed. “Let’s go, /c/.”
>The pairs bid their farewells and parted ways.
>/jp/ had plenty of uncertainty with this new arrangement.
>I mean...TECHNICALLY it’s still /c/ that she’s in love with, but now she’s stuck in the body of a dunce with dumb pigtails and a consistently air of smugness.
>But now, she was in the body of a dunce with dumb pigtails and a weird dress.
>Staying in /bant/‘s bedroom for the first few hours was just awkward.
>There was no lovey-dovey relationship.
>/c/ had found some of /bant/‘s books and was reading them quietly.
>/jp/ was standing in front of a mirror and observing herself.
>Seeing a completely different person staring back at her was unnerving.
>/jp/ fiddled with the dress’s hem gently.
>How did /s4s/ have such green eyes?
>”/jp/, is there something wrong?” /c/ called out.
>She turned around.
>”N...no, it’s fine,” she replied.
>/jp/ left the mirror alone and sat down on the floor next to /c/.
>”What book is that?” she asked.
>”Geography stuff. I don’t really know my countries,” /c/ said, flipping a page. “I guess I could learn.”
>/jp/ nodded. “Yeah, I guess you could.”
>”Hey, /jp/, it’s okay to feel nervous.”
>The girl sighed. “I know, I know. I know we’ll get through this, but,” she said, “ugh, it’s just so awkward. It’s still you and me, but it’s like, well, you are different. It’d feel too weird to love you if all I could see is that damn /bant/.”
>/c/ looked at her partner. “I don’t see it like you do. I see /s4s/, but I know it’s really you in there,” she explained.
>”Sounds weird.”
>/c/ shrugged. “We could try...maybe it won’t be so bad.”
>”Try? Like...”
>”Kissing, cuddling, being romantic.”
>/jp/ considered it.
>”Well, actually, now that you mention it...” she said, “I’d love to get one up on that overconfident runt. Thinking she can just make out in our bodies in front of us like that, what a little...”
>”Okay, okay. Don’t be mean,” /c/ interrupted.
>She pushed herself up and faced /jp/. “Try kissing me,” she offered, pursing her lips.
>/jp/ held her breath.
>Normally, kissing /bant/ on her lips was a one-way ticket onto her all-time regrets list.
>Even on the technicality that it was /c/ in there, it probably wasn’t going to change it that much.
>But making /c/ happy and showing up /bant/ was trumping it.
>/jp/ calmed down and leaned in, pushing her lips onto /bant/‘s and forcing all regrets to the back of her mind.
>Her lips were surprisingly spongy and sweet.
>/jp/ wondered how /s4s/‘s lips felt to /c/.
>She could smell peanuts, for some unknown reason.
>This really isn’t all that bad, /jp/ wondered as she lifted her gloved hand up and held her lover’s chin.
>She felt /c/ raise a hand of her own to brush away some of the stray brown bangs on /jp/‘s forehead.
>/jp/ loved it. It really was just like kissing /c/. All the movements, the mannerisms and the love was there, even if the body wasn’t /c/‘s.
>She broke the kiss and exhaled.
>”You’re right, /c/...” /jp/ smiled. “I can feel you in there.”
>/c/ giggled. “I told you, silly,” she cheered. “No matter who’s body I’m in, you’ll know it’s the best girlfriend in the world.”
>”Even if you do smell like peanuts and look like a dunce?” /jp/ cheekily teased.
>”Even if you smell like a muffin and taste like one too.”
>/jp/ chuckled. “Oh no, I’ve been kissing /bant/ all along,” she sarcastically laughed.
>/c/ kissed her on the cheek and went back to her geography book. /jp/ curled up next to her and read along with her, learning about Eastern Europe.
>She couldn’t help but lick her lips again and again.
>I don’t taste muffins at all, /jp/ thought.
File: 7755545.png (112 KB, 600x600)
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112 KB PNG
>At some point, the two had to clean themselves.
>Doing it in different bodies was destined to be a very awkward experience.
>/jp/ and /c/ stood in front of the filled bathtub, draped in towels.
>”So, how are we doing it?” /jp/ asked.
>/c/ ran her fingers through /bant/‘s hair, which, like /s4s/‘s, now lacked their distinct pigtails.
>”Do you think the they’ve already seen our bodies?” /c/ responded.
>”Knowing those two, definitely.”
>”We’re bound to see theirs, even if we don’t mean to,” /c/ said.
>Good point.
>”Fine, let’s lose the towels,” /jp/ conceded.
>The two let the towels drop to the floor. /c/ got in first, followed by /jp/, who had grabbed a cup and a bottle of shampoo.
>”I’ll do your hair first, then you do mine,” /jp/ offered.
>/c/ turned her back to her and let /jp/ work on cleaning her shortened locks.
>/bant/‘s hair was much more golden than /c/‘s.
>It made /jp/ wonder if /c/‘s hair was better if it was that color.
>No, she definitely preferred the less saturated glimmer.
>/jp/ finished rinsing the shampoo out of the hair and turned around.
>Feeling /c/ working the shampoo into her hair felt divine.
>/jp/ liked having her hair sleek, smooth and even.
>/s4s/ was the opposite; her hair was a bushy mess with pigtails that were usually asymmetrical.
>She would have fixed it herself, among other things, like getting her own clothes and wearing them.
>However, she thought it best to respect her temporary occupancy.
>That meant wearing /s4s/‘s clothes, doing her hair correctly, and trying her best to sound just like her.
>Her girlfriend seemed content at masquerading as /bant/.
>Being /s4s/ wasn’t bad at all.
>She just hoped that /s4s/ was treating her body just as respectfully
>By the second day, /jp/ was as content as /c/.
>First, she woke up early and went into /s4s/‘s room to get some necessities.
>Her clothes, obviously.
>A couple of colorful bear plushies.
>And some of those muffin packets.
>/c/ had been studying /bant/‘s life, so /jp/ figured that it wasn’t too much of an ask to understand /s4s/‘s, even if she would only have to apply her knowledge in case somebody else addressed her.
>The two were reading one of /bant/‘s books together, learning about the culture of the Baltic nations.
>”Pop quiz. Close your eyes, I’ll describe the flag,” /jp/ chuckled.
>”You’re too funny,” /c/ giggled, covering her blue orbs.
>Damn, /bant/‘s eyes were the same shade of bl-
>”Okay, tricolor, yellow, green and red.”
>/c/ hummed under her breath. “Thaaaat’s...Lithuania,” she answered.
>”Bingo,” /jp/ confirmed. “Tricolor, blue, black and white.”
>”Too smart for me,” /jp/ laughed. “Okay then, describe the flag of Latvia.”
>/c/ thought hard. “Uhhh, it’s like a dark red...and there’s a thin white line going through the middle,” she confidently answered.
>/jp/ poked /c/ on the cheek. “You’re pretty good at flags,” /jp/ said.
>/c/ uncovered her eyes and shot a wide smile at her girlfriend.
>”I think you deserve a reward for your intelligence,” /jp/ decided, pursing her lips.
>She met her lover’s lips and let out a soft hum of approval. /c/ placed both of her hands on /jp/‘s cheeks as the latter rolled /c/ onto her back.
>/jp/ climbed on top of her and kept kissing her lips again and again, not minding that those lips belonged to /bant/. She played with the girl’s hair and soaked in the taste of her lips, detecting a hint of peanuts and fish.
>/jp/ moved back to rest her aching mouth.
>”You know, I can’t wait until we’re back in our own bodies,” /jp/ admitted. “I’ll be kissing you for days.”
>/c/ giggled. “Miss my strawberry lip gloss?”
>”Yeah,” /jp/ sighed, blushing red. “Peanuts aren’t so bad though.”
>/jp/ raised a finger and traced /c/‘s mouth, circling around her moistened lips and poking the spongy flesh.
>”Be honest, what’s kissing /s4s/ like?” /jp/ wondered.
>/c/ smiled and raised her own hand to tuck some of the loose brown strands behind /jp/‘s ear.
>”They’re always wet, but I know that’s just you,” she said.
>/jp/ bit her lip. “No, that’s /s4s/. I’m positive her mouth makes more drool than mine,” she guessed.
>/c/ grins at her. “That’s okay. Wet lips are way better than dry lips,” she said.
>To illustrate her point, /c/ stuck out her tongue and gave her lips a once-over.
>/jp/ felt her cheeks burning. She drooped her eyelids and licked her own lips.
>”From now on, I’m calling you Peanut,” /jp/ snickers. “Do you like that nickname?”
>/c/ was in awe. “I love it...”
>/jp/ held /c/‘s cheeks again. “Let’s savor the moment, Peanut.”
>They went back to smooching, passionately embracing each other’s warmth and exchanging the pleasant tastes of peanuts and muffins.
>Neither girl cared that they were kissing the lips of their friends.
>As long as their lips were controlled by their lovers, nothing would stop their relationship.
>After tiring themselves out with kisses, the two sat on /bant/‘s couch and watched some shows of /bant/‘s television.
>/c/ rested on her side, with her head seated comfortably in /jp/‘s lap.
>/jp/ happily held /c/‘s pigtail and casually brushed it with her fingers as the antics of one Jerry Seinfeld played out on the television.
>”I never knew how soft /s4s/‘s dress was,” /c/ said, gently playing with the fabric in her fingers.
>The remark earned a snigger from /jp/.
>”I had my doubts. I still think it looks silly,” she remarked, “but that doofus knows comfort.”
>”Hey, you’re totally like me,” /c/ replied. “Shoes without socks aren’t as bad as I thought.”
>/jp/ lifted one foot, looking at /s4s/‘s shoe. “Maybe not for me, but,” she said, as she slipped her other foot out and lifted it, “hands-free is pretty nice.”
>”You can wear them with socks, /jp/.”
>/jp/ shrugged and put the shoe back on. “I like my old shoes more anyway.”
>There was silence between the two for a few moments.
>”Hey, I gave you a /bant/-themed nickname,” /jp/ said. “I ought to have one with an /s4s/ theme.”
>/c/ let out a giggle. “Oh, of course...”
>/jp/ waited.
>This girl...
>”Muffin. Love ya, Peanut,” /jp/ cooed.
>”I love you too, Muffin.”
>/jp/ relaxed and kept stroking the girl’s hair.
>There were still another three days left, but she wished those days never ended.
>one week later...
>”And that’s how we chose our nicknames,” /c/ said.
>Everybody was back in their own bodies, with no punishments handed out.
>The four had come back together to watch some anime movies in /c/‘s room and the casual nickname usage sparked /bant/‘s curiosity.
>That storytime weirded out the other two.
>”Hold up, so you nerds call each other because of how OUR lips taste?” /bant/ asked.
>/jp/ smugly grinned. “Yeah, so what?” she asked.
>/s4s/ looked at /bant/, concern plastered on her face. “That’s kinda weird,” she said.
>”Yeah, you made us kiss each other and you didn’t mind,” /bant/ added.
>”You made us kiss too!” /c/ said.
>”What? That one you saw us do? That was the only kiss!” /bant/ protested. “We just held hands and nuzzled a couple of times whenever we were out in the open.”
>”We thought it was too weird to actually do kissies,” /s4s/ nervously said. “I don’t really wanna kiss /bant/.”
>/jp/ narrowed her eyes. “You said /int/ wouldn’t mind,” she said.
>”That was after /bant/ surprised me! Then after you left, we decided not to-!”
>”/s4s/, forget it. Can we just address why you chose OUR lip flavors as YOUR nicknames?” /bant/ interrupted, changing the subject back.
>”We thought about Bubblegum and Sushi, but we didn’t like it,” /c/ explained.
>/bant/ rolled her eyes. “Whatever, you fruitcakes. Now I have no excuse to switch us again,” she huffed.
>/c/ and /jp/ shared a laugh and cuddled each other.

>Movie night ended hours later, and /s4s/ and /bant/ left to return to their rooms.
>”Hey, /bant/?” /s4s/ asked.
>She fidgeted. “Uhhh, peanuts and muffins?” she questioned. “Do you- mmmph?!”
>/bant/ pinned her against a wall and shoved her face into hers, stuffing her tongue deep into /s4s/‘s mouth.
>/s4s/‘s knees trembled in bewilderment, feeling /bant/‘s warm and wet tongue intruded every crevice and nook.
>/int/ wouldn’t mind this sudden intimacy, if it could be called that, but /s4s/‘s heart was pounding.
>As sudden as it had started, /bant/ pushed back and retracted her tongue.
>She stood still and apparently studied the taste she had acquired.
>/s4s/, finally realizing that /bant/‘s spit coated her tongue, let her mind wander.
>”Do you taste peanuts?” /bant/ asked.
>The girl rubbed her shoulder. “Yeah...a little, actually,” she replied.
>/bant/ casually turned around and walked towards her room, leaving /s4s/ confused for a moment.
>”Huh? Hey! Did that mean something!?” she called out, running after her. “/baaaaaant/!”

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