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Vita or 3DS. I don't know which one to buy. Any advice?
Gameboy SP or a standard Advance with a backlight mod

or just run an emulator on your telephone

Investing in handhelds was the best decision I made this generation.
The 3DS and a PS4.
The 3DS is the worst Nintendo handheld I've owned.

The Vita is the worst CONSOLE I've owned.

Go from there.
I love my vita but sony doesn't
Ew don't get that model of Vita.

Get the initial release, better screens
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This bad boy.
>Gameboy SP or a standard Advance with a backlight mod
Can be emulated on 3ds and you also miss out on a lot of games
>or just run an emulator on your telephone
Touch screen suck dicks and also the battery life of phones are low
3DS. http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki/Nintendo_3DS
More things are being released on the PS4 now than the vita it seems, so you would probably be better off with a 3DS.
The 3ds is the first handheld I've bought since the classic gameboy, and I like it.
Keep in mind that the 3ds is completely hacked so you won't need to buy any games.
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I have both with CFW. Rarely even touch my 3DS outside of the stray SMT game really. Vita is used mostly for PSP, PS1 and emus still. At least it does still gets used though.
File: 3DS Vidya.jpg (3.52 MB, 1497x5792)
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File: IMG_20170813_091135256.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x1836)
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>+Best Handheld made so far
>+Easy as fuck to mod on the right firmware
>+PSN gets sales every so often
>+Play PSP or PS1 games
>+Cross-buy is a thing
>+/-Remote play with PS4 or PS3 with PS1 games.
>-Memory cards in general
>-Though library is larger than 3DS, most of it's games are on other platforms, thus less exclusives

>+Most of Nintendo's games are solid
>+More exclusives
>+BC with DS games
>+/- Many more variants of the handheld
>-Modding is a pain
>-Rarely any good sales
>-Account handling is still shit

Blow your money and get both.
3DS desu. Vita is mostly inferior ports.
Vita better hardware
3DS better software
CFW fuckall easy to install on 3DS
CFW requires a specific firmware on Vita
3DS is good if you like Nintendo's games, the usual Dragon Quest/Monster Hunter game and one or two decent JRPGs, everything else, from library to specs ranges from mediocre to atrocious.

Vita is good if you like a large library of multiplats on the go, great specs+controls and a huge library in general, Sony's first party support was half assed and the only big names on it are either western franchises or niche JP games for a more hardcore audience.

Both systems have a fair share of untranslated games that are really worth it, the Vita has a slighter advantage in terms localizations, but since most games are multiplats you have no reason to bother unless you really want a portable, there are still a few really great JP only exclusives on it though.
The 3DS is much easier to break than the Vita, which requires 3.60 or earlier software and proprietary memory cards, but ironically the Vita is also easier on the actual hacking side, not like the 3DS is hard to hack at all, but still.

If you cannot afford both like any respectable Idort, I'd say buy a Vita since it has much better specs and a much larger library with much better choice and quality overall, but I don't really care about Nintendo's games as much as you could and I got a bit burned by the 3DS' lackluster library coming from the DS, but take this with a grain of salt anyway, the best choice is always getting both.
How great is Vita for emulation?

File: 1500838948708.gif (680 KB, 500x496)
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Had both, sold 3DS. Vita is superior in every simple way. Don't believe those who say that Vita has no games and 3DS do, they lie; check for yourself.
Switch for modern games, Smartphone + mobile controller for emulation
One is dead and one has games. Take a moment to ponder which is which.
I have both and both have at least a good library.
One thing I'll always say about the vita though: Best d-pad I ever used in my life

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