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Lets have a Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior thread. Playing any Dragon Quest games? Got a favorite in the series? Lets have some fun.
I have a huge backlog of DQ and a bunch of other RPG’s that I’m never gonna get to beat. Part of me has this weird fantasy that I’ll break my leg or arm or something and have to sit in my house and play them all with -pic related-. ‘Cause that’s the only way I’m ever gonna finish them all in my lifetime.
Are the stories any fun? I kinda grew out of the "progress systems" meme so I'm playing JRPG's only if the story is good.
Most Dragon Quest games handle it's story very different than other JRPG. Where most JRPG puts a focus on the main villain and the party's connection to the main villain Dragon Quest focus more on the world and the people in them. Go to town where there's something effecting it and you try to solve it to continue onward. At times the issue has something to do with the villain causing problem in the town but sometimes it's just the town having an issue that have nothing to do with the villain. Sometimes the ending is heroic sometimes is tragic.

Dragon Quest plays out almost like if fairy tales are real and ask how they would play out. And like with real fairy tales they don't always end in joy. The only problem I guess is that because of how it's done the games are slower than other JRPG. Since each issue has a beginning middle and conclusion and to make sure each story has some impact they slow things down to tell it.
Just picked up the first game, anything I should know?
It's a grind, that's about it. The first game is a classic but only in the sense that it was one of the very first console RPGs, it hasn't aged nearly as gracefully as even the second installment.

I'd say go through in chronological order, it's amazing how the series opens up with each installment all the way up to the latest one.
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Dragon Warrior on the NES was the second video game I ever played, and holds a super special place in my heart. I feel like you could use your imagination in old school RPGs like Dragon Warrior—you had to fill in the details of the quest and environment yourself.

Nowadays I have to imaging when little babies play their first RPG, it's more like watching a movie than playing a video game. No imagination at all.
>collect 3 items
>enter cave
>fight dragon
>return princess
>collect 3 more items
>cross bridge
>fight dragon lord
what story? while game is grinding
>Playing any right now?
Nope, I was playing the first one when learning about rom hacking a few weeks ago though. But I just got done playing rdr2.

DQIII. I've only played the first four atm, but this was easily the best entry in the series. Played through it for the first time last year and it was one of the best games I have ever played.
I'm playing DQXI since it came out

Favorite is III
Playing XI as well. Just about half way of collection the orbs so I'm guessing nearly half way in.

My personal favorite is DQ7.

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