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What are you boys currently reading?
The Sailor Moon manga.
I've been reading The Art of War over the past few days. It's very interesting, as well as a good introduction to historical Chinese Warfare.

Does anyone else hear wear glasses? I do, but my eye doctor recommends I take them off when I read.
Orcs: Bad Blood. It's trash but it's the kind of trash I like.
The Chocolate War
The Gulag Archipelago
The Murder Game
Dr. Sax by Kerouac
Started the Magicians.
150 pages into it. Just dropped.
Absolute garbage. Anyone who says they liked it is a confirmed plebian, and I'm pretty sure I'm a temporary plebian just for attempting to read that dumpster fire.
started reading ada by nabokov again. hadn't read it in a while. hes crazy.
Ex Machina.

It's about superheroes ZOOOOOOOM!
Thomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain." For some reason /lit/ didn't want to talk about it.
this thread
90 pages in, it's pure drek, but strangely enjoyable
James Branch Cabell's Figures of Earth
Love me some Cabell
File: 1512066536566.jpg (307 KB, 719x1111)
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307 KB JPG
No Man's World

First page so far, the concept seems really cool. I love instances where a group of soldiers are forced into an environment they're not familiar with and have to make due with what they've got. Can make for some scrappy scenarios, plus it's horror.

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