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what the fuck do you guys do all day
Most days it's checking various sites for new either board posts or videos. I can spend hours just doing nothing. Then I might read a book, play a video game, study, or whatever strikes me.
work at walmart. im actually just about to leave. please kill me.
File: 1477623979006.jpg (404 KB, 1012x1731)
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Work 9-5, come home, cook dinner, watch 1 or 2 episodes of something on Netflix or Hulu, play some PC games and browse 4chan, then pile in bed and maybe read for an hour or so then go to sleep and do it all over again the next day.
I sleep during the day.

At night I programme, play vidya, watch whatever the current series I'm watching is, I draw a lot, sometimes I practice writing.
wake up
browse internet in bed, check social media, watch videos on my phone
get up
make an espresso, maybe make breakfast, probably not, then i either a) rush off to work if i have to go to work or b) go back to my room and browse the internet
get to work
lay on the couch for a while
finally get up and turn on the computer at work
go get iced coffee
lay or sit on the couch for a bit drinking coffee
finally get up and work for an hour
go get a sandwich at the place up the street
go back to work for an hour or two
leave and go buy beer at the grocery store by my work
buy a lotto ticket
come home
make dinner
drink in bed while browsing the internet, sometimes work on personal projects

its honestly not a very fun existence. sometimes i actually have to work hard and stay at work for 12 hours but not that often.
Masturbate, pretend to work.
File: 1492127275392.png (474 KB, 930x500)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
either distract myself with stupid shit

or think about suicide or something gay
File: 1452733491640.png (182 KB, 465x996)
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182 KB PNG
Right now I'm trying to decide whether to masturbate or get high and watch anime. Honestly I don't even have the energy to do either.
>what the fuck do you guys do all day

Hang out on 4chan, tend to the cats, cook, clean, do marketing, water the garden, nap... drink, watch movies... the usual...
post pics of cats
Seconded。Post pictures of cute kitties.
Let's see them Anon.
Wake up at 8am
Think about if it is worth getting up in the morning
Get up and shower
Drink a cup of coffee
Go to work if i have work, if not play R6S
Eat breakfast/Lunch
Come home or Stop playing
Practice guitar
Drink another cup of coffee
Play Vidya
Drink last cup of coffee with dinner
go to sleep at 3am
Nothing, and I'll die to protect that right.
>tfw half ass community college and get 4.0
Who /intelligentandlazy/
File: b.jpg (249 KB, 1280x960)
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249 KB JPG
where is this image from?

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