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What happened to this thing?
I don't think anyone really knows
Development hell and Valve has no pressure to do anything since Steam and hats give them unlimited money.
Pink cookies

After the Orange Box, Valve moved towards more online multiplayer based content (CS, L4D, Dota2) and then they seem to decided after that to mostly focus on maintaining Steam as a digital marketplace
TF2 hats.

They said they were releasing new episodes regularly with plans for 3 and 4 already in place.

How are more people not furious about that?
No pressure, 'no hierarchy' inevitably falls apart at a certain size, most of the old guard has left, and the need felt to do something markedly different.
Gabe ate all the hardrives with Half-Life 3 files on them
It's not coming out until valve have a new engine to show off.

H2 was literally just a tech demo after all. It exists just to show off the shiny new source engine.
Really they should just offer it up for another company to produce on license.

They have no will to do it themselves, but three things are certain.

1 - I'm sure the script is written (Laidlaw had a long time to twiddle his thumbs and think about it). So they just need some people to implement it.

2 - It will sell extremely well

3 - It will make astronomical amounts of money

Both points 2 and 3 are true even if the game is bad. They have nothing to lose and only money to make.

The other issue is that the voice actors are all now over ten years older than they were when Episode 2 was recorded, but that can be overcome.

Lost Coast, sure. Not the entirety of HL2, it's too big to be a tech demo.
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>will never know who gman is
File: 1498769403945.jpg (22 KB, 283x283)
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TL;DR Its not happening.
File: 1499678985419.jpg (118 KB, 850x781)
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Valve sees their games as a service platform to peddle microtransactions to the goyim, they wouldn't be able to do this in a multiplayer game.
File: GabenNewgame.jpg (989 KB, 2600x2200)
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coming out soon with a new valve motion controller/VR stuff
Valve do not make video games anymore, I though people figured that out by now.
People were furious. But nobody cares anymore because everyone has accepted that it's not coming.
Game store Valve > Developer Valve

They did the right thing.
The gravity gun was just to show off the havoc physics.
The cutscenes were just to show off the facial animations.

Accept it. Half Life 2 is a big tech demo. (Note that this does not make it a bad game)
>Do you have any idea whether Half-Life 3 will ever be released and would you be willing to work on this title?

>No idea. And I have no interest in going back. I had ideas for Episode 3. They were all supposed to take the series to a point where I could step away from it and leave it to the next generation. I had hoped for a reset between HL2 and HL3 that was as dramatic as the shift between HL1 and HL2. I honestly don’t know if anyone else shared this goal, but it seemed important to me to give ultimate freedom to whoever inherited the series, with my own personal set of loose ends tied up to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that. But I never thought as far ahead as HL3, unless you were to say that HL3 and Episode 3 were the same thing. I will say that I expected every installment would end without resolution, forever and ever…there was some rumor going around that Ep3 or HL3 would end Gordon Freeman’s story, and I don’t think that was accurate. My intention was that Ep3 would simply tie up the plot threads that were particular to HL2. But it would still end like HL1 and HL2, with Gordon in an indeterminate space, on hold, waiting for the next game to begin. So one cliffhanger after another.
It does not matter whether the script is written or not because Valve always changes the script heavily during development.

Sure, but there will be a broad direction of travel for the story, character and universe development, and some key milestones which will suck players in. It's not as if they've got nothing to go on.
HL innovated seamless fps narrative
HL2 innovated real time physics on an for
HL3 is being held off until they get head tracking VR done right
Gman was just a plot device, he was never going to have a resolution anyway.
Do you know anything about the alpha and beta of half life 2 ?
That stuff was nowhere close to what we have now except that it's a city and there are combines and a revolution.
People woke up and realized there was no reason to look forward to it.

Back in 2003 all they had to do was make a cool game that followed HL1. They had a new game engine, and there was going to be physics and stuff. Games didn't tend to have intricate, well told stories. I suspect they were mostly not that well planned. The fact the setting and universe turned out to be compelling and engaging is very important to the success of HL2, but as you've said it was probably mostly thought of during development and not before.

These days though, a game can have a good story, and it's also more complicated to make games because they're so much bigger and detailed so things need to be planned better.
File: mg2snake.png (46 KB, 190x280)
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>that voice
consider just writing your thoughts down
This guy is bitching over the most trivial things in the game's design ever
Note, that the story was never ever a strong point if any of valves games.
Valve is known for revolutionary/new mechanics, not story (if anything then it's their humor).
Half-Life had the idea of the maps being more than simple levels.
Half-Life 2 was honestly pretty much a tech demo (physics, facial animations).
Portal had clever puzzle mechanics and heavy dialog during gameplay.
L4D was a new twist on cooperative gameplay.
Etc, etc.
they make more money selling other peoples games
File: 1493304318982.jpg (122 KB, 396x722)
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122 KB JPG
The silent treatment from Valve has been a slap in the face for the community. When Hl2 was being developed, Gabe and the dev team used to share information with us. Screenshots, plans, etc.

There was a call for answers group a few years ago, and Valve made no comment. I have waited year, after year for an E3 statement and not one has been made.

II was a teenager when Half-life two episode two rolled around.
It's now ten years later. I stopped waiting for Hl3 years ago. I wouldn't care if they stopped development, but keeping the community on the strings is a slap in the face imo.

This guy really overthinks everything

Also, HL2 isn't a reboot, and it doesn't pretend the first game didn't happen. It's about 20 years later and the Combine have come through the portals from Black Mesa and taken over.

Like, every "point" he makes is lame. Yes, Kleiner and Eli look like the generic scientists from Black Mesa. Yes, that is because in HL1 they had limited resources to play with and the story was less important than the gameplay and fitting everything on the disc.

I have now concluded that this guy doesn't like having fun and should just play Half Life 1, which is apparently the most perfect game ever, again and again for the rest of his life.
File: 1500283260164.png (7 KB, 535x480)
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Wouldn't unlimited money help them develop this game?

I'm sure they're in a dilemma to please all the crowds like CoD faggy gamers, but imo it will do better if it's close to the original HL and HL2 in terms of gayming.
Oh fuck off.

HL2 was amazing, regardless of tech at the time.

Only shitty parts were the load times.
If you have a ridiculous amount t of money what is the point of making a game ?
Better yet, what is the point of making a good game ? People are gonna take your shit because the companies is big (just look at EA, Activision, etc)
Well, videogames are a business.

Valve found better ways for them to make money.

There's no need for HL3 now, world has changed.
Did you even read it ? I said at the end that HL2 being a big tech demo does NOT make it a bad game.
Do you actually know what tech demo means ?
There is still talent out there to make a good game.

HL2 doesn't have to be a disaster like Duke Nukem.

And it doesn't need to go to a big developer.

It just needs to go into the right hands.

It's really good property, Valve would be stupid to not do anything with it.

It would also make a great movie too (as long as it's not retarded).

It's literally my favorite PC game and just game in general after MGS.
gonna be a bit sincere here but

Valve has some retardedly talented people working for them.
we're probably never going to see anything from them again.
This is upsetting.
Valve is rich enough that they can live off of steam alone. They don't need half life anymore. Even worse HL is a risky move, if it fails it could hit them pretty hard.
BTW how the fuck would you make a movie in which the main character is mute (aka impersonation of the player)

mmm by that logic, all games are tech demos. HL2 wasn't some thirty minute two level demo, it's a complete game.

It's physics and characters may have been a selling point, but to call it a tech demo suggests it's less than it is.
30-50% of the game consists of those two things: physics puzzles and cutscenes.
mario 64 was a techdemo too.
File: 1490050425023.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
>implying valve can live of virtual items and VR gimmic forever
Nah senpai, I'm not saying that they making games but shit. People will find something new and move on. They'll announce something someday. But thats probally not gonna be for a long time.
>they had bunch of early concept ideas
>steam took off
>valve changed priorities
>some devs get moved to upkeep dota 2 and CSGO
>artists and designers start leaving
>valve probably scrapped it completely since Dota 2 is making them enough money
>How are more people not furious about that?
How fucking new are you? There has been plenty of anger, but it'll be a decade since Ep2 came out this October.
in all hoensty that was the era when set pieces were really catching on. That and those were non-cutscene cutscenes. which is huge and still pretty cool.

just terrible when they lock you in a room that you have to wait for the dialogue.
Name me the type of tech they show off as a main feature.
Remember how portal 2 had hats?

yeah I really don't want to see what they do with a new "single" player game.
The metal cap I think?

I remember reading some other stuff that was trying to push the nintendo 64. I think some of levels were tech experiments
The hats were in the multiplayer segment you donk
Like I said, they took a feature present in HL and used it to show off source engines facial animations (but I guess they didn't notice that they went over the top)
they'll cobble something together when they decide to release a new engine
to be honest their face tech is still better than a lot of shit in games nowadays
That's not tech advancement in any way.
Well it was one of their marketing points after all.
Are you pretending to be retarded?
In what fucking way is it technological advancement ?
It paved the framework for modern 3D platforming including graphics, interactional commands, models, etc.
How was it not a technological advancement on a software standpoint?
Do you know what tech demo means ?
SM64 is not a tech demo since it's mechanics were not developed with the main thought of showing off features of the engine.
Gaben is over-protective of the Half-Life series and sees it only as a collection of mistakes.
>“The issue with Half-Life for me is that I was involved in a much higher percentage of the decisions about the games, so it's hard for me to look at them as anything other than a series of things I regret. There's no information in my response about what we'll do in the future. It's simply easier for me to be a fan of things that in which I was less directive.”

>He also referred to Xen, the ‘borderworld’ that was seen originally in Half-Life and then its expansion packs, “If you are involved in a game, everything ends up being a set of trade-offs. Anything in a game is a sacrifice of things not in the game. I just feel those more personally about Half-Life for a bunch of reasons… And Xen.”
When I heard years ago about how people work at Valve I thought it was the coolest shit. Work on whatever you want, wheel your fucking desk around, live the dream.

The longer they haven't released an actual game though the more I realise that not having some sort of director or manager is fucking awful. It honestly feels like no one there is doing anything. They're just raking in cash from some shitty 3D models and fucking around with VR headsets.

I would have killed people to get a chance at working for Valve, now it seems like EA of all places would be a better choice, because you'd actually fucking ship something every few years.
They do have direction though, that's the problem.
You think the new guys haven't tried going there and going "Alright, let's get to work on Half-Life 3!" or "Let's work on Portal 3!"

Who do you think always puts a stop to that?

Valve's free-roam philosophy works for a small company but when your company is 300-employees large it's natural that a hierarchy is set in place, otherwise the company would go bankrupt due to retarded decisions by groups of devs.
>push the boundaries of engine tech while producing a game
>suddenly your game is now a tech demo

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