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Spread the Word edition

>What is Lifeweb?
SS13's edgy inbred cousin. A total revamp built on Ancient Baycode and made more dark and convoluted. Despite the above it is pretty fun to play on. It has a steep(ish) learning curve, but if you are familiar with SS13 you should stop shitting yourself and freezing to death by your second weekend.

>New player guide

>BYOND client

>The serbs
These are only up on Fri/Sat/Sun EST

>How do I connect to the servers?
Hit the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the BYOND hub and pick "Open Location"


>Useful info/Game guides
people have tried to make a lfwb general before
they have failed
There's no point since two discords already exist for the game. I imagine only banned players would post here
Randy is a piece of shit and the community is 100% edgy russian kids
File: 1493327535267.jpg (67 KB, 500x314)
67 KB
I can't wait to see the discord freak out over this. The "muh sekrit club" mentality is cancer, especially seeing as the game has an amazing atmosphere.
the reason why people dont want new people is because it usually has a good 30% of spasticated brazilians that pick important roles
its known that nobody in the community wants this to be advertised, there is no point
generally having fun playing this. Very hard to get a grip of things, lets you find your role that you're good at in-game
Yeah, I have a lot of fun in the medbay/santuary roles. Never seem to get them lately though
when I join, the server is a black screen for me, what do?

Just wait, the game has a ton of music/sounds and it takes awhile for it to all load the first time.

Also if you're banned, here's their super secret Ban Evader that is only available to their metaclub members.


I'm only doing this because for such an amazing game, the community is so shit and hypocritical

Apparently they took down the website due to people spreading it around, here's the file that was hosted.

Feel free to scan it, have fun.

looks pretty cool but what looks like an official wiki just redirects to a picture of a kid at a computer which doesn't bode well
just fell off the train and crippled myself whoops

The community hates giving out information so the wiki was shut down. The game has a Y axis, use your cursor to see if there's a pit where you're walking labeled (open space)
File: IMG_3838.jpg (86 KB, 387x372)
86 KB
Stay out of my secret club you cunts

most of the community just metagayme through discord or steam
A note- if you're gonna play, at least try to get some sense of the setting and lore. Makes things much better for everyone when you're not running around as some blue haired Japanese twat and actually know who you are/what you're talking about.
File: file.png (83 KB, 250x250)
83 KB
how long do games typically last?
File: 1477408497343.png (33 KB, 913x870)
33 KB
is it normal that i can see literally nothing?
Right click the top bar and see if you are loading resources
File: SS13.png (980 KB, 917x730)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
Anywhere from 30mins to an hour usually
File: slow.jpg (57 KB, 927x488)
57 KB
Do I have to download this 258MB KISIK.zip file every time I play? This shit is taking forever.
Not everytime, just once and a few patches after that
File: 1405646449408.png (64 KB, 356x320)
64 KB
>ckey too new to play
>don't want to download bullshit virus ""'banevader"
just be your Warhammer human OC, you'll be fine
>Can't even connect to s3
Well, that was fun but I guess the server doesn't even want me
Server 3 is dead
File: YebTrump.png (119 KB, 400x268)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Also if you are are still around setup a disposable email and I can send you an older byond account I don't use
How do I improve my ping? Do WTFast works?
alright senpai
Sent, check your spam
got one for me, anon?
confirmed based anon holy shit
This game is and will be shit until it goes open source or someone steals the code from the faggot that currently runs it.

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