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File: JBPedit2.jpg (65 KB, 238x360)
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>4chan x
>adds a bunch of features
>also changes a bunch of things for no reason and has no option to make them normal again
File: 1495227911621.jpg (59 KB, 655x527)
59 KB
Name one thing you can't change.
Is there a reason to use a browser extension over the native extension built into the site? The latter does everything I need it to do.
I use the inline extension on mobile, but 4chan X really is a treat. I think my favourite function is how you can upload a bunch of images all at once and immediately post them once the timer is up.

Why haven't there been any 4chan extensions that remove the captcha? It can't be hard to do.
>Why haven't there been any 4chan extensions that remove the captcha?
There are solutions you can install that will automatically send your post through a captcha solving service for less than a cent a post. If you don't post much it works out cheaper than the pass...
Who else /frames here?
I wish I could change the list of boards at the top bar.
You can if you have 4chan X. Look for the "Edit custom board navigation" option under "Header".
I couldn't find it at first. It was in Advanced though. Thanks though, that really helped.

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