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The game was completely fine why did it fail?
>Main character was a complete turd
>The reason as to why the game's former protagonist became a villain was a complete asspull
>Optimization and performance issues out the ass upon launch
>You could just breeze through the game spamming shield block or bashes since they never broke

And that's without mentioning the fact that we lost potential for things like Pariah, which was such a huge and ominous tease in the first game.

mercer was a villain in both games anon
Clearly. Only a villain would risk their lives to save a city from a nuclear explosion. Dastardly!
File: 1471505016367.gif (1.32 MB, 250x141)
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>Stops a nuclear war
>Sapient virus that turns out to be a better person than the original
Can’t believe they threw away such a neat protagonist
don't forget the multiple game/progress breaking bugs that the devs NEVER fixed
The real Mercer is the villain. However, Blacklight Mercer is at least morally grey and a bit heroic in the game (saving NY from getting blasted by nukes).

Then fucking Activision changed him into a fullblown unreasonable villain because "hoomans are bad" thanks to the comic sequel.
>Way too easy compared to the 1st game
>Removed a lot of the cool shit like armour, musclemass, combos and critical mass
>Web of intrigue is gone. Pariah isn't even mentioned despite having a huge hype buildup in 1
>Barely any special moves like ground pounding and elbow drops
>Perfectly fine point-based EP shop replaced with a levelling system, passive upgrades locked behind side missions
>No feeling of dynamic warfare between the infected and the military. No hives, military bases are limited to missions
Final boss was a little better. Mercer actually using his exact combos from the first game was a nice touch.
Ugh le nigger protagonist ugh
File: 1417415152462.jpg (4 KB, 213x250)
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>tfw can't run Prototype 1
>some fuckery happens with modern machines and resolution is always fucked
>search for help on forums
>dll fix won't work
>'sent ;)' or '[deleted]' everywhere
>>No feeling of dynamic warfare between the infected and the military. No hives, military bases are limited to missions

This man. The world was interesting, but they didn't do jack shit with it outside of scripted missions.
Works on my machine :)
File: 1499007019798.png (188 KB, 496x414)
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Did you try running the game as administrator :D?
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