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This seems to have gotten popular recently. Post gay gyarus!
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First a Galko dump because I love her and she should be gay.
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Yes... there really needs to be more Galko yuri out there but sadly all the content of her is creepy hetshit. It especially sucks because the author of the Galko manga also wrote a yuri manga

From what I understand the whole theme around Galko is “don’t judge a person by their looks” but basically all gyaru in anime are already just nice girls with a peculiar fashion sense. There is no trope being lampshaded.
Maybe I just have my goggles on too tight but at least Otako seems super gay for Galko recently.
File: 2705721.jpg (2.32 MB, 1960x2400)
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File: img020.jpg (401 KB, 1280x1812)
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>all the content of her is creepy hetshit
also quite generic and they really do not care about Galko's personality at all.

>all gyaru in anime
not all but those that are important, but the big difference is that the "message" is the central theme of Manga/Anime.
but in the end the perverts do not care and fill us with galleries of repetitive images.

They both have good chemistry together and the two really contrast well, it was nice the episode where Otako thought that she had hurt Galko's feelings and tried to fix it.
The sad thing is that the most romantic I've seen has been a Doujin Futa, so much wasted potential.
Can't have a gyaru thread without the Ultimate Gyaru.
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its hard for me to get behind gal because every time i get reminded of how shoddily its usually done irl and then bile rizes to my throat
There are multiple types of gyaru and from what I understand not all of them go for the spray-on tans and hideous makeup. But anime, like a lot of things, has a heavily idealized representation of them
File: 眉毛の濃さは.jpg (1.14 MB, 1433x2180)
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1.14 MB JPG
I mean an average gal usually had an air of grunge and mediocrity, and now its worse because ts basically fetish fuel now. It gets lost in translation to print because its harder to fap to and usually pulled from the author's nostalgia. Its really rare to find somene who dailies the style, isn't delusional, and also has the presence of mind to pull it off cleanly (no matter where on the gal spectrum they lie on), and made even worse by the fact a lot of modern gal fashion/lifestyle publications are trash fires or adolescent private info harvesting schemes.

Anyway, enough of that more galko.
File: 75711699_p0.jpg (505 KB, 740x1036)
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Question are Gyarus realistically lesbian. I heard many anons have been in Japan knowingly gyaru love women even show in lesbian clubs and stuff.
>Question are Gyarus realistically lesbian.
Yes they are mostly lesbian/bi sluts.
Mostly bi.
A lot of gyarus do enjo kosai.
But half of'em are lesbian as fuck right?
Do you want me to tell the truth or a beautiful lie?
No, No. I think you told the truth right there.
>Do you want me to tell the truth

I would like to know more, please.

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