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There was a Monster Rancher 2 thread a week ago, and it actually made me go out and buy a copy. Haven't played this in over a decade. What is some general information I need to know? There seems to be a lot of things the game doesn't really explain.
why didnt you just download it retard
Hi friend. Here's 3 quick things for you to know.

1. Don't get attached to your early monsters. Create a graveyard of dead monsters that lived only to eat dirt and make you money.

2. This is a great guide for raising your serious monster. https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197977-monster-rancher-2/faqs/7398

3. Don't bother trying to unlock monsters via CDs for a long time. There are a lot of prerequisites for unlocking monsters, such as getting a bigger stable and reaching a certain rank. This page contains a guide for burning CDs with data that will produce whatever monster you want. http://legendcup.com/mfmrmcoop.php
This is great to see. Monster ranchor doesn't get the love it should. Me and friends would hunt for every cd we could find and ever had good monsters to show. It's interesting to find we just didn't get good monsters at the beginning
>why didnt you just download it retard
Because fucking around with my CD collection all over the floor is how I enjoy monster rancher. Eat shit.

That's some good info, thanks for the links
grinding money is rather important, you should basically stay at b and a rank tournaments for your first monster or 2 as those have good prize items you can sell.

most emulators that arn't mednafen work with the CD generation. I emulate MR2 after my own disc was damaged and cannot show certain monster breeds without pausing.
>loved dicking around with MR1 and finding neat monsters on cds
>rent MR2
>Every other cd had a "locked monster" that they wouldn't let me have
>Never played it again

This stupid mechanic ruined it for me. I think they fixed that in MR3 if I remember. Plus they had those silly photo masks if you had a sony digital camera.
It's a shame Monster Rancher mostly died off. I always preferred it to other monster games, though I didn't care much for 4 or EVO.
File: metalner.png (319 KB, 1193x808)
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>Generates 5 guts/second
>Every move withers by at least 10 and has like 25% crit chance
>If enemy doesn't have high speed they get slammed by the S force UFO Attack every five seconds
Can the guys who put this in have really been the same ones who worked on Monols?
>great guide
>HD/HD or LD/Rest/HD with NO/NO/ML/-- into Tabs
That's a terrible method even for a monster that uses no lifespan extensions and his final monsters have unimpressive stats. Though the stuff on combining is quite handy.
Most emulators support cd generation. Whats your next excuse?
Pack it up, asshole. S/he's having fun.
>he can't raise his first monster to S-class
If your monster is Henger/Arrowhead/Durahan:
Month 1:
Month 2:
Month 3:
Go to Month 1

or at least that's how I seem to remember it
It's not actually supposed to be competitively balanced
The HAD trio can do some dumb regimens due to their Nuts Oil bonus, yeah.

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