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hoarder dies, autists laughs
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>contributed heavily to the preservation of video games

>Two are definitely unreleased games.
>please donate to help with his expenses

Fuck you sell some of his shit instead
Looks like some of the prototypes have been publicly dumped in hopes that some people will donate in appreciation so whether you're sympathetic or not you can still check them out.
>a US prototype of Might and Magic 2
Ok, I am officially hyped as fuck.
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>scalper dies
When one falls, two shall take its place.
A man has died.

>Did he own any legitimate/physical/non-pirated video games?


>More than [insert arbitrary number here]?


>Can you just fucking imagine he actually BOUGHT his video games??
>A man has died.
Who cares? Not like there's a shortage of them.
nice, you can be next
so did he sit on these games until he died and then someone else helped release them or what? the pages linked are from july
Which pages are from July? It appears that his family was struggling so someone set up a gofundme page eight days ago and has dumped and publicly released several of the prototypes from his collection to draw attention to the gofundme. This is much better than trying to make the money through private sales and it would be nice to see more of it although sympathy does play a big part in this case.
>twatter douchelord with broken Japanese in bio
hate those twats
I'm glad the family are releasing the games and if a go fund me gets them to do that, great. Although not sure why they couldn't just sell the games instead.

But why would someone ever knowingly have the only copy of a prototype game, sit on it for years and not release it? What is the point? Even if it's a weird possession thing you can still say you have the only legit physical copy. The only argument against it is it hurts the games value by dumping it but but if you would never sell anyway, what's the point?
>Although not sure why they couldn't just sell the games instead.
Has it been stated anywhere that they aren't also going to sell the games? Or maybe he willed the collection to other people in the family who also loved games (which is perfectly within anyone's rights to do and probably what I'll do)?
>Sell them
Why? So another dodgeball can sit on them? Trickle them out slowly for gofundme attention. Beats some other greedy autistic from hogging these games.
just drawing attention to the fact that apparently someone in the world actually thinks like this

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