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File: mage talent.png (463 KB, 619x422)
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463 KB PNG
Show your builds, boys
HARD MODE: No cookie cutter
File: hemo.jpg (70 KB, 621x439)
70 KB
I did an auto attack build and it did pretty well as far as I could remember.

I was using Empyrean Demolisher and some AQ 20 mace at the time
the fuck this isn't vanilla
>No cookie cutter
that's not how math works, you either get max potential in MMO or don't by pretending you did something unique everyone tired already and discarded as trash
>doesn't realize cookie cutter builds are some of the worst builds one can use(PVP cookie cutter that is, Raiding is gay)
This isn't a really complicated game dude so building isn't complex either. The 'cookie cutter' builds for PVE practically build themself. There's a clear best leveling build and a clear best raiding build for most characters to the point where it feels like blizzard intended you to that.

Sometimes it's as simple as: 1 tree is the best pvp tree, 1 is the bset leveling tree, and the other is the best raiding tree.
>5 hit in presumably aq gear
>relentless strikes but no ruthlessnes
>hemo for pve
>improved expose armor in a pve build
this is untrue for pvp. for pve you are spot on but pvp has a lot of variety and often several viable routes up the trees with minor adjustments here and there or some niche build that works in certain areas/ bgs/ encounters
File: HolyPally.png (575 KB, 623x439)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
Can tank some dungeons with this, and DPS if a good blue drops,
really speeds up leveling
It ends up that way with PVE because each person in a PVE only has one role...so there's only fucking they can spec for. If your a damager you get the most damge, a healer gets the most healing, a tank gets the most mitigation. If you have any utility ( a good debuff/buff, health stones) that comes next...than you have a few points left over where you get to pick from really shitty talents (some defense bonus that will never do anything....or some mana off a spell that I never fucking cast....). Also your guild leader or class officer will probably tell you that you arn't allowed in if you make a shitty build

In leveling all that matters is effiency. Getting the least downtime between kills and spending your mana/rage/energy on the most damage efficient things. And one tree always seems to be the most efficient one.

PVP you have more roles. You might try killing someone or capturing an objective. World PVP also is totally different from a BG. I never did PVP though. BGs are a giant chaotic mess, it's a party game, maybe there's some tactics if you join pre-made BG's. World PVP is about who has the overwhelming advantage: who out numbers who, who is 10+ levels above the other, who has better gear (twinks, fresh level 60 vs one in epics), or just who is at full health and who is stuck at 1/3 hp from fighting a mob.
Okay so here's what I used to do for PvP. Specially after I got this shield from Naxx. Why I got it? Because I had the DKP and it was zero-sum DKP so I could just go negative and not give a fuck.

I dubbed thee, Fuck Rogues build.

The idea was to basically wail on them with a Thrash blade and Seal of Righteousness, baiting the Kick by starting a Flash of Light, cancelling after like .4 seconds, so they kick nothing and don't spell-lock your ass, then just heal. If you get too low, bubble, heal up, start again.

And since everything that returns damage (Blessing and Holy Shield mostly, as I recall. Don't think Ret Aura benefited) is affected by +spell damage, the more Judgement pieces you had, the more effective this shit was.

The rogue would just fuck off after realizing each time his butter knives slapped your armor, he ate like 150~ damage.

I lvl'd a paladin during vanilla with a similiar build and I'd kill myself before I'd do that again.
I'm gonna do exactly what I did when I first played WoW

Hunter with gun who spams Engineering explosives
once again you are right about the pve, i'm not arguing against you. you are again wrong about pvp though. bg pvp is at every level other than random-pve-queueing-for-fun very much organized from the ground up. who gets to rank and who doesn't (within that system of course), who does what and when, these and these consumables mandatory, 100% mandatory, my guild gave me this and that because i'm going to grind rank 14, etc. it is way more organized than you might think from the outside looking in.
>only attack skills are auto attack an exorcisism
>exorcism only works on undead and has a 30 second cooldown
>takes 2 minutes to kill one mob
File: Cheap shockadin.jpg (121 KB, 634x427)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Reporting for duty.

I never judge crusader because I'm too fucking lazy and it's not that great anyway unless you have more paladins. Hit and freedom are interchangeable. Use a slow 2hander, kill people wearing epics.
Didn't enjoy recasting SoR after 15 seconds because you expended the remaining 15 seconds on the Seal to cast Judgement and deal a bit more damage?
You should never be killing "one mob" as a paladin. You spec holy/prot get a shield, sanctuary, slap a spike on it, redoubt and go crazy aoe farming.
nah I just tab out and look at porn for 2 minutes until the mob is dead.

Than I heal myself right click another mob and go back to porn
those prot points could be better used in ret
It really depends on gear, I just favor a more defensive playstyle, because that's the strong point of a paladin, but you're right.
File: elemental.png (482 KB, 618x398)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
What the hell is that build supposed to be.
>Neither imp fireball nor imp frostbolt, so clearly not PvE
>Does have 3 points in elemental precision and master of elements despite being inferior PvP talents
>1 point in ice shards despite heavy frost investment
>no improved CoC despite heavy frost investment

The only way I can interpret this is as a mainly PvE, light PvP scorch build, which is a completely retarded idea.

Pic is the right PvP elemental spec. You can deviate mildly if you know what you're doing, but you generally shouldn't.
Most of the builds posted here are hilariously bad. Like worst than what people did on their first character when the game was released and no one knew anything about building at all. Like this hunter build


The whole thread was even started with the laughable premise that 'cookie cutter' (aka the mathemtically superior ones) should be avoided and that wow someone has huge build variety.

/v/ really is the the least intelligent group of gamers.
File: e304db36593fc9a91824.png (500 KB, 624x437)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
I'm probably gonna use this build for Resto, there's some points that could be switched around in the Balance tree, depending if I wanna go cat or spam Wrath outside of raiding.
File: palli.png (728 KB, 1252x741)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
prot aura talent is useless
File: 1386214255741.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB GIF
Do you still want to play any patch older than 1.12?

I have a level 40 pally. At 60 i just want to have fun with some PvP. Is recbomb even valid outside of dueling rogues? Should i just go for ret and shallow holy into consecration?
>haha, I was only pretending
>cookie cutter
Did other classes have it so bad?
Warlocks have at least two variations on each spec, which change the gameplay significantly.
There's THE ONE most efficient PvE DPS build, but for PvP, there's like four good ones, and then also a couple for farming.
I only played ShadowPriestPvPfunstuff.spec, but there were like 3 or 4 builds I could fuck with
>Raiding is gay
Anon, we know you were 12 during vanilla but come on, you don't have to pretend you are that age now
paladin masterrace
File: dragon feel.jpg (21 KB, 253x248)
21 KB
>there are anons who died and will die before WoW classic
File: old-druid-talents.jpg (75 KB, 580x304)
75 KB
>WoW Classic
Using 1.12 talents.

Want a real challenge, use the talents on release.
What were the two warlock builds?

You can't go affliction in raiding because bosses can only support an extremly small number of debuffs on them so you arn't allowed to dot. So no affliction

Shadow out damages demonology.

Affliction is the best leveling because of improved life tap and drains leading to less downtime.

PVE builds were ridiculously narrow because PVE itself is ridiculously narrow. Leveling is valued solely based on effiency, raiding based soley on DPS. The only way they ever got build diversity was to make everything same-shit-different-color
Priest holy end talent isn't holy nova.
Priest Disc end talent isn't divine spirit
Priest imp renew is 3/3 instead of 5/5.

Kids will never know what vanilla was really like.
>hardmode: nothing successful
Why not go even more hardcore and use no talents at all! Than when ever party and guild tells you to fuck off accuse them of being casuals
>Invest heavily into shitty trees
>Don't even pick up the few good talents in the tree
Why do people do this?
>tfw might die before it comes out
Fucking sucks to live in a 3rd world country
File: 1509980946557.jpg (496 KB, 2088x826)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
daily reminder that classic will suck ass because your servers will be overflowing with nu-blizz faggot millennials that never even played classic
There were, three, actually.
DS/Ruin is top DPS, due to deterministic +15% shadow damage from sacrifice.

SM/Ruin is decent, +10% to shadow, but not ideal, and your raid might not have free debuff slots on the boss.for free shadowbolts from corruption (which are worse than +5% dmg anyway). But if you've ever tried to do ANYTHING outside of raiding with DS/Ruin, it's a huge pain in the ass. No range on dots, no pet or no damage with pet, can't farm, can't do shit. So SM/Ruin is a decent compromise.

Then there's MD/Ruin. Pretty unpopular and a bit weird, but has a lot of versatility and utility. Like having a felhunter out for elemental damage bosses, or imp if your dps is so fucking high, you need to reduce both threat AND get rid of +15% shadow to not aggro.
I used a personal (turned out to be the cookie cutter PVP build) build during vanilla WoW and did fine...in a time before DPS charts.
I miss BC raiding, there were like five warlock builds you went through from Kara to Sunwell with gear improving
Yes, ironically old priest talents were great for pvp because you didn't need to go deep into holy/disc to heal. Shadow was left unchanged really.
It will be half nu-wow scum and half will be old-school players who have been practicing the game for months on private servers and basically play the game at a super-human level.

It will be fucking hilarious. The hardest raids will be completed within 2 months after the game comes out while all the nu's are trying to figure out why they can't dps as a pali
>no cookie cutter build
>mocking and suggest cookie cutter
It's kind of terrible on private servers with all the badge stuff and improved meta.
Sacrifice is the best spec even in heroic dungeon gear, and it's sacrifice all the way to the end.
File: westfall.jpg (143 KB, 1024x768)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>tfw I always pick ally just to relive the Huhwillage
oh man I hope I don't die before that
File: pvpresto.jpg (118 KB, 625x424)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Is this cookiecutter? Thought I played like this in vanilla.
File: 1455124271171.gif (1014 KB, 360x203)
1014 KB
1014 KB GIF
>dat tiny skill tree
>asking for "no cookie cutter builds", when almost every build will look exactly the same anyway because there's hardly any choices
those skill trees look like "baby's first wow.."
>HARD MODE: No cookie cutter
So just nothing thats the most effective build, then
Most efficient for what?
Raid DPS?

That's already three builds.
That is...not a good build.
File: current.png (504 KB, 627x431)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
I use it to farm SM with mass pulls. I need the gold for mats then i can play a Shockadin in PvP. A missmash of Cloth, Leather, Mail and Plate gear. The reason i have 5/5 rec is just for fun if ever feel like PvPing.
what an abomination
Shockadin is one of the easier builds to gear up though, you really don't need anything but some blues for it.

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