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I have some kind of nerve in my bellybutton connected to the tip of my dick so my dick hurts anytime I poke my bellybutton. I have to swab it really gently whenever I want to clean my bellybutton or else it feels like someone jamming a needle in my urethra.
I always assumed that was an anatomical anomaly I've got since I've never heard anyone else mention it but I've never asked either. Does anyone else have a thing like that?
It's very common. Don't worry about it. Happens to the best of us.
>whenever I want to clean my bellybutton
people do this?
Your belly button must smell pretty bad from built up dead skin not getting cleaned out.
i have a similar thing. when you poke the belly button a nerve that leads down towards the crotch is triggered.

it doesn't hurt like it does for you, but it definitely is a thing.
Marcos is this you?
OMG I feel it too.
Everyone has this. https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/why-it-feels-weird-when-you-poke-your-belly-button
i knew buzzfeed was bad but this is repulsive. it's just a bunch of fucking random gifs. why do people read this?
i was legit about to link to this
you could try reading the words

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