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Rotom sees you hanging around these parts on a Saturday night, and is worried for your mental health.

Tell Rotom all about it, anon. Rotom will blow away your troubles.
Confession/Vent Thread, be it about the franchise or about anything else
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>alone for a while
>make food for myself
>about to sit down to eat
>everyone fucking storms through the kitchen door as I’m insering food in mouth
>they don’t ask and start eating my food
>all that hard work gone to waste
>only get one piece, instead of 6 to myself

Fuck my life.
I also had someone throw away my god damn Ness amiibo, because they assumed he was a McDonalds toy.

I suppose I made this thread to vent upon myself, but would be glad to see other talk about things.
Alright here’s another thing about the franchise, this time.
>be me
>be in 3rd grade when Pokemon The First Movie comes out
>see Mewtwo
>I get a huge crush on him
>I have built a Mewtwo shrine in my closet
>built Mewtwo out of rubber bands and towels
>have a Mewtwo figure from Burger King
>carry him in my pocket at all times, and sneak a kiss when nobody is looking
>have a sock on my bed next to my pillow
>it’s where Mewtwo sleeps
>we spoon every night

This went on for maybe 2 years, until I moved on to bigger fish.
Literally everything is about to fall apart in my life
I want to fuck pokemon
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Im just so alone and want desperately to feel love
How so?

Join the club, bud.

I’m sorry, anon. You have us.
Moomoo milk has always looked delicious to me, so I pretend I’m drinking it when I drink human milk.
File: 1502938394634.png (27 KB, 180x450)
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>human milk
A-anon are you breastfeeding...?
Autistic vent time, I find it hard to relate to girls on the Internet nowadays. 9 times out of 10, they are either SJWs, Tumblr/Twitter users, write in lowercase letters to make themselves look cute, draw in that trendy Tumblr art style (you know the one) or make a big deal about their gender by gushing (or hating) about boys. And most of them are interested in stuff like Disney/Sailor Moon/Nintendo, all of which I don't give two shits about.

I'm well aware that it's extremely petty and shallow, but I shamefully admit that I'm not a feminine girl myself, so I guess it's my problem that I can't relate to those sort of people.
ive been so sheltered my entire life and now the bleakness of reality is crashing down on me
>I find it hard to relate to girls on the Internet
>on the internet
if by "not a feminine girl" you mean "not a girl on the internet" then you shouldnt have a problem relating to real girls. unless youre a tomboy or something, or on the spectrum :^)
Korea will fix it for us
>not interested in Nintendo
Then why the fuck are you in /vp/?
I find Weavile super hot
Shit no I meant the milk humans drink from the store
I feel almost the same, except I’d consider myself sonewhat girly. But yeah, it’s so difficult to find another girl who isn’t a brainwashed cunt. I’ve only befriended cool ones from here, recently, so I guess that’s a start.
Anon, there’s way more grils here than just one person
Nothing piques my interest anymore and I fear my interest in pokemon is waning. I tried to like many things but I suck at everything (oh and I tried my best in all of them). Started uni 3 weeks ago, picked programming randomly because it's the closest thing to a subject and working career that I "like". I am a KHHV and while I like being alone, sometimes I fantasize about having a gf and planning "our" future together. Not kids though, those I'm 100% sure I don't want to have.

tl;dr I'm a loner that has no interests or goals. Or a future.
Pokemon is not nintendo
High functioning girls are pretty rare actually, autism is rare in women but those who have it usually have it pretty bad
source: me
Just sounds like an existiental crisis. All 20 year olds go through that, so you’ll be okay.
There's >>>/r9k/ for threads where everyone is a whiny baby
r9k sucks, though
What would you say is brainwashed for a gril? Im kinda interested in your perspective.
I’m not the OP of >>33755740 but

Brainwashed for a girl is basically:
>muh womenz ritez cuz i get 75 centz less
>sjw perspective
>buzzkill no fun attitude
>thinks it’s cool to hate guys

Basically, I can never get along with other girls for those reasons. They really can’t have fun, and go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about that gender trans shit. And you absolutely can’t make fun of anyone or anything around them. It’s very frustrating for myself.

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