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For hwat exactly?
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I'm sorry, Georgie, but you were the one who sold the franchise to Disney. You could have stopped this travesty.
File: Dispute.png (241 KB, 996x849)
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I was never that mad at Lucas, he is human and made some damn fine entertainment. If you over analyze any media you will find a flaw, that does not make you superior to those that put all their efforts in to make it.
I am currently at war with Disney and DS Global LTD & Assuckers. Because of that, I made this for /vip/ and my friends on /wsg/, because I care.
The lawyers are kinda mad about it, but it is legal as Fair Use / Parody even though it uses direct reference of their media. Gotten through piracy. That is my apology to George. That I never fucked with him that way.
>directs the prequel trilogy, near universally panned compared to the original trilogy
>gave us Jar Jar Binks
>hands over the properties to Disney, who manages to fuck it up even worse

Did Lucas do anything right with Star Wars, other than A New Hope?
>Did Lucas do anything right with Star Wars, other than A New Hope?

1. He negotiated the rights to toy sales
2. He got lucky with A New Hope

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