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GoCasuals would have a fit if they couldn't get all the starters without trading.
What will be the exclusive mons, though?
I'm so fucking excited for this game

Amazing fucking graphics, Pokemon catching looks fucking awesome, and I can't wait to play co-op with my friends and family
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no argument?

a true /vp/ hero
>Being this underaged
Go play Yellow
inb4 "But they were given to you in Yellow", they're available, that's what counts
the .gif is self explanatory
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]I'm so fucking glad the wojackposting backfired them so fucking much.
The top one isn't even the same face. That's just a regular smile. I know that most /vp/ residents aren't familiar with smiling, but if you look closely, you'll see the difference with the Wojak.
>720p gen 7 graphics
>replaced catching pokemon with the smartphone gambling mechanic from Go intended to succeed just enough times to keep you hooked but fail enough times to make you waste balls so you feel compelled to pay real world money for more
>making an already incredibly easy franchise literally twice as easy by turning every battle into a 2v1
here's your (You)
>replaced catching pokemon with the smartphone gambling mechanic from Go
>Catching Pokemon was always based on luck
What did he mean by this ?
Also I can assure you that Pokemon Go has a pretty good economic system compared to all the mobile shit. Probably 10% of the playerbase pay to play, since you can get those shit for free, abundantly if you live in a city, and still can earn "coins" by leaving Pokemon in Gyms or joining raids.
Seriously Pokemon Go is not the greatest mobile game, but at least it's not on the pay to win side of mobile games
None. Thank god.
I have not genuinely smiled in the last 5 years
Take a break from /vp/. No, I'm serious. Just take a break. I was similing right before I came here to talk about E3, saw all the whining, and remembered why I rarely come here anymore. I'll probably just take a break too.
>always based on luck
Real Pokemon games have a complicated formula that allows you to increase your chances with the RNG through strategy and knowledge
Go has a formula that, just like every other smartphone game, encourages you to pay money for boosters in their microtransaction store
At best, without the store in LGPE, it'll just be the fucking safari zone which literally nobody on planet earth enjoys
Whether you lower their hp, and put them to sleep, it's still based on a percentage
Go is no different, some have higher catch rate, some have lower, and you gotta berries to make the catching easier since you can't lower their hp. and I can't stress enough that all those items are available for free and not through any grinding
It's the fucking same
Man series pokemon allows you to increase your chances by using better balls, lowering the pokemon's HP, or hitting them with a status ailment. Go allows you to increase your chances by using better balls, using berries with different effects, throwing curve balls instead of regular throws, and hitting the target circle when it's as small as possible. Since pokemon move and attack to swat pokeballs away, timing also takes a big part in this.

They're both up to the RNG in the end, but Go is actually slightly less up to the RNG than the main series.
the old exclusives from red/blue I'm sure, so:


I know saying this is a meme at this point, but seriously, go back to r├Ąddit and jerk off with everyone else without any standards for shit
>buhhhhh look I explained it in the most basic, uninformed terms possible to make it look equal
ironic that they removed the game corner from the real games given that the smartphone cancer is going to turn the franchise into yet another gambling addiction money printer
>someone explains how catching pokemon actually works in Go
>retards immediately get furious
>I don't go out often so I'm always short on items even though it's easy as fuck to find them
Your fault for being a basement dweller
Pokemon Go is as luck based as the mainline games. Just because you saw an article on how gatchapon games works doesn't mean that it applies on every games

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