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You cannot reply anymore.

I know that 4Chan is not a very trustworthy source but hear me out

New fighters-
Simon Belmont: Primary attacks are using his whip and his smash attacks and specials are using a flail.

King K.Rool- His FS, he charges up his Blunderbuss and fire 3 bombs that fall onto the stage. They are about twice the size of bowser.

Shantae- Transformations are a big part of her moveset.

Decidueye- Main attacks are kicks and punches. Special attacks use arrows, down B is spirit shackle which if hit with buries you like DK's side B. FS is SInister Arrow Raid

Dark Samus- Sylux joins her and they both fire a barrage of missiles similar to Ness and lucas' FS.

Shadow the Hedgehog-Identical FS to sonic just less knockback and more damage.

Funky Kong- FS is sonics but slower and you are on his surfboard. You also have water that shoots out from under it which does small amounts of damage with very little knockback.

Dixie Kong- Smash attacks and FS are changed.

DLC fighters-

Crash Bandicoot
Shovel Knight
Bandana Waddle Dee
Spring man

Being considered-
Skull Kid
Chibi Robo

Obviously not every one here will be chosen but a handful of them will.
Smash containment board fucking when
Can we just ban people who make these no effort fake leaks please?
File: b7d.jpg (31 KB, 680x680)
31 KB
>Bandana Waddle Dee
no Ashley is a little disappointing, I want Ashley and Red you could do like some attacks where in his wand and Broom form, and others where its in his default. get rid of Bandanna Dee and replace with Ashley.
Unsurprisingly, your """""leak""""" is shit.
what do you mean by being considered? like for more DLC?
seriously Toby we're tired of your shit
>hear me out
I like how none of these ever feature Doomguy

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