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I normally advise waiting on purchases but would just kick myself if scalpers got them all then jacked up the price up even more than we're already being jacked for in Canada. Have any of you on the fence also made a decision yet?
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Id buy one just because theres fuck all here in Straya
but you're so close to grorious nippon
I love Street Fighter but not THAT much, especially not enough to own such a thing if I have no one ot play with.

If you can hack and do other things with these cabinets (like install SFA3 or SF3...or Tekken) then maybe I'm game.
based jewish manlet posing next to hired help
Aw I'll be your friend Anon. Come by to play Street Fighter II at my place. You did say you love it. Everyone loves it. Even normies, even women, even normie women have fun squeezing in a couple rounds of Street Fighter II now and then. It's why I want one. It will certainly get more use w8th guests than Centipede etc.

File: Pnm_logo.png (16 KB, 895x377)
16 KB
I'm curious in particular if anyone is familiar with the PSX Pop'n Music "Arcade Style Controller" which is the full-size arcade replica for home use. I got one in Japan and sent it back, but having finally received it again, I find that some buttons are not working very well or at all. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this unit, and whether or not it was easy to repair or replace the buttons. I figure they must be standard 3" arcade pop buttons, so it couldn't be that hard to replace them.

Also, I noticed that there isn't much activity on /vr/ related to rhythm games. Do people here not play them much, or do they go elsewhere to discuss them?
try taking it apart and cleaning the board along with the button contacts.draw a little graphite onto the contacts with a pencil.
do not draw onto the board, I mean the contacts on the rubber button pads.
Thank you for posting. I will open up the unit and see if I can't use this tip to fix the problem.

File: 220px-Chronocrossbox.jpg (25 KB, 220x210)
25 KB
>What do you humans intend to do with our mother planet? Not thinking of the future...cutting down trees like there's no tomorrow! Burning the forests to make your towns even bigger! And all for what?
>Do you think that you are the only ones who live on this planet!? Do you even know the works of life-forms other than yourselves?
>Don't kid yourselves! You are just hairless apes! Or worse, hi-ho! You are nothing more than freaks of-of-of evolution!!!!
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Toriyama's art style has a unique charm that can't be matched desu, Square really should've brought him back on board for Cross
File: checkem.jpg (26 KB, 945x370)
26 KB
Wow son slow down.
Harle was blonde?
Well, she's a clone of Kid

File: IcicleInn.png (233 KB, 512x448)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Post the best
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You cray
What is so 2?

>Icewind Dale
Hellyeah man I miss Black Isle and ID1 and 2
>all these JRPGs
Ffuck outta here. Baldurs Gate and Planescape have the most beautiful backgrounds. To where even playing today exploring is amazing. Im just in awe of these places. Sadly its hard to get screen caps of these places. But every single background is a work of artp
There is just something about early japanese prerendered games

File: 20180914_173338.jpg (3.62 MB, 4032x3024)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
I'm so fucking pissed /v/. It's largely my fault for not doing any research but fuck, I didn't think they were going to be this stupid

I had this imported. I was so fucking excited. It's such a gorgeous controller and there's nothing else out there like it and was ecstatic they they were getting an official rerelease. Been waiting all month for it and it finally showed up to day

It's got a decent weight to it. The buttons feel good. The plastic is nicely textured. Feels good in the hands. It's everything I hoped it can be and then

Wait. What? Are you fucking kidding me? The stick isn't fucking microswitched. There's no click. No sense of direction. It's just an awkwardly loose analog stick. What the fuck? Why on earth did they remove the most defining feature about the controller? Who's idea was this?
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While not quite the same thing as these 'stick-style' d-pads, the original Vita's d-pad is microswitched and feels amazing in hand. Can't speak for the Vita 2000.
Ironic that you have to squint to read that. Consider making the screencap bigger.
True, but none of those controls I've mentioned are "analog" Trackballs and spinners use optical encoders like those in an old ball mouse, and the buttons on an asteroids cab are leaf switches (not analog buttons, simple on/off leaf switches) I believe the throttle on Lunar Lander was potted though.
The only thing an analog stick is good for is playing Sinistar; Digital controls won't cut it with that one..
>maybe if i call him kiddo he wont point out that im bullshitting
Just wear a funny lampshade while reading

File: katarn.png (60 KB, 640x478)
60 KB
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Baron's Head is comfy as FUCK
The Return Home to Sulon
Anybody else enjoy Dark Forces but hate Jedi Knight? The whole force usage and lightsaber feels clunky as shit, plus those early 3d graphics are terrible.

I also liked Jedi Outcast until they give you the lightsaber, then I just dumped that pile in the trash where it belongs...truly Jedi Academy is the best thing the series produced.
I liked jedi knight but I agree that force powers and lightsaber was pretty clunky. force jump should have been a longer press of the jump button but for whatever reason they didn't think of that until the next game. Also I thought it was stupid that obtaining force points relied on finding all the secret areas of a level, but I thought the level design was good. I guess that the graphics were kinda dated even when it came out but I don't really care about the graphics.
DF2’s lightsaber combat was indeed clunky and random as hell, it felt like skill didn’t really matter. Probably because the game engine wasn’t really built for this, it was added just for the novelty. Jedi Outcast and especially Academy refined the lightsaber combat to the point that they are considered the games with the most “authentic” fighting.

File: Sf-morrigan.gif (45 KB, 78x118)
45 KB
How many years did Morrigan have to suffer through that one sprite set?
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All the clashing art styles on the Capcom side of the roster was awful.

Probably less than the hideous metal slug ones.
It’s always interesting seeing characters with varying quality in frames of animation
Would you fuck Morrigan if she appeared before you and looked exactly like her sprite?
I could tolerate them up to 3, but the fact they they were still using them for 6 is just mind bogglingly lazy.

Anon, she'd fuck you. You don't have a say.

Is there something really special about the visual and audio aesthetic of this game, or am I just being nostalgic?
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Deity isn't difficult in Civ2.
What stops you from just building a ton of sparse small cities on the good tiles, sharing tiles between them, and using that for a production edge?
Also try baiting AI units out of their towns by sending one or two units to get attacked on a roadless tile, so that you can later clean up the attacker.
But still, abusing enemy Roads and just going through with Catapults or whatever high-attack shock trooper you can muster should get you some wins.
You are nostalgic.
Game has insane replay value, but the graphics were always just average. Nothing special, nothing bad, just being there. They do their job without any fanfare.

And you are outright delusional.
>What stops you from just building a ton of sparse small cities on the good tiles, sharing tiles between them, and using that for a production edge?
If I recall correctly, I tried that. The problems are:
1) If one attacks the Romans, it takes a long time to move units from North Africa and Spain to Italy. If one attacks the Ptolemaic Greeks, Spain can't offer much unit-building support.
2) The Celts sometimes get in the way.
3) If you're fighting the Romans, once you get units to Italy they still have to overcome city walls.
4) The Ptolemaic Greeks are pretty strong - no pushover.
Feels comfy to look at.
File: civ2.png (589 KB, 642x508)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Superior version coming thru

How did they manage to put 2 optical discs game with FMVs on 64mb cartridge and make it playable ?
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> their world beating expertise in optical discs especially CDs
> not knowing anything about history
phillips electronics were the brains behind it all during their partnership with sony.
File: Tiger GC RE 2.jpg (604 KB, 1000x976)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
How did they manage to put 2 optical discs game with FMVs on 8 bit cartridge and make it playable?
Factor 5 used their own MORT compression.
got the wrong board kid, /v/ is next

File: 1200px-NES-Console-Set.jpg (65 KB, 1200x652)
65 KB
Where can I find the most accurate information on release dates for NES games?
Magazines from the time, probably, but even then it's iffy. The entire American gaming industry was basically rebooting with the NES and those first couple years were really nebulous, especially with specific details like game release dates.
Me. Ask away.

So how about that ending, huh? Also, *spoilers* what did Delita mean when he said "Ramza what did you get? I..."

Also is Vagrant Story set in Ivalice or what?
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I always bring an Archer.
Never played around with the archer, I'd use his charge on a knight or samurai though.
Bow physics are one of the most interesting things to me in FFT. I love the way they calculate how arrows fly, how they have an arc while crossbows and guns do not. I do wish that archers had more unique skills, though.
damn now I really want to do a playthrough with some generics to see the nuts and bolts of how the classes and combinations work
You should, I find the game much more rewarding playing with generics. The unique characters are just to broken and OP, imo.

File: 9609609870987.jpg (170 KB, 1024x751)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Bowser from Super Mario 64 is not the real Bowser
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: luigi.jpg (22 KB, 359x316)
22 KB
Yes, it is.
I'm mad
The Mario lore just gets deeper and deeper.
it looks like a retarded version of king koopa
Even mario acknowledges the fact
>so long gay Bowser

I want to use pic related on RetroArch. Are they as good as /vr/ has led me to believe?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The cord is really short. Other than that, it's as good as a first party controller.
what can I say other than the 1 adapter I bought works perfectly
The turbo works perfectly for bomb jumping in Super Metroid, which was great for a tard like me who could never figure out wall jumping.
Are there any games where turboing the Start button didn't result in an unplayable mess?
Better for faggots who need all that turbo and slow mo shit. Rubbish for skilled players who value build quality.

File: P1970319_530x@2x.jpg (159 KB, 1060x795)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Back when CD based systems were just arriving did you use it also for Audio CDs?

Oh and I guess karaoke for any Asian out there.
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File: mahdick.png (332 KB, 445x446)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
nobody actually used consoles as CD players
shut the fuck up
Fucking kid. Plenty of people used them to play music CDs.
I didn't have any music CDs when I got a Sega CD for christmas 1992, I didn't have any until the mid-late 90s.
I still do. What should I play them on? I haven't had a dedicated CD player around since the 2000s.
>released in Hong Kong
Like the regular one that was released in HK. And other places.

What did /vr/ think of Obsidian?

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