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devs being greedy
every public match having half the team sniping and the other half split between medics healing the snipers and a mishmash of people actually trying to get the objectives
Horrible, horrible, horrible mismanagement and lack of direction during the early stages of development. Despite all of its problems I personally still see it as an incredibly unique game and by far the best combined arms FPS currently available.
TR Republic weren't the fastest faction
obvious pay to win
air spam with no way for free players without 1000 hours in game to counter.

anti-air and anti vehicle were always separated, unlike the original for foot infantry.
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>Let's scrap the aesthetic we had going in the alpha version, let a fedora tipping pseudointellectual nigger redesign and recolour everything for no reason, make every gun look the same, literally strip pieces off of the basic player models to sell as "full" suits, and then flood the cosmetic shop with jarring camos and dunce hat shit.
>The old Planetside was boring, we need to make this Battlefield 3 with more people!
>Vehicles that require a full team to operate effectively? How about every MBT is a one man zerg machine. It's more fun this way.
>Now that there's thousands of zerg rushing tanks everywhere, give every player an unerring lock on rocket launcher and make the tanks out of cardboard.
>There is only one defensible location in the entire game. Instead of learning from this how about we... REMOVE that base's defenses.
Shitty gameplay, not that it stopped /v/ shilling this piece of shit
>pc shooter
>uses aim down sights

why do they do this?
Map design imo. I really enjoyed in PS1 pushing along the lattice link, fighting over natural landmarks that would give an advantage, like a hill over a bridge or something. Lodestars would come in and just set up impromptu repair spots for all the tanks and shit, felt like you were running logistics.

But by enforcing arbitrary control points all over the map that function as spawn zones, you get vehicles being pulled from everywhere, redeploy hopping to each fight.

I don't think they could decide between trying to make it as MLG as possible, or similar to PS1.
this. you couldnt talk a zerg into maybe breaking into two zergs. Having a fun battle was practically impossible.
Its suppose to be used to enable supression fire at +100m range. For the game, you want to use it at 10-15 meter range in ambushes, or if you manage to aim properly, so you can force the bullets to land on the spread pattern.
Its not as bad as other games, but they could have made a more Sci Fi version of the mechanic
they launched an MMO with no contingency plan
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nigga please
even renegade x is better
or living legends
or project reality
then why are they all beyond dead while PS2 still has a healthy amount of players and consistent updates five years later?
>Smedleybuck it up or spend a week for a fucking gun attachment

That's what went wrong
They fixed the grind for the most part, but far too late to bounce back.
Clusterfuck of bullshit. More players ≠ better.
they were never big in the first place and they all have a small, but dedicated community
Literally nothing lol, it was huge when it first came out, games die out eventually.
you're a dumb fuck
The grind was real. This was probably this biggest thing to kill it. One of the few games where pay 2 win was an actually thing that killed the game. Don't get me wrong, it was fun for a bit. Knew it wouldn't last though.
the fucked up the factions way too hard
>"we can't make actual a-symmetrical differences with interesting ideas so let's just make one team's guns shoot fast but do less damage and one team with slow shooting guns but higher damage and the other with team with better accuracy!

a-symmetrical balancing like this is fucking retarded. when you make factions and put a theme behind them, it makes players want to choose the theme they think is coolest, this is what is most important, visuals and thematic difference between factions. if you play a faction you really enjoy the theme of but are forced to use weapons that don't go with your play style, it makes the experience SHITE.

I say that as a Terran loyalist that has hundreds of hours playing TR. However, the few times I switch to NC or VS, I do considerably better and have a much more fun time because I am able to use weapons that I not only think feel better (the punch of the gauss saw or the otherworldly look of the laser weapons), but just regularly do better with. forcing players into a strict play style and feeling with their weapon choice based on the theme of a faction is dumb. I don't suggest putting a gauss saw on TR or a hellstorm on VS or any energy weapons on NC, just actual differences in weapon choices. It's not fun when your only choices are, "gun that shoots really fast" or "gun that shoots really really fast." and before anyone says "use NS weapons then." NS is another thing that killed the game.

>"hey people want more cool faction specific things"
>"I have a great idea, let's make a neutral faction that exists only to make faction differences NULL AND VOID"
>"great, put it in the next update."
In order:
The game has and still runs like shit on even powerful PCs. I guess given the size and nature of the game, on a new engine, its somewhat a miracle it runs at all.

>lack of direction/development
from half-finished systems, scrapped ideas and concepts that would have returned more Planetside 1 features, the Devs never addressed most of the gameplay or balance issues, or followed through on promises to fix things

>New player experience/monetization
Going F2P wasn't a necessarily bad idea, it was just executed really badly. From having shit/not many cosmetics stuff at launch, and having nothing worth getting in the membership, they had to make up revenue in the form of p2w guns/vehicle weapons, XP/resource boosters etc. Then came implants to milk even more for p2w customers. This combined with shit/no tutorials until late in the game meant new players had an incredibly steep and frustrating learning curve, which kept out many potential new players

>Hacking/exploiting/lagging 3rd worlders
They introduced BattleEye, but it was too little too late. Far too many obvious cheaters, but even then by manipulating their connection, all the """good"""" players were able to farm to their heart's content, and have never been punished. No latency caps or region-locks also meant Russians,chinks, BRs could play on any server, where their lag would give them an advantage as well as frustrate the remaining players
>Planetside 1
>Bases felt like bases not arenas
>Actual distance between bases, took time to get there and fights could happen inbetween
>Vehicles required more then one person meaning teamwork
>Tanks are scary as infantry, AT requires certification
>TTK much higher, less cod like
>Instant action was you spawning at the base's tubes (which could be destroyed)
>So many other things

How did they fuck up something when all PS2 needed to be was a remake of PS1 (minus bfrs)?
File: gha5vXO.jpg (154 KB, 1980x1080)
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154 KB JPG
What do you mean? Game is better than ever.
Its still a unique experience. Still has an amazing community.
I don't get the 'what went wrong?' meme in this case.
File: 1497617871248.gif (1.56 MB, 498x486)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB GIF
It was perfect in the beta, especially when they gave out free money so you didn't need to pay for anything
It's gonna die within the next 2 years, so whatever.
Are you me?

This is literally my experience:
>Be me on my TR
>butt heads or make contact with an enemy at the same time
>Start shooting at the at the same time or earlier
>Have to work my ass off to get them to 20% base health
>Get killed

Now, I literally made a new char on NC and this happens enough for it not to be an outlier:
>butt heads with a TR or see eachother at same time
>Point, click, shoot and done deal killed the motherfucker.

NC is easy mode, especially considering how internet works with latency and how much recoil the TR weapons have.
Before I even have connected enough shots that do damage (read: I actually have spent half my magazine already) I get killed.

It's that I like teamwork and being part of a group over being succesful solo or else I would have switched my main to a different faction/outfit long ago.
the main thing was wasting time and money developing the PS4 version which nobody gave a fuck about, which also had a separate playerbase

and taking devs away to work on that shitty zombie game probably wasn't a good idea either
>Game is better than ever.
It's a fucking mess, unless you pick infiltrator and sit in bushes or on spawn towers like half of the playerbase for each fight.
File: 1483112136991.jpg (123 KB, 537x536)
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123 KB JPG
Has it really been five years
>new players starting with a gear disadvantage
>development being in limbo for basically years
>pay2win bullshit like the initial implant release
>all weapons feeling like the same gun
>vehicles that have no role other than infantry farming

so many things
You are probably just a shitter. Good players make new accounts all the time with basic starting weapons and still farm your trash ass. But it's around that time that garbage like yourself start to cry hacks because you can't come to terms with the fact that you suck.

tldr git gud
Yeah sure as a veteran player I can make a new account and wreck shit, but new players basically have a double layer of difficulty because even if they were as good as veterans, they'd have less shields/hp/weapon attachments.

Plus 90% of the vehicles are absolute trash in the stock config.
>good players are good at the game
And water is fucking wet, you mumbling baboon.
Nothing like planetside 1
>look, a veteran creates new account to farm newbies
>this means the game is good and you're shit at it
Great argument.
Oh, where to begin?

>small dev time, EVERYONE who played the beta said it needed more time
>Like other SOE games it had a high graphical requirement, big nono for an MMO
>awful balance at release(another result of small dev time) open air bases and HE vehicles raping everything inside
>BF was very big then and they wanted to copy it
>spaghetti code(short dev time again) that's why bugs keep coming back
>perpetual 3way tdm on every map
>shitty hex system that took them SIX MONTHS to own up to and fix

Feel free to add more to it.
Aesthetic was ok at first, but it quickly degenerated into f2p hell with some bright spots here and there like gun redesign and some player studio gear.

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