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What is the cheapest Light Gun for the PC?
guncon 2 with drivers
Does it works with LCD screens?
File: sku_168697_1.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
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nope. not a single one lightgun is going to works with an LCD TV
unless they are infrared shit like wiimotes.

wiimotes are better than PSmove for this thou.

pic related forks without problems with my guncon2 on windows 7x64
not the best quality. but it does the work.

Also you can use old video cards with tv-out with a CRT for better quality
and for that need to install windows xp with and old driver for
nvidia or ATi due microsoft DRM against video piracy bullshit.

or get an old laptop with intel-svideo.

at least in my experience, the guncon2 doesn't work if its connected to the s-video port.
but it does if it's connected in the RCA even if your video source is connected to the S-video.

finally. many linux distros support old tv-out for old video cards
but I'm not sure if there are drivers for the guncon2
How much is an okay price for a guncon 1/2. The gun only. I haven't seen one for sale in my country for a while now. How are the 3rd party light guns for playing ps1/2 light gun games on ps2?
>Wiimotes are better than Move
For PC, or in general? Move felt more accurate to me than a Wiimote.
in terms of being motion accurate the PSmove is a lot better than the wiimote plus.
but again, as a gun the PSmove sucks.

so as a replacement, the wiimote is better than the PSmove but not as good as a lightgun..

In my experience I've tried several PSmove's, cameras, distance and ambient light.
and it just get uncalibrated after some minutes.

they are ok for the most people since they work as pointing device with a cursor
on the screen, so you can get used to it. just like a mouse.

the problem is they don't work as an aiming device like a real lightgun. (what I'm used to)
lightguns doesn't need a cursor on screen and it always points to the right point of the screen no matter how long you play or move away from the position you were standing at the moment of "some" calibration.

Lightguns are really good at what they do, but since CRT TV are dead they a dead too. Sad

aside that some people claims the PSmove works better than a real wiimote plus on dolphin.
but I've never tried.
Yeah, true lightguns are the best. But Im on the fence whether I should get HotD3 on PS3 or on Wii. Dont want to buy two lightguns on Xbox just for that game.
Xbox with an xbox Lightgun.
also xbox version comes with hotd2 inside unlockeable.

but HotD3 on PC is just fine like hotd 1/2
HotD overkill on wii is fine so I guess 3 is fine too.

if you ask me, ps3 sucks. Everytime I try to play HotD4, or galgun
I just get mad and I end playing with the controller.

It's just not the same when I play on PC, dreamcast or PS2

maybe I'm too purist with this.so at the end is up to you,
I recommend you to try hotd3 or overkill on your wii with some press copy of the game.
File: yobo shooter.jpg (30 KB, 271x400)
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What about this one?
I've heard a lot of conflicting information and this seems a good place to ask.

Does the Guncon 1 work on "flat-screen" CRTs or just rounded ones? Does it work on widescreen CRTs or just square ones? I want to play Point Blank again but I need to pick up a CRT for it to work and I don't want to fuck up
>>at least in my experience, the guncon2 doesn't work if its connected to the s-video port.
You have to tap into the S-video sync for it to work, I had it running for a while on XP.

I use an Act-labs gun now, they're the most convenient. Plug and play, all you need is an old PC CRT.

10 bucks. They pop up constantly, they're pretty cheap. For PC use, you should never get an official guncon 2, you need a clone, because the real thing has a rolling X issue.

Flatscreen is fine, widescreen is fine, the VITAL point is that the screen can't be progressive or HD in any way. I think the Gun-con 2 can work via component, but I'm pretty sure 1 can't.
dude. I said it. it works, I'm on win7 x64 with my official guncon2. no roll-x problem.

>at least in my experience, the guncon2 doesn't work if its connected to the s-video port.
>but it does if it's connected in the RCA even if your video source is connected to the S-video.

maybe you never connected it both inputs to solve S-video problems.
Also. composite works normally all the time.

same thing for Component. try connecting it to the green wire or the normal yellow rca.
at the same time.

don't tell him lies.
>>dude. I said it. it works, I'm on win7 x64 with my official guncon2. no roll-x problem.
There was a software fix that half-solved the issue, the gun could still get confused when you leave the screen from the wrong side. Maybe they improved it, but I still wouldn't use an official gun.

>maybe you never connected it both inputs to solve S-video problems.
I used a graphics card that actually had S-video out, rather than a converter, so there was no RCA. It's pretty easy to get the sync from S-video if you patch into the cable, anyway.

Component works, but a lot of component capable displays have digital processing which kills light guns, which is why it's easiest to just ignore them. You only need 240P for PS1, anyway.
Wasn't there some other insanely expensive method for replicating the accuracy of lightguns on LCD TVs? I don't remember what it was an anon said, just that I shouldn't bother because the price is unreal.
You can buy an actual arcade cabinet made after 98 or so, they're mostly all LCD.

The Sega IR guns are actually good, and they use a 10 LED arrangement for good accuracy and low latency past a minimum distance. Then you can talk to the other 2 people in the world trying that shit, and get them to send you their data so you can hook it up on a PC.

Honestly, at this point in time, I'd say just wait. VR seems pretty accurate already, when that takes off and isn't priced for retards, that'll be the easiest way to play light gun games at home.
I don't know what are you trying to say or I don't know if you have the right driver but.

It just work, man. Guncon2 is just fine.
you don't have to patch into the cable or doing something weird,

even more.
you can connect your guncon2 to your PC(usb) and use a LCD(Gpu to HDMI)
then connect the guncon2 to a CRT tv (composite)

and then play on the LCD while you are pointing to that CRT with no source signal.

as long the gungon gets sync info is going to move the mouse
I have an 84" TV I inherited from work (They were tossing it out due to a broken power board, I scooped that shit up so fast and repaired it that it barely hit the side of the dumpster before I got it) so I have a vested interest in trying something, anything to get a high accuracy light gun to work with it. The Wiimote and Move just aren't anything near substitutes, sadly, though that Sega IR gun might be worth looking in to.
You'd have to stand so far back that it'd barely be worth it, probably.
only infrared stuff is going to work with that.

well it can work if its a rear projection TV based on a CRT.
some of them work with lightguns if you have a compatible one
some of those tv works at 100hz but most official guns work at 50/60

Looks like a neat thing in action, though it'd take me a while to find enough information about it on how to use it with a PC.

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