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File: tG5sySI.png (97 KB, 251x241)
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What is you are favorite board besides vip
File: smug bomber 6.jpg (18 KB, 340x336)
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/pol/, /ck/, and sometimes /vr/ when it's not overrun with SJW 35-year-olds. /e/ is also quite good as a jacking off resource.
>Its the same pol fag from the other thread
How goes it friendo
File: smug bomber 4.jpg (17 KB, 241x329)
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Very well! And how are you? Excellent doubles, by the way.
I'm doing well and thank you
Ugh please stop fucking avatarfagging
File: eggplant.jpg (53 KB, 579x592)
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did someone say avatarfagging?
My favorite is /pol/ but I spend more time on /v/ for whatever fucking reason.
File: smile.jpg (10 KB, 320x291)
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before this i was mostly on /b/ and /f/. i went to /v/ couple times and didn't really like it. way long ago i was just on /w/.
Political opinions aside I avoid pol because it's becoming reddit
/vg/ and /k/ mostly. Every once in a while I'll try to make a comfy games thread on /v/, but /v/ is /v/ so I try to avoid it most of the time.
I only go to /tv/ and here
File: Um.jpg (124 KB, 720x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
/r/, /aco/, /gif/, /t/, /y/, /d/, /u/, /e/, /h/, /hm/, /hc/, & /s/

but mainly I post on /vip/ and /vp/
pol tv v: common
u gif aco: porn
wsg wg: variety

Been meaning to start lurking x
I tried ck, since I love cooking, but it seemed to be all prepackaged shit, which I mean I guess is better than fast food, but eh.
/a/ and /ck/
Occasionally onto /vg/ when getting into a game or something.
In order

/tv/ (I don't watch movies or TV. I only go there to read the shitposting.)
all boards
File: 1482131735404.jpg (288 KB, 720x720)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
/b/ /v/ /tg/ /w/ /wg/

Sometimes /vg/ for something specific, but I don't like that shithole.
/tv/ is best board, but the fucking mods there are insane. I don't start threads there anymore unless it's from my phone because you don't know what bullshit reason they're going to find to ban you.
X has some fun shitposting from time to time

They are my homeboards
File: gpbIa.jpg (122 KB, 800x600)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
/wsg/ for entertainment purposes only
/co/ just out of tradition
/sp/ when the Blazers lose
/a/ only when Tomo-chan is freshly posted
Used to /vg/ but it's on hiatus because I haven't actually played vidya in months
And /vip/ because it's my favorite board besides /vip/
/v/ but I gotta be real I'm not enjoying watching it die
/o/ /pol/ reporting in
The only other board I go to anymore is /mlp/. I used to go to /g/,/fit/, and /v/, but stopped after they all turned to shit. /k/ is pretty good, but I'm not into weapons like I used to be.
/tv/ /v/ sometimes /adv/ /r9k/ and /LGBT/

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