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I realize this isn't exactly /vr/ related but I wanted to see if anyone understands/feels the same. Do games released 5-15 years ago feel older than games released even before then? like Mario 64 feels less old to me than say, pokemon diamond and pearl. Or Super Mario World compared to Wind Waker, or how Mario 64 DS feels oddly older to me now than the original even. For some reason my adolescent years(i'm 27 now) feel much more far off than before the 90's, Maybe i'm just growing nostalgia for my teen years now, but it really does feel like those early gamecube games I played seem 1000 years ago compared to when I was playing my genesis when I was 5.
You probably felt some degree of nostalgia for those earlier childhood games even back during high school and college, but the teenage years games were just something you experienced and moved on from. Now you're just starting to feel nostalgia for high school and college, so you're starting to think about those games in a meaningful way once again, despite not having thought much about them in years. The older ones, on the other hand, you've likely reminisced about or occasionally replayed throughout most of your young adult and adult life. Despite being older games and ones that you experienced earlier in life, they're still fresher in your mind than something you only played once 10 years ago and thought very little about afterwards.

Or whatever, I don't know.

I think that's a good point anon. Like it's been so long since I first played those games and i'm exposed to them constantly that I actually started feeling nostalgic for stuff like Modern Warfare 2, the DS pokemon games ect, I wonder if you can keep making those sort of memories or if it gets harder as you get older. I can't really imagine myself feeling nostalgic about all the great PS4/xbone/PC games I played 10 years down the road though.
If for example Wind Waker is not as good Mario 64 in your opinion, then it’s likely that Mario 64 lives at the forefront of your mind and is constantly being refreshed. This would go along well with that idea floating around that “You aren’t truly gone until the last person who remembers you is gone.” James Dean might feel like a more recent celebrity than someone you might have seen acting in the ‘90s who wasn’t especially notable.

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