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Hello, this is interesting. Clearly, it's not an offer to buy. The traffic numbers are authentic. One place is projection 'cnn' the other is a conversation. So we 'four chan' win.

What's that spike in mid-2014? And again near the end of 2017?

>worth more than CNN
That's not really that hard. CNN is the worst of the worst so being worth more than them is setting a pretty low bar.
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The problem with 4chan is not that it doesn't have traffic, but that nobody reputable is willing to advertise with us.
US Presidential elections
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Amazing how gamergate and the elections ruined this website's quality. We used to say 2010 was bad but it was nice if you put things in perspective.
Ultimately, as time goes on, we become a mere parody of ourselves. It also happens with movies and games that get a lot of sequels.
I wanted to be optimistic, but it seems like boards like /a/ and /v/ are doomed to failure. They exist for the sole purpose of being a parody for themselves. People don't have anything to discuss in them anymore, so they just shitpost.
At the same time, I have hopes for boards like /fit/. Because the main focus there is getting fit, not parodying itself. That's why /fit/ has been the best board for so many years without a too serious dip in quality
Pretty much. There's also how you can easily use Google Ads so that your ads are shown to people with interest in it. It's hard to imagine why anyone would use a different platform for advertising.
One fatal flaw in your "analysis":
CNN is a TV news channel first and a website second

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