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What's yours fellow /vip/pers? You do have one, right? Have you ever stuck to yours?
Mine is to get better at drawing.
I'm going to stop eating refined sugars.
I don't have one.
Post more lewd content on /vip/.
Might quit smoking but it won't be because of new years. Just really need to quit smoking and save money
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
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I don't tend to make new years resolutions, but last year I lost 42 pounds on a ketogenic diet, and I'm probably going to start working out at the gym and try to get ripped (starting strength).

Also this month will be my last month of paying off student loans. So that's cool.
I am on the keto diet because of epilepsy. The only carbs I allow myself are from beer.

I intend to drink more than I do already.
To stop hating myself
Drink more.
Can I hate you instead?
File: 1510614279685.jpg (12 KB, 330x250)
12 KB
My first one was to lose weight. After reaching a high of 198 pounds last spring, I thought enough was enough and made it to around 163 by the end of the year. I don't want to exceed 170, and as long as I keep myself disciplined, I don't think I should have trouble keeping to this goal.

My second one was to take a walk outside for at least an hour every day. This one I had to break immediately, as the temperature in my city is currently about -18° celsius and there have been emergency cold warnings all week. I walked about 500m today, for about 5 minutes, and even then I felt the chill.
File: tegaki.png (3 KB, 400x400)
3 KB
please excuse the slightly cringy presentation, but this is how I typed it up, I felt like using the word "resolution" would make me feel less confident so I found a different way of saying it
"aa" isn't AA, it's a side project similar to Conway's Game of Life
"game" is my main project, an action sidescroller

RESOLVED, will happen in the coming month:
- work on aa again
- break off ties with bad group
- apply pressure re: job advancement
RESOLVED, will happen in the coming quarter-year:
- get somewhere with art on game
- progress with features for game, especially powerups
- work on music for game
- get some weights
File: tegaki.png (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
>Mine is to get better at drawing.
get off my ass and get a real job, trading cryptos has gotten a little boring

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